Hi again everyone! I was thinking, since I did a fix about my favorite Hamilton song and character, why not do the same with DEH? dontanswerthat

Let's get in then.

Evan Hansen could still hear Connor Murphy's footsteps behind him.

And where was he?

On the school floor.

And it was no coincidence that Connor was nearby.

Oh no.

Evan's social anxiety made it seem like he was making fun of the Murphy kid, so naturally, Connor retaliated on the spot, being the short tempered, drug addicted bully that he is.

Evan got up as soon as he made sure the other boy was gone.

It's interactions like these that taught Evan to just stop. Don't try it, it's always bound to go very, very wrong.

It's not worth it.

That wasn't his only failed social interaction today either.

Earlier, he ran into this girl, Alana Beck. She asked about his summer but he never got to give his answer and instead, he listened to hers.

Evan tried asking to get a signature on his cast. Something that his mother Heidi thought would make him some friends or to quote her, "the perfect icebreaker".

But Alana blabbed on something about her grandmother, and just left, with a corny smile.

Evan would say there's something wrong with her, if he could.

Right after that fiasco, the boy was greeted with an inappropriate, sarcastic joke, and there was only one person he knew who could deliver those.

Jared Kleinman.

After the ever so convincing Evan explained how he actually broke his arm (yes, that is what Jared joked about, he has a problem) and he was glad he was actually given space to tell the story, he asked about Jared's summer.

Yes, this was the one person he felt comfortable enough with. It was better than nothing.

Kleinman answered, a few things not so noteworthy, but they made sense if Jared was the one saying them.

The latter turned to leave, but Evan stopped him and retried with the cast signing thing.

Jared was incredulous. Evan thought it would go better because they're friends.

But his "friend" proceeded to enlighten him with a cheerful reminder.

They're family friends.

And that's a whole different thing, apparently?

Maybe Jared's car insurance had something to do with it.

Either way, Evan didn't question it, because he wasn't good at conversating in any way, shape or form.

This is where things started going downhill.

Or maybe they were going downhill already but now they fastened their pace.

Jared made another one of his lame jokes, not at Evan.

But at Connor.

Evan looked up and saw the longhaired boy standing a few steps away.

He was closer to Jared and farther from Evan.

That's most likely a good thing.

Connor stood still, stone faced. It was unnerving.

Jared tried to clarify it was a joke. Evan could tell he was getting nervous, that kind of nervous when you realize you picked the wrong target.

But the bespectacled boy still played it cool.

Connor still hasn't moved, though he replied in a deadpan manner, ironically stating that the joke was funny.

Then immediately followed up with a threatening remark.

Jared called him a freak nonchalantly. Ouch.

And quickly walked away.

This is where Evan messed up.

He didn't know what was it that came out of his mouth, though Connor was quick to jump to conclusions.

Evan can only see the boy's mad face as he marched up and shoved him. Hard.

Why was it him? Why couldn't he clarify? Speak eloquently? Not stuttering?

He was the outcast, the loner.

Like society shunned him down and locked him out.

It was like being outside a building, watching through a window.

Everyone's getting on with their lives and paying no attention to him.

It was always him making the mistake, by being...well, Evan Hansen.

But if he doesn't draw attention to him, if he doesn't act suspiciously, he can get past these judgmental eyes of his peers.

If he doesn't try, he won't make the mistake.

He's not interesting anyways. Tree boy? Yeah, that's nobody important.

Let's say that the dark is where Evan is, unnoticed, blending with the background.

When he gets to the light where everyone else is, he crashes and burn.

So he stays out.

And wait, just wait.

The answer will come to him, right?

That's how he reassures himself anyways.

Suddenly, other footsteps were heard coming towards him.

Oh crap.

So that's the first chapter, I'm actually proud of it. Hope you guys liked it. Alright, peace!