"And I'm telling you that I'm good to work!' Eponine exclaimed. Enjolras sighed.

"And I'm telling you for the sixth time today that no, you can't come back to work early." He stated as he started walking around from the front desk of the station.

"It's only three days early Enj. I don't think it'll kill me." Eponine threw back as she started following him around. She and another firefighter had been injured a few weeks back during a call. Due to protocol, she had been forced to stay at home after she got out of the hospital to recover. Now with only three days left before she could officially return to work, she was getting antsy.

As Enjolras went into the gear turn-out room to inspect the fire suits, he gave Eponine one of his glares, which of course never worked on her, basically stating that they would talk about this later. Eponine, however, was having none of it.

"Oh, so by later you mean once you've taken me to bed, and when I ask you about, you just so happen to magically fall asleep?" She asked nonchalantly.

Enjolras abruptly looked up from his spreadsheets and looked around the room to make sure no one had heard her. Luckily, no one else was in the room which of course Eponine knew this little fact. They had been together for quite sometime and even lived together. Most just thought nothing of it because they had been best friends since grade school. They were going to announce their relationship, but then the captain, Epoine's father, fell into a coma and has yet to wake up. Since this all happened rather quickly, the chief of the fire department didn't have a solid replacement for one of his finest captains. He promptly put Enjolras in charge of the station 'temporarily' until he 'found' another captain because of him being Captain Thenardier's right hand man aka his best lieutenant. Although, everyone at the station except Enjolras knew that he was the new captain.

Enjolras sighed once he saw the clear room. He turned back to Eponine.

"Jeez Ep, do you want the entire department to know about us?" He questioned. Eponine just rolled her eyes. While she loved her boyfriend dearly, he did have the tendency for dramatic flairs.

"Are you ashamed?" She asked as he moved to check the supply closet. They both knew the answer to that, so therefore Enjolras just chose to ignore the question. He didn't feel like getting into what could be a rather heated argument at work.

"Besides," Eponine starts as she moves to stand against one of the gear racks behind him,"I could be a lot louder and not just about us dating."

Enjolras stood up and faced her getting ready to say something when the door opened.

"Hey Cap." Enjolras winced as Vince Rodreguiz said as he walked into the room to grab something from his turn-outs.

"Hey Ponine," He said smiling at her,"you finally coming back to work?" He question

Eponine laughed a little, but inside her fire was slowly gaining fuel.

"Not yet. Trying to convince this doof though." She said slightly laughing while jerking her thumb over her shoulder at Enjolras. Rodreguiz laughed.

"How long have you been back?" She hoped for the sake of Enjolras, not long.

"About a week." He stated before walking out of the room.

Eponine turned so fast, Enjolras barely had time to comprehend what was happening before she was up in his space.

"Seriously Ethan Richard Enjolras?!" She all but yelled."You let Rodreguiz come back to work a week early, but you won't let me come back three days early?!"

Enjolras couldn't help but wince when not only Eponine yelled, but saw that a small crowd of the other firefighters started to gather.

"Ep," He started only to be cut off.

"Don't Ep me Enjolras." Eponine yelled so loudly that Enjolras was sure the buildings across the street heard her.

"I guess I shouldn't be surprised," She started as she quickly paced the room,"that you wouldn't let me come back early." Enjolras had a feeling this was going to get ugly as Eponine started to get more furious by the second.

"Considering that we sl-"

"Eponine! My office. Now."

Enjolras sat behind his desk looking at Eponine. This wasn't the first and sure wouldn't be the last time she was in this office.

"Do you know what would happen if people found out about us?" He questioned. She just rolled her eyes. Every chance she got, she would always take it to be at the station with her father. Obviously growing up there, she'd seen her fair share of affairs and secret relationships gone awry. In some cases, both people got transferred out of the station. Some were lucky enough that both got to stay, but in most cases the females were always painted as people who initiated it. They 'seduced' the men of the station, and since most of the head of the fire department was full of men stuck in the old ways, the women would almost always get transferred to another station.

"No one is going to find out." She stated

"But they could've." Enjolras shot back. "I don't know if you know this, but you have a tendency to blurt out facts or secrets when you're angry."

"Would you just relax?" She questioned. "I wasn't going to say that we were sleeping together. Just that we sleep in the same house. No one would bat an eye towards it. They all know how close we are." She finished. Enjolras just sighed.

"Maybe not this time, but what if the head of the department was here?" He questioned."They know we're close, but I don't think most of them know we live together." He concluded.

"And I'm telling you, I grew up here. Most, if not all, know my dad, and with me being the oldest, they know how protective he can be. Not to mention how many times my dad called me into this very office." It was no secret that Eponine was a firefighter to be reckoned with. After graduating from the academy, she was put under her father's service to see if she would be treated differently. Despite many thinking that she got where she is because of her father, most would argue that her father was the hardest on her. Not to say Eponine wasn't responsible for her actions. In fact ninety-eight percent of the time, she was in the office because of what she did out in the field. Her father even had to suspend her after a call where she broke several protocol rules. But that's what made her one of the best female firefighters that has been at that station in years.

"I just don't understand why you won't let me come back three days early. It's just three days." She said exasperatedly after a minute of silence.

"You know," She continued,"I could report you to the chief saying that you're abusing your power by not letting me come back."

Enjolras just simply sighed and rolled his eyes. He knew she wouldn't do that, but it was best to not test her.

"I'm technically not abusing my power because you and Rodreguiz aren't supposed to come back until Thursday. I only let him come back because you know how his wife can be." He stated as a matter of fact. Rodreguiz's wife wanted him to become an accountant after high school. He decided to chase after his dreams of being a firefighter like his grandfather. Needless to say, his wife wasn't pleased about it but let him carry on. She hoped that she could change his mind after she told him that she was pregnant with their first child. Now after three kids, his wife is still unhappy about his job.

Eponine always hated it when her boyfriend was right. She was just tired of sitting at home doing nothing, waiting for Enjolras to come back so he could tell her about his day. Just as she was getting ready to mention this fact, the alarm sounded. Enjolras cursed as he quickly got up and started getting his gear around. Eponine just looked at him with pleading eyes. He sighed, he really didn't feel like fighting with her right now, and he knew how stir crazy she was getting at home simply from her telling him about her days.

"Fine," He relented,"you can come back to work early." She smiled.

"But I'm putting you on desk duty." He stated as he pulled his boots on. As he went to grab his hat, Eponine grabbed his arm. He was sure that she was going to argue with him before she pulled him into a short, but hard kiss.

"Go kick ass." She simply said. Enjolras couldn't help but smile as he ran towards the truck.

While desk duty wasn't Eponine favorite thing to do at work, it was a start.

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