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Once Again

Story by Kyoka Suigetsu Totsuka


Merlin had let many memories fade in his age-old existence, some in relief, others with regret. Time is fair and just. The searing pain of a Serket's sting and the numbing lull of the Fomorroh's whispers he can do without, but many a time had he tried to recall the taste of Gaius' ham stew or the hums of Gwaine's songs only to find blankness. Time had eroded away some of his most precious memories and no matter how powerful or potent is his magic, he could no better protect the fading remnants of his first family.

But no matter the time or age, never would Merlin forget her beauty.

The instant their immortal eyes met they both flashed a molten gold, and time slowed to a halt. Silence fell and all else faded away; only they remained. With one simple glance, centuries of memories flooded Merlin's mind; emotions buried by the sands of time erupted and for the first time in a long time, Merlin gave a genuine smile.

There she was, the one constant in his eternal life, Morgana.

She simply sat amongst the crowd, knowing full well her ethereal beauty blinded him from all others. Her bemused smirk grew into a sweet smile as her eyes followed his with mirth. She had always been a tease, her one quality that had infuriated and invigorated him countless times in the past. Merlin was rather disappointed in himself for his eternal vulnerability to her charm but was cathartically relieved that he would never tire of her, no matter how long his life had to be.

"Hello, Emrys."

Her silky voice filled his mind, husky as if she were whispering into his ear. How long had he longed to feel her magic once again, he couldn't remember, but he felt his addiction return.

"Hello, my lady."

With another golden flash in her eyes, Morgana broke their spell, and the world flew into motion. Despite his racing heart and shaking hands, he couldn't help but chuckle. It would please the Lady Morgana to see her Merlin make a fool of himself. For reasons he cannot fathom, she found his embarrassment endearing and adorable, another quality of hers that had never changed.

But he wouldn't succumb so easily, so he turned to his audience with aged confidence.

"Good morning, class." He smirked as he felt her eyes follow him as he stepped in front of his podium. "I know this is a boring Monday but give me your attention for the next hour." He rested against his podium with his hands in his pocket, basking in attention akin to his old King. "Take out your books and do try to keep up."

Merlin had to admit, it had been one of the most demanding hours of his fifteen-hundred-year-old life. She didn't speak, but her gaze never wavered. He felt her hungered eyes follow him and it burned into him. Her magic was as powerful as ever and it fell from her lithe body in thundering waves, wanton and enveloping. It sought to mingle with his own, and had they been in their younger years, the auditorium would have been in utter chaos.

But alas, the lecture was over, and he could finally meet her eyes again. He shivered as her intensity had increased exponentially in the past hour; she was obviously irate and excited, but Merlin basked in her desire in stride. As students filtered out the hall, he stared at Morgana, knowing their newest confrontation was about to begin.

As the last student left, Merlin smiled.

"Can I help you, miss?"

"Perhaps," she answered swiftly. She stood and Merlin marveled at her glory. Never had he imagined the High Priestess in tight leather pants, but it was a change he welcomed. Her luscious, midnight black hair bounced as she stepped down toward him painfully slowly. "I'm new to this class and I have a few questions."

"I'll do my best to answer them."

Merlin shivered again as she walked up to him. Her magical aura clashed with his own and he felt a tremor in the earth. But he couldn't care as she came close, so close that he could smell her delectable scent. Morgana had never looked more dangerous than at that moment.

But then her eyes grew soft as she placed a gentle hand on his chest.

"Have you been happy?"

Breathlessly, he answered, "I am now."

She leaned closer, "Did you miss me?"


Her arms snaked their way around his neck; her lips lingering dangerously close to his. "Do you still love me?"

"More than anything."

She closed their distance and Merlin surrendered. He hungrily pulled her close until she was flush against his chest, his hands desperately clutching her hips. She was as soft as he remembered, as warm and as delicious as he dreamed. He had nearly forgotten the exhilaration, the ecstasy of having her in his arms, but everything had returned.

His Morgana had returned.

Merlin gave a guttural moan as Morgana bit and sucked at his lip, hungrily devouring him in a trance. It had been a long eighty years, and she had every intention of claiming every minute back. His fingers slid into her silky locks, holding her firmly as he fought back. He claimed her lips before attacking her exploring tongue, savoring her taste, her heat.

The immortals finally broke apart, gasping for air as their lips hovered teasingly close.

"Will you take me home, Professor Emrys?"

Merlin claimed her lips again and whispered, "As my lady commands."

As they vanished in a swirl of luminous wind, Merlin smiled against her lips. The darkness to his light, the hatred to his love, his destined opposite had returned. Once again, he was complete.

Well, before anyone kills me, let me say that I'm sorry for starting a new story. It has been a long time since my last new story, but I couldn't help myself. I binged all five seasons of Merlin during this lockdown and I am obsessed! I can't let it end the way it did, and I have to get me head canon out.

Mergana should have happened and nothing can change my mind!

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