Chapter 5-Lunacy

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Chapter 5-Lunacy

Cloud sighed, trudging over to her, "It's not your fault Tifa..." "It is!" she whined, "With me and my behaviour...when I was acting like...some kind of demon..."

Cloud sat on the bed and put his arm around her, he managed a soft laugh, "You? A demon?" He laughed again, "I can't imagine anyone applying 'demon' that about that angelic face"

Tifa's head snapped up, what had he said? Had he REALLY just said that?

He instantly turned red, looking as though he regretted it.

"What I mean is, I, oh crap" He mumbled.

Tifa stared up at him, disappointment coursing through her.

'He regrets it. I guess he'll really only ever love Aeris.'

With these thoughts still running through her, she began to cry.

'Why am I being so emotional?' She thought through her sadness, 'I was never like this before...'

"Tifa, I...I didn't think I would offend you I..."

He had misunderstood her. He had taken her tears the wrong way completely.

"Tifa I..."

And she kissed him.

She turned around and pecked him on the lips.

For what had lasted less than a second had, to Tifa, been an eternity.

As soon as she moved her lips away from his, she turned the brightest shade of crimson every to grace a colour chart.

Cloud stared up at her, as if the information of what had just happened was still being sent to his brain.

But Tifa stood up and walked out of the door before he had had chance to work out what had just happened.

*%*%*%*%*%*%*%*%*%*%*%*%*%*%*%*%*%*%*%*%*%*%*%*%*%*%*%*%*%*%*%*%*%*%*%*%*%*% *%*%*%*%*%*%*%*%*%*%

Tifa sat in the lobby of the inn, feeling very embarrassed. What had she been thinking? Kissing him? What a stupid thing to do! 'He probably won't even travel with me anymore...I'm going to be on my own...' She paused, and realised that her thoughts didn't match how she saw Cloud. 'He surely wouldn't do that to me' She paused again 'Would he?'

She was suddenly distracted from her thoughts by Cloud making his appearance in the lobby, at the bottom of the staircase.

...He was acting as if nothing had happened...

"So Tifa! Ready to go yet?" "Huh?" How could he be acting so normal? Why was he acting so normal? "Are you ready to go to Junon yet?" "Er, yeh, sure..." She said uncertainly "Great!" He said, walking past her, and then stopping and turning at the entrance of the inn, "Come on then!" At this point she awoke from her confused daze. "Oh, sure! Wait up Cloud!" She exclaimed, standing up and dashing over to him.


"So how are we getting to Junon Cloud?" "We have no money, so, walking." "Walking?" "Yeh sure." "But Cloud, we can't get past that, that snake creature!" "We don't have to." "What?!"

'What's he talking about? There's no other way! He's really starting to confuse me...' Tifa mentally complained.

"How else are we going to get to Junon Cloud? We have no money to get a chocobo to cross the marsh!" "We don't have to cross It..." "What do you mean? How else do you propose to get across?" "Climbing" He said flatly.


Tifa paused for a few seconds, trying to allow Clouds lunacy to settle in. When it finally did, she came to one simple conclusion: "You're joking!" She said with triumph "Not at all! You can climb it right Tifa?" She thought about it. She had the strength to climb it, her skirt wasn't constraining, nor would any other item of her clothing on her person. Maybe she really could do it? It wasn't really so high... "Of course I can!" She finally concluded, motivated by the impulse to prove herself to not only herself, but also, and more importantly to Cloud.

"Great!" He said with a smile "Are you ready to go?" "Sure!"

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