They arrived by the interceptor, Elizabeth climbed first, followed by her sister and Will. "Not more pirates." Elizabeth sighed.

Gibbs steppe forwards. "Welcome aboard, Miss Elizabeth."

"Mr. Gibbs?" Elizabeth looked shocked as then she looked at her older sister. "Mads, can you tell me what going on?"

"It's a long story." Madelyn looked at her.

Then Gibbs looked at Will. "Hey, boy, where be Jack?"

"Jack Sparrow?" Elizabeth repeated, looking at her sister and Will.

"He fell behind." Will replied to him.

"Keep to the Code." Gibbs told to the crew.

"Weigh anchor! Hoist the sails! Split-quick, you dibbies!" Anamaria shouted to the group as Will and the girls went below deck.

Will went to find lights and bandages for Elizabeth as she and Madelyn were talking about somethings. Elizabeth looked at her older sister. "Why you are with pirates and what about Jack Sparrow?"

"Well, to rescue you." Madelyn replied to her. "I couldn't wait for the navy to rescue you, I took it with my own hands with Will. We made a deal with Jack to find a crew in exchange to rescue you." Madelyn looked at her younger sister. "I know it was dangerous, but I wanted you to be safe and you know I can defend myself." She smiled at her.

"Yes, I do know that." Elizabeth told her sister.

"I sense a but coming." Madelyn looked at her.

Elizabeth sighed. "It is dangerous, Madelyn. You could have been hurt if you couldn't defend yourself or a surprise attack that you don't see coming."

"I know, I know." Madelyn looked at her as then Will came back with the lights and the bandages. She looked at him as then she looked back at her sister. "I'm going up." Madelyn told them as then she walked away from them and walked upstairs to the deck.

On deck, Gibbs told to the crew. "Hands aloft to loose t'gallants! With this wind at her stern, she'll carry every sail we've got."

Elizabeth came up as the crew is running around. "What's happening?"

"The Black Pearl, she's gaining on us." Anamaria replied to her as she glanced at the Pearl.

Elizabeth walked towards Anamaria as Madelyn stood next to her. "This is the fastest ship in the Caribbean."

"You can tell them that after they've caught us." Anamaria told her.

"Were shallow on the draft, right?" Elizabeth suggested.

"Aye." Anamaria nodded to her.

Madelyn thought the same as her sister. "Well, then can't we lose them amongst those shoals?"

"We don't have to outrun them long, just long enough." Gibbs replied to the girls.

"Lighten the ship, stem to stern!" Anamaria ordered him.

"Anything that we can afford to lose see that its lost." Gibbs shouted to the crew.

Madelyn looked at her sister. "I hope this will work."

Elizabeth nodded to her. "It will."

Then the sisters watched as the crew throw barrels and crates over the side of the ship, they were running around as then Will came up as well and looked around him, he saw that the Pearl was behind them and told to one of the crew members as he wanted to throw a canon off the ship. "We're gonna need that."

"It was a good plan? Up 'till now." Anamaria looked at the girls.

Then Will came to them. "Gibbs ! We have to make a stand. We must fight! Load the guns!"

"With what?" Anamaria asked to him.

"Anything." Will replied loudly. "Everything! Anything we have left."

"Load the guns! Take shot and langrage. Nails and crushed glass! With a will!" Gibbs shouted to the crew as they stuff cutlery and other assorted items into the cannons including Gibbs's canteen. Then Gibbs walked back to Elizabeth, Madelyn, Will and Anamaria. "The Pearl is going to luff up on our port quarter. She'll rake us without ever presenting a target."

"Lower the anchor on the right side." Elizabeth ordered as the others looked confused at her.

Madelyn sighed. "On the starboard side!"

"It certainly has the element of surprise." Will agreed with the girls.

"You're daft, lady! You both are!" Anamaria stared at them.

"Daft like Jack ! Lower the starboard anchor!" Gibbs ordered to the crew. "Do it, ye dogs, or it's you we'll load into the cannons!" Then the anchor was lowered.

"Let go." Elizabeth looked at Anamaria as she lets go of the wheel and the ship swings about. The whole ship had swung to be horizontal to the Pearl, their cannons aimed and readied. Then the Pearl also swung to port, drawing up beside the Interceptor. Both sides were ready to attack as they awaited for signal.

"Keep us steady now. Now!" Will told them.

"Fire!" They hear Barbossa shouting from the Pearl.

"Fire all!" Then Elizabeth shouted as well.

The ships exchange cannon fire, hitting each other's ships as the women ducked down and had their rifles ready. They fired away until, Gibbs spoke to them. "We could use a few more ideas, lass."

"Your turn." Elizabeth shouted to him.

"We need us a devil's dowry." Gibbs growled.

Anamaria pointed her pistol at Elizabeth. "We'll give them her."

"She's not what they're after." Will told her.

Madelyn looked at her sister's throat and noticed that the necklace wasn't on her. "Were is the medallion?"

Elizabeth noticed to that it's not at her throat. "The medallion." She gasped in horror as Will goes to search for it below.

The crew members from the pearl fired a shot that severs the mast and it falls over as grapple hooks are thrown and the pirates boarded on the Interceptor. Jack came on board as well as he saw that Elizabeth and Madelyn were in trouble, he went there and grabbed the man's wrist. "That's not very nice." He told him as then Elizabeth knocked the man down with the riffle. Then he asked to the women. "Where's the medallion?"

"Wretch!" Elizabeth shouted as she wanted to slap him but he grabbed her hand.

"Ahh. Where's dear William?" Jack asked to her.

Elizabeth eyes widened as she shouted for him. "Will?" Then she runs towards him, where he had gone down.

Then Jack saw monkey with medallion. "Monkey!" He shouted and runs after it.

Madelyn shook her head as then she had her sword drawn out and went to fight the pirates as then she was overmastered and was taken away back to the Pearl, she also saw that her sister had been grabbed as well and the other crew members.