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Heir of Void: Remnants

Chapter 1: Prologue: Remnant of a Bygone Time

Glynda Goodwitch was the epitome of calm and taciturn, always maintaining a stern expression through thick and thin. That, along with sheer mastery of her Telekinetic Semblance and large Aura reserves, helped cement her reputation as the Strongest Woman in all of Vale, and the 2nd Strongest Professor of Beacon Academy (the current strongest being Ozpin himself). With her trusty riding crop, the Disciplinarian, she could count on one hand how many mischief-doers escaped her clutches, let alone outright defeat her (once again, only Ozpin could boast of such a feat).

However, as they descended through Ozpin's secret elevator in his office, past the level where she was being held at, that stern expression failed, replaced by one of confusion and tenuous trepidation.

What had Ozpin been hiding from her, from them, for all this time?

"Ozpin, where are we going?"

"Patience, dear Glynda. All will be revealed momentarily."

Ozpin's answer, while expected, did not calm her racing mind. While she was known for her patience, the mere fact that they were descending into something completely new, something that for all intents and purposes, was right under her very nose, did not sit well with her.

'Why would he do this? Why would he hide something so seemingly important from all of us? What is he hiding?'

She may have worked with him for years, and learned much about the workings of his plans, but she knew he still kept some things, as he would put it, "close to his chest". He never revealed his full hand, not even to his allies, for in the infinitesimally small chance that someone in his "inner circle" would suddenly turn traitor and run over to the enemy.

Perhaps this was one such situation?

She adjusted her thin ovular glasses, crossed her arms above her chest, and shifted her weight slightly to her left leg. She dressed like she usually did, with her light blond hair in a tight bun, a lone curl hanging down the right side of her face, and a matching set of teal earrings and a pendant. For her outfit, she wore a white long-sleeved, pleated top with a keyhole neckline, a black high-waisted pencil skirt, black-brown stockings, and black boots. Her black and purple cape hung behind her, her personal emblem contrasting with the black exterior.

The soft, mechanical whir of the elevator as it descended only served to elevate the eeriness of the mood present, something that she felt fully, but Ozpin either didn't notice, or didn't care.

She assumed it was the latter.

After minutes of descending past her chamber, the elevator slowed, a small jitter shaking them as it came to a complete stop. The moment the doors opened, the unexpected happened.

An intense wave of heat slammed into her, something that caused her to flinch and begin sweating. Her bright green eyes zeroed in on the academy's white-haired headmaster, and she noticed he was also sweating, just not as much as her.

Where had they descended to?

"What—?" she said, her breath somewhat caught in her throat. Her eyes darted around, trying her utmost best to take in every detail.

The hall they had entered was long. Lit by torches, the crimson stone hallway possessed some of the most bizarre architecture she had ever seen. For one, torches were no longer used anywhere in Remnant as a source of light, as they had been replaced by lamps powered by Dust. The columns that jutted out of the walls quite symmetrically and were adorned by lethally sharp black spikes that pointed towards the ceiling. It stretched for a couple of meters before descending even further in a staircase, though this time it was not as great as the elevator's descent.

"Quickly, dear. We must make haste," Ozpin spoke, looking back at her, his eyes shining with a sense of urgency. They descended through the staircase, stopping short when they arrived at their base.

Black double doors were in front of them, featuring intricate designs of fire that pulsed with a crimson energy she could not identify. It certainly did not feel like Dust, or even Aura. Whatever that energy was, though, it exuded a considerable amount of heat, making her wonder if that was the source of all the heat she felt when they entered this chamber.

After all, such heat couldn't have been produced from just the torches.

She payed closer attention to the doors' flame design, noticing that the fire swirled throughout both doors, spiraling into the center where it met a bright orb that shone in an eerie manner. She couldn't help but stare at it, wanting to figure out its purpose, even though she was certain that Ozpin was about to reveal it to her.

She snapped out of her reverie when she noticed Ozpin lift his right hand, extending his fingers fully.


After he spoke that… word (in a language she wouldn't even attempt to decipher at the moment), there were a couple of flashes from the orb at the center of the doors, until it began to shine brighter than before. Its luminosity increased to such blinding levels that even when raising her hand to block the harsh light, she was still blinded until it finally died down, the heat still pulsing from its source.

"What was that?" she uncovered her eyes as she asked that question, squinting in the last direction she remembered seeing her superior.

"That… was a seal," he answered, pausing. She thought that was all he was going to give her, so she was mildly surprised when he continued. "As you surely must have felt, the energy signature was completely different from Dust and Aura."

She nodded, silent. She had a million questions rushing through her head right now, but she dared not ask any of them.

"Good. Because it was neither. That, my dear, was magic."

Her eyes widened, and her breath caught up in her throat… again.

"… Maiden Magic?" she asked, her breath somewhat short.

"No," he denied, shaking his head, a smile growing on his face. "Older… much older."

She successfully withheld a small gasp. Never in her life had she heard of the existence of magic older than the maidens. In all the fairy tales of Remnant, they were the absolute oldest and only sources of that arcane energy. Nothing ever predated the Maidens. Not Dust, not Aura. Not even Magic.

Yet… here Ozpin was, completely turning that universal truth over its head, shattering a portion of Glynda Goodwitch's world. And he was enjoying it!

'Damn you and your smug smile, Ozpin!'

"Well, what did that seal contain?" she asked, the increased tempo of her words hinting at her growing impatience. She noticed that Ozpin's smile grew, dare she say, nostalgic.

"Victory…" And he left it at that.

Placing his hands on the doors, he visibly tensed his muscles, and pushed. With a loud, metallic groan, the doors opened, and they walked inside.

The heat grew in intensity, making her grimace, biting her lip slightly and closing her left eye. Her well-dressed superior seemed to be faring much better than her.

The room was immense, a stark contrast to the comparatively claustrophobic feel of the hall behind them. The ceiling, even with the large furnaces lighting the entirety of the room, was dark, almost indiscernible. The stone that comprised the building was no longer crimson, but a dark red color. The pattern was completely different. Whereas the hall before them resembled medieval stonemasonry, the stonework here was irregular, organic, almost resembling…

"Scales…" she breathed.

The most eye-catching sight of the entire room was not the irregularity of its stonemasonry, or the giant furnaces that lit the room. Heck, it wasn't even the mere fact that this room existed in the first place!

No. All of that paled to the enormous, fiery red crystal at the end of the room. Erupting from the floor, and from the ceiling, the crystal had jagged edges all over the place, the bottom edges jutting upwards, with the edges at the ceiling jutting downwards. They spiraled around each other, progressively growing thinner and converging at the exact middle point of the room's height, widening once again into a diamond-shaped construct. The crystalline structure pulsed with an energy matching the dark red color of the room, bright and menacing; however, it seemed that it originated from the centerpiece, as the energy shone brightest there.

It became obvious to her that this crystal was the source of the intense heat, for the temperature reached an all-time high. It was becoming nigh unbearable. They approached the crystal, their steps quicker than before.

"You think the key to our victory is that crystal?" she asked, her incredulity and doubt clear in her tone. Ozpin stoked her ire, however, when his nostalgic smile evolved into a laugh, something that, as of late, was quite rare in him. They reached the base of the crystal, which, to her surprise, hid a small flat area, surrounded by smaller crystalline spikes, with a symbol she had never seen before.

The symbol's centerpiece was a long, single-edged, cross-shaped sword with a slight curve nearing the tip of the blade, the unnaturally large cross guard extending right in the middle of spanning, bat-like wings. At the bottom of the hilt, a draconic head faced opposite of the blade's curve, its mouth wide open. All of this was encased within a flame that was based at the tip of the sword.

"No, Glynda. It's what's inside," he said, snapping her out of her thoughts and throwing her for a complete loop. Something was inside the crystal? Just as she was about to ask that very question, Ozpin lifted his hand and pressed it on the panel containing that mysterious symbol. She reached out to him when he hissed in slight pain.

"Ozpin, what—"

"Liberate! Omnes enim Perussi Flamma! Rex Dracones!"

Those shouted words echoed ominously throughout the giant chamber. Mere seconds after they were spoken, the entire crystal shone, lighting up the entire room, blinding them momentarily. The crystal began to shake, cracks appearing both at the base and at the top. The cracks extended towards the diamond construct, covering it completely. Then, it began to collapse.

Glynda and Ozpin jumped back, sliding across the floor, their focus on the collapsing structure. The spiraling crystalline structure finished collapsing, a large amount of debris littering the area around it. However, the center construct remained, floating where it was held.

"It's still floating?" she spoke up, softly, her breath caught up in a small gasp. "Why—?"

"Not now, Glynda," he ordered, lifting his trademark cane and holding it in a battle position. She quickly followed suit, bringing her crop in front of her, her Semblance screaming to be released.

The construct began to descend, the cracks growing ever further. Pieces began to fall to the ground, littering the floor with even more debris. The glow intensified, with the already oppressive heat growing to even greater levels. She felt her own sweat begin to evaporate from her body; heck, she thought she saw small tinges of smoke rising from her own clothing.

The construct reached the floor. She tightened her grip on her crop, watching with abated breath as the construct fell apart. However, to her shock, it exploded, showering the room with crystal shards. She reacted in time, sending out a wave of Telekinesis to ward off the projectiles from herself and Ozpin. She idly noticed the heat dissipating completely.

"Just what in the—" She stopped short, her eyes wide and unblinking. She couldn't believe what she was seeing.

Before her was a man, a tad shorter than her in her heels, his chiseled upper body bare, showing a striking array of crimson tribal markings outlining the sides of his waist, the outer portion of his arms, interlacing in the upper portion of his pectorals before traveling up his neck and framing his face, leading into his closed eyes. He wore black pants and black boots. Both were of a fashion she had never seen before.

Two things stood out to her, despite the sheer fact that what appeared to be a faunus was inside that diamond construct (if his sharply elongated ears were any indication). One, his hair was a bright salmon pink, something that somehow fit him perfectly. The other…

'He looks so young! He can easily pass off as a fourth year here in the academy! How can he be older than the Maidens themselves?!'

It was safe to say that Glynda's expectations were completely shattered.

Until he opened his eyes… Those mesmerizing, deep golden reptilian eyes.

Eyes that struck a primal fear within her when they settled on her. She froze, her wide eyes widening further, her breath stolen from her. It almost seemed like he was trying to overcome her own will with just a look, and he was succeeding. They then moved onto Ozpin, who bowed towards him.

"Ave, Rex Dracones," Ozpin spoke, coming back from his bow and looking straight at him. "Natsu Dragneel."

'How is he so calm?!' she shouted in her mind, gulping audibly. She tensed when this man, this Natsu Dragneel, lifted his left arm and opened his palm upwards.

Nothing prepared her for what happened next…

A pillar of white-hot flames erupted from under their feet, something that would've struck them had Ozpin not shown incredible reflexes and pushed her back with his signature cane wile jumping back.

She had no time to regain her bearings, for the man was already upon them, striking Ozpin and sending him flying back towards the wall. Fortunately, he had somehow managed to lift his cane just in time to avoid getting struck himself.

'He's fast!'

She landed on her feet, skidding backwards, her crop at the ready. She launched multiple telekinetic blasts at the man, striking him with all of them. But, they did nothing, and he rushed her with his right fist poised to strike. She dodged at the last second, and wove her riding crop like a wand, levitating some of the crystal debris and launching them at him.

The "faunus" crossed his arms in front of him in a defensive position and braced. The projectiles struck with incredible force, unleashing small shockwaves and cracking the ground. When the barrage finished, Ozpin took advantage of his defensive position and rushed at him, striking his joints and pressure points, finishing with a strike to the abdomen that sent him skidding back.

Glynda followed with a powerful slam of her telekinesis on his head. He, however, dug his feet into the ground, bent slightly at the knees, and held strong. The man did not fall.

This shocked Glynda. This "Natsu", if that was his name, stopped a few meters before them, hardly looking injured after basically tanking multiple powerful strikes from them both. He straightened up, looking straight at Ozpin for what seemed like an eternity, then smelled the air. A flare of recognition appeared in his eyes, and they narrowed dangerously. He opened his mouth in a snarl, showcasing razor-sharp fangs, confirming to her that he was indeed a faunus.

"Ozma," he spoke, sending shivers down her spine with how rough and powerful his voice sounded.

'Did he just call Ozpin Ozma? Why?! How the hell does he know our language?!' she thought, clenching her teeth.

"Glynda, prepare yourself," Ozpin said, preparing himself for the next bout. "Natsu" huffed and disappeared in a burst of speed.

Eyes widened at the sheer speed, Glynda almost missed when Natsu appeared in front of Ozpin and struck him with a closed right fist, but the headmaster was ready with his signature green barrier. However, she wasn't ready for the sheer power of the blow causing the ground at their feet to crater under such tremendous pressure.

Teetering slightly, Glynda fixed her form and began gathering some of the rubble into a spear, launching it as fast as she could towards the seemingly ancient faunus. However, the shot was deftly evaded as he covered the distance between himself and Ozpin's barrier in the blink of an eye. Letting loose a kick to her head that the Combat Instructor narrowly dodged, the attack nicking her shirt. As she was entirely focused on dodging her kick, the Teacher couldn't see the ball of fire in his hand. The orb making contact square on her stomach and sending her rolling against the hard stone floor.

Pushing herself up, she grimaced in pain as she felt her Aura drain from the attack and subsequent crash landing. She didn't have any burns on her body, but that fact didn't diminish the heat she felt from such an attack. She smelled something burning. Looking back, she saw her cape singed.

After putting off the small burns with her telekinesis, she refocused on the battle, watching Natsu and Ozpin duke it out before her. Both were striking at blinding speeds, neither seemingly making any ground. However, to her expert eye, she noticed that Natsu was overcoming Ozpin fast.

Calling her telekinesis, Glynda launched multiple blasts at the ancient faunus. They broke his concentration on the fight just a smidgen as he evaded them, but it was just enough for Ozpin to blast him back with a green orb that struck his chest and exploded. He landed on his feet, his abdomen smoking slightly from the explosion.

Taking advantage of the opening, she quickly summoned the remaining debris in the room and creating many spears above the man, all of them facing him from multiple angles. She swung down her riding crop, sending them flying towards their target.

None struck, as Natsu unleashed a powerful wave of heat around his body that melted the spears into droplets of magma that harmlessly struck him and rolled off his body. However, while he may have blocked her attack, he didn't account for Ozpin summoning a much larger orb of green energy above him, something that the Beacon headmaster dropped without a single motion of his cane.

The explosion was the most powerful yet, shaking the room they were in and bathing it in eerie green light. After securing her footing, she decided to add onto the blast, bringing down multiple blasts of telekinesis upon him, hoping to injure him as much as possible.

She gasped, however, when she saw the man jump back out of the smoke and dust, unharmed. He landed on his feet and skidded away from them. He had a sharp glint in his eyes, something that sent chills down her spine. He slammed his right hand down on the ground and brought it back up, summoning 10 spears of fire from the ground that arched around him.

He waved his hand down, sending the spears at them both, divided equally. She evaded a few of them, redirecting the others with her telekinesis. She marveled at the sheer power behind these flaming spears, for it took a good chunk of her Aura to even redirect them slightly. There were multiple explosions around the whole room, all of them matching the power and size of Ozpin's earlier attack. He then took in a large breath.

'What is he doing?' she wondered, never faltering in her stance. Moments later, she gasped audibly as he released a massive torrent of flames from within his mouth.

She narrowly evaded the blast by jumping sideways, hissing in pain when she felt the sheer heat in the blast, her Aura reserves taking another large hit protecting her from it. She watched as Ozpin lunged at struck at Natsu. However, he hit nothing, for the crimson faunus had disappeared. He looked around, his eyes wide and hawk-like, searching for a trace of him.

She did so too after fixing her posture. She had barely managed to turn thrice when her world exploded in pain. She let out a silent scream as a fist buried deep into her gut, penetrating her Aura and subsequently draining it completely. She flew back and crashed into the wall, burrowing deep into the rock and remaining there. She lapsed in and out of consciousness, somewhat registering Ozpin's anguished cry.

More explosions and quakes rocked the room as the battle raged between Ozpin and Natsu. She wasn't able to witness most of the terrifyingly spectacular event, for all she knew at the moment was pain.

Not even two minutes later, though, she felt a powerful crash a couple of meters away from her. It was Ozpin, and, from what she managed to see, he looked terrible. Most of his suit was covered in burns, and he had multiple small bruises on his face. His lip was bleeding slightly. But his right hand held on to his cane, his grip slackened.

Another crash ensued as Natsu appeared and slammed his hand into Ozpin, the crimson faunus gripping the headmaster's neck tightly.

"Give me a reason why I shouldn't end you here and now," she heard him say, filling her world with dread.

"No!" she managed to gasp out, managing to free herself from her rocky entrapment and falling to the ground. She grunted when she landed, pain shooting throughout her body, but she did not care. She lifted her right hand and extended it towards the crimson faunus. Her vision was beginning to fade.

"We need you… Natsu," she heard Ozpin say through ragged breaths. "I released you from this seal… because we need you."

Natsu tightened his grip, causing Ozpin to choke out a couple of gasps.

"NO!" Glynda screamed, feeling utterly powerless in her inability to get up and save her superior and friend.

"Need I remind you that you sealed me there in the first place?" she heard the crimson faunus asking. The oppressive heat returned, and she swore she saw a fiery aura envelop the crimson faunus. Darker

"I know!" Ozpin's voice was becoming more distant. "But I had to. You and I both know it!"

"Bullshit!" she heard Natsu shout, watching as the he removed Ozpin from his rocky trap and slamming him onto the ground. He then walked towards the downed headmaster and brought down his right foot on the white-haired man's chest.

"Please…!"was all she could manage. Darker…

He lifted his right hand, and opened his palm, summoning a sizable fireball right before the downed man's face.

"No! Stop!" Glynda barely managed to get out, her eyes watering with tears. The pain was becoming unbearable. Darker…

"This world is in danger…"

"Please don't…"


"They still live…"



"Remnant needs you…"




A thud sounded, followed by a bright green glow…


'Am I dead?'

Light struck her as she rose from the dark pits of unconsciousness. She scrunched her face as she painstakingly opened her eyes, taking in her surroundings. A small beeping sounded to her left, and a small whir sounded to her right. The smell of sterilizer was strong.

She was in a white room, sectioned off into smaller portions by white curtains, such as the one that partially covered her section. The soft bed she woke up on was white, as well as the sheets that covered her.

'The infirmary…' she realized. She tried to sit up, but a sharp pain emerged from her abdomen. She grimaced, letting out a small groan of pain. 'But how…?'

Memories came rushing to her.

Suffocating heat.



Pain… pure, world-shattering pain.

Terrifyingreptilian golden eyes.

She let out a gasp, a guttural intake full of shock and tinged with fear.

"Professor Goodwitch!" she heard from her left. A young lady appeared, a relieved, yet slightly stern expression on her face. She was quite pretty, standing about a head shorter than her, with brown hair and hazel eyes. She had the standard lab coat on, extending all the way down to her shins, but Glynda could see that she wore a nice blue blouse and black dress pants. She completed her outfit with blue heels, a black belt, and a set of blue earrings and necklace.

"Leena…" Glynda said, her eyes widening slightly in realization. Leena Martell, Head Doctor of Beacon Academy's Medical Division. If she was here, then…

'I'm alive? But how?'

"Glad to see you're awake, professor!" Leena said, preparing her stethoscope. "Alright, you know the drill…"

After performing the standard initial medical checkup, Leena stood straight.

"Well, there's no abnormalities in your breathing or in your heartbeat, so that's always a good start. However, you are suffering a strong case of Aura exhaustion," she said, her stern expression becoming more pronounced. "That hit you received in your abdomen will heal just fine, but you'll be dealing with a nasty bruise for a week at the most."

'I have to get out of here,' she thought, pushing herself up despite the pain. However, Leena gripped her shoulders and held her in place.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Professor Goodwitch, not so fast! I highly recommend for you to take things really slow for at least this week!"

"But, Ozpin…!"

"Professor Ozpin is fine! I released him from the infirmary a couple of hours ago," Leena said, not relenting in her grip. "However, I do have a question. What were the both of you thinking, going all out in a training spar?"

'An excuse, Ozpin?'

"I understand you wanted to further improve your skills, but seemingly fighting to the death was unnecessary!"


"Please be more careful, Professor Goodwitch!" Leena continued, giving the blonde Huntress no chance at a rebuttal. "We can't have the most esteemed Huntress in all of Vale injure herself permanently in training, now can we?"

"But, that faunus! Where's that faunus?" Glynda asked, throwing Leena for a loop.

"Faunus? What faunus, professor?" she asked, surprising Glynda herself.

"That faunus, Natsu Dragneel!" Glynda said, pushing against Leena's grip, her expression scrunching up in anger.

"Oh, you mean Mister Dragneel? How could you speak of him like that, Professor Goodwitch?" Leena said, a small peal of laughter escaping her lips. "He helped bring you here after your training match!"

'What the hell?' Glynda thought, shock settling into her as Leena's statement sunk. 'He helped me? But why?'

She said no more, gripping Leena's hands and pushing them off her shoulders. It didn't matter that she could feel her abdomen tighten in pain at her jerky movements. She needed to get to Ozpin now.

"Professor Goodwitch!" Leena said, surprised by her superior's sudden actions. She tried to grab at the blonde but failed. The blond Huntress moved too fast.

Glynda threw off the covers and got on her feet, ignoring the nurse completely. Damn her pain. Damn her taking things slow. She needed answers.

"I'm going to Ozpin," she declared, grabbing her clothes that she spotted hanging in a hanger beside the curtain. "None of this is adding up."

She dressed quickly, thanking the Brothers that her riding crop was right beside the hanger. She grabbed her trusty weapon and gripped it tight in her right hand, almost as if ready to jump into battle once more.

"W-Wha—? Professor Goodwitch! Wait!" Leena shouted. Glynda ignored her, speeding out of the infirmary, straight into the elevator that led to Ozpin's office. This was one of many times she was glad the main infirmary was in Beacon Tower, with its other branches spread strategically throughout Beacon Academy to be able to provide for all students in need quickly and efficiently.

She braced as the elevator slowly began to ascend towards Ozpin's office. She would find her answers, no matter what

When the elevator doors opened, she walked into the headmaster's office. It was a large, circular room, with green being the primarily color, followed by gray. It was a very mechanically oriented room, which made sense, considering that it was the clocktower. The large gears that helped the tower function properly were fully visible just beyond the large windows that encapsulated the room. The same could be said for the desk close to the end of the room, as well as the chair.

She spotted Ozpin standing before the office's large windows, staring out into the beautiful view of the academy's land and its landmarks.

He looked fine, if a little injured (she deduced so from the bandage wrapping around his head). He now sported a new, black outfit, a green scarf around his neck, with his trusty cane in his right hand, and his signature Beacon Mug in his left. He raised it slowly to take a sip, and she noticed he had his eyes closed from the glass' reflection.

"Welcome, Glynda," he spoke, turning while he brought down his mug, his brown eyes locked on hers. "I'm surprised Leena let you out this early. Knowing her, she would have you tied to the bed. How are you feeling?"

"Where is he?" she asked, not deigning to answer his inquiry. "How are we still here? Didn't he want to kill us?"

"Straight to the point, I see," he said, his affable expression not changing in the slightest. He took a sip from his cup. "Well, he did want to kill me at that moment. You just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time."

"Then why aren't we dead?" she asked, grimacing slightly as the adrenaline rush began to fade, and herpain reared its ugly head. "What could you possibly have done to stop him from killing you?"

Ozpin sighed. "We reached an… agreement of sorts. One that is beneficial for the both of us."

"What could he hope to gain from you? If what you're saying is true, he comes from a time even before the Maidens existed, as hard as that is to believe," she said, crossing her arms in front of her. "What could you have offered him? What could he want from a world he knows nothing of?"

"Information." Ozpin said nothing else, preferring to take another sip from his cup.

"Information…? Are you serious?" she asked, unable to grasp the sheer ridiculousness of his answer. "Information on what? Remnant? The Grimm? Salem? What sort of information are we talking about here that is important enough to convince him to spare us?"

"Information that is important to him," he said, his eyes narrowing. He took another sip from his mug. "Nothing more, nothing less."

"W-What…? Are you listening to yourself?!" she shouted, no longer containing her ire. "What's stopping him from rampaging throughout the world, shattering the fragile peace we have spent hundreds of years and millions of lives to build? What's stopping him from joining Salem herself? Huh?! Ever thought of that?!"

"He won't…"

"How are you so sure?! Last I checked, he had absolutely no qualms about punching me through a wall and shoving a fireball down your throat. What makes you think he won't suddenly decide to forsake whatever agreement you two made and bring down a literal Hell upon Remnant? If the two of us together couldn't stop him, what makes you think anybody else will be successful?"

"Do you truly doubt the mettle of our world's protectors? Their ability?" Ozpin asked, setting his mug down on his desk.

"That's not the point, and you know it!" Glynda said, stepping up to Ozpin and jabbing her left index finger into his chest. "Why did he spare us?"

"Exhaustion won over," he said after a pause, staring straight into her eyes. "He emerged from the crystal in a weakened state, and ran out of energy before he could finish us off."

"That wasn't his full strength?!" Glynda shouted, her mouth dropping slightly in sheer disbelief. The grip on her crop loosened to the point where she almost dropped it to the floor. She retreated from Ozpin, feeling a dreadful shiver go down her spine.

"Far from it," he said, his grip on his cane tightening slightly. "He overcame us with sheer physical strength and the little scraps of magic he had left."

"H-How strong is he?" Glynda asked. Ozpin looked away from her and sighed. He looked at her, took a deep breath in, and spoke.

"At his full power, if he so wished, he could bring Remnant to its knees. Much like Salem."

Glynda gasped, her hand flying to her mouth. She felt a cold sweat trail down her body, multiplying the dreadful shivers she already had.

"And you had the gall… to release him from that seal…" she whispered, her grip on her riding crop so strong her knuckles whitened. "You had the gall to bring him into this world?! Why?!"

"He's the key to our victory," Ozpin said, unwilling to elaborate. Glynda sighed, shaking her head. It seemed Ozpin was being tightlipped about Natsu. She couldn't fathom why.

"Where is he? Why isn't he in the infirmary?"

Ozpin sighed. "He is acclimating himself to this world. Learning from it. I do believe he's in the library at the moment, but since he has no Aura, my detectors can't sense him. Do feel free to check the surveillance cameras if you wish."

Glynda, however, was floored. "H-He… He has no Aura?!"

'But… how can he use magic, then? Even Maiden magic is influenced by Aura.'

"I have a proposition for you, Glynda." She didn't like the tone Ozpin had, nor the look. He was scheming something. She could feel it in her bones.

"…And that is…?"

"You will oversee him. I have offered him refuge here in Beacon Academy as a gesture of goodwill," Ozpin said, turning and walking towards the window. "Of course, I have taken a few… precautionary measures to ensure his cooperation. You have no need to worry."

Glynda closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths, and her nostrils flared slightly. Her face scrunched up into a frown, and her eyebrows squished together, and her mouth upturned. Her shoulders were shrugged and tight, her entire body tense. After almost a minute, she sighed, and her shoulders sagged.

"What will he be doing here?" she asked. Ozpin to a sip from his mug.

"He will be assisting you in your Combat Techniques classes, on all four levels. The level of assistance, of course, will be up to you." Glynda had to double take at that. She couldn't believe his words.

"By the Brothers, you're trusting him with children?!" she said. She threw her hands up. "I give up. Of all the bad ideas you could've possibly come up with, this one takes the cake!"

"I assure you, Glynda." Ozpin was unfazed by her outburst. He turned his head slightly. "With the precautions I took, along with your constant supervision, I doubt he will do anything… untoward to the children."

She shook her head, heaving another sigh. She did not look at him. "I hope you're right. I'd hate to be the one to say 'I told you so'."

She walked off, not wanting to give Ozpin another look. As the elevator doors closed, she swore she heard Ozpin mutter.

"I hope so too…"

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