"Banjo how did we get up here?"

"I dunno Kazooie... I don't recall Cloud Cuckooland looking this high tech."

"Oobaa dooba!" George Jetson exclaimed upon arriving at his flying space car to head into work, spotting the bear and bird standing on the platform near him. "Do my eyes deceive me, or are you animals talking like my pet dog?"

"Well I figured this would come." Banjo explained while introducing himself and Kazooie to Mr. Jetson. "How we got up here is a mystery."

"Sounds like quite a story." George rubbed his chin. "You sure you didn't take a ship to get up here?"

"Do we look like we know how we managed to get here?" Kazooie angrily squawked while flapping her wings. "We were just looking around for jigsaw pieces to collect!"