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Chapter 3:

Cute, Quirky and Completely Capable


{*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^} *-Simon-*-Simon-*-Simon-*-Simon-*-Simon-* {*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^}

"And so then Clary went to Blake's place- and scared the poor darling half to death as what many refer to as the 'Demon Queen' just casually dropping by your place is somewhat unexpected...admittedly I should have given the dear a heads up but I was rather preoccupied and in a bit of a time crunch- and in any case it all worked out fine. Blake agreed to help and they used the Reflection spell to call me and turns out Blake and Simon are already friends so that's quite fortunate- less introductions and an already built in camaraderie between the two youngest/least experienced members of the team so that's...Oh..."Magnus seemed to startle faintly, glancing over at Simon settled on the chair closest to his spot on the loveseat, flashing a slightly apologetic smile.

"No offense darling."

Simon gave a slight laugh, waving him off, leaning forward, bouncing lightly in his seat.

"None taken. It's not an insult, just a statement of fact.

You're the most powerful, kickass warlock like ever, Clarissa is...well Clarissa FREAKING Fray- one of the only magics that even begin to hold a candle to you, and Alec and Raphael are both actual detectives with extensive training and years of experiences handling situations I've only ever read about in books or seen in movies.

Meanwhile I'm a twenty-five year old intern with the historical society. You guys spend your days solving mysteries, chasing down monsters- both the human and literal type- and risking your lives protecting innocents from the worst our respective universes have to offer.

Most of my days are spent reading and cross-referencing musty tomes, combing through old, forgotten boxes of relics from different exhibits that have been shelved or repositioning the figures in the dioramas back into their normal, dignified positions after they 'mysteriously wander' during the field trips.

Not exactly on the same level. I get it.

Compared to the rest of you I am by far the least prepared for this- VASTLY out of my element. That's okay though- my elements pretty boring. I know I may not be like 'ready' for this but I've never let that stop me from anything else- don't see it stopping me on this.

Especially when 'this' is basically like two lifelong dreams rolled into one for me." Simon grinned, bouncing lightly in his seat, gaze shifting from Alec and Magnus on the loveseat over to Raphael in the chair across from his before freezing.

Huh...well that's unexpected.

He's setting still, poised, almost at attention. His hand's resting on the arm of the chair but Simon can see he has a near white knuckle grip. His expression is both focused and far off, a complex swirl of emotions shimmering and flickering in those beautifully deep eyes.

Beautifully deep eyes focused entirely on Simon.

Hmm...why is h-

Then everything just seems to stop.

Those deep, glimmering eyes shift up, locking with Simon's.



Then it's as if a switch flips, he startles faintly before blinking, those deep, mesmerizing eyes seemingly shuttering, the complex swirling emotions retreating behind a warm, amused light. He relaxes, grip on the armrest easing, shifting back more comfortably, flashing a charming, slightly teasing smirk and a little wink.

Oh goodness t-that's j...

Simon feels his heart flip, blushing, just barely managing to fight down a truly embarrassing giggle, starting to give a slight wave before mentally face palming, quickly turning the awkward gesture into reaching up to brush his hair back, beginning to rest them on the arms of the chair before thinking better it, kind of fidgeting, folding and unfolding his arms, not really sure what to do with the suddenly very annoying, completely uncooperative appendages.

Raphael huffed out a soft chuckle, that dizzying little smirk picking up a tick, shrugging, shifting forward.

"You know I'm not really sure how true that is Angel. Think I can give you a run for the money on the 'out of my element', 'unprepared' front. For all my experience dealing with criminals, high stakes cases and bat crap crazy situations that come with nearly ten years of experience in law enforcement gotta admit like 80% of this is gonna be totally new territory for me.

You may not have actual experience with all of this but at least you've known of all of its existence for longer than an hour and a half. Don't get me wrong- I got the detective thing down. I know Detective work, I know tracking suspects and investigations and interviewing and reading criminals and intimidation and more ways to disarm and subdue a threat then I can even list...or probably even remember right off the top of my head.

But all the knowledge I have is based on this world, on the real world. It all involves Human criminals and non-magical situations and I have no clue how any or all of that is gonna gel going forward.

I mean not to sound conceited but I know I'm good and can handle most situations, I'm adaptable as hell and can improvise with the best of them. It really does take a lot to throw me.

But this? This is a LOT of adapting and probably a lot of improvising and not a lot of time or margin of error to figure it out. I'd say it's like being thrown into a totally new world but it's not LIKE that...it IS that.

Exactly that.

We're talking about another world, demons, evil angels, warlocks Wendigos and god only knows what else. I really don't know how well I'll fair with it." He shrugged, brushing his hair back, glancing up, catching Simon's eyes, flashing a slight smile, head shaking faintly.

"I don't know Angel, Kinda seems to me we might be in the same boat here." He shifts forward a bit more, resting his elbows on his knees. He glances up, catching Simon's gaze, holding it, those pretty, dark eyes making Simon feel dizzy and more than a little breathless, gaze feeling almost hypnotic. His head tilted, those pretty eyes sparkling bright, reminding Simon of glittering stars.

"Hey at least you're not totally starting from zero with this.

Unlike me.

I mean until less than two hours ago I didn't even know there WERE realities of magic to know. I never had any interest in fairytales or the fantastical, fantasy type things- magic, warlocks, werewolves, vampires demons...yeah I know of them. Like in theory- or in passing. But all I really know about them is there in a crazy amount of cheesy movies and tv shows, people get way too obsessive about them and you see swarms of them during Halloween.

Closest I've ever got to any knowledge about this is a bit of an interest in superheroes as a kid, a handful of reruns of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Comic-con tradition of having to try not to laugh while taking statements from the group of Wookies about the guy in the bigfoot costume harassing them saying 'they're the same'-

Same dude- three years and counting."

Simon laughed softly before pausing, head tilting curiously.

"Okay guessing Buffy's a show and I actually do know what a bigfoot is, but what's a Wookie?"

Raphael snorted, giving an exasperated little wave.

"A bigfoot from space with a bandolier and an annoyingly complicated backstory."

Simon laughed, nodding.

"Ah...and Comic-Con?"

"Basically? A Festival of Nerds."

Simon laughed, flashing an approving grin, bouncing lightly.

"Huh...my kind of place."

Raphael flashed a warm smile, shaking his head.

"Yeah well, not mine. Unfortunately; gotta feeling it'd come in really handy right about now."

Simon laughed softly, giving a faint nod.

"Sounds like it..."

Raphael hummed in the affirmative before pausing, something seeming to occur to him. He shifted, standing up, crossing the room, moving over beside Simon, settling comfortably on the arm of his chair. He turned slightly, stretching his arm out along the back of the chair, giving a slight shrug, flashing that dizzying little smirk, again catching Simon's eye.

This close they were absolutely breathtaking.

"Kinda looks like we're in the same boat here. You know the magic thing but so far as the detective/investigation elements you're kinda nearly at zero. Meanwhile I have the detective thing down cold but so far as the 'magic' thing goes my knowledge is well, WELL into negative numbers.

Thinking it might be a good idea for us to stick together, help each other shore up our weak spots."

Simon laughed softly, eyebrow quirking near teasingly.

"So you want me to be your Magic Tutor?"

Raphael chuckled softly, smirk picking up a tic, giving a slight shrug.

"Kinda like the sound of that."

Simon giggled softly, turning a bit in the chair more towards him, propping his elbow up on the back of the chair, arm resting just beside Raphael's, flashing a teasing little smirk.

"And that'd make you what? My training officer?"

Raphael gave a surprised huff of a laugh, gaze flickering over him, those pretty deep eyes sparking bright, sending a dizzying little thrill down Simon's spine, shifting a little closer, hand slipping over, fingers trailing lightly along Simon's arm.


"Fraternizing between Trainee's and their Training officers is against the rules you know."

Simon and Raphael both startled faintly, glancing over at an obnoxiously smirky Alec.


Well this is awkward.

Simon laughed nervously, shifting back a little, cheeks heating, reaching up with his free hand, tucking a few wayward light brown locks behind his ear. Raphael chuckled, lightly patting Simon's arm, catching his eye, flashing a quick little smirk Simon's way before turning back to Alec, eyebrow quirking near challengingly.

"Yes because it's not like something being against the rules or forbidden ever makes it better or more exciting."

Magnus gave a bright laugh, grinning in approval. Alec huffed, rolling his eyes exasperatedly, flashing a faint glare.

"Why am I not surprised you'd agree with that?"

He smirked, eyebrow quirking.

"Because you've met me?"

Raphael chuckled, head tilting almost approvingly before turning back to Alec.

"Fraternizing with a Trainee is a note in your file and a week suspension. Kinda get the feeling 'fraternizing' with your imaginary friend might warrant a fair bit more.

Like multiple psych evals and a mandatory 72 hour hold."

Alec snorted, shaking his head faintly.

"Raph we're setting in a 'magical save the world bunker' with two warlocks trying to find out how to stop a veil between worlds from collapsing...or more likely being sabotaged.

That's likely where we both end up."

Raphael huffed out a faint laugh, giving an acknowledging little head tilt, Alec holding up a hand continuing.

"Besides there's no 'fraternizing' with me and Magnus-"

"Not for lack of trying..." Magnus smirked, flashing a flirty wink causing Alec to blush.

"Umm tha-"

Magnus chuckled, waving him off. He patted Alec's arm, gesturing over towards Raphael and Simon, flashing a bright smile.

"I think that sounds like a fine idea darling." He paused, gaze shifting from Raphael over to Alec, smirking teasingly.

"After all I'm sure there's all kinds of things I could teach Alec."

Alec sputtered, flushing clear to his ears, glancing away.

"Th-that's n-I...that...umm...what..."

Magnus chuckled, eyes flickering bright, eyebrow quirking playfully.

"I was actually referring to the magic investigation lessons...though if you want any other lessons I'd be all too happy t-"

"Okay so we seem to have gotten sidetracked- not a lot of time...worlds in jeopardy, veil falling, danger insanity, warlocks, demons, way too many fire breathing things, lot to deal with.

So what happened after the mirror spell thing?" Alec finished, slightly breathless and a fair bit too loud, looking over at Magnus with a far too wide eyes and strained smile.

"Man and I thought I was bad at segues..." Simon thought.

Alec blushed lightly, Raphael and Magnus chuckling glancing over at his. Simon blinked in confusion before slumping faintly, rolling his eyes at himself.

"Ugh...escaping inner thought- just ignore them- works better that way.

So I'll help Raphael with the magic thing, he'll help me with the realities of working an investigation, Magnus will help Alec brush up on the Magic realm and working on cases involving non-human world elements and no doubt flirt shamelessly and Alec will hopefully be able to help Magnus find a way to pass as a normal NOT unbelievably powerful, totally kickass warlock-with any luck while avoiding turning a color usually indicative of a medical emergency.

All in all I think Alec's will be the most challenging.

One thing down, about a million to go."

Magnus blinked, flashing a bright grin and an impressed little nod.

"Quite concise darling- and by the way Mags's fine...it's what all my friends usually call me."

Simon just barely managed to bite off a truly embarrassing squeak, nodding kind of quickly, folding and unfolding his arms, nodding again, trying to tramp down his smile to pleasantly polite rather than escaped lunatic.

"Oh...uh...Okay cool...cool, cool, cool...umm..."Simon took a deep breath, settling back in the chair, biting his cheek to keep from squeaking, folding his arms to control the super dorky fist pump threatening to sneak out, feeling a thrilling, buzzing little thrill slip down his spine.

Oh my god!

He was like THIS close to being friends with Magnus FREAKING Bane! Oh my god, oh my god oh m-

No...stop...deep breaths...Magnus Bane's friends do not fangirl over him. At least not when he's still in the same room.

Geek out on your own time.

He took another deep breath, head tilting politely, trying to keep his buzzing energy at bay.

"So uh...where were we...Mags?"

Magnus chuckled, flashing a bright smile and little wink, beginning back on his recap.

Just beside him Simon felt a shift, eyes slipping to the side, catching a glimpse of the gorgeous man settled close to his side, feeling a totally different little buzz shift down his spine.

Raphael glanced over catching his eye, giving a soft, dizzying chuckle, those gorgeous dark eyes shimmering bright, gaze flickering over Simon. He smiled, settling a little closer, focus shifting from Simon back over to Magnus, settling nearly against Simon's side, close enough that the slightest shift or breath caused him to brush against Simon's arm.

Simon gulped, feeling his head spin even faster than with the Magnus friend thing. He took a deep breath- then a few more for good measure- trying to subtly calm the spinney feeling in his head, heart doing that little flip, trying to get himself to as close to normal as he could- or at the very least keep himself from passing out.

Or from doing something super embarrassing like slip his arm around Raphael and pull him in even closer.

Closer is NOT what he wants right now...

Well...o-okay that's a lie...

Closer is not what he NEEDS right now.

As gorgeous and flirty and exciting and distracting as Raphael is There's a hell of a lot more important things involved in this then a stupidly gorgeous, dizzyingly thrilling, kickass detective.

There is...

H-he thinks.

No. Stop. Focus. Magnus's talking...Your FRIEND Magnus is talking...focus on that...it's rude to tune out friends...plus the Friend Magnus reaction was less likely to lead to passing out.

Just focus, see where he is in t-

Ah crap he's on the glitter tornado fiasco. Ugh...really that's where he had to tune in?


Eh Raphael already heard the cliff notes version of the thing...and if anything that soft, confusingly warm laugh sure does take a lot of the sting out of the embarrassment.

Kay...doing good...deep breath...keep calm...you're doing good.

Just be cool.

Be cool.

You can do that...you can...totally. Even with a mind numbingly gorgeous man practically cuddled up against your side, flirting like crazy.

W-well...okay so it's not like there's anything in your history showing that you can actually do that-like at all...AT ALL at all...even without the stupidly gorgeous, chuckling detective practically cuddled up to your side.

But umm, but THIS is totally different. A different time. A different place. An entire different world.

This is big and amazing and really high stakes and requires competence, tact, intelligence, skill, level headedness and total composure.

Things that you have.

People just tend to miss them with the flailing and babbling and stupidly annoying escaping inner thoughts...but you do have them. And now's your chance to use them.

It's literally an entirely new world. If there's ever a time to try on a new, more professional, respectable persona this is it. Hell, SO far past time. You are a twenty-five year old adult. It's more than time to shed the whole 'overeager, hyperactive, lighthearted nerd' persona...Okay so it was probably 'time' like over half a decade ago after he graduated but better late than never.

Besides it's Kinda hard to break away from that image from high school when people STILL bring up things like The Pumpkin Weasel Incident, the cursed Jello, the Flying Gerbils and the whole 'turning Mr. Jenkins into a Werebadger' thing –

Though that last one he's only taking like half the blame at best. The dude was like half a step away from Badgerfied before he ever even met him. And he really was just trying to help!

His spell was just to bring out someone's true self.

He thought he'd be happier, more comfortable...that there were hidden depths and a kind heart under the snappy, grouchy exterior...apparently there wasn't.- just a vicious, bitey warerodent- his bad.

Hey if anything his students are never late with assignments anymore- not too many people are willing to risk tangling with a pissed off badger over an overdue essay.

Alright yeah, admittedly senior year was pretty memorable but it was over half a decade ago- let it go already people.

So okay he kinda has a bit of a rep for being an overly excitable, slightly bumbling, well-meaning klutz but he really is far more than that. He just needs the chance to prove it to people who haven't been around for his most embarrassing, bumbling, face palming moments...this just might be it (glitter tornado notwithstanding...like seriously not even in the top twenty with him).

He just needs to play it cool. Act like the competent, capable, serious adult he is. Though admittedly between the Magnus 'friend' thing and the Raphael...well...EVERYTHING...it might be easier said than done.

But still he'll manage.

He's can totally handle this.

He's got this.

And anyw-

His random spiraling thoughts are cut off by a bright chime and an odd little buzz sound. Alec starts faintly, jumping slightly in his seat, glancing around.

"Oh sorry. That's me-" He shifted, tugging his phone out of his pocket, giving a slight wave towards Magnus to continue.

"It's probably just Officer Waynes. He was supposed to let me know when the paperwork from the Lawrence case came ov-" He trailed off, blinking, freezing, swallowing nervously, glancing over at Magnus.

"Umm...Mags? Why is Izzy texting me about you?"

Magnus blinked in surprise, head shaking faintly.

"I don-"

Raphael startled, dark eyes widening before groaning, slumping faintly next to (kind of against-not that he minded-in any way) Simon, a faint blush tingeing his cheeks, leaning forward, holding up a finger near sheepishly.

"Oh...yeah...uh...crap." He swallowed, glancing from Alec and Magnus over at Simon, flashing a near nervous apologetic look.

"S-so umm...I may have topped the glitter tornado mistake..."

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Yay! Another Chapter up! I was hoping to get more done today but other things got in the way...in any case I like how this one went. I know it kind of meandered but I kind of just realized that throughout the last story Poor Simon only got one chapter (one half a chapter- and he was only in the last 3) Figured he deserved a bit of babble time.

Also I know never really elaborated on what kind of intern Simon was- I know Blake works for the council but no way Simon's gonna- with his parents he's gonna want to be a good safe distance away from them and their schemes.

I like the idea of his being an intern with the historical society- plus I'm thinking having a history nerd on the team will come in really handy throughout the series.

So I'm TRYING to have some illusion of order on my updates since I finally have them all started. I'm basically just going with update the last one updated next-

As it stands right now this is the order:

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