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1 Given how much of a hero nerd Izuku is, he will have more favorite heroes and a more diverse set of hero items. some examples, favorite heroine, favorite rescue hero, favorite foreign hero, his 1st hero crush, favorite hero team, etc. all might is still his overall favorite hero though.

2 Izuku doesn't call his quirk superpower. (seriously that was the extent of his creativity?) In this, he called his quirk tactile telekinesis, because it's less suspicious, given his mom's quirk, and given how broad telekinesis can be as a power in general, it's more believable that he'd have strength, speed, and durability, etc.

3 OFA clearly grants its user durability. As we see all might tank point-blank explosions, get thrown through several buildings, and tank hits that destroy city blocks. Yet when Izuku uses full cowling he doesn't seem to get any boost to his durability. He clearly gets stronger and faster even at 5%, but not tougher. Well not in this fic, full cowling will increase Izuku durability. But he can still break himself if he uses too much of OFA as that is the power itself causing the damage.

4 Izuku will be replacing Nirengeki Shoda (he is being removed completely), and Monoma will be taking Izuku's spot in 1-A, and Monoma's spot is filled by Camie Utsushimi.

5 Bakugo is a violent arrogant bully. So, I find it weird when classmates that are conically supposed to hate bullies in this case Mina and Kirishima are for some reason friends with him. Bakugo is an asshole so I'm gonna have him act more like one, and others are going to react to that like normal people.

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Izuku Midoriya stood in front of UA high school, arguably the best hero school in japan. The school alumni are a who's who of great heroes. From all might and endeavor to gang orca and Mirko. Now it was Izuku's turn to enter these hallowed halls. He spent 10 hard months undergoing the grueling training plan all might had created, in order to make Izuku a worthy vessel for the sacred torch, one for all.

'I'm the bearer of one for all now, I can't disappoint all might. I have to pass this exam!' thought Izuku, tightening his grip on his backpack. The prospective hero in training walked into UA. his confidence in the task to come rising.

"Stupid Deku." growled out a familiar voice, coming from behind him.

Izuku flinched at the tone and the venom in the words. Izuku turned spotting his oldest friend Katsuki Bakugo. Izuku reflexively and subconsciously changed his posture, shrinking into himself to make himself look smaller.

" ...Kacchan." stuttered out Izuku using the old childhood nickname. Katsuki's ever-present glare intensified.

"Get out of my way DEKU or I'll set you on fire, and call me that name again and I'll knock all your teeth out." stated Bakugo. Izuku, thoroughly intimidated and scared, immediately moved aside, replying incoherently as Bakugou passed without another word.

Izuku sighed in relief. 'I'm lucky I didn't run into him on the way here.' thought Izuku. Even if Bakugo hasn't been beating on Izuku as much since the sludge villain incident. Bakugo still would occasionally still, berate him, attack him or destroy his stuff. It could have been pretty bad if he was injured before the exam.

Izuku let out another sigh 'I can't keep being afraid of him, I'm not defenseless anymore.' thought Izuku, remembering his training as he turns to continue walking.

'I have to remember all the work I put in. thanks to all might, I'm actually going to be a hero!' thought Izuku giving himself a pep talk, his confidence once again rising.

Only for him to immediately trip. 'Or I'll just die' thought Izuku as he fell face 1st. Closing his eyes in anticipation of hitting the ground.


Izuku was thoroughly confused as to why the brick path felt so soft. Izuku pushed himself up, seeing that he had fallen onto a bed of mushrooms?

"E... excuse me, B. are you alright?" stuttered a quiet female voice. Izuku turned toward the voice.

Standing there was a girl that was shorter than him by at least a head, with shoulder-length honey brown hair which was styled in a mushroom-shaped bob with bangs long enough to hide her eyes and most of her face. She was wearing a gray hoodie that looked a size too big as it went past her waist. The hoodie depicted a line of goombas marching, along with this she wore some tight-fitting pants and simple brown shoes. All together Izuku thought she was incredibly cute. Izuku scrambled to get to his feet a blush on his face.

"I.I. I. I'm fine, tha." spoke Izuku, starting to reply only for the chiming of the PA system to cut him off.

"All exam candidates please enter the auditorium, the presentation for the exam will begin shortly." announced a robotic voice from the speakers.

"Hey! come on let's go, we can't be late." spoke a tall young man that had pitch-black skin with fluffy white hair and black eyes. Who was wearing a dark peacoat, dark jeans, and a pair of black boots. The boy started to walk away as soon as he was done talking.

The teen threw an irritated glare at Izuku. The girl seemed hesitant to leave, quickly looking back and forth between the retreating form of the dark teen and Izuku. With a bow, she spoke quickly but in such a quiet tone that Izuku almost didn't hear her.

"Go. Good luck!" she stuttered as she ran to catch up with the dark-skinned teen.

Izuku's face was covered in a deep blush. 'I talked to a girl.' thought Izuku excitedly. Then he remembered. 'The exam!' thought Izuku in alarm running into the main building as to not be late.


The exam orientation did not go well for Izuku. To start he was seated right next to Bakugo. This resulted in him being on edge. but once president mic showed up, Izuku descended into an excited muttering spree at seeing the pro that hosted one of his favorite radio shows.

Izuku's muttering was brought to a stop when a tall blue-haired boy several rows in front of him berated him for his muttering in front of the entire auditorium. Which caused most in the room to laugh at him, at least there was a silver lining. He wasn't placed in the same testing site as Bakugo, the blonde bully even commented on this. Saying 'tch, you're lucky we're in different test areas Deku! I would have put you in a crater!' threatened Bakugou aggressively.

After the presentation was the written exam, which was a lengthy exam ranging from math and sciences to hero law, history, ethical questions, and a hypothetical scenario essay question about a rescue hero.

At the moment Izuku stood in front of battle zone beta in his blue tracksuit. The nervous green-haired boy stood near the back of the pack trying to psych himself up for the battle to come, which he was failing at spectacularly, as his body was shaking with nerves. With an audible gulp, he looked around at the other examinees to try and distract himself.

'How come none of these guys seem nervous at all? Are they that confident? Whoa some of them even have special gear.' thought Izuku, as he looked through the crowd. He noticed a familiar bob cut.

'Hey. It's her. The nice girl who kept me from getting hurt when I fell. I never got to thank her for helping me. I should thank her properly and wish her good luck.' spoke Izuku in his mind. As he willed his body to walk toward the girl. He only got a few steps before a hand was placed on his shoulder. Izuku internally freaked out when he came face to face with the tall boy that called him out earlier.

"She looks like she trying to focus on the exam. What are you gonna do? Distract her and ruin her chances to succeed." accused the taller blue-haired boy. Izuku immediately started to try and defend himself. This drew the attention of some of the other examinees in the crowd. Izuku could hear them recognize him, they started to dismiss him as any sort of competition.

'I guess everyone has already written me off.' thought Izuku as the blue-haired boy looked at him in disapproval seemingly not noticing the crowd's comments.

"Alright let's start! There are no countdowns in a real battle! Get a move on little listeners." yelled president mic. Most of the other examinees were already running into the zone.

Izuku broke out into a run as he followed after the other examinees. Suddenly a 1pt robot broke out of a building in front of him. The dark green machine locked on to him.

"Target acquired, destroy!" spoke the robot as it rushed Izuku, its single wheel spinning rapidly. Izuku knew he needed to dodge but his feet wouldn't move. Before the 1 pointer could connect a punch. It was crushed under a giant hand much like a person might crush a bug.

"Hey are you alright?" asked a girl who looked a little taller than him with teal eyes and ginger hair that was done in a high ponytail on the left side of her head. She was wearing a martial art Gi.

"Y... yes thank you!" spoke Izuku. The girl smiled at him which caused his face to heat up.

"No problem, good luck." responded the girl as she quickly ran down the street in search of more robots. Before Izuku could get distracted at the fact he talked to another pretty girl.

"6 minutes and 2 seconds left!" called out president mic. Freaking out, Izuku broke out into a full-blown sprint and began desperately searching for any of the robots. He ran down streets and through alleys but only found destroyed robots, some melted others slashed to pieces, some were even covered in mushrooms.

He eventually got to the main street for the mock city, which was packed with examinees and robots. Many of the examinees were calling out their total points.

Izuku frantically looked for a robot for himself, he spotted a 2-pointer crawling down the side of a building. But it was fast approaching a blond-haired girl with large horns and a tail. who hadn't noticed the fast-approaching enemy. Izuku broke out into a dead sprint and his eyes full of steely determination. As Izuku got closer the 2-pointer leaped off the of the building posed to strike the girl.

"Kill target." bellowed the machine mid-leap. Everything felt like it was going in slow-motion, the girl turning around eyes widening in surprise. Izuku tackled the girl, narrowing evading the robot as it crashed onto the asphalt.

The two teens landed on the sidewalk with a light thud with Izuku on top. Izuku looked down at the girl. His eyes immediately locked with her big blue eyes.

"Are you okay?" asked Izuku with pure concern in his eyes. Izuku's normal stutter was nowhere to be found as he was in his hero mode.

The girl looked up at him for a moment, her cheeks tinted slightly red, before her eyes shifted to look behind him, they widened in alarm. The girl grabbed hold of Izuku and forced them to roll out of the way. Just as the scorpion-like villain robot stabbed its teaser tail into their previous location.

The two prospective heroes came to a stop. But this time the girl was on top of Izuku. The girl quickly sat up causing her to straddle Izuku.

"HORN CANNON!" yelled out the girl in English her hands on the sides of her head. The horns on her head lunched out at a great speed, being replaced by a new pair almost instantly. The launched horns acted like missiles; they changed direction and impacted the 2-pointer penetrating its head and coming out the other side. The horns then banked around and hovered above the girl's head as the 2-pointer crumbled to the ground.

She stood up, and hesitantly extended a hand down to Izuku who was currently looking at her in awe and curiosity. she shifted on her feet nervously causing Izuku to notice that she had hooves for feet.

"Thank... you... for the save. I'm fine thanks to you." spoke the girl clearly not confident in her Japanese as she slipped back into her native tongue. But she still had a small smile on her face. Izuku accepted her hand, as she helped him stand.

"yo...Your welcome. I. I'm just glad you're okay." replied Izuku in English with a small smile. The girl seemed surprised. A large smile broke out on her face as she went from nervous to excited rapidly.


In a dark room full of monitors depicting the various battle zones and the examinees sits the staff of UA.

"Clearly the examinees have no idea on how many villain bots are present or their locations. They have limited time, must cover a vast area, and hunt down every last target. Some gather information to plan a strategy, others use speed to outpace their peers, of course staying calm under pressure can also be a huge advantage as can pure battle prowess and combat ability. The best students use a combination of all these tactics, this allows them to gather the most points." explained principle Nezu as the mouse, dog bear creature sipped from a glass of tea as he looked at the screens showing the different battlegrounds.

"Thank you for the explanation principle Nezu. The test has certainly changed since I took it." spoke all-might who was seated next to the principal.

"This year's group certainly looks promising. And some of them look so Delicious." Commented Midnight in a sultry tone.

"Yeah look at that examinee, he's been tearing through bots since the start and hasn't slowed down." commented 13 gesturing to Bakugo standing on top of a pile of villain bots.

"Hmm there's still time left before it's over, the real test starts now. Let's see how they react." stated power loader as he pressed a big red button.


The sound tank of trends and small explosions cut off the blond girl before she could speak again.

All the examinees looked up at the zero pointer. The robot loomed above them, even hunched over it stood taller than the nearby buildings, one of its hands crushing the top of a building causing dust and debris to fall on to the street below.

"That's the zero pointer?" question the girl clearly scared. The zero pointer then proceeds to punch the street kicking up a large cloud of dust and wind. Izuku shielded his eyes. The blast of dust stopped and Izuku looked up at the zero pointer as he fell on his butt.

He heard screams and shouts as the other examinees were running away. All of them ignored him including the orange-haired girl that saved him earlier. The blue-haired boy that berated him also ran by with barely a glance at Izuku.

"Come on we have to run!" yelled the blond girl as she hosted Izuku to his feet with ease. and started to pull him along.


Back in the control room, All might was on the edge of his seat, his eyes flicking from one screen to another.

"I see, this is where things get interesting. A person's true character is revealed when they're faced with danger." spoke all might in the observation room.

All might spotted his successor being dragged away from danger by a girl with horse-like features.

'Maybe I should have put some combat training into Izuku's training regime.' thought all might, feeling foolish that he didn't think of that sooner.


"Less than two minutes remaining!" announced president mic.

'Two minutes?! I have to find some smaller villains or all that training will be wasted!' thought Izuku in a panic and he was still being semi dragged by the blond.

"OOWW!" cried out a voice. Izuku froze at the sound, causing him to slip from the blond girl's grasp.

He looked back seeing the brown-haired girl from the school gate. She was partially trapped under rubble. The trends of the zero-pointer approaching quickly from behind her. The interaction with her from this morning flashing through his head. Izuku knew that he didn't have enough time to dig her out. That's when she looked up, letting Izuku see her unique eyes that were screaming out for help as their gazes meet.

His body moved on its own once again as he ran toward the zero pointer with a. The blond girl now noticing his absence turns around to see him sprinting toward the zero pointer.


All might watched as Izuku ran toward the zero pointer at full speed.

"There are no combat points for taking on a humongous villain. But there is an opportunity. a chance to shine." spoke all might as he watched Izuku's form blur as he executed a powerful jump. Which shot him high into the air and blew the dust away. Causing the other staff's eyes to widen. "To show what you're really made of." continued all might, his eyes glued to Izuku as the boy cocked his now glowing right fist back, the power of OFA tearing his sleeve to shreds up to his shoulder. Izuku continued higher as he approached the robot's head.


The words of advice that all might had given him that morning echo through Izuku's head.

'So, clench your butt cheeks and yell from the depths of your heart...' recalled Izuku as he reached the robot's head.

"SMASH!" yelled Izuku his fist connecting with the robot's head caving it inwards and breaking what would be the robot's neck. The zero pointer was pushed back more than a block and began to fall over as explosions rippled throughout its body. All the other examinees looked on in stunned silence. As they watched the boy that most of them had written off, defeat the robot that had them all running scared.


All might nearly split open from his massive grin. As the rest of the staff were in shock, except for Nezu who had his arms raised in a cheer, and Aizawa who simply narrowed his eyes in disapproval.

"That's right, show who you are, embody what it means to be a hero! Nothing is nobler than self-sacrifice!" yelled all might as he stood buffing up in excitement. A hint of pride in his words.


"Just 1-minute left!" yelled out president mic. Just as gravity started to remind Izuku who was boss. Izuku started to rapidly approach the ground. Izuku desperately tried to think of a way to save himself, after realizing his arm and legs were broken. His eyes were filled with tears as he fell.

Suddenly as he was only a few stores up, the body of the horse girl who was riding on top of a pair of her own horns, collided into him slowing him down, but Izuku quickly realized it wasn't enough to completely stop them. Izuku used his remaining good arm to turn them around so he would hit the pavement first.

Thankfully they landed in a massive pile of mushrooms, which acted as a massive cushion to slow them down further. Izuku hit the ground hard enough to knock the wind out of him and he was pretty sure he heard a snap sound come from his ribs.

'I'm alive they saved me..." thought Izuku as he looked at the blond girl on top of him and the mushroom girl who was being helped up by the orange-haired girl. But he remembered he still had zero points

"I need to move; I still have a chance to at least get one point before it ends." spoke Izuku trying to get his body to move. The 3 girls heard Izuku clearly, watching as he desperately tried to move.

"TIMES UP!'' yelled president mike, as a siren echoed throughout the test area marking the end of the exam.

Devastated Izuku sobbed, before the pain of his injuries finally overwhelmed him and he slipped into unconsciousness. Those who had seen Izuku's display walked closer but still gave him some breathing room. Pony untangled herself from Izuku and stood; she was bruised and bleeding slightly but she was okay.

"Very nice. Good work all around, all of you are heroes in my eyes, every one of you. Here reward yourselves. Have some gummies." spoke recovery girl as she handed an examinee some candy. As she started to walk toward Izuku and took a quick look at his injuries.

"Oh, my goodness, you were this hurt by your own quirk sonny?" spoke recovery, making mental notes on the extent of his injuries before her lips stretched out and gave Izuku's forehead a smooch. Greenlight surrounded Izuku's injuries, and those around watched as before their eyes the mangle and broken limbs healed before their very eyes.

"Alright, he'll be fine now. Is there anyone else who's injured?" spoke recovery girl.

"Her legs hurt and she's bleeding." spoke the orange hair girl. Gesturing to the horse girl and the brown-haired she was helping to stand. Recovery girl quickly gave each girl a quick kiss on the cheek, after which she went around healing the examinees. The three girls watched as Izuku was loaded onto a stretcher by a pair of little robots. All three of them had looks of resolve on their faces as they watched Izuku be carried away.

Xxx a few days later xxx

The staff all sat in a meeting room going over the footage from the exams. They had already cut most of the examinees who didn't meet the benchmark; currently, they are awarding hero points and discussing placement into a class and department. Nezu brought up a picture of Izuku on a large tv screen that was on the wall.

"All right next is Izuku Midoriya. He scored perfect marks on the written exam. For the practical, he scored zero villain points. However, we have three incidents where rescue points could be awarded. please look over his file before we begin." Spoke Nezu. The teachers all looked at their tablets reviewing Izuku's file.

"Nezu there seems to be an error with Midoriya's file. It marks him as quirkless?" spoke power loader, this brought the other staff's attention to that portion of the file. A smirk grew on Nezu's face.

"That is not an error power loader. Izuku Midoriya it would seem is a late bloomer." Informed Nezu. This caused some of the teacher's eyes to go wide.

"Wait so you're telling us, he came into the exam quirkless?" asked snipe disbelief clear in his voice.

"That takes a good deal of courage." Comment Vlad king respect in his tone.

"More like a great deal of foolishness." Commented Eraser head, his tone clearly portraying his thoughts.

"In my experience heroes tend to be foolish and stubborn." Retorted Vlad, his eyes narrowed at the logic obsessed hero. Eraser head answers Vlad's action with a glare.

"Let us return to the task at hand. The first is him recusing Pony tsunotori from a two-pointer." spoke Nezu, diffusing the tension between the two pros somewhat and moving the meeting forward. Nezu changed the screen shifting the image to show the video of Izuku saving pony. After watching the video through on loop some of the staff spoke.

"Seems pretty textbook to me. Instead of going for the points, he chose to save her." stated snipe, the cowboy-themed hero adjusting his gasmask while he spoke.

"A little sloppy after the initial save, he should have gotten them out of danger sooner. But they are here to learn after all." commented cementoss a kind expression on his face.

"Ah, a classic example of a heroic move. The little listeners certainly earned theses." added president mic, speaking much too loud, as his hands moved about erratically as he talked.

When no one else spoke Nezu smiled "Then it's decided Izuku will be awarded 20 rescue points. now we will move on to Izuku's defeat of the Zero pointer and the aftermath." spoke Nezu as the scene started to show the incident on a loop from multiple angels.

"Oh... the way he jumps into action, without hesitation. Despite his clear fear, that youth filled courage. it's so, ... invigorating. I give him full points." spoke midnight, as she licks her lips and rubs her thighs together. Both actions that her colleagues promptly try and ignore.

"He chose to rush and save the girl instead of running to secure the villain points he desperately needed. Full points." spoke ectoplasm with a stiff nod.

"He quickly discerned that he couldn't free the girl from the rubble in time. so, he chose to eliminate the threat instead. This shows a good level of situational thinking, rapid dissection making, and a heroic mentality. Full points." spoke Nezu evaluating Izuku's actions.

"He willingly put himself in danger to save someone else. To not call that heroic would be shameful." spoke 13 as she tapped her fingers on her tablet reading through Izuku's file again.

"Self-sacrifice is the core of what it means to be a hero. Ruff. full points." growled out hound-dog as he wrote note into Izuku's file for future use.

"Even while he was injured and most likely in excoriating pain, he made it so he'd take the brunt of the fall instead of the girl. To make that decision in his condition. Full points." commented Vlad king, impressed with Izuku's actions. Snipe and cementoss both nodded in agreement with their coworkers. When no one spoke. Nezu brought up Izuku's total points. Onto the big screen, Eraser-head seemed displeased.

"Then Izuku Midoriya will be awarded 60 rescue points for saving Kinko Komori and an additional 30 for planning to shield pony from the brunt of the fall. This brings his total up to 110 rescue points, more than enough to place in number one spot for the practical, and has earned a spot in the hero course… now I believe he should be placed in Class 1-a" spoke Nezu before erasure cut him off.

"I refuse to have him in my class..." stated Eraser head bluntly.

"Oh, care to explain your reasoning Aizawa?" asked Nezu a clear and dangerous glint in the principal's eyes.

"Yeah, erasure, what gives?" asked president mic, confused about his sleep-deprived friend.

"I believe that someone like him shouldn't be accepted into this school, let alone the hero course, and especially not my class. He literally manifested his quirk during the exam! He has no control over his quirk. He broke his body with that stunt, in a real fight, he'd be nothing more a liability. He'll have to rely on someone else to save him after his body becomes useless. There is no way he can become a hero. If you want to accept him, then stick him in the gen-ed course. If he gains control of that impractical quirk of his sure let him try for the hero course. In the meantime, there are other candidates that have better control and are more qualified." Spoke erasure spelling out exactly why he thought Izuku should not be accepted. Vlad was visibly growing more frustrated as he heard more and more of the same points he'd heard when he was a kid for why he shouldn't have been a hero. That plus his and erasures conflicting teaching philosophies.

All might seem uncertain about the growing tension; he looked to the other teachers and saw some sigh in exasperation. He quickly deduced that conflict between these two was somewhat common. Before the symbol of peace could attempt to quell the situation and defend his student. Vlad slammed a fist onto the meeting table as he stood interrupting Erasure. Who glared at the other hero.

"So, what if he's got control issues, or his quirk is impractical. I heard the same excuses when I was young. Just because he doesn't match your opinion of a hero, doesn't mean he should be rejected from the course, that's why we vote in the first place. [Points at the scene still showing Izuku] that kid put in the work and earned his place in the hero course! If you don't want him in class-A, fine then I'll have him in class b. I'll give the kid a chance to prove you wrong!" bellowed out Vlad clearly agitated with the in his opinion often hypocritical underground hero.

"That's enough, both of you or I'll have both of you grade all the seniors' graduation exams by yourselves." threaten Nezu. Both heroes calmed down still clearly agitated.

"Izuku Midoriya will be placed in Class 1-b. With that said to ensure fairness in the deciding of the remaining students. erasure is there a student from class b you want in your class? Or would you prefer to simply take the next two accepted candidates?" asked Nezu once both the pros had calmed down. Erasure looked through class b's roster.

"I'll take Netio monoma." Replied erasure as the boy's file moved on to the screen.

"Approved. Monoma will be moved into class 1-A. How about we take a short break for lunch, when we return, we'll be reviewing Katsuki Bakugou." Spoke Nezu. The teachers all stood and began to filter out of the room. Vlad, in particular, took his tablet so he could review the files of the students assigned to his class so far. As the blood controlling hero looked through the files of his soon to be students, a smile grew on his face.

"I've got a good feeling about this year's class." Spoke Vlad already thinking about altering some of his lesson plans.


I'm sorry if erasure feels OOC, but in my defense, I took that rant directly from the anime I only change some words around and added the bit about Gen ed.

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