Fortunate Mistakes

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Chapter 1: Weird White Light

Draco ran to the 7th floor and quickly paced back and forth. He just wanted to be free. Free of all the pain and worry that had plagued his sixth year at Hogwarts. Free from the constant stress he'd been under to complete his task. Damn his task. Damn the Dark Lord to Hell. He'd of course never voice that thought to the world. He hated his life. Why must he be forced to turn his back on his second home, Hogwarts. Contrary to the beliefs of his peers he always festered a hidden love for the castle. Regardless of how accepting it was to the muggleborns and blood-traitors, he'd always enjoyed the place. But now… now he was supposed to be the key to its downfall. The door to the room of requirement materialized before him. He stepped in, and immediately recoiled from the bright light emanating from a box at the center of the room.

"What the…", he exclaimed as he drew closer to the box.

The light seemed to pulse in and out of the box. The heartbeat like rhythm piqued Draco's curiosity. He allowed his fingers to briefly feel around the intricate ivory structure and lifted the lid. Inside he found a time turner, unlike one he'd ever seen. The crystal sands within the hourglass were a dark black color instead of the normal golden brown, and seemed to suck the light right out of the air around them. The body of the device was a pure silvery metal that he could not identify. It seemed to be creating the luminous glow however, and pulsed with energy. He couldn't stop himself from slipping the object onto his neck. His body immediately felt lighter almost as if he was floating. He removed it from his body and placed it back in the box. He knew he shouldn't be there, he was looking for the vanishing cabinet, not a damn time turner. A small whisper in the back of his mind implored him to explore the time turner but he shut that thought down fast. Who knew the problems that could be created by messing with time. The last thing he'd want to do would be to accidentally wipe himself out of existence. Although he truly didn't have to worry about dying, because soon enough he'd be dead if he couldn't fix that stupid cabinet. He was on his way out of the room when he heard a rattling sound behind him.

He whipped around and saw the time turner spinning and emanating more light than it had before.

"Oh shit, this is not good", he thought. Panicked and afraid he ran toward the necklace in hopes of stopping it from doing whatever it was doing. As he approached it he thought he heard a voice. Was that Potter? What was Potter doing up here? He didn't have much time to think over this information because as soon as he turned back towards the time turner, a blast of white light assaulted his eyes and a deafening roaring sound bludgeoned his ears. He fell to his knees and screamed. Black dots began floating about his vision as he collapsed to the floor. The time turner stopped shaking and for a moment Draco thought it was all over and turned on his back. Then in one single moment the whole room was covered in white light and Draco was gone.

Harry was sure of it. He had definitely seen Malfoy going up to the 7th floor and he was starting to get suspicious. Hermione had insisted on going to the library to study for potions, although Harry no longer needed to study as long as he had the Half-Blood Prince's book but he gave in to her wishes, if only to make her calm down. As he turned down the corridor walking briskly with his friend he noticed a pulsing white light coming from the room of requirement.

"Hermione, tell me you see the same light that I'm seeing!", he exclaimed.

"Harry, honestly! A student is probably using the room for something, leave it be.", she responded.

"Hermione I'm telling you I saw Malfoy coming here, he looked really suspicious!"

"Harry it's Malfoy's business what Malfoy does, you honestly need to stop getting involved with him. You two are always causing trouble for each other and the best way to stop that is by leaving him alone.", Hermione said pointedly, and increased her pace down the hallway.

Harry swiveled away from the door and continued down the hallway. He turned to take one last glance at the door and saw one last flash of white light before the room went dark. He turned away, something was not right and he was set on finding out what it was.

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