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I was extremely excited. I mean, I'm going to the Academy and I'm finally going to learn how to fight properly!

As I went in I took a look at my classmates. Passing over most of them, my eyes rested on one oddity. 'What's up with those creepy eyebrows.' Meh, whatever. So there's two Inuzukas, a Hyūga, Nara, and an Akimichi. I sat down next to a girl with her hair in two buns. "Fayre," I introduced myself.




A few minutes later, the teacher came in. "Hello everyone, my name is Shimura Kizira, but you will address me as Kizira-sensei as I will be your teacher. You all have been entered into the academy because you have the potential to become full fledged shinobi of the leaf. I along with some other people will be helping you reach that potential," He stopped for a moment, presumably to give us a moment to process this.

I took the time instead to comment. "No fucking shit. That's what the placement tests were for." I said that quietly so sensei wouldn't hear but with a deadpan expression. Next to me Tenten giggled, the only person to hear me.

"The girls will be given special kunoichi classes. Now, follow me outside where you will be pretested to see where your skill level lies."

"Okay kids, line up at the starting line and run a lap as fast as you can around the track once I give the signal."

After we got into position he said, "On your mark," I put my left leg behind my right and crouched a little, "Get set," I shifted my weight onto my left leg, "Go!"

I dashed off as fast as I could and fully concentrated on getting to the finish line first. The Hyūga had beaten me by about 2 ft. The two Inuzuka's nearly beat me. The Nara was last (lazy-ass). The Akimichi almost lost. Tenten beat all the civilians but me. Ending my musings I decided to introduce myself to the Hyūga. "Fayre, pleased to meet you," I held out my hand.

"Neji," he gave a stiff nod but nothing more.

'Rude much?'


The rest of the day went similarly, with me and the clan kids (besides the nara) scoring significantly higher than the other civilians. Tenten was closer to us (in skill) than the rest of the civilians. At the end of the day I was about ready to go home, when I saw Tenten sitting. I went up to her and said, "Hey, you did good,"

"You did better,"

"I really don't think anyone should compare themself to me unless they trained themself until they collapsed nearly everyday since they were three,"

"Why'd you train so hard?"

"Orphanage life isn't easy, ya know? I'd always get my food and things stolen. I had to get stronger,"

"Me too, but to a lesser extent,"

"Oh?" I silently asked her to explain.

"When I was five I got my own apartment. After a nice guy hired me to work for his store, when I showed interest in weapons. Didn't have to fight much after that but I still mostly kept up with training."

"Hn. Well, it's getting late. I should probably head home," I then turned towards her and he'd out my hand, "It was nice to meet you,"

She shook my hand, "Same here."


When I went home it was already 6 p.m. (academy ended at 4 and started at 10). The second I walked in the door I bombarded with questions.

"Nii-san! You're finally home! What took so long? Didja make a friend-dattebayo?"

"Slow down! And yeah, I made a friend."

"So, who is it?"

"A girl named Tenten."

"A GIRL! She has cooties!"

"Cooties aren't real,"

"Yes, they are dattebayo!"


"How strong are you compared to the others-ttebayo?"

"Most of the clan kids almost beat me. This prick named Neji was destroying everyone though. Almost got him in some of the stuff."

"Ok. I'm going to make spaghetti and meatballs."

"Hn. I'm going to take a shower, alright?"

Once I was in I turned the shower on cool. It felt good at the end of the day. A few minutes later I came out and put on my clothes. After going to the living room I noticed that Naruto was setting up a shogi board. "Up for a game of shog?"



30 minutes later

"Dammit how'd you win!"

"I'm awesome like that,"

He slugged me in the shoulder, "Bye I'm going to go train now,"


While he left, I plopped down with a book and relaxed on the sofa.

When he came back in about an hour, we made the spaghetti and meatballs and ate dinner.


The next day we were given an overview and introduction of what we were going to be taught. I dozed off halfway through the class.


"What?" I looked around, "Oh. Fine, I'm up"

"Since you seem to be paying so much attention, mind telling the class the names of all the hokage,"

I easily replied, "The Shodaime was Hashirama Senju. The Nidaime was Tobirama senju. The Sandaime is Hiruzen Sarutobi. The Yondaime was Minato Namikaze."

The whole class was gaping at me. "When your roommate and best friend's dream is becoming hokage, you tend to know quite a bit about them." I explained.


(Most of the days went the same as these. Sometimes there was an abnormality but it was usually meh. By the way it's October 10th in the story. Fayre's birthday was a neat small event.) Over the weeks I had made more friends namely Shikoro Nara, by default, Choko Akimichi, and finally Rock Lee the eyebrows kid. I introduced them to Naruto. He had instantly started arguing with Choko over the best food in the world and gotten along with Lee and . Neji and I were rivals (coughfriendscough).

Today, it was Naruto's birthday and I was determined to make his first birthday the best birthday ever. I invited them all to it, and they all accepted besides Neji, prick.

"Ok, here's the plan."

Most of the money used to buy supplies was mine but the others also donated. The plan was that they would set it up, while I would take Naruto from home and return at 6. "Hey Fayre, where are we going,"

"To the Hokage mountain,"


"Just come,"

When we arrived there I talked to him about random stuff.


At 6 we returned home and Naruto "I'm getting this feeling you're planning something-dattebayo,"

"Let's just go in,"

The second I turned on the light, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY NARUTO!"

Naruto was speechless with a smile, but for some reason he had silent tears streaming down, "I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to cry on your birthday," that was Choko.

Naruto responded with, "Thank you guys,"

(It's too troublesome to write the cake part and sometime Hiruzen ad come and wished Naruto a happy birthday along with giving Naruto a few Ichiraku Ramen coupons)

"Alright, all that's left now is the presents," I announced with a grin.

"You got presents!"

"It was troublesome, but yes we did. Here, a guidebook to becoming a master shogi player,"


"I got you a bag of rare potato chips and a coupon to Akimichi BBQ,"

Naruto tried one of the chips and immediately finished the whole bag when you looked up he noticed that Choko was looking expectedly at him, "Sooo?"

"It's amazing!" Naruto exclaimed, but then he hastily corrected himself, "It still can't compare to ramen though." He then looked at me.

"Here kid a full set of shurikens and kunai knives,"

"Thanks, Tenten."

I looked jealousy at them.

"Don't worry I'll share."

"You better and I'll give my gift later."



(They didn't eat dinner because there wasn't enough time and the kids had to leave for the Kyubi festival)

Naruto's P.O.V

"Naruto, here's the gift," Fayre gave me a picture of us with grins on our face and his hand ruffling my hair. It was protected with a silver picture frame. Beneath the picture it said 'BF.'

"Best Friends?" I indirectly asked him what it stood for.

"No, of course not," I was hurt and looked to him for an explanation. He had a grin and turned towards me saying, "It stands for 'Brothers Forever, otouto."

Tears came to my eyes, but I blinked them away before Fayre would notice. I couldn't resist the urge, "Thank you so much. You have no idea how much this means to me."


"Wait," I quickly rushed to my room and put down the picture. When I returned he said, "Ne, wanna go to the Akimichi BBQ place Choko talked about,"


In a few minutes we headed out. We were walking towards the place when a drunk guy came up and pointed at me. "HEY EVERYBODY! IT'S THE DEMON BRAT, KILL HIM!" he slurred.

We ran as fast as we could but the crowd was catching up and we were already bruised and bleeding a good amount (mostly Naruto). We finally took a break at an alley, "Dammit. Naruto, run, I'll try to hold them off." Sorry big brother, but it's my turn to protect you. I knocked him out as fast as I could but before he fell unconscious I saw a look of betrayal and hurt cross his face. I then proceeded to go out of the alley and go into the crowd. While being beaten up I vaguely heard people saying things like how I should have died instead of the Yondaime, how they were going to avenge his death, and how by getting rid of me they were giving the people a huge favor. 'Heh. At least when I die' not many people are going to miss me. The people left right as I was about to fall into blissful death. Right before dying though I remembered saying that I was going to be hokage, and remembered Fayre-niisan, Shikoro, Tenten, Choko, Hokage-jiji, Teuchi-ojisan, and Ayame-neechan,

'No I can't die yet! I have too much to live for!' As I slowly stood up I painfully trudged over to where Fayre was lying, an inch, a second; that was until I felt a powerful red energy flowing through me and empowering me. With a burst of speed I picked Naruto up and rushed us both to the hospital. I felt the energy and my adrenaline leave me when we were almost at the door. I saw someone coming out and felt a glimmer of hope flutter in my stomach, "Please, help us! If not me then at least him!" I begged right before I blacked out from blood loss. Before fainting I thought I heard someone (Kurama) say, "You did good, brat, now it's time to rest,"


A few days later, still in Naruto's P.O.V.

When I woke up again it stung to do anything so I lay limp, 'I don't think I'm dead. This looks like a hospital bed and I'm in a lot of pain, I don't think you can feel anything when you're dead,'

"Uzumaki-san, you are up?"

"Yeah but I hurt like hell," I wasn't lying, I bit back a wince.

"It seems you had survived. Very interesting, this many injuries should have killed any person," the hidden meaning was clear. (By the way, most of you are probably wondering why he's in pain when the Kyubi heals injuries. The doctors made his healing as painful as possible)

In the silence he could think to himself

'Why is everyone so stupid? I'm not Kyubi!'

I know, right? Do you have any idea how it feels being the strongest Bijuu and having the title handed to a brat,

Naruto physically stumbled, 'Kyubi?'

Yeah, at least, that's what you humans call me.

But, aren't you pure evil? And I thought Kyubi was your name?

No, that's a title. Calling me the Nine Tailed Fox is like calling you the Zero Tailed Human.

So, what IS your name?

Kurama Otsutsuki (Because the bijuu are the children of the Sage of Six Paths, Hagoromo Otsutsuki)

Oh, my name is Naruto Uzumaki

Already knew that

Oh. How come you don't seem that evil then?

The only impressions you people have of me is when I attacked Konoha and both of those times I was being controlled by Madara Uchiha. It IS sort of annoying to be sealed over and over. But I usually spent the time chatting, playing games and other stuff with my siblings. Well, that and sleeping.

Eh? You have siblings? How'd you contact them?

My siblings are the other Bijuu. We're all children of the Rikudo Sennin (Don't ask why I sometimes switch to Japanese). We also have a shared mindscape since we were originally one being, but enough about that. How come you don't just leave this village. You know how most people hate you.

Of course I can't leave I have to beco-

That's not what I meant you idiot. I mean just for a little while. Ya know, see the outside world take a break from all this.

But, what about Fayre?

It'll only be between one and two years. I'll even train you properly

Fine, but I'm telling Fayre everything in a letter written in code of course.

Deal. We leave in a day to Sunagakure.


(During the day long time skip Fayre visited Naruto. He couldn't visit earlier because of the academy.)

I'm going to visit Naruto again today. I'm happy he woke up but the condition he was in was horrifying. I knew the doctors weren't giving him any painkillers to help. For once I was thankful that the Kyubi was sealed inside Naruto. Once I got to his room though I found nothing but a note:

Sorry, Fayre but I had to leave for at least a little while. I couldn't stand so much hate directed at me. You guys are awesome but I need a break. Expect me back in 1 to 2 years. Send Jiji my regards. If you want to visit for a while Code WS (Wind and Sand).


That ! #$%^&*()(*&^%$# . After getting that out of my system, I took a deep breath and thought, 'Did he actually think, I'd leave him alone. Idiot,' I thought fondly. I quickly wrote down my letter stating I was going to stay with him until he returned. Then I packed up and set off for Sunagakure.


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