Madelyn is a kind of girl, who doesn't really likes dresses, ever since she was a little. Her mother told to her and her sister to always be themselves. When she died their father told them since then to put the best face on and wear dresses and do lady things not the man things or their servant's things, that's what you have them for, he always told to his girls. Elizabeth always obeyed, but not for Madelyn, she would rebel. She wanted to wield a sword, wearing comfortable clothes, but not the dresses.

When they went to Port Royal, Madelyn begged to her father that she would at least to wield a sword and do the lady-like things she always does with her sister. Eventually her father gave in and let her wield a sword. She would practice with swordfighter and teach her the basics from sword fighting. But still she had the wear dresses, comfortable dresses.

As she got older, she would with Will go sword fighting, helping her to train and hoping that her father didn't found out about it. She even didn't tell her sister about the sword fighting if she did, she knew that her sister would go to their father and tell it about it.

When she turned 18 years old, her father told her that she was of age to be married, but she didn't want it. She want to find love even if she older than 18, she told her father that she wanted to marry for love not for an alliance with someone she doesn't know. Her father didn't seem to understand at first, but then he remembered his own wife, how he married her for love, so why not his daughter? later he would tell her that it was fine, but, there was but, if she didn't find love on her own before she turned 22, he would set up an alliance with someone else, Madelyn agreed to that, because around that time her little sister would be 18 years old, then she would to marry with someone as well.

Now Madelyn is 21 years old, still didn't find her love, but had another love and that was the sea. Since her father told that she had to marry, when she turned 22, she found love with the sea, almost after sword fighting with Will, she would go to the sea, looking at the waves of it. Not expecting that her live would change, but would it for the better or the worse? She would to have to find out for herself.