I Do Not Own Merlin!

Once Again

Story by Kyoka Suigetsu Totsuka

Chapter 1: Welcome Home

Immortality was of the ill-fated.

A curse upon the most unfortunate, the most burdened. To watch the world age in idle; to see friends and family perish generation after generation, left to wander the earth aimlessly and without purpose. To be immortal was to be a witness to time; to watch and never forget, no matter how horrid or repetitive the history. All the while knowing that if humanity were to fall, they would be left alone for all eternity.

But it did have its boons.

"Old age has done no harm to your libido," moaned Morgana as she woke to hungry caresses and an ever-curious tongue.

"Because old age has done no harm to your beauty, my lady." Merlin felt his way down as he held her writhing body aching against him, "The night was too short and had gone by far too soon." He lapped at her neck and tasted his way down, "Tomorrow's sunrise will be too soon."

"You've always been ambitious, Emrys."

Merlin claimed her lips and breathed in her wonderous scent. "I know which battles to win," he whispered in her mind, "and this is my first battle in eighty long years, my love. I stake my life on this."

"That matters less when we're immortal, honey." She smiled against his swollen lips, "and historically speaking, I've won more than lost."

"Well, we have the rest of eternity to find out."

Giggling, Morgana returned his passion with equal fervor. "True, but in another hour and a half, I have to be in class." She broke the kiss with a laugh as he groaned. "Your class, Professor Emrys."

He cursed as he descended upon the crook of her neck, "If you keep calling me that, you'll not leave this room for the rest of the week."

With a flash of gold, Morgana flipped their positions and claimed the top, straddling him while holding his arms above his head. "You know I'll never make things easy for you, Professor Emrys." She trailed her lush lips along his jawline, licking her way down, nipping at his neck. "Otherwise, you'd get bored of me."

"Never," he whispered as his eyes flashed gold. He smirked at her giggle as he flipped their positions again, pinning her under him. "We can stay in bed for another fifteen-hundred years and I wouldn't be bored of you. There is a good chance we'd destroy London, but I wouldn't be bored." He melted against her lips and felt her smile, "And how could I ever stop when my lady is in so much need."

Morgana shivered a moan, "I've spent the last eighty years living in my grandmother form." She arched her back at his touch and bit down on his earlobe as she whispered, "The moment I transformed back into this body, eighty years of hormones came at once." Breathlessly, she muttered, "You're lucky I had enough self-control to not have my way with you in your classroom."

Merlin chuckled, "Close enough. You haven't attacked me so ferociously since the last millennia."

She claimed his neck with a growl, "You have another hour and a half to win this battle. Make it count, Emrys."

Their eyes flashed a molten gold and the earth shook.

The modern age had become an encumbrance to Merlin. He missed the days of old when communication was insolated within a few hundred leagues, and he could simply leap away to begin anew. It seemed to the warlock that rather obliviously, he found himself in a time when global communication was a merely tap away and living in a city where every street and corner was monitored.

It had become nonsensical, and he couldn't help but wonder how Arthur would adapt once he'd return.

"I'm getting sick of this," muttered Morgana as she deactivated their invisibility spell. "It was the same in New York. I sometimes had to spend the entire day invisible."

"I'm honestly surprised I didn't see you on the news." Merlin chuckled as they head towards the university, "I didn't expect you to destroy the city or anything, but I thought there'd be at least a few unexplained catastrophes over the years."

She leveled him a dull stare, "I was with our great-great-great grandchildren, Merlin. I may have taught a few lessons to some less than desirable influences, but I wasn't going to go on a killing spree." She rubbed her shoulders, "Not to mention I was in my old lady form. Ugh, I almost looked my age."

"Good," he chirped almost teasingly, "That way no stupid boys would try to hit on you."

She scoffed, "After so many centuries, you'd think you wouldn't get jealous anymore."

Merlin smiled almost arrogantly, "No one touches my wife but me."

Morgana chuckled and looked ahead, seeing the university and the hundreds of people around who Merlin knew were all too young for her liking. "What about you?" she asked with a raised brow, "Are there any wenches who touched my husband?"

"I'm surprised you waited this long to ask, dear." He laughed at her pointed glare, "I must admit, I had no idea that professors are so desired by the ladies." He felt a slight tremor beneath his feet and smirked, "It was fine earlier in the 1950s, but when the 1960s came along," he paused to whistle, "It was like living in Gwaine's personal heaven." A strong gale of wind gathered the clouds and the skies darkened to a greyish hue. "I've never seen skirts so short or dresses that bare. I wondered if it was because I was in France, but when I came back to London in the 1980s, it was even more farfetched!"

Thunder clapped as the skies lit with pale lightning. "You sound like you enjoyed your time alone."

Merlin shrugged, "I was a freeman in a free world with the forces of all magic at my fingertips." He could feel her eyes burning and bit his lip, "With all the land and ports I've bought over the centuries, I had more money than Howard Hughes! I was literally at the top of the world."

People were staring at the sky in horror, wondering why it seemed the lightning were slithering above the clouds like pit of snakes.

"But alas, I was never more miserable in my life."

Almost instantly, the skies cleared.

Merlin chuckled and engulfed Morgana with a warm cloak of his magic. "I was moody, short-tempered and humorless. There wasn't a day of my time in France and Germany that I didn't make a student cry or make another professor quit. I had no friends for the longest time and had to revert to an older form just to fit the part of a grumpy old man. I had a picture of you in my wallet, on my nightstand, on the dresser, over the mantel, and they were in black and white" He sighed, "I had those old portraits of you on the walls…it was pathetic."

"I had your picture in my pendant the entire time, too, you know." Morgana stared at the ground ahead as she spoke, "I'd look at you every night. Wondering if you missed me; wondering if you would be alright without me." She smiled, "It helped that Sebastian looks like you a bit – he has your ears."

"I was the same," he said with a fond smile. "I spent my time watching over Henry. He was just a baby and he looked exactly like Norma did when she was a baby. I watched him take his first steps, call Norma 'mama' for the first time, all the way to his wedding. Little Andrea was born after," he said as his smile grew, "She has my eyes, even after so many generations."

Morgana tightly held his hand, "She sounds lovely."

"She is, and now she's a mother. Gave birth to tiny, little Anthony just a few years ago. I'll show you some pictures later."

She sighed, "Our I-don't-know-how-many-greats-grandson."

He laughed, "I'm just glad that after some generations our magic is diluted enough to not matter. Imagine having hundreds of potent-magical great-grandchildren all over the world."

"Well," she began with a tone that made Merlin concerned, "With all our battling last night and this morning, I wouldn't be surprised if in a few months' time, we'll have to start another family line." She raised a brow at his amused stare, "Or you were deliberately trying to knock me up!"

"I see you've picked up some modern vocabulary."


"I go by Martin here at school, and you should call me Professor Emrys."

The skies darkened again, and people were starting to panic. "Don't be coy with me!"

"Okay, fine!" Merlin gave her hand a squeeze, "I do want another child. I spent the last eighty years watching over our descendants and you have no idea how many times I wanted to hold them in my arms." He looked into her beautiful green eyes and saw them soften, "They were so small and chubby and most of them had your eyes." He was worried that the other students or professors would see them being so intimate, but they were all running away in panic, so he held both her hands and pulled her close. "It's been a long time since our last child. And it's been a long time since you've been a young mother. I'm sure you've gotten bored of being Grandma all the time."

Morgana stared into his eyes, "Are you sure you're ready for it again?"

"No," he answered, knowing full well she was referring to their children's mortality, "But I will never be ready for that. All I can do is shower them with as much love and affection I have and give them the best life I could possibly give them."

"In that case," she said with a soft smile, loving and genuine, "Let's have baby!"

Merlin laughed, but shushed her, "Not so loud. You're supposed to be my student."

Morgana kissed him hard and pulled away just as quickly, sucking on his lips as she did. "I am your student, Professor Emrys." She laughed at his fright and left him behind. "Now you better get to class before someone actually catches you with me."

For safe measure, Merlin summoned his own thunderstorm, waiting until the screaming was at its apex before running onto campus.

"Good morning, students." With stone-like eyes, Merlin scanned the auditorium, "How nice of you all to finally join us."

"Sorry, Professor, but did you not see what just happened outside?!" cried a courageous young man at the front, "It was like the lightning was alive!" Other students nodded along, murmuring loudly. "And I swear to God, the ground was shaking a little bit."

"And the grass!" cried another student, a blonde girl that was too loud for Merlin's liking. "They were turning black and it was spreading to the trees!"

Merlin cleared his throat and the class fell silent, "Do not bring such nonsense to my class. You are all philosophy students and will behave rationally." Resuming a posture Arthur would have been proud of, he continued, "We have no time for such nonsense."

"But what about the blackout last night?"

Merlin raised a brow, "Blackout?"

Another student nodded, "Didn't you watch the news this morning? It was a city-wide blackout! The entire city went dark!" Everyone nodded along. "They managed to get the power back on for a while, but it would go out again!"

"Around every half hour to forty-five minutes?" Merlin more stated than asked.

"Yeah!" answered another young man, "I had to reset my alarm clock like eight damn times last night."

"Nine times," Merlin whispered to himself as he shook his head, "But anyway, it's over now and everyone needs to focus. You all have a paper due next week and if you want to pass this class you all better keep your mind on your books." He sighed, "I'll give you all until the end of class to work on your papers. Don't say I never gave you guys a break."

He ignored the sighs of relief as he walked behind his desk.

"I guess the last time we had such a nice time, electricity wasn't that important yet." Morgana's voice rang loudly in his head and he nearly jolted from his seat. "These youngsters will have to learn to live in the dark for a while, because you just promised me a baby and I am holding you to your word."

Merlin glanced up at his inconspicuous wife who was writing into her notebook, "We're lucky no planes crashed into the city last night. I will have to set up our old barrier charms around the house tonight. We can't risk them locating the source of the blackout to us."

Morgana mentally scoffed, "As if they could do anything to us even if they found out."

"Your Queenly qualities are still strong, I see."

"Once a Queen, you're Queen till death, so I'm forever Queen." She smirked down at the professor, "I have half a mind to take over the country. I wouldn't mind having my face on money."

"Please don't. We haven't had a fight in centuries and I'm too old to defend any cities."

"For once you do not have to be the hero, Emrys. Just let your wife have her fun."

Merlin scoffed, "Just admit it, honey. My overpowering magic and power are what attracted you to me in the first place. I will never pass on a chance to impress you, even if it means standing in your way occasionally." He felt her glare and smirked, "Oh, come on, the first two centuries of our lives were just us fighting. You literally invaded my land with armies and stabbed me no less than a dozen times."

"It's not my fault you never became a better swordsman. And I knew you wouldn't die; I just had to get it out of my system."

"It still hurts!"

"You stabbed me many times as well."

"I've stabbed you twice, literally. All the other times were figuratively." Merlin leaned against the back of his chair to steal glances at his wife, "It took you three-hundred years of stabbing and impaling me before you agreed to marry me. And even after that, you kept challenging me to fights. Just admit it, Emrys turns you on."

Morgana rolled her eyes, "Please don't start talking like these idiots."

"Netflix and chill?"

"If you ever want to figuratively stab me again, shut up, Merlin."

Merlin chuckled and ignored the stares of his student, "As my lady commands."

Well, that the first official chapter done. This is really just a simple, lighthearted story to take my mind off of these troubling times. You all know I love my fluffy and risqué moments, so this story will overflow with sweetness. I'm using this to get my own fix of Mergana.