Chapter 9

Hadrian and the rest of them followed Marcus Flint out of the Great Hall towards the Entrance Hall. They had Herbology first with the Ravenclaws and followed the fifth-year prefect out to the castle and towards the greenhouses in the back. The weather was chilly and Hadrian was glad to have the warming charms that were weaved into his unform as they marched across the crisp grounds.

Marcus dropped them near the entrance and informed them he would lead them to their next class after this and made his way back towards the castle.

The Ravenclaws were already there, clutching their books to their chests and casting apprehensive looks at the Slytherins, especially Hadrian who had propped one foot against the greenhouse wall and stood casually without a care in the world. Draco smirked at Ardella and mimicked his best friend. Ardella shook her head in amusement and waited quietly.

They didn't have to wait long.

The Herbology professor Sprout was a cheery woman who was also the head of Hufflepuff. She was dressed in work robes and a wide hat that were soiled with dirt. She opened the door to the greenhouse and ushered them inside.

Once inside, they all stood silently as she took roll call and then addressed the group. "Welcome class, to your first Herbology lesson. I'm Professor Sprout and I shall be your professor at least for the next five years and further two years if you opt for an Herbology NEWT. Now, who can tell me what is the field of Herbology?"

A Ravenclaw immediately raised her hand.

"Yes Miss…?"

"Turpin. Lisa Turpin professor. Herbology is the growing and caring of magical and non-magical plants and fungi." Turpin said in one breath.

Professor Sprout nodded thoughtfully "Adequate but not a perfect answer. Take two points to Ravenclaw. Anyone else?"

Daphne Greengrass raised her hand.

"Yes, Miss…"

"Greengrass. Herbology, in addition to cultivation and harvesting, also involves studying the properties of the plants and the soil, the best conditions for its growth and also how the alignment of the planets affect its life cycle." Daphne answered.

Professor Sprout beamed "A precise conclusion. Take ten points to Slytherin. Your family is involved in Herbology is it, Miss Greengrass?"

"Yes Professor."

Hadrian noticed the Turpin girl huff and glare at Greengrass which did not seem to faze the blonde in the least. She just continued to look boredly at the Professor.

"Looks like Turpin's not happy being bested," Draco whispered with a smirk.

Hadrian nodded with a ghost of a smirk tugging at his lips.

"Like Miss Greengrass has put it so wonderfully, Herbology is indeed not just the growing and harvesting of plants and plant products, magical or non magical, but also studying how the soil is prepared for particular plants, when should a plant be repotted, when is the most ideal time to harvest it and what magical properties does a plant have. These are the topics we shall study in Herbology over your time here in Hogwarts and we will dive deeper into the subject if you choose Herbology after your OWLs." Professor Sprout lectured.

"Now, can anyone tell me why the position of moon and planets important for Herbology?" Professor Sprout questioned.

The Ravenclaws looked blank and Draco lazily raised his hands.

"Yes Mister..."

"Malfoy. Draco Malfoy," Draco drawled. "To answer your question Professor, like Greengrass already covered, the life cycle of magical plants is more heavily influenced by the position of heavenly bodies than a muggle plant. They mature and grow according to the position of the moon and even planets like Jupiter. Also, some plants have to be harvested on specific days only, like fluxweed, used in polyjuice potion must be harvested on a full moon or else the potion will not be brewed correctly."

A bit pompous but a detailed explanation like Snape had taught them Hadrian summarized.

Hadrian noticed Sprout's eye tighten marginally when she heard Draco name before she listened intently and said with a tab bit of dislike "Very well explained Mister Malfoy. Five points to Slytherin."

'Well, even the Head of the supposed house of fairness is not immune to bias then' Hadrian thought candidly.

They were soon divided into pairs and were set to prepare a compost using fresh soil and dragon dung. Hadrian teamed up with Blaise while Ardella joined Draco, the latter muttering how this work was beneath him under his breath,

When the hour was up, Marcus was waiting for them and wrinkled his nose when they came nearby. "Merlin, you lot stink. Did you mix the compost or wrestle with it? Professor Snape will give you detention for a year if you show up for class like this!"

Draco gave Marcus the stink eye (pun intended) and said "Can we please rush to the dorms and have a shower before next class Marcus? I can't bear to sit in charms smelling like this."

The others nodded pleadingly, well as much of a pleading expression as a Slytherin could show but Hadrian was not bothered in the least. He was used to smelling worse than this after gardening in Petunia's garden since he could barely walk straight.

It seemed like it was the first time the other Slytherins had done any sort of outdoor work seeing dirt and dragon dung pasted on their uniform while his was still spotless and neat.

Marcus quickly checked his gold timepiece and snapped "You lot have twenty minutes till Charms. All of you, except Hadrian, run as dignified as you can back to the common room and have a shower and change. Meet us in the hall. NOW!"

Hadrian smirked briefly taking in the sight of the usually prim Malfoy and Selwyn heirs running as dignified as they could manage while Blaise, who had given up all dignity was running as fast as he could.

Marcus chuckled mirthfully. "Every year it's the same. How come you avoided it Hadrian? The dung is notoriously difficult to work with."

Hadrian shrugged, "The muggles I was forced to stay with were adamant I pull my weight around the house and made me work their garden regularly. If I got my clothes dirty, I had to wear the same pair to clothes to school for an entire week so I learnt to be careful as a matter of necessity than actual skill."

"What?!" Marcus hissed. "You're kidding right? You were forced to stay with filthy muggles? I thought you stayed with some other relatives."

"I was accidentally declared a squib at birth so the Malfoys and other families couldn't take me in after my parents… passed away. I stayed with my mother's muggle sister and her filthy family." Hadrian said.

The duo slowly made their way towards the Entrance Hall in silence. Marcus looked pensive while Hadrian calmly made took in the sights around him and memorised the path they were taking.

"Was it that bad? Staying with muggles?" Marcus asked tersely.

"They were animals. They took out their daily frustrations on me just because I couldn't defend myself and it continued till I was around ten. When I started to fight back, they put me in a prison." Hadrian said.


"I got tired of taking their blows and decided to fight back. I burnt a neighbour's property down and they chucked me in prison, not before taking a few punches at me." Hadrian explained.

Marcus had a murderous expression on his face, "Abusing a child? No less a magical one?! Have you reported it to the authorities?"

Hadrian, wondering why the fifth-year prefect was so angry on his behalf said guardedly "They are aware. My guardians, the Malfoys were notified and we are planning our next course of action. Rest assured justice will be served."

"I hope they get the full extend of the law and more," Marcus seethed. "If the Dark Lord was alive, he'd flay the filthy beasts alive!" he muttered angrily.

"He would?" Hadrian asked curiously. The man cast a very long shadow in the Wizarding world and not a day went when he didn't hear about the Dark Lord's name, both good and the bad.

"Oh yes." Marcus said reverently. "The Dark Lord was merciless against his enemies and he had to be, otherwise we would have been overwhelmed by the mudblood lovers, but he was absolutely against harming a child, magical ones especially. He cared nothing about muggle children but he punished his own knights severely if he came to know they had hurt or killed magical children during their raids."

"Then how did the Boy Wonder Neville Longbottom end up with his larger-than-life title?" Hadrian questioned.

"That's what the mystery is Hadrian," Marcus frowned. "Nobody from our side were there when the brat supposedly offed our lord and Dumbledore made sure to spread his version as soon as he possibly could. I'm afraid only the Dark Lord can tell us the truth of what happened that day."

Marcus then looked around wearily and said "It is not good to be talking about such sensitive matters outside our common room. We shall talk later."

Hadrian nodded.

They had reached the Entrance Hall and waited in the corner silently.

"So, Hadrian, you said you play Quidditch? What position?" Marcus asked.

"Well, I haven't got much practise but Draco says I'm made to be a seeker or even a beater." Hadrian answered.

"Good. Try out for the team when the trials are called. I'll probably organise them in a few weeks. Do you have your own broom?" Marcus asked.

Hadrian nodded "Yes, the Malfoys got me and Draco Nimbus Two Thousand."

Marcus' eyes went wide as saucers. "They got you both Nimbus Two Thousands?"

"Well, Aunt Cissy insisted she buys me one as a 'welcome back' present and Uncle Lucius didn't think it'd be fair for Draco if he didn't get one so we both got one." Hadrian shrugged.

Marcus looked awestruck. "They're the best racing brooms on the planet right now!"

Hadrian thought for a second before he answered "Well, personally I think brooms could go even faster. The hundred and twenty three kilometres per hour top speed can certainly be improved but the handling is better than a Comet series for sure."

"You've tested the broom's top speed?" Marcus asked faintly.

"Yes, though Aunt Cissy wasn't happy about it at all, but I could easily handle that speed. Honestly, I expected more when I heard the word 'flying broomsticks." Hadrian said.

Marcus shook of his daze and nodded sagely "Well, quidditch is in your blood. No wonder you're a speed demon. Your father, even if he was a Gryffindor, is a legend on the broom. He holds so many records for Hogwarts while he was a chaser here. It's a real shame he couldn't play for England in the World Cup."

"Tell me about him," Hadrian said.

The duo spent the remaining time discussing quidditch waiting for the others to arrive. The rest of Slytherins rushed towards the entrance hall with five minutes to spare and Marcus quickly rushed them towards the Charms corridor on the third floor.

They barely made it in time and saw the Gryffindors already there. They sneered at the approaching Slytherins and Weasley jeered "Looks like the death eaters are here."

"So says the son of a thief," Draco shot back, making Weasley go red in the face.

Before he could say anything further, the door opened and the tiny Charms beckoned them inside. The Gryffindors took the row on the right and Slytherins took the row on the left. Hadrian and Draco took a seat and Ardella took a seat with Blaise behind them.

The tiny Professor took roll, pausing at Hadrian and Longbottom' names before he addressed them in his squeaky voice "Welcome to Charms. I am Professor Flitwick. Now everyone, take out your wands and we shall learn about the proper way to hold a wand." Then followed a boring lesson about handling a wand and wand safety that Hadrian had already learnt ages ago and he could see Draco stifle a yawn next to him.

Finally, it was over and Marcus came to collect them to escort them to lunch. Weasley looked like he wanted to say something but thought otherwise looking at the burly frame of Marcus Flint.

Pansy Parkinson and her two goons were released from the infirmary and were already seated at the Slytherin table. When she caught sight of Hadrian, her eyes were slits glaring at him furiously and her hand was twitching while the two gorillas behind her cracked their knuckles threateningly. Nott quickly made his way towards her and they had a whispered conversation which was no doubt heated one.

Hadrian was completely unfazed as he sat down next to Ardella and pilled his plate high with food and begin to eat calmly. Ardella gave him a nod of approval seeing his selection of vegetables and meats and proceeded to pile vegetables onto Draco's plate who was looking to avoid it altogether. Draco looked close to whining at his betrothed and Blaise was looking highly amused at the situation.

Hadrian caught Parkinson glaring at Ardella with rage and no small amount of jealousy while Nott tried to calm her down. She caught his eye and Hadrian gave her a smirk which made her flush and go red with anger. She quickly turned and began eating, munching on her food furiously.

'This time, I'll break your back properly if you try anything Parkinson' Hadrian thought to himself calmly as he enjoyed his lunch.

They had two more classes before they were free and the four of them had decided to finish their homework before going for some practise duelling in the Pit later before Hadrian had his appointment with Snape. They had a small essay to write on 'Proper handling of a wand and why it was important' for Charms and the upper years had assured them Binns would never give them homework on the first month of class.

After lunch, Marcus escorted them to History of Magic on the first floor. The Ravenclaws arrived and took their seats on the left while Slytherins took seats on the right. Ardella sat next to him and Draco and Blaise shared a bench.

Their Professor Cuthbert Binns, a ghost who had died while teaching the subject and refused to move on to the afterlife, entered the class through the blackboard and without any preamble began lecturing on Goblin Wars.

Being an Occlumen and a natural one at that, Hadrian did not need to sleep for more than four hours a day and the ghost's monotonous voice, devoid of any emotion, was like a lullaby on a cold winter's evening after a tall glass of hot cocoa in front of a roaring fire. Hadrian wasn't feeling sleepy but he was one of the very few who could resist it.

Within three minutes, Blaise had all but dozed off while Draco kept shaking himself awake every once in a while. Even Ardella next to him seemed to fight sleep and succumbed to it after fifteen minutes.

The Ravenclaws were fighting hard to stay awake, their desire to write down everything important warring with the powerful lullaby that was the ghost's voice. Eventually, everyone succumbed to sleep, especially after a big meal at lunch, except the Turpin girl who was writing everything the ghost was saying furiously on a piece of parchment.

Hadrian decided to use this class as an unofficial free hour and he could benefit much from reading some books on duelling or new spells than waste time sleeping, especially when he did not need sleep. Having made up his mind, he patiently looked forward and listened to the professor drone on about a goblin called Ullric the Oddball.

The bell finally rang and Hadrian shook his three friends awake. Blaise woke up with a huge yawn and stretched, a goofy grin on his face while Draco looked irritated at being awakened. Ardella was mortified sleeping in class, much to Draco's amusement and vowed it wouldn't happen again.

Hadrian decided to believe it when he saw it. It was not easy to resist the ghost's almost Siren-like voice that could put majority of the class to sleep within minutes.

Their final class for the day was transfiguration and Marcus led them down to the ground floor where the transfiguration class was held. The Hufflepuffs were shuffling about nervously and the Slytherins waited silently, having no desire to speak or scare the puffs.

The door opened and Professor McGonagall ushered them inside. Once seated, she took roll and proceeded to gaze severely at the students. She was just as strict a Snape and kept the classroom silent without effort.

"Transfiguration is one of the most volatile, dangerous and complex magic attempted here in Hogwarts" she began. "I will not tolerate any form of mischief, tomfoolery and antics. If anyone is caught messing around in my class, I assure you that you will be punished severely. Am I clear?"

Nobody said a word.

"Mister Potter-Black, what exactly is transfiguration?" McGonagall asked suddenly.

Hadrian stood up and answered calmly "Transfiguration professor, is the branch of magic that is focused on the alteration of the form or appearance of an object. The level of alteration depends on the sub-field of transfiguration being attempted. For example, transformation itself focuses on alteration of the atoms of the substance to be changed to something else and may or may not be permanent while conjuration focuses on changing atoms of air into the desired item which is almost always temporary."

McGonagall nodded looking thoughtful before she threw another question "What are the laws governing transfiguration?"

"Gamp's Law of Elemental Transfiguration Professor."

"How many exceptions are there to Gamp's Law?"

"Five Professor."

"Name one of them."

"Good food cannot be conjured out of thin air."

"Name one more."

"No metal can be directly transfigured to be gold."

"Any exception to this?"

"The Philospher's Stone, created by Nicolas Flammel."

She looked shocked at the answer before she nodded and said "Good work Mister Potter-Black. Take five points to Slytherin."

The Slytherins scowled silently at the low number of points given for the level of questions asked. Gamp's Laws was not even studied till third year and Hadrian had answered it without mistake. Hadrian shrugged and sat down quietly, unmoved by the bias against him.

McGonagall waved her wand and the blackboard was full of notes in a neat scrawl. "Copy this down and wait silently."

They quickly copied it down and when they were finished, they were handed a match and were asked to transfigure it into a needle.

The classroom was full of waving wands and grunts of frustrations. Hadrian studied the match given to him and envisioned it becoming long, metallic and pointy, and held the image in the forefront of his mind and muttered "TRANSFURA".

Immediately, the match became a perfectly formed needle with a sharp tip just like he expected it to. Aunt Cissy had taught him and Draco well. She had explained that Transfiguration needed an active imagination or at least mental capacity to envision something and hold the image firmly while attempting the spell to see the best results.

Hadrian looked beside him to see Blaise give him a wide eyes stare. "Blimey, how did you manage that?" he blurted.

"Imagine the match turning into a needle, becoming long and pointy. I can show you later if you like." Hadrian said.

Blaise nodded eagerly and looked behind to see Draco also holding a perfect needle who was explaining the trick to an intently listening Ardella.

Hadrian gazed thoughtfully at the now perfect needle on his desk and transfigured it back to a match, much to the surprise of Blaise. He then imagined the match turning into a green needle, with silver stripes and cast "TRANSFURA".

The match immediately changed into a green needle with silver stripes along its length. Blaise gave him a look of awe before turning determinedly back to his work.

Hadrian began experimenting with the limitations of the spell, slowly turning the needle different colours and patterns until he heard a "Mister Potter-Black!" above his shoulder.

He turned back to see McGonagall looking at his match with shock which was now half wood and half metal with Slytherin trimmings on the metal and Hufflepuff yellow on the wood.

"Are you responsible for this?"

"Yes Professor," Hadrian answered.

"Can you inverse this with Gryffindor metal and Ravenclaw wood?" the professor excitedly.

"I'd loathe to do Gryffindor red Professor but certainly." Hadrian answered, making McGonagall's lips twitch with amusement.

Hadrian envisioned the needed picture and with barely any hesitation cast "TRANSFURA".

The match had retained its woody nature on top, decorated with Ravenclaw blue and bronze while the bottom was shiny metal with Gryffindor red and gold.

"Phenomenal Mister Potter-Black. Just simply amazing. Is this your first try?" McGonagall asked with a rare smile.

"My godmother Lady Malfoy taught me the basics and I have attempted it before but this is the first time I experimented with the limitation of the spell." Hadrian answered.

Her smiled dimmed a bit on mentioning Narcissa Malfoy but was still there nonetheless. "Either way, an exceptional performance Mister Potter-Black. Very rarely do I see such talent in this field. Take forty points to Slytherin."

She went around, looking at the progress made and Draco managed to score ten points for a perfect needle though he was not able to figure how to decorate it like Hadrian had. Even Ardella managed to get two points for her pointy match, which had a little way to go before it could be called a needle.

The bell rang for the final time, dismissing them for the day when McGonagall called "Homework. I would like five feet of parchment on what you think you did wrong today and how you can improve it. Misters Potter and Malfoy are exempted from this."

They had an hour or so to kill before dinner and so decided to make their way towards the library to start homework. Blaise grumbled the whole way and Draco's superior smirk did not seem to help.

Finally, he snapped and said "Hadrian, you got to help me one up this ponce! You got to!"

Hadrian, feeling bemused said "It's really not that difficult Blaise." He lowered his voice and asked "Do you know Occlumency?"

Blaise nodded. "Yeah, Snape taught me and Draco. I'm around level two now."

Hadrian nodded and said "Then it's very simple. You just imagine the match turning into a needle, very, very clearly and hold it in the forefront of your mind and cast the spell."

"I'll try it," Blaise said determinedly.

The group asked a passing Slytherin upper year direction to the library and made their towards the library corridor on the first floor and walked inside.

The library was massive. Hadrian had only seen the Malfoys library so he didn't have much knowledge to compare but Ardella and Blaise both agreed that the Hogwarts library dwarfed their own ones and it was probably the same size as the Malfoys which itself was massive.

They walked towards the shelves and placed their bags in an empty table and went towards the Transfiguration and Charms section on the shelves. Hadrian only had to finish a small essay on proper wand handling for charms as he was exempted from transfiguration.

Blaise kept muttering as he pulled two books off the shelves and they made it to their table. Hadrian took some parchment and for a while there was only the sound of quill scratching and in case of Blaise, a little bit of muttering as well.

Hadrian was done, he knew the topic well and saw no need to refer to any book like Draco was doing and finished the five inches length easily.

"I'm done," he informed the rest.

Draco grunted in response while Ardella asked "Already?"

Hadrian shrugged "I read an entire book on this and once I read a book, I can remember it for the rest of my life."

"Lucky sod," Blaise moaned. "I'm still short three inches, have another essay to finish and have to transfigure my match as well!"

"Stop being melodramatic Blaise," Draco rolled his eyes. "What will you do now Hadrian?"

"I'll go get something to read till you lot are done. I'll help you then Blaise," Hadrian replied.

Hadrian then walked towards the offensive magics shelves and was browsing the titles when he heard someone whisper his name "Black."

Hadrian looked around and saw nobody. He was about to dismiss it when he heard it again towards the back of the shelves that was hidden in the gloom.

He made his towards the back, senses on high alert. The torches flickered to life sensing his presence, bathing the area in a yellow light.

Hadrian noticed a portrait of a countryside landscape. It wouldn't be a remarkable painting if not for a few of the cows mooing indignantly and a man looking back at him haughtily.

The man looked very familiar for some reason. He had piercing grey eyes that were observing him intently, neat black hair, high cheek bones and aristocratic features.

"Yes?" Hadrian asked politely. "Did you call for me?"

"So, you are my descendant. The Heir of the Black family. The last of my blood" the portrait stated.

"I am Hadrian Potter-Black. Who are you, Elder?"

The man in the painting nodded approvingly "You are well taught. Good manners and proper protocols. Who taught you?"

"It would be rude of me to answer your question without giving you an opportunity to answer mine first," Hadrian said simply.

The man smiled like a shark "Sharp boy. Cautious and polite. I am Phineas Nigellus Black, the Lord Black, ex-headmaster of Hogwarts and your ancestor."

"Well met Lord Black. To answer your question, my godmother Narcissa Malfoy nee Black taught me." Hadrian said.

Phineas Black nodded "She is a credit to our family. She has educated the next Lord Black well." He gazed at Hadrian and said suddenly "You have a bit of him you know?"


"Sirius. Your face may be a blend of your parents but that nose and jaw is Sirius. He blood-adopted you then?" Phineas questioned.

"Yes. Sirius was named my godfather and he apparently did the godfather ritual and then blood adopted me, making me heir until he could marry and have one. I don't know the full story yet. I have to visit him sometime in the Christmas break." Hadrian replied.

Phineas scowled "Filthy mudbloods locking away the Lord Black for simply taking revenge for the injustice against his friends. The wizarding world has gone to the dogs. Tell me young heir, what do you think of muggles and muggleborns?"

"Muggles are filthy beasts that must be put down as soon as possible. With extreme prejudice," Hadrian snarled "As for muggleborns, they are one of us. Blessed with magic. They have to be educated in our ways and culture and stamp out any nonsense about learning or implementing muggle ideas."

Phineas cackled "Ohho, A Black worthy of his blood. You will do great as the Lord of Black young heir."

"Thank you."

"Now as much as I would like to talk and help you learn, I am here with news. Important news. It is hard to get away from the headmaster's office if you don't have a copy elsewhere and mine is present in Grimmauld Place and St Mungo which is useless. I had to sneak out like a common muggle and share space with filthy beasts like these." Phineas said angrily.

One of the animals, a bull in the background seemed to take offense at this and charged at Phineas Black from the back. Without missing a beat, the ex-headmaster drew his wand and slashed his wand in an upward arc. The bull's head was separated from its body with a splatter of blood on the green grass. The cows behind him went berserk and ran out of the picture in terror.

"They'll be back later. The bull too, if someone bothers to clean up this mess and paint him back again." Phineas said uncaringly, sheathing his wand. "I hope the brutality didn't make you sick young heir."

"I don't care," Hadrian shrugged. "Violence doesn't bother me at all."

Phineas had a glint in his eyes "How interesting. I will make it a point to get to know you better young heir. I have good feelings about you as the future Lord Black but back to topic. Are you aware that there is a plot against you by the headmaster?"

"The sorting hat did mention that the headmaster wanted me to be in Gryffindor but for what reason exactly, he didn't say" Hadrian replied.

"Lend me your ears then," Phineas instructed and proceeded to tell Hadrian whatever he had overheard in the headmaster's office and also the prior conversations regarding him which now made sense to the Phineas.

By the end, the sheer incredibility of the tale was so much that shock burst through Hadrian's mask before humour took over and he started laughing quietly "He wanted to isolate me, have his pets bully me and then save me from them and used his influence on me to forgive the transgressions against my family and make peace with the family of blood traitors? Anything I missed?"

Phineas smiled humourlessly "Well, after this you would also be friends with the youngest Weasel forgetting all the bullying he would inflict because you were 'dark' but now joined the 'light' and are worthy being his friend."

Hadrian suddenly became intense as his Occlumency realigned and said "Forgive the traitors? I hope my parents forgive me for what I will do to them because I will make suffer. Suffer and beg for death. Not even then will I forgive them. My life was hell because of them and the almighty Albus Dumbledore thinks he can convince me to simply forget it and shake hands."

"Not to mention give you a part of the Potter family fortune as a sign of good faith. The majority of it, will be of course be kept with them" Phineas added.

"Everything will be accounted for. Each. And. Every. Knut" Hadrian said calmly, punctuating each syllabus with a pause.

"As it must. These heathens must not be allowed to walk away with a Most Ancient and Noble House's fortune scot-free after such a dishonourable killing of the previous Lord" Phineas agreed.

"I give you my word Lord Black, I shall fight to my last breath to take back what is mine and deck out the punishment the red-haired bastards deserve," Hadrian promised, his voice tingling with malicious intent.

"No more of this Lord Black business. It is your title in the near future and I am proud that my bloodline will be led by someone with the right ideas and mindset like you. You may address me as 'grandfather', you have earned the right to do so." Phineas instructed.

"You honour me grandfather. I hope I shall continue to make you and all of the Blacks proud," Hadrian said.

"You will. I will ensure of it. Now 'grandson', I require your assistance in a project I will start soon," Phineas said.

"Tell me grandfather and I shall do my best to provide assistance. It is, after all the least I can do after you helped me with valuable information" Hadrian offered.

"Think nothing of it grandson," Phineas waved it off "This is something I need done during your Christmas break."

"Tell me"

"I need you to commission a portrait of me and have your guardian donate it to the Slytherin Common rooms as a gift to the house. I was the head of Slytherin before I became the headmaster so it will not be unorthodox," Phineas explained.

"It can be done, of course depending on whether Lord Malfoy would be willing to donate you to the school but may I ask why?" Hadrian asked.

Phineas had a disgusted expression on his face. "I need a place to go away once in a while from all those other noisy paintings in the headmaster's office. The only other working copy is in Grimmauld Place in London which is dusty all thanks to the accursed elf there and the copy at St Mungo's got taken down for restoration and isn't back yet. I would also like to speak to you on a more regular basics and educate you on your heritage as a black as Sirius is unable to do so."

Hadrian nodded thoughtfully "I will pen a letter to Lord Malfoy right away and begin the commissioning of the portrait right away. I take it there is a particular brand of magic needed for the activation and magical properties?"

"Yes. Once the portrait commission is done by the painter, he will then imbue the picture with the magic of the person or transfer a sliver of it from an existing copy and it will activate on the death of the person but since I am already dead and multiple copies of me exist, I will feel an additional tug to the painting as the homonculous charm will take root," Phineas explained.

"Will it be dangerous for your other copies?" Hadrian asked.

"It will not be dangerous at all. It is difficult to explain the charm to a first year but take it from me, there are no risks in creating additional portraits from existing ones. It isn't mainly done because most of them are satisfied with the copies they have had made before their deaths." Phineas said.

"It will be done then. May I ask permission to recount the plot against me to my present guardian Lord Malfoy? We have… plans brewing and this shall greatly increase its…potency" Hadrian said with an unusual sinister smile.

Phineas smiled wide "Make use of it however best you feel grandson. Make sure to stay vigilant in times like these."


The cows had come back and were mooing loudly attracting the attention of the other paintings. Phineas had a murderous expression on his face as he snarled "It seems we have to cut this short. We shall speak more once I am able to move to a portrait in the Slytherin common room."

Phineas cast one more angry glance at the indignant cows and said "I will be back for you little cows. Moo while you still can" and was gone from the portrait.

Hadrian quietly surveyed the painting for a moment before he too made his way back towards his friends.

Neither of the Blacks noticed the alert set of eyes who had been observing them and had heard every word spoken.

Hadrian made his way towards the rest who had finished their homework and were watching the amusement of Blaise struggling to transfigure his match unsuccessfully with a lot of cursing.

Draco noticed him coming and said "There you are. You were gone for ages. Did you lose your way in the shelves?"

"No. I had a meeting you can say" Hadrian replied.

"A meeting? With whom?" Ardella asked curiously, casting a wary eye at Blaise who had proceeded to make wide arcs with his wand trying to change his match to a needle.

"Not here. There are ears everywhere and I just realised I should learn some privacy charms at the earliest" Hadrian said, making a mental note to learn them as soon as possible.

Hadrian looked at Blaise and asked "Blaise are you done? Can we leave?"

"Yeah I guess," Blaise muttered. "It seems I am doomed to fail."

"Don't worry I'll help you in the common room" Hadrian said.

They quickly packed their bags and made their way out. As they walked through a deserted corridor towards the common room, they were intercepted by Hermione Granger flanked by Ronald Weasley and the boy wonder Neville Longbottom.

"How!" Granger demanded.

"How indeed did a mudblood like you get into Hogwarts you ask?" Draco sneered.

"Shut your mouth death eater" Weasley shouted, drawing his wand.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you. You'll end up with more than a broken nose this time Weasley" Hadrian said quietly.

"You don't scare us you traitor. We'll take you on!" Longbottom bellowed.

"Answer me!" Granger screamed shrilly.

'Gods this place is going to the dogs," Blaise sneered scathingly. "Mudbloods and blood traitors howling like rabid mongrels in the corridors."

Weasley levelled his wand at Blaise's nose who grinned cockily and said "Go ahead little weasel. Do your worst and we'll see how your blood-traitor family will rescue you from the trouble you'll find yourself in."

"You and your family don't scare us Zabini. We are Weasleys. We have Albus Dumbledore on our side" Weasley boasted.

"And we have the law on ours. Must we be subjected to you lot every single day in Hogwarts?" Ardella asked disgustedly.

"Ronald! Neville! Stop!" Granger snapped, stopping Weasley from starting a tirade.

"Good ginger. Heel boy, listen to the mudblood," Blaise mocked.

"You are a repulsive human being. All of you" Granger stated haughtily.

Draco pretended to study his fingernails and said calmly "When the opinions of buck toothed, bushy haired, know-it-all uppity mudbloods matters, I will instruct Weasel here to fetch you mudblood but until then keep your ugly mug shut. Do you understand me?"

'How dare you! Apologise to Hermione!" Longbottom shouted.

Draco had an incredulous look on his face "Me? The heir of the Most Ancient and Noble house of Malfoy apologise to this mudblood? Especially when I'm right about whatever I've just said?"

"Leave it Neville. You can't teach savages good manners," Granger sniffed.

"That much is obvious, just take a look at yourself filthy mudblood" Draco shot back.

Granger took a deep breath before she demanded again "How? How could you get your match to turn so perfectly when I could barely make it pointy? I even heard them say you could make patterns. Tell me how!"

"You're delusional if you think I answer to your demands mudblood" Hadrian sad coldly.

"I am the smartest witch of my age," Granger continued, completely oblivious "Professor McGonagall told me so and if I can't get it to perfect then you shouldn't as well. You must have cheated. Yes, that must be it."

Draco was about to retort when Hadrian held up his hand and said calmly "Let it be Draco. It will be a shame upon our family name's if we attack a delusional mudblood like Granger. We are leaving."

"Not that your family name can sink even lower death eater" Weasley smirked.

Draco was ready to lunge at Weasley when Hadrian caught him back with his superior strength and said "Draco, control yourself. Words of beggars mean nothing to the Lords and these are exactly that. Beggars of attention." He turned towards them and said "You'll get yours one day Weasley and I promise it will be one for the history books."

Hadrian pulled Draco back and said "We are leaving. The idiocy of these fools is getting to me."

Draco and Blaise gave one glare at the group before walking away while Ardella simply sniffed haughtily and followed her betrothed. Hadrian gazed into Longbottom's eyes, enjoying the fear he could feel from the pudgy boy who tried to put on a brave face "Until next time Longbottom. Weasel."

Hadrian was about to walk forward when he felt a hand yank his left elbow "No! You will tell me how you did it! You will, you son of a dark witch!"

Hadrian spun on his heel and crashed his fist straight into the bushy haired girl's stomach making her eyes water as the air was knocked out of her lungs before bringing his fists in an upper arc to Granger's chin. His upper cut, delivered with considerable strength actually lifted the girl off her feet before she crashed onto the floor in a weeping mess.

He quickly drew his wand from the holster and called "PROTEGO" and the two spells from Longbottom and Weasley, an extremely weak disarming charm and a slug vomiting hex respectively splashed harmlessly against his pearly shield. Hadrian quickly aimed at the duo and cast "STUPIFY DUOA".

The multiple-stunning spell, capable of shooting any number of stunners simultaneously had been taught by Lucius to him and Draco and Hadrian watched boredly as the crimson spells struck true and blasted the two Gryffindors off their feet.

Hadrian slowly made his way towards the crying Granger and looked at the downed girl and asked "Speak of my mother again and I'll break every single bone in your body. Did I not tell you specifically to leave me alone lest you face the consequences?"

Granger to her credit, flinched but glared back defiantly at him. Her chin was bleeding, dripping blood onto her uniform "I must know! You cannot be better than me! Tell me!"

Hadrian simply turned back and walked away, leaving the crying girl and her two stunned friends in the corridor.

By dinner, everyone heard about how Hadrian Potter-Black beat three Gryffindors single headedly while one of the was the supposed 'Boy-Who-Lived'. It was rumoured that the two boys had to be dragged to the hospital wing by a bleeding Granger as she did not know how to wake them up, much to her chagrin. They were released from the hospital wing by dinner and Granger was kept overnight for observation.

Before dinner, Hadrian had told his friends what Phineas Black had told and asked Draco if he could pen a latter to his face which the blond agreed instantly. Hadrian calmly wrote down everything and called for Dobby and instructed him to give it to Lucius immediately and the four of them had gone for dinner. The hall had quietened down noticeably as they entered and Hadrian noticed Weasley and Longbottom were missing from the Gryffindor table.

After a full meal, they made their way back towards the common room making plans for duelling practise when Professor Snape intercepted them and said "Good evening. The three of you will make your way towards the common room while Mister Potter shall follow me to the headmaster's office." There was no room for argument in his voice and the three of them left Hadrian with 's hh

"Follow me Mister Potter" Snape instructed.

They set off on a brisk pace with Hadrian following Snape behind. Snape looked back and asked "What happened Mister Potter?"

"Granger got it in her head she was a supposed prodigy, the likes of which we have never seen before and heard I could do the transfigurations more than adequately and didn't like that so she confronted us with Weasel and Longbottom. They tried to bait us but I held Draco back. I sent the others off and was about to leave when Granger join them when Granger grabbed my hand and insulted my mother. I don't like being touched and sure as hell don't like someone like that filthy mudblood speak ill of my mother. I made sure she won't do it again" Hadrian explained.

Snape surveyed his young charge for a moment before he asked "What of Weasley and Longbottom?"

"They threw a disarming charm and slug vomiting hex but I shieled with a protego and then stunned them" Hadrian answered.

"You can throw a stunner and draw a protego shield without difficulties?" Snape asked, his eyebrows nearly vanishing into his hairline.

"I used Uncle Lucius's modified stunner, stupefy duoa, and I can draw an almost transparent protego since the day I was taught," Hadrian shrugged.

"Impressive Mister potter. I can assure you very few first years have the power necessary to cast a stunner and draw an almost perfect protego shield. I expect to see good performance from you in the duelling circuits" Snape said.

"I shall not disappoint Professor" Hadrian said quietly.

They reached a gargoyle to which Snap sneered "Lemon Drops," and the gargoyle rotating, showing a set of stairs leading upwards.

"Come," Snape instructed.

They climbed up the stairs and reached a heavy wooden door with a griffin shaped knocker on the centre. Hadrian could feel a heavy oppressive presence from the wards. It was to be expected since it was the heart of Dumbledore's power.

Snape raised a hand to knock but before he could knock, a voice called "Enter Severus, Harry."

Rolling his eyes discreetly, Snape opened the door.

"Come in Harry. Severus, you may leave. Thank you for escorting Harry here." Dumbledore started.

Snape didn't move.

"As per the charter, the Head of House must be present whenever his charge is in a meeting with the headmaster/headmistress for discussing disciplinary action" Snape stated lazily.

Dumbledore frowned before he schooled himself and said "Very well. Both of you may enter."

Hadrian didn't move.

"I thought I told you to come inside Mister Potter," Dumbledore said.

"My apologies headmaster. I assumed there was a 'Harry' behind me again, whom to which you were referring to" Hadrian said blandly as he walked in. Hadrian noticed Snape was trying hard not to smirk.

Hadrian looked around, taking in the strange and almost vibrant room. There was an enormous claw footed desk against the massive windows, behind which Dumbledore was comfortably lounging. There were shelves containing a few knick-knacks among which Hadrian could see the Sorting Hat was sitting. To his right there were shelves containing old looking books and a staircase leading upwards, which Hadrian assumed went to the headmaster's private quarters.

The wall on his left was completely covered with portraits of the previous headmasters and headmistresses of Hogwarts who were looking at him interestedly. Hadrian noticed Phineas Black smirk at him briefly before looking stoic.

"I was of course referring to you only Harry. It is a good name, I think you should consider taking it as your name and forego Hadrian," Dumbledore said with a kind smile and twinkle in his eyes.

"Pray tell, why would I take such a bland horrible name as my own headmaster?" Hadrian asked.

"Well, it is a good strong name and your aunt has given you that name. Yes, Harry will be a good name for you. You should start being more outgoing my boy. No boy your age should be that serious" Dumbledore said genially.

Hadrian didn't say a word and looked forward boredly.

"So, Harry I heard of this incident concerning you from Minerva and I wanted to discuss your punishment but before that, I would like to hear your side of the story," Dumbledore said, twinkle at full blast.

Hadrian looked around the room, pointedly ignoring the expectant look on Dumbledore's face.

"I am waiting Harry," Dumbledore said, a tad irritably.

Hadrian didn't say a word, continuing to study the room in detail in case he ever needed it.

"Harry! Answer me!" Dumbledore shouted.


"Mister Potter," Dumbledore ground his teeth "You will answer me."

"Oh, my apologies again headmaster. I thought you were speaking to this 'Harry' again whoever or wherever he is" Hadrian shrugged.

"You are Harry. I just told you that my boy" Dumbledore seethed.

"You are mistaken Headmaster. My name is Hadrian Potter-Black" Hadrian said blandly.

"My boy, you must…" Dumbledore started to say.

"I would suggest you refrain from acting overly familiar with me headmaster. You are a headmaster in a school I attend, nothing more nothing less. Do not presume you have the right to tell me on how to conduct myself or what I should keep my name as. It would be very bad for your public image if news went to the public on how you tried to keep an eleven-year-old boy alone in your office without his head of house, trying to get him to change the name his parents gave" Hadrian replied coldly.

"But I think that Harry…" Dumbledore tried.

"I don't care headmaster," Hadrian said flatly, cutting his mid-sentence "I know the wizarding world revels in your presence and you seem to think you know best but do not consider me to be one of your boot-lickers who does something without question because Albus Dumbledore thought it was a good idea."

Dumbledore's twinkle had completely vanished. He glared at the completely cool preteen before he said "You are treading a dark path Mister Potter."

Hadrian burst out laughing "I'm on a dark path because I won't do as you told? Excellent. Again, I don't care what you think. It is Mister Potter-Black and stop wasting mine or the good professor's time here and get to the point."

"Very well," Dumbledore said coldly. "We will discuss your punishment for attacking Miss Granger, Mister Weasley and Mister Longbottom. You will serve a week of detention with Mister Filch and fifty points from Slytherin for unruly behaviour."

"No." Hadrian stated.

"I'm sorry, no?" Dumbledore asked, surprised.

"You heard me. I will not be doing that detention and if I find that Slytherin house has been docked points unfairly I shall bring this to the notice of my guardian Lord Malfoy who is also the chairman of the Hogwarts Board. I shall provide pensieve memories to prove how the headmaster was biased against me from the start and did not even offer me a chance to defend my action and had already decided my punishment prior to the disciplinary discussion" Hadrian said.

"Very well, let us hear what happened then Mister Potter-Black" Dumbledore snarled.

Hadrian recounted exactly what happened and told in no clear terms that it was in self defence and that it was the Gryffindor trio who sought the confrontation and not him.

"It was just a simple touch Mister Potter-Black. Surely there was no need for such extreme action?" Dumbledore asked.

"Well, in that case, if I ran towards you in the Great Hall at dinner, tugged your beard and called your mother a dark witch, would I be excused? It was after all, a simple touch" Hadrian asked calmy.

"Mister Potter-Black! Behave yourself" Dumbledore thundered.

Hadrian gave him a bored look, completely unfazed. "I am curious. Were they also punished for picking a fight in the first place? I can prove that it was Longbottom and Weasley who cast the first spell anyways."

Dumbledore was silent.

Hadrian got up "I see. Very well, I shall bring this to the notice of the Board by this week on the blatant favouritism shown by the headmaster to the guilty party and trying to punish the one who was actually just defending himself."

Dumbledore took a few steading breaths and said "They shall be punished as well. Fifty points from Gryffindor and…"

"Each" Hadrian corrected.

".. fifty points each and a week's detention with Mister Filch" Dumbledore finished.

"Headmaster, if I may? I would like the detentions of Miss Granger and Misters Weasley and Longbottom assigned to me. I am sure they will learn better scrubbing fifth year cauldrons more than anything the squib caretaker can give them" Snape said nastily.

"I don't think that is necessary Severus. In fact, let this incident be a minor incident and leave it as it is" Dumbledore said in a rush. "Mister Potter-Black, since this is your very first day of school, I shall be lenient and no punishment will be issued for your actions. If I hear any further incidents, then I shall take stricter actions. Am I clear?"

"Crystal. I will not start it but if they do, I assure you I shall finish it" Hadrian said.

"Very well, you may leave. Mister Potter-Black, I am terribly disappointed in your behaviour and I'm sure your parents would be appalled as well" Dumbledore said with a disappointed gaze at Hadrian.

Hadrian gave the old man a flat look and said "Okay."

Dumbledore waited to see if Hadrian would respond before he said "I have never been more disappointed with a student in my entire career as an educator. Your parents…"

"Headmaster, let us not go there. Do not think I don't know the story of what exactly happened and I shall declare blood feud on house Dumbledore if you continue to insult them acting as if you really cared about them after everything you did to them. I will not tolerate it" Hadrian spat.

Dumbledore's face went white as a sheet "Harry, you must not believe these lies that…"

"Please know that whatever next insults levied against the Malfoys, my present guardians, will be considered as slander and I shall drag you to court for it. It is Mister Potter-Black for the final time. I shall not warn you again the third time" Hadrian said frigidly.

Dumbledore looked at him for a second before he said "We will discuss this matter when tempers have cooled. You may both leave now."

"We will not be talking about anything unless it is a school matter or related to my academics headmaster. Do not presume to believe that I am your dog who will come when you call" Hadrian said.

"Mister Potter-Black, I know you must think of me as a villain but you must learn to forgive and move on! Dumbledore cried.

"Bring back my parents from the dead and my godparents from that hell and I still won't forgive you Albus Dumbledore. You were responsible for ten years of misery" Hadrian said.

Dumbledore looked pensive "You may leave. Goodnight."

Hadrian and Snape left without a word.

Albus watched the two of them leave and leaned back into his chair and quickly popped a few lemon drops to calm himself and sighed as the laced candies began calming him down. He grimaced at the loss of control he experienced frequently and wondered if the consequences of his actions were worth it.

His temper had been practically non-existent before and his calm demeanour legendary as his opponents would frustrate themselves trying to rile him up but failing dramatically. His oratory skills, so skilled that he could come out of any situation or accusation unscathed, better off than before and making his opponents look bad in the process

All of that was in the past. These days he was a raging lunatic at the sight of the black haired, emerald eyed youth and he was not as silver tongued as he was before which worried him. He had known of the consequences and believed they were worth it before attempting it.

He grabbed his wand off the table, the distinctive elderberries running along its length glowing sinisterly and he could feel the power course through his veins as his eyes gleamed with a mad glint.

'It was totally worth it' Albus decided immediately.


A blast of silver materialised and solidified into a massive phoenix "Go to Arthur and tell him we are ready for the next phase."

The phoenix patronus vanished.

Albus sucked on a few more candies to completely calm down before he grimaced and threw some floo powder into the fireplace and called "Minerva McGonagall."

He was not looking forward to explaining about the meeting with the Potter brat to her.

Hadrian and Severus quietly made their way back towards the dungeons. Curfew had not yet begun but there were few students in the corridors. They reached the entrance of the dungeons and walked towards the Potion Master's office.

"You handled yourself very well Mister Potter. You not only managed to rile up the old man but also made sure you escaped punishment" Snape offered.

Hadrian shrugged "Thank you professor though honestly it wasn't that hard. In my studies with uncle Lucius, he made the old man seem like a smooth-talking politician with an uncanny way with words but I'm not really seeing him at all."

Snape considered that and frowned "Now that you mention it, he did seem to lose control fairly easily. The Dumbledore I've seen all these years would never let himself get frustrated so easily, especially by a preteen. Maybe you are a special case."

"Maybe" Hadrian said.

"Come now, we shall discuss more about the special project in my office. Are you done with the assignments received for the day?"

"Yes Professor. Me and the rest went to the library earlier and finished it" Hadrian replied.

"A good habit. Ensure it continues."

They reached the office and Snape led him inside. Once inside, he waved his waved and the door slammed shut. He took a seat in his chair and offered one for Hadrian "Sit. You know why you are here am I correct?"

"Yes professor. We will begin our sessions for mind arts training and will examine my mindscape and determine the damages done to my mind due to the occlumency" Hadrian replied.

"Precisely," Snape nodded. "I shall be performing a full-scale Legilimency scan and you must try not to resist or throw me out as you are a natural Occlumen. The more you instinctively resist me, the more powerful I shall have to make my scan and it will result in you suffered splitting headaches. Rest assured I shall not view any of your memories without permission. Now brace yourself."

Hadrian nodded and braced himself.


Immediately Hadrian felt a presence in his mind and his first instinct was to crush that presence and throw it out but with supreme force of will stopped himself and took a deep breath, calming himself.

Snape was sitting rigid, eyes wide staring into his own which Hadrian found a tad bit creepy.

He could feel Snape poking at his head in, as weird as it was, different parts of his brain.

The scan went on for quite a while and took nearly an hour leaving Hadrian with a splitting headache.

Snape withdrew from his mind and took a deep breath as he stretched his now no doubt sour body.

"Very done Mister Potter. I could feel the resistance at first but you have controlled yourself marvellously. Once you start training in the mind arts, you will learn how to delve into your own mindscape and observe me or anyone else trying to enter your mind" Snape said.

He offered Hadrian a blue potion in a sealed vial "This is a headache reliver. Take it and rest immediately."

"I shall. My gratitude Professor Snape. Now about the results?" Hadrian asked curiously.

"Well Mister Potter, I have studied your mind for the better half of the hour and I can assure you are indeed a natural at mind arts," Snape began "While you did try to resist me consciously, your Legilimency fought me unconsciously. It was nothing I could not handle but I was able to confirm you have much potential to be a master legilimen."

Snape took a deep breath and said "Your occlumency on the other hand, suffers from a few… complications."

"What sort of complications?"

"I want you to be honest with me here. Anything spoken now will stay between us I assure you." Snape said, looking at Hadrian closely.

"Ask away Professor" Hadrian replied.

"Now, in your childhood, was there any incident or incidents where you felt the need to never show or feel any emotion ever again?" Snape asked carefully.

Hadrian's face looked like it was set in stone. "There was one… incident where I spilled a dish on the floor and scooped it back up. The food was unknowingly poisoned by the floor polish and the Dursleys were livid when one of the guests fell ill. They beat me till I blacked out and I woke up in a hospital and Vernon had convinced everyone it was my fault and convinced the cops I needed corporal punishment to set me right and once I reached home, Sean Connors slapped me and I wished really hard not to cry. To not give him the satisfaction of getting to me and I could feel my eyes dry up. Then inside I was beaten again and I wished I could never feel fear or the hurt from them ever again and I never did" Hadrian replied tightly.

Hadrian was thankfully Snape did not look at his pitifully. He just gazed at him and said "Just as I suspected. These circumstances have forced your occlumency to turn on your mind. Invert it in a way."

"I do not understand Professor"

"It is hard to explain without teaching you the basics of both occlumency and Legilimency Mister Potter. I will give you some books from which you will study the basics first and then I shall explain your situation. I will also give you a sleeping potion. I don't want you to sleep only four hours today but till morning. You will also not read these books today itself. You have had your first taste at foreign legilimency and your mind will need time to recover. We will meet here tomorrow. I trust you will read these books, the basics at least by then during the day?" Snape explained.

"Of course, Professor. I will finish the basics at the least by this time tomorrow and look forward to learning more. Professor, do you think whatever that has happened to my mind, is curable?" Hadrian asked.

Snape hesitated for a moment and said "Mister Potter, all modesty aside, I am unofficially one of the foremost experts in the mind arts, with natural occlumency skills and learnt Legilimency skills but even I don't possess the finesse and skill needed for the psychic surgery to rewire your brain. It has been years since it has happened and your entire neural network has been wired around these circumstances. To repair it without any sort of complications or side effects would take the skills of almost unheard-of precision and knowledge. It is something I would decide extremely carefully before proceeding."

"Very well. I will go to bed now. Goodnight Professor Snape and thank you" Hadrian said.

"A wise choice. Goodnight Mister Potter and you are welcome. I shall see you tomorrow" Snape replied and waved his wand to unlock the door.

Hadrian made his way towards the common room deep in thought. He did not like to reminisce of his past. There was no happiness there and the time before the age of six was even worse when he had been weak and craved the affections of his family and failing every single time. Would be want to change that? If he was offered a chance to correct the mistakes of his occlumency did he want to go back to being the way he was prior to age six?

'No. Never again will be that weak. Never again will anyone bully me' Hadrian resolved. 'this is worth the price of strength.'

If he took the opportunity to basically rewire his brain, disregarding all the risks and drawbacks it might have, it would be like making all of his experiences meaningless. Every struggle, every punch, insult and beating he had taken as something of little meaning. It would be like killing off his self. It was completely unacceptable.

While he would never change what he had become, the muggles and his so called 'family' who made him this way would feel the brunt of his wrath. He would ensure they paid in blood for everything they had done to him. They were the reason he was an uncaring and unfeeling loner who did even understand the concept of happiness. No child had to suffer whatever he had gone through in life.

His anger was spiking, which was unusual for him. Since that fateful day since he was six, he did not feel anger or anything but today he could feel it bubbling slowly.

Hadrian stopped before the blank wall that acted as the entrance to the Slytherin common room. "Aconite," Hadrian gave the password and the wall slid open. His cold mask firmly in place, masking the rage that churned underneath, Hadrian stepped inside the common room.

The room went silent when he entered and he heard a voice shout "There you are Potter! I challenge you to a duel in the pit. Right here, right now!"

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