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Lizzie was quiet as she and Josie started preparing the locator spell in the boarding house. She couldn't stop herself from wandering around the empty halls, remembering a time when there were renovations that made the house into a school.

She felt a pang of sadness as the ghosts of two young girls running through the halls flashed through her mind.

Their innocence stood out to her as she remembered how fearless they had been.

So much had happened since then.

Lizzie sighed, heading down to the cellar to grab a bottle of bourbon. Once she got it, she went back to where her sister was sitting quietly.

She walked over and sat next to Josie.

Neither twin spoke as they listened to the silence.

There was something strange about the stillness that seemed to surround them.

Whether it was the absence of life or the realization that the future was irreparably changed. Anything that happened from now on was their fault.

A scary thought.

"Each time we change something, the further we get from the original timeline," Josie said softly.

Lizzie snorted.

No really?

"That's kind of the point," Lizzie said, dryly.

Josie sighed, shaking her head. "The more we change, the harder it becomes to predict what's coming…" She pointed out.

Lizzie paused, recognizing where Josie was coming from.

Changing the past was dangerous.

Especially when you had no idea what consequences were happening because of what you were doing.

Sure, they could prevent their future but they had no idea if the future they were creating was way worse.

They didn't know if by preventing certain things, that more dangerous people might appear.

They had no clue if they would make it out of this alive.

Lizzie knew that what they were doing was practically a suicide mission.

But in the end, she didn't care.

She would rather go out with a bang than sitting still waiting for death to creep up on her. If she died, she wanted to go down in a blaze of fire.

Was it morbid?

Maybe...but it was the truth.

"We'll be fine," Lizzie said, nudging her twin.

It was a lie and they both knew it.

"How do you know that?" Josie asked, looking at Lizzie. Her eyes were full of uncertainty but also desperation.

Lizzie could tell that Josie was afraid and was wondering if there was even a point in what they were doing.

"Because we're badass witches," Lizzie said with a smirk. "Besides, we have our minions-I mean, our friends- that would totally die for us."

Lizzie had a joking look on her face as she said that.

Josie laughed with a smile.

"I know, I'm probably just being paranoid," Josie said, looking around the room. "Especially after seeing the effects already beginning to take place."

"You mean Elijah?" Lizzie wondered but somehow she could sense that it was more.

"..." Josie didn't say anything as she looked at the ground awkwardly.

Cause that's not suspicious at all...

"Josie…?" Lizzie prodded, narrowing her eyes at the oldest of the twins.

If Josie was keeping something from her, she was getting her ass kicked.

"After I ran into Elijah and we were heading back to the car…" Josie trailed off, trying to figure out the best way to approach this.

"Yes?" Lizzie said, staring her sister down.

"I saw bio mom and dad together," Josie said, looking at her hands.

Say what now?

"What?!" Lizzie exclaimed in shock. "Why the hell did you not mention that early?"

Her dad and bio mom met?

That's how many years earlier.

Talk about life alternating consequences.

"I forgot, okay?" Josie said, defensively.

"Jo, do you not realize what that could mean?" Lizzie said, eyes wide.

If their biological parents met earlier than before...

"What do you mean?" Josie asked, starting to become worried that she missed something.

"If Dad met her far earlier than he was supposed to, we could end up being born early…" Lizzie said, looking uncertain.

Who knows how that could affect the timeline.

Josie froze at those words. "Oh shit…"

"Yeah…" Lizzie nodded.

"Wait, what does that mean for us?" Josie noticed the confused look on Lizzie's face, so she clarified what she meant. "If we're born early?"

"I don't know...it might not affect us seeing as nothing that we've done so far has affected us," Lizzie muttered, with a shrug.

Which made her wonder if the twins would ever change from altering the timeline. Or would they stay the same no matter what, while everyone one else changes?

"This is getting out of control," Josie said, running her hand through her hair. When she looked over at Lizzie, she noticed a contemplative look on her face. "Liz?"

"If we're born early…" Lizzie trailed off, eyes lighting up.


"What?" Josie wondered, warily.

"That means we would be older than Hope," Lizzie said with a pleased look on her face.

Josie facepalmed at those words. "Lizzie, is now seriously the time to be focusing on your stupid rivalry with her?" She asked, giving Lizzie a look.

"Yes, yes it is," Lizzie said with no hesitation.

"Oh, my god..." Josie said in disbelief.

"What? This is literally the greatest thing ever. For the first time ever, we can one-up her," Lizzie said, excitedly.

"Lizzie, she's our best friend…" Josie said, slowly, punctuating each syllable.

"Yeah, so?" Lizzie said, rolling her eyes. "Also, technicality. She's my best frenemy."

Josie sighed, shaking her head at the ceiling. "Only you would take us possibly being born early because we screwed up the past as a victory against Hope," She said, exasperation clear in her tone.

"What? It's literally the only thing that we can beat her at. She's the most powerful being on the planet, there's no area that she's not number one," Lizzie said, with a pointed look. However, she paused as she realized that wasn't completely true. "Well, except for bringing down spells faster, we win at that hands down."

"Well, we kind of have an unfair advantage-" Josie said, raising an eyebrow at Lizzie.

"False. If we're going by that logic then Hope has the unfair advantage of being a female superman wannabe," Lizzie said, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Only you would compare Hope to superman," Josie said, amused.

"I said superman wannabe, key difference," Lizzie disagreed, immediately.

Josie snorted. "Yeah, sure," She said, shaking her head.

The twins sat there quietly for a moment as Lizzie opened up the bourbon. She wasn't sure why they were waiting around.

They could be trying to find their uncle yet neither of them made a move to do the locator spell. Lizzie glanced at her twin, observing her quietly.

Josie's face looked the way it always did. However, her eyes were tired. And Lizzie didn't have to look in the mirror to know her eyes were the same.

Maybe that was why they were sitting around…

Even though the silence was unnerving, it was also peaceful.

There were no worries here, except for the ones their minds created for themselves.

The last few weeks had the twins running around like there were hellhounds nipping at their heels. Trying to do as much as they possibly could. Lizzie hadn't realized how burnt out she was until now.

In the quiet of the prison world.

Sure there was a serial killer running around here somewhere but there was something about there being no life here that made her want to just stop and take a breath.

Maybe it would be nice to hang out or relax in a prison world in the future if things got too stressful.

Prison world camping…

Now that's an interesting idea.

Lizzie sighed, shaking her head. She glanced at her twin as she contemplated all the shit that might screw them over every time they tried to fight someone in the past.

"Jojo...how are we going to stop every bad guy...when we don't even know everything?" Lizzie asked, softly.

"I don't know…" Josie whispered. There was a strange weight in those simple words. A reminder that in the end, they were doing this blind even with all the help from the diaries and history books.

"There are so many that we're going to have to kill...and we don't even know where to begin," Lizzie muttered.

She hated it.

She hated not knowing.

"Our main focus right now should be those that may cause immediate problems. Like Dahlia or the Gemini Coven," Josie said, glancing at Lizzie.

Lizzie nodded. "True...Malivore and the Triad can be pushed towards the back of the list as they don't become a problem until much later," She added.

"Cade and Silas can also be later on because Cade doesn't appear until later and Silas has to be awakened," Josie said, making Lizzie nod in agreement.

Although there was still a chance that they could become a problem sooner than they hoped, if Cade decided to come into play earlier or if Silas' followers made a move.

"We may have to worry about a confrontation involving the witches of New Orleans sooner than later because of Davina but they're weak-ass witches, so it shouldn't be hard to handle them," Lizzie said, turning the bottle around in her hands as she tapped her fingers on the glass.

"Yeah, but they also have numbers and annoyingly persistent ancestors," Josie pointed out. "And our main source of info was stuff Hope told us about them, which isn't complete."

"Kol might have information on them," Lizzie said with a shrug.

"We'll ask him when we get back," Josie replied, eyeing the bottle in Lizzie's hands.

"What are we planning for Hope's mom?" Lizzie said, looking at Josie.

"I don't know. I guess we should introduce her to Klaus and hope they get along. But in the end, they need to get together for Ho[e to be born," Josie said, shrugging.

"Ugh, that's gross to think about," Lizzie said, scrunching up her face in disgust. "Besides, we can use a spell on them if necessary."

Josie shot Lizzie a look of horror. "Lizzie, that's not okay," She said, hitting Lizzie's shoulder.

"What? No, Josie, that's not what I meant," Lizzie said, giving her twin a look of disbelief.

"Then, what did you mean?" Josie asked, looking both confused and concerned.

"I meant that we could either find or create a spell that could be used to create Hope without them having to have sex," Lizzie said, rolling her eyes as she took a sip of the bottle of bourbon

"Oh, I guess that could work," Josie muttered.

"Yeah, no shit," Lizzie said, with a 'no duh' look on her face.

"Okay, we also need to deal with Mikael and Esther," Josie said, grabbing the bottle from Lizzie to take a sip herself.

"So we need white oak for Mikael and Esther will be on the drawing board," Lizzie said, leaning forward with her elbows on her legs. "That reminds me, we need to set arson to the bridge,"

"Why haven't we done that yet?" Josie said, surprised that they didn't think to ] do that right away.

"Cause we're lazy," Lizzie said like it was obvious.

"Fair," Josie said, laughing. Then, a serious look appeared on her face. "One of the biggest problems is going to be the Hollow."

"True…" Lizzie agreed. She then paused as a thought suddenly came to her. "Wait, Josie...the Hollow possesses people to consume their magic -which eventually kills them when they run out- because she craves power, right? And no one was powerful enough to 'fuel' her without dying eventually until Hope."

"Yeah?" Josie said, confused.

"What would happen if she possessed someone, who can continuously consume magic themselves, to keep her sustained and allow her to become more and more powerful?" Lizzie asked, hoping that her theory was wrong.

Josie turned to her twin looking horrified.

"She probably wouldn't drain that person because she could take magic without having to jump from person to person and it would be a waste to drain them," Josie whispered.

Both twins were frozen.

The hollow hungered for power. She consumed person after person for it. If she found out about the existence of siphoners...it would be game over.

She would be able to use their siphoning power and drain people far easier than she was able to before.

And more than likely if she was smart, she wouldn't kill the person she was possessing because there would be no point. Siphoning would be the easiest way for her to get more magic.

"Fuck…" Lizzie said, aloud.

The thought of camping out in the prison world was starting to look more and more appealing.

Josie nodded in agreement. "How are we supposed to defeat her, without her finding out about siphoners?" She said, looking exhausted.

"Who the fuck knows…" Lizzie replied, shaking her head.

"We are so screwed," Josie muttered under her breath.

"Yep," Lizzie said, agreeing completely with that sentiment.

Josie shook her head and stood up. "Let's find Uncle Kai and get out of here," She said, looking like she wanted to forget what they just realized.

"Yeah," Lizzie agreed, nodding.

The twins walked over to where the map was set up.

"You know he probably sensed that someone entered the prison world," Josie said, looking down at the map.

"Probably...let's just hope he's in a chatty mood rather than a stabby one," Lizzie said, grabbing the knife off the table.

Josie raised an eyebrow at Lizzie. "And if it's the latter," She asked.

A feral look appeared on Lizzie's face. "Well, it's not like he can die permanently here," She said, smirking darkly.

"Yes, because that will convince him to listen to us," Josie said, scoffing. Her words were dripping with sarcasm. Then, she paused as she remembered that he was a sociopath. "Wait, nevermind, it actually might."

Lizzie laughed, shaking her head.

She looked down at the map and cut her palm with the knife. She waited for a moment as the blood landed on the map for her and Josie linked hands.

"Phasmatos tribum," They chanted together after they closed their eyes. "Nas ex veras."

Lizzie could feel her magic rise up in response to the spell. "Sequitas sanguinem."

The twins kept their eyes closed as they finished up the spell.

"Phasmatos tribum, Nas ex veras, Sequitas sanguinem."

Lizzie could sense the magic in the air settled so she opened her eyes and looked at the map. Her blood had moved all the way from Mystic Falls to New York City.

"New York here we come…" Lizzie muttered under her breath.