Finally, welcome back here. I'm sorry it took me a while to update this. I had to get into a DEH mood if you know what I mean, and Hamilton was just taking over my mind.

Anyways, enjoy Evan's and Zoe's butchered chitchat.

Evan had many dreams. Most of which were about Zoe Murphy.

Yes, she is the sister of Connor Murphy, the boy who shoved him because of a lapse in judgment just now.

Now that he thought about it, maybe that's why she walked up to him.

And it wasn't a dream.

She spoke very apologetically on behalf of her brother's physical attack. All Evan could do was avoid her gaze, and look down in embarrassment.

She surprised him further when she said his name. She knew of him?

Evan couldn't believe it, he was shook to the point where he parroted her.

Zoe turned deadpan and matter-of-factly.

He said sorry. She asked why.

He rambled and said it again. She pointed his apologizing a lot problem, even though he's done nothing that merits apologizing.

Zoe introduced herself and pulled out a hand to shake his.

Evan remembered: they're sweaty.

He just wiped them off on his shirt.

She wondered how Evan knew her. Of course, he can only tell her so much: he saw her jazz band concert and loved it. It was the truth, but he probably knew of her beyond that.

And he went on another tangent. He mentally slapped himself.

Zoe got a bit uncomfortable, she bid him an awkward goodbye and turned to leave.

Evan quickly sputtered out something, catching her attention.

He chickened out, and denied ever saying anything.

The conversation ended with an odd rhyming goodbye.

This kid is weird. Zoe had to leave now.

And she did.

Evan watched her go. He was distraught.

Where did all the hope go?

Things weren't as bad a few years ago. He was still hopeful back then.

He thought he could find a place for himself.

He wished he had someone to tell him what's wrong.

If only his father was still here.

Why did he leave?

Evan Hansen had another important question to answer.

Where does he belong?

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