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Days of Our Lives – Clan Dimera: Prelude

Dimera Mansion in Salem, night

"I'm sorry I called you, mother. But I had no choice. Curtis Reed won't release father no matter what I say. I thought I could deal with him, I can't." Kristen said her voice trembling with emotion. She began to tear up.

"Hush, Kristen, dear," Samantha Dimera nee Evans said embracing her adopted daughter. She loving stroked the younger woman's hair. The girl was an emotional wreck and always had been since Samantha first laid eyes on her years ago as a teen. "I'm here now. I'll handle Mr. Reed."

"That atrocious Mr. Reed won't harm father, will he mother?" A blonde hair teenage girl asked.

"No, Santina, he shall not. I'll make certain he does nothing of the sort." Samantha Dimera.

"Kristen please stay with your sister, look after her." Samantha Dimera said. She then released Kristen from her embrace.

"Mother, I don't need a babysitter. I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself. I'm not a child anymore." Santina huffed.

"Santina, Kristen is in charge until I return. You'll listen to her, understand?" Samantha Dimera said sternly.

"Yes, mother," Santina said.

"One last thing before I go to meet with the ever-charming Mr. Reed, Kristen." Samantha Dimera said.

"Yes, mother," Kristen said while standing next to Santina who pouted.

"My dear sister Marlena remains unaware of our correction, correct?" Samantha Dimera asked.

"I've told her nothing, mother," Kristen said. "I must admit it was strange when I first met your twin sister, but I held my tongue."

"Good, I prefer to surprise her." Samantha Dimera said smiling.

"I can't believe my aunt would live in such a dump of a town. This place is so pedestrian." Santina said greatly displeased by the Salem Dimera mansion. "I bet there is no opera house in this rural disgrace. Mother, I want to go home."

"We are home, Santina." Samantha Dimera said.

"I mean our real home in Italy, mother," Santina said.

"Salem isn't so bad, once you get used to it," Kristen said attempting to cheer up her little sister.

"Perish the thought. I hope I never get used to Salem." Satina said turning up her nose. "I heard the people here hate our family. Why must we stay?"

"They do tell many lies about father, and our poor dead sisters, and cousin Andre," Kristen confirmed.

"And about me, I'm sure." Samantha Dimera said.

"Dr. Marlena Evans, your sister, told me you had her committed and tortured. She also thinks you are deceased for some reason, mother." Kristen said.

Samantha Dimera chuckled at this information. "My poor deluded sister. As you can see my darling daughters, I'm very much alive. As for her allegations, they are simply untrue. Marlena has always been jealous of me, of my past success as an actress and current status as a leading European socialite."

"Anyone from this town would be jealous of a pig farmer, no doubt," Satina snorted.

"I'll return soon. Play nice with your sister, Santina." Samantha Dimera said before she departed from the foyer.

Shack of Curtis Reed, later

"Well, Stefano, it looks like your girl won't be coming through with the money after all. I guess it is curtains for you." Curtis laughed before a loud knock sounded on the door. "I was wrong, colored me surprised."

Curtis turned his back on Stefano who sat motionless in a chair. Unknown to Curtis, Stefano had fully recovered from his catatonic state. Stefano was now waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike.

"Ah, I didn't expect you," Curtis said once he opened the door to the ramshackle hut revealing Samantha Dimera. He eyed her lustfully.

"Curtis, I see you're as disgusting as ever." Samantha Dimera said curling up her lips in disdain. "My daughter Kristen told me you threatened her after abducting my husband."

"All true," Curtis said spreading his arms wide before his jovial demeanor turned dark. "You Dimeras owe me. And you're going to pay up, big time, or the Phoenix's wings will be clipped, permanently." He pulled a pistol from his coat.

"Do we now?" Samantha Dimera said calmly. She turned away from Curtis.

"Look at me when I'm talking to you, damn Dimera bitch!" Curtis shouted enraged by her show of disrespect.

Stefano made ready to get up but there was no need. Four masked black-clad commandos stormed the shack breaking through its flimsy walls. They feel upon the bewildered Curtis who was disarmed and forced to his knees.

Samantha Dimera whirled around her eyes blazing. "You thought I'd come here alone and unprepared!? You pathetic fool! Here is your reward for underestimating me!" She screamed.

Samantha Dimera took a long thin knife from a pocket of her white fur coat. She slashed Curtis's throat. Curtis clutched the gaping wound in his neck. As he bled out the commandos dropped him onto the filthy floor.

"Dispose of this traitor's body. Dump him in a trash heap somewhere, he'll be right at home among the other garbage." Samantha Dimera sneered.

"At once, Mrs. Dimera." One of the commandos said while he and one of the others dragged Curtis' body outside.

"I see your up and about, my dear." Samantha Dimera said. She casually wiped her knife on the nearest wall.

"Bravo, my Queen of the Night," Stefano said clapping his hands. He smiled adoringly at his bride.

"I never liked him. We need to employ higher-quality minions." Samantha Dimera said putting her knife away. "He scared poor Kristen nearly to death. Kristen has never been mentally strong, unlike young Santina. I wish I could kill him a second time for traumatizing her. I worry about her sometimes you know, Kristen."

"Kristen will be fine, she has us." Stefano insisted while putting his arms around Samantha's waist.

"And we have each other, my King of Night." Samatha said kissing Stefano fiercely.

To Be Continued

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