Part 1-Reminisce

Tifa sat on the end of her bed. "Tomorrow is the day," She mumbled. "Tomorrow is the day," She said again.

She lay back onto the bed. After two years of waiting, the day had almost arrived. The day when she would see them all again.

Two years. It had been two whole years since meteor had almost destroyed them all, and two years since holy had saved them.

Tifa thought back to that day, to after it had been established that that they were alive, they had survived, and that the earth, had been saved.


They were all standing around the airship in disbelief.

Cid suddenly broke the silence. "We've saved the world..." he said, in a shocked, almost disbelieving way.

"Holy saved us," Tifa corrected, smiling.

"No." Cloud said. He walked past them and stood in a corner staring at nothing in particular. "Aeris Did"

Barret walked up to Cloud and put his hand on Clouds shoulder. "We'll never forget her," He said quietly Cloud shrugged away from Barret. "Whatever" he said, as though he didn't care.

...It was painfully obvious he did...

Another long silence followed.

"So what now?" Red asked "We all go our own separate ways," said Cloud

Tifa glanced over at Yuffie, who was biting her lips, tears forming in her eyes. "Yuffie...?"

"But, won't we ever see each other again?" shouted Yuffie

Nobody knew what to say to her.

"Well?" she yelled

"Yeh" Cloud smiled "Why not..."

Everyone turned to Cloud.

"What do you mean?" Tifa asked, hoping he meant what she thought he meant.

"Lets meet up reunion" He said with uncharacteristic optimism.

Yuffie smiled one of her usually wide toothy grins

"When?" She said positively jumping up and down

"How about..." Cloud said, whilst pacing slowly.

"Two years."


Many of the people around Cloud began yelling at him, trying to tell him what was wrong with that length of time in loud voices.

"Sounds fine" Said Vincent, walking towards the controls.

"Cid? Can I get off this airship?"

Cid turned from the arguing to Vincent.

"Yeh sure...where'd you wanna be?"

Vincent stood there for a moment, deep in thought.

"Wutai" he finished

Yuffie, who had been watching the whole conversation between Vincent and Cid gasped quietly. Wutai? He was going to Wutai?

"Drop me there too will ya Cid?" she said, suddenly standing next to Cid.

"Erm, sure"


Vincent glanced over at Yuffie, who was watching him, and for the split second before he turned away, he saw her smile at him.


Cid tried to yell over the people arguing with each other over Clouds decision, and failed miserably.

"SHUT THE HELL UP!" He yelled

They all turned.

Cid, with everyone's attention turned to him, he asked,

"Where do ya all wanna be then?"

The group all suddenly went quiet, except for Red; "Back home-Cosmo Canyon"

Barret thought, and then said, "I have to go to Midgar, get Marlene. Really missin' her"

"Fine" Said Cid. "Tifa" He asked, turning to her

"Erm..." Tifa glanced at Cloud, what was he going to say?

"Tifa?" Cid prompted

"Oh!" Tifa's head snapped up, torn away from her thoughts.

Thinking fast, where to go? Sector 7 was destroyed. Her home had been destroyed when the plate had dropped. Getting out of Midgar was a good idea though. But she had no idea where to go, or whom to turn to.


"Nibelheim!" She blurted out suddenly

Cloud stared at her.

"Nibelheim...?" he repeated

"Nibelheim." She said smiling.

"I...want to go there again...I want to go back"

Cloud stared blankly at her for a while, then shrugged and turned away.

...He didn't seem to care...

"Fine" said Cid, already steering the ship in the direction of Aeris' house for Barret.

"Oh...and Cloud?" he said, the thought suddenly hitting him.


"Cloud, where do you wanna go?"

Cloud didn't reply to Cid's demand. He just stood there scowling.

"Cloud! Where the hell do you wanna go?" yelled Cid

"Temple of the Ancients." He said quietly

"Wah? But...the temple of the ancient's is..."

"Where it used to be then."

...He's going for Aeris...

Cid made no reply to Cloud, he just continued steering.

Tifa watched Cloud walk away from the group, facing another wall.

Tifa was almost certain she heard him mumble:


.Aeris. ..Aeris.. ...Aeris... ...Aeris... ...Aeris... ...Aeris...


Tifa awoke, rubbing her eyes.

It seemed that during her reminisce she had drifted into sleep.

But the events were all correct.

It all happened.

...Cloud did say Aeris...

Tifa groaned slightly at the thought, but soon laid back onto her pillow, drifting back to sleep with the promise of seeing Cloud again tomorrow for the first time in two whole years.