Finally, this one is finished. Enjoy.

Evan looked down at his cast. Still as pale as a sheet.

Falling out of a tree. This is what it left him with.

A painful reminder that he had no one to care about him.

He knew for a fact, that no one knew nor cared, about his little incident last summer.


He could picture himself surrounded by people, their backs turned to him.

And if they weren't turned, they would look past him, or look at him without a speck of acknowledgement.

He could see Zoe rushing past him.

Nobody was waving back at him.

Nobody on the other side of the glass saw him.

Can anybody see?

Is anybody waving back at me?



He let out several panicked breathes. He will not break down. Not now, not here.

He still had that letter to finish.

Computer lab, here we go...

Wll, see you next time!