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This is the fifth entry in a series of stories meant to crossover several Nicktoons into a shared universe, and will make a few references to the prior stories. For full context of the references and to fully grasp the shared universe that these stories share, you are recommended to read the prior stories 'Hey Arnold! The Football Head Returns', 'Danny Phantom: End of Days', 'Rocket Power: Zero Gravity', and 'ChalkZone: Quest for the Golden Chalk' to chronologically follow the story.

As noted in the story's genres (and the 'description' of the story itself), this story will deviate from the past entries in the series and take on a more comedic tone. Where the past stories are meant to be superhero stories in one way or another, this is meant to be a parody of superhero films in general, in the vein of Mel Brooks' films or the 'Hot Shots' duology.

Also be noted that, as The Loud House is still an ongoing series, this story is intended to chronologically follow after Season 3, ignoring the newer seasons and The Casagrandes. I have not seen any episodes past Season 3, nor any episodes at all from The Casagrandes (because I don't have cable), but I decided that it would be best to stick the episodes directed by Chris Savino, the show's creator, before his departure from the show. Say what you will about his behavior behind the show's production (whether the allegations are indeed true or not), but having a show's creator depart usually results in much creative decline, as evidenced with SpongeBob SquarePants (also, you may pretend that this can be an 'alternate ending' to the series, as The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie is to the show after its Season 3).

If you have read the past stories and the properties that I have chosen to add in this series, or just simply noticed the other titles listed above, you probably deduced that I selected older Nicktoons that were wrongfully cancelled or somewhat forgotten, and may be confused as to my choice to include The Loud House. While my approach to the show was skeptical (regarding the drop in Nickelodeon's quality in cartoons since its overwhelming focus on SpongeBob SquarePants) I found myself loving it enough to add to the series.

Lastly, as mentioned above, this is meant as a work of satire. Not only will this story satirize the superhero genre and comic books, but also the following aspects:

-The show itself and animation in general,

-Fans of the show and fans of animation in general,

-Writers and readers of fanfiction,

-4th wall breaking abilities with characters,

-The 'fringe' fans (those who create sad/edgy/mean-spirited/Nazism-inspired fan works or incestuously ship Lincoln with his sisters),

-Pornographic/hentai/Rule 34 artists who will be mentioned by name (so don't look them up unless you already know them),

-You, the reader, as you read this story,

-And me, DevilBoy216, who will place myself, the writer, as a character who interacts with Lincoln (via his 4th wall breaks, aware that I am controlling the story). This is a fictionalized version of myself meant to make me look like an idiot/asshole and insult both the characters and you, the reader, as the story progresses. Remember, it's a ficitionalized version of me, not actually me and what I think, and they're all just jokes.

With that out of the way, enjoy the ride.


'Childbirth is a miracle.'

This is a saying that has been repeated time and time again by the human race, promoting families and the prospect of bringing children into the world for the future. There are some that dismiss this notion, mainly men and women more interested in their own personal lives, sometimes the occasional antinatalist who despises children and all association with them, and all dismissing the notion as an old wives' tale or an empty platitude created by capitalists seeking out future customers or employees.

For the married couple known as Lynn and Rita Loud, these notions could not be further from their own philosophy, having went through at least 6 so far now. Always having a desire for children before either had even met one another, their love and marriage making the arrival of children all but inevitable. Their desire for children, however, might have proved to be a slight too zealous, resulting in a total of 6 children to this day, with a 7th and perhaps more on the way. Their love and desire for a family showed itself to be a strong factor than they had anticipated, as well as their Abstinence-Only sex education as children.

But probably most likely the Abstinence-Only sex education.

On this snowy Christmas Eve night in Royal Woods, Michigan, the family finds itself working through another holiday together, the family living up to its name of 'Loud'. With half a dozen young children on Christmas Eve, this night may be holy, but it is nowhere near silent. Just ask Bud Grouse down the street, he's never slept once since the Louds moved in.

The 6-year old Lori, the firstborn of the group, texts one particular friend on her flip-phone, a boy named Bobby Santiago; the two vicariously sharing their Christmas Eve nights with one another through simple words and sentences that conveyed everything the other party needed to know.

Baby Ronnie Anne just went to bed. You wouldn't believe how fussy she was to get to sleep. Just wait until she hits those teen years. Bobby texted.

"Bobby, that is literally the most adorable thing I have ever heard! My baby brother Lincoln's being pretty fussy right now, too. I bet the two are going to literally be best friends, or maybe even like us someday." Lori said, saying her text aloud.

Nobody could ever be like us, babe.

"Oh, nobody could ever be like us, Bobby Boo-Boo-Bear."

The 5-year old Leni, dropped on her head shortly after birth, occupied herself by dressing her feet in the Christmas stockings, not seeming to be aware of their actual use.

"Mom, Dad, these socks are, like, totes adorable on me, but shouldn't the socks match?" Leni asked.

"Leni, sweetie, we've been over this, the stockings go on the wall, not your feet." Rita said.

"But why would I nail my clothes on the wall? That would, like, totally ruin the fabric!"

The 3-year old Luan, learning how to speak not 2 years ago, has chosen to use her gift of language to annoy her family members with bad puns. As evidence by this moment in time, she never rests from this newfound love of horrible attempts at comedy.

"Gee, I don't know, Leni, you've been talking about how you don't have a big enough wardrobe to put all your clothes. Mom and Dad's solution would really nail that problem! HA-HA-HA-HA-HA! Get it?" Luan asked.

None amused by the pun, the Louds in the vicinity let out a collected groan, annoyed by Luan's pun just as they always did. Lynn Sr., however, got amusement from the pun, giving out a hearty laugh.

"Ha-ha! Good one, honey! That's Daddy's little comedian!" Lynn Sr. said.

Taking their attention to the living room, the remaining 3 children sit by the television set, flipping through the channels to find something of collected interest to watch. Accompanied by the 4-year old Luna was the youngest child and newest arrival to the family: Lincoln Loud. After a streak of 5 girls, the addition of one boy was a welcome arrival, especially to Lynn Sr., growing impatient having a child of his own gender to relate to.

While the other sisters have found their niches of texting, fashion, and comedy, Luna had not yet found hers, leaving her somewhat unsure of her own identity. As such, she finds herself relating to Lincoln the closest, as he, being a baby, did not have any real identity of his own just yet. Not having any particular preference towards the group's TV choice, sought to find something to entertain Lincoln.

After moving through channel after channel, moving through holiday movie reruns, shopping channels, and news stations, there is nothing that has yet caught the attention of little Lincoln Loud. Not having something to keep his attention, Lincoln began to grow restless, squirming around in Luna's lap. Trying to calm her brother down, Luna gave Lincoln a few tosses in the air, bringing a few giggles out of him.

"There you go, little bro, we'll find you something to watch. Just have a little patience, and something'll-" Luna began to say.

In her attempts to calm the fussy Lincoln, Luna received a strike in the head from the adjacent sister: the 2-year old Lynn Loud, Jr. With Lynn Loud Sr. growing patient for a boy, Lynn named the second-youngest child after himself, trying to place in her an interest in sports. With the rambunctious 2-year old striking her baseball bat in her sister's head, the second of the name of Lynn turns out to have this interest as intended.

"Ha! Strike 1!" Lynn Jr. said.

Lynn once again struck Luna in the head, adding to her frustration.

"Strike 2!" Lynn Jr. said.

"Hey, knock it off, sis! You're gonna hit Lincoln if you do that!" Luna said.

"C'mon, I can knock a ball out of the park with my eyes closed, I'm not gonna hit Lincoln! Besides, he's a boy, he's supposed to like this kinda stuff."



"Fine, I'm gonna go practice batting outside." Lynn Jr. said.

"Lynn, It's frozen outside." Luna said.

"Fine, then I'll go play some ice hockey!"

Getting up from the couch to play some sports as promised, Luna was now without any disturbance, a rarity in this house, but not that rare for little Lincoln, thanks to his big sister's efforts. Now back to the TV, Luna changed the station again, stumbling across a cartoon.

While the Loud children loved their cartoons, their young minds seeking out zany and colorful images to spark back and forth across the screen, this cartoon was not like any other that they had normally watched. This cartoon was known as 'Ace Savvy: The Animated Series'. Adapted from the comic books of the same name written by Bill Buck, this dark and faithful adaptation of the comics, produced by animators Tim Bruce and Dino Paul, was immensely popular by the children of this age; the adaptation starting in the early 1990s and continuing to this day.

As the theme song began with a dark orchestra setting the scene of Ace Savvy setting out in his city to defeat various criminals, Lincoln was instantly entranced by the images, happily babbling and clapping his hands. Taking note of his happy reaction to the show, Luna decided to keep the TV on its station, finally finding something to keep Lincoln happy.

"Oh, you like Ace Savvy, huh? Well, this guy's kind of cool. All the boys at school like this show." Luna said.

"And everybody my age loved the comics when they were first being made. Back then, they were all colorful and kind of silly, not too much like today. Though I have to admit the 'dark' style is kind of cool." Lynn Sr. said.

Stepping into the room, Lynn and Rita Loud sat in front of Lincoln, having in their hands something for the baby boy on this Christmas Eve.

"Lincoln, you might not understand us just yet, but, as this is your first Christmas, we wanted to give you one present early. This is from us to you." Rita said.

"From my personal collection as a kid. I never really read it, so I kept it wrapped up in plastic for years. But, now, with my first son in the home, it seemed only right that you should be able to open and read it." Lynn Sr. said.

Rita handed Lincoln a single comic book issue: Ace Savvy #1. Opening up the comic book to the baby boy, Lincoln was again entranced by the colorful and stylistic storytelling, instantly taking the comic and beginning to read through it. While not quite able to read full sentences yet, the art and poses conveyed the story to him quite well, telling him everything he needed to know that was happening.

"Hey, the little guy likes it!" Luna said.

"Ahh-ahh. Ahh-ahh." Lincoln said.

Trying to speak out the name of the character in his comic, only the small babble conveyed from him here were all that could be taken from the boy for now. Regardless, there was one thing on this Christmas Eve that was certain:

Lincoln Loud loved his present, and his family could not be any happier.

With the baby boy receiving his very first gift, this was an action that set in course a series of events that would forever change both the life of the young Lincoln Loud and his family soon enough.