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XXX UA Main Building XXX

Mitsuki and Inko are close friends despite their contrasting personalities and they have been close ever since they first met in middle school.

Mitsuki was very thankful to have Inko in her life. If not for the green-haired women's influence Mitsuki would never have gotten the good grades she needed to get into college. She would never have pursued her passion for fashion design. She would have never given Masaru the time of day If Inko had not convinced her to give him that first date.

Mitsuki also liked to think she had a similar impact on Inko's life. The green-haired women had always been maternal, sweet, and willing to see the best in others. These traits often got her labeled as the class mom and they also made her quite popular with boys. Mitsuki did her best to keep the delinquents, players, and especially the pushy types of guys from taking advantage of her friend.

Over the years Mitsuki had seen Inko during some of the rare times Inko got angry. Mitsuki had been there when Inko disowned her parents, for what they put her now late brother through growing up. When Hisashi wanted a divorce after Izuku was first diagnosed quirkless. Mitsuki had been there when Inko confronted Hisashi.

In a world with people like All Might and Endeavor, Hisashi wasn't that strong, only able to breathe fire. But Hisashi was a giant of a man standing double Inko's height and had strength befitting his stature. Mitsuki had seen Inko freeze the veritable fire giant in place with a look and a tone that felt like a blizzard. Hisashi left for America after the divorce was finalized and has been sending child support on time without complaint ever since. The bastard had got what he deserved, in Mitsuki's opinion. Mitsuki was quite happy when Inko had changed her and Izuku's last names back to Midoriya after her divorce. So Mitsuki had seen first hand how cold Inko would get when she was angry.

Mitsuki was expecting the call to be about going shopping or maybe an invite over for tea.

But the moment Mitsuki heard Inko's cold tone directed at her she felt as if she had been dumped in the Arctic ocean. When Inko had delivered her message and abruptly hung up before she could respond, Misutki felt a shard of dread appear in her gut.

Mitsuki had made a beeline to the backyard, Where Katsuki was doing yard work as part of his punishment for the stunt he pulled in the cafeteria. Mitsuki had yelled at the boy to get in the car not even bothering to let him change out of his dirt-covered clothes. Katsuki in his normal reaction yelled right back, calling her a hag, and tried to argue with her. Mitsuki was having none of it she dragged him by the ear into the car.

On the drive, Mitsuki had tried to pry what he had done to anger Inko. The boy's eyes did widen in realization, giving away that he had an idea of what this was about. But he just turned away with a glare and stayed silent the whole drive over no matter what she said. Her dread only grew when principal Nezu was waiting for her at the school's entrance.

Now she was waiting in front of the principles office for Inko to arrive. Katsuki had taken a seat and proceeded to stew grumbling under his breath.

"Mrs. Bakugo do you have any idea as to the reason for this meeting?" Asked Nezu wanting to know what was going on.

"I honestly don't know. All I do know is that it has to do with my brat." Answered Mitsuki, bluntly.

"Shut up hag." Grumbled Katsuki just loud enough to be heard.

Nezu raised an eyebrow, they had spoken similarly when he spoke to her about the cafeteria incident. Before Nezu could comment, a chill ran down his spine and he could feel his animal instincts, urging him to hide. The chimera in a suit instead stood as tall as his height allowed.

"Hello Principle Nezu, I apologize for the short notice. But this is, not something that can wait." Spoke Inko her tone cold dispiste her politeness.

"It is quite alright please let us begin." Said Nezu opening his office and walking in Mitsuki entering right after him. Katsuki stood and dragged his feet into the office dropping himself into the closest chair. Inko sent a glare at the teen before she entered closing the door behind her.

XXX Nezu's Office 1:00pmXXX

Mitsuki and Inko both took a seat in front of Nezu's desk while Katsuki sat in one of the seats closer to the exit.

"I'll get straight to the point. Katsuki has been bulling my Izuku for years." Stated Inko bitterness laced in her words. Katsuki cursed the girls of Class B under his breath, guessing they were the cause of this.

"WHAT! Inko what are you talking about? I know Katsuki has his…issues. But" yelled Mitsuki defending her son on instinct.

"Watch." Spoke Inko silencing the blonde as she pulled out her phone and played the video for the two.

Mitsuki was in shock She immediately recognized Kuzco, she did not want to believe what the boy was saying. She thought, hoped really that maybe Kuzco was lying to mess with her son. But then her boy matched over and started confronting the girl and his 'friend'. Mitsuki had an inkling of what Kuzco was going to say before her son interrupted. She sat there in silence for a moment letting it sink in what her Katsuki had done to her sweet godson. Nezu having experienced the cruelty humans were capable of wasn't as surprised he was just anger. However, he placed his anger aside to remain rational and not allow his emotions to lead to hasty decisions.

Mitsuki's shock and disbelief quirky turned into anger.

"Is this true? Have you been doing those things to Izuku!?" Yelled Mitsuki as she locked eyes with her son.

*Tch* Katsuki clicked his tongue and didn't speak only angering his mother further.

"Katskui Bakugo! You answer me this fucking instant!" Cursed Mitsuki demanding answers from her boy. Katsuki was going to tell her off, and bullshit her until Inko looked at him.

"Answer her." Spoke Inko, not raising her voice. She didn't need to the look she gave the young man was enough to cause the lies he'd been planning on spewing to die in his throat.

"What the big deal. It's just Deku." Spoke Bakugo, it wasn't a confession. But it was close enough for Mitsuki, she stood from her seat and glared at her son.

"You stupid brat! I thought I raised you to at least understand that heroes protect others. I trusted you to keep him safe, thinking some of the other kids were targeting him." yelled Mitsuki's disappointment and anger in her tone. She just got a heated glare from her son in return.

"Shut it hag!" Yelled Katsuki standing, out of his chair. He was so focused on his mother he did not see Inko stand and close the distance between them.

*SLAP* Katsuki was so blindsided by the slap, Inko had given him that it knocked him back into his chair. His cheeks stinging harshly and a red handprint near immediately began to form.

"That's my baby boy, you tormented for your twisted reasons. You stay away from my son. Your no hero and never will be in my eyes." Said Inko. Her tone was full of ice that added extra bite to her words.

"Young Bakugo 'The big deal' is that if I was aware of this beforehand you'd have never been allowed in this institution," added Nezu in a deadly serious tone drawing the attention of the room's other occupants.

"Brat you are in so much trouble! You think your current punishment was bad for what you did in the cafeteria. It will be paradise compared to want I have planned." Said Mitsuki already planning out what punishments to add on top of all the extra choirs and revoked privileges she had going.

" Speaking of the cafeteria incident. I want Katsuki expelled for that." Stated Inko. Her tone was casual, sweet even despite the look on her face being able to strike fear into a polar bear.

Inko's words caused Katsuki's eyes to widen. The boy knew that if he was expelled from UA it would be a major setback on his path to becoming number 1. Being accepted into another hero school would be next to impossible. His only options would be to have a pro make him an apprentice or to go solo and try to get his license directly. His rightful ascension to the top could be delayed by years.

"Inko," said Mitsuki her tone as if she had been physically struck.

"Do not call me that. I trusted you…both of you," spoke Inko coldly as she glared at the two blondes.

When it was clear she wouldn't receive mercy from her friend. Mitsuki turned to Nezu and bowed her head to the Principle.

"Please don't expel my boy!" pleaded Mitsuki begging the bear, rat, dog thing on for her son's future. Katsuki was shocked he had never seen his mother bow her head to anyone, let alone beg.

"Young Bakugo please go wait outside," said Nezu. Deep down Katsuki began to fear. He did not feel guilt at his actions, however, he did regret that he did not conceal his actions better.

'If I had just dragged that loser somewhere more secluded, or waited till after school.' thought Katsuki, thinking if those bitches didn't get the chance to get involved he could have beaten the answers he wanted out of Deku and ideally gotten the loser to quit school.

The blonde boy walked out of the room quietly without fuss. He focused, what brainpower he was not currently dedicating to anger to planning his next move. He was considering if there was a way for him to get back at Izuku and his friends without getting into trouble.

Nezu did not start to speak until after Katsuki had stepped out and the two mothers had taken their seats once more.

"I will be having an official police investigation opened on Aldera Junior High school to look into their misconduct. Hound Dog was already looking into the school on his own and has already found some discrepancies. That would suggest them covering up incidents and showing favoritism, to select students. What he has found and what you brought to me should be enough to get one started." Informed Nezu wanting to assure Inko that her son's former school would be dealt with swiftly.

"Regarding Young Bakugo, I am sorry to say. But I can not expel young Bakugo for his actions in the cafeteria nor do I think doing now to be the best course of action."Continued Nezu, his words causing Mitsuki to raise her head and from Inko to shift her glare to him.

"Why?" Spoke Inko. Her words were closer to a demand than a question.

"He has already received punishment from his homeroom teacher for the cafeteria incident. Vlad king had wanted the boy expelled on the spot for his actions. But Eraser Head advocated for a different punishment. As for the actions done in his previous school, those must be confirmed independently before any action is taken as per school policy." Explained Nezu in a professional tone.

Mitsuki sighed in relief her son's dream wouldn't be crushed outright. While Inko was not pleased she still made a mental note to get Vlad King a gift.

"However, that does not mean he will not face repercussions. This is a very serious matter that calls in to question his place here in UA, and the hero course." Began Nezu his tone serious.

"In lite of that, he will be prohibited from the upcoming internships and the hero work studies later in the year. He will be allowed to conduct Community service under supervision instead if he chooses to. His access to school facilities to train will be revoked unless it is part of a class. His position in the Hero course will be on the chopping block as well. If any of the teachers want a student in another course transferred to the Hero course Bakugo will be kicked to Gen ed. In addition, the boy is banned from using his quirk outside of designated training areas. Baring self-defense any use of his quirk will cause him to be kicked to Gen ed or expelled outright if he tries to harm another student outside of spars. " Continued Nezu. Mitsuki was about to speak up and complain. But the Principle cut her off.

"Katsuki will still be allowed to participate in the festival. I must stress his behavior from now on must be nothing short of perfect. If he so much as swears, he'll be kicked to the gen ed course immediately. He will be required to have regular sessions with Hound Dog. These sessions will continue until Hound Dog believes Katsuki's attitude has improved." Spoke Nezu.

Mitsuki was a little happy the Sports festival was very important to her boy, even if he could participate in the internships, it would still get his name out and a pro might take him as an apprentice if he does end up expelled.

"Should Young Bakugo be sent to General Education, he will not be allowed back in the Hero course or allowed to participate in any licensing exam. Until the investigation into his middle school has concluded, he has shown improvement in his attitude and he has re-earned his spot in the course," explained Nezu. Mitsuki wanted to argue but she knew that it would likely make things worse.

"Lastly his position here at UA will be reassessed after the investigation is concluded. The results of the investigation will be placed in his permanent record, also depending on what is found, he faces possible expulsion especially if he has shown no improvement in his attitude in that time. Am I clear?" Finished Nezu his tone serious and frim as he lad out the situation the young blonde was currently in.

"Yes sir. thank you," spoke Mistuki bowing her head once more she had no real leg to stand on. She knew that her boy had been given a slim chance. But whether he would be willing to put the effort to seize it was up in the air.

"Young Bakugo has yet to complete the request to formally apologize to the students he attacked in the cafeteria. I would recommend he speak with Vlad King do that at his earliest convenience," stated Nezu shifting his attention to the Inko who held a neutral look on her face.

"I am sorry if this is unsatisfactory Inko. In truth, I have a far greater reason for not expelling the boy, I fear that if I was to expel young Bakugo at the moment that he would do something extreme..." Said Nezu, his words getting a reaction out of the blonde mother.

"Hey, you make it sound like he'd become a villain!" Yelled Mitsuki her anger returning at the principal's insinuation.

"He already is one." Commented Inko without hesitation. Her words were a cold dagger to Mitsuki. Dousing the remainder of the blonde mother's anger.

"Your son has proven with his actions so far that he is extremely volatile. He believed his actions during the cafeteria incident were justified. In addition, he showed a casual disregard for the seriousness of his actions. I have also spoken with his classmates they unanimously described him as short-tempered, disrespectful, arrogant, and that he is quick to use his quirk to threaten others. According to some of his teachers, he has shown disinterest in class for any part of being a pro hero that does not involve battle or conflict." commented Nezu his eyes narrowing at the Blonde woman.

"So yes, I fear if I were to expel him that at best he'd become a vigilante, likely causing excessive property damage, endangering civilians, and causing unauthorized fatal damage to villains. At worst I believe he'd become a villain possibly even targeting young Izuku in some twisted pursuit of revenge." Admitted Nezu explaining his fears as he pass the women a folder with some complaints from students and reports from his teachers about his behavior and attitude.

The contents of the folder didn't bother Mitsuki much she knew her boy was short-tempered, disrespectful, and aggressive more so than she had been at his age. She expected it to affect people's opinion of him much like how her attitude did when she was young. However, she did not think her boy was any worse than how she acted. After all, he had plenty of friends growing up, she thought he at least made a few friends in his class. But as she skimmed through the folder, she quickly discover that not a single one of his 19 classmates had anything positive to say, not a single classmate tried to defend him.

Mitsuki was ashamed at the words of the principal mainly because she could no longer confidently say her son would never become a vigilante or a villain.

"So you think it's better to have him here in the school. Where you can keep an eye on him and try and correct his behavior before he goes too far is that it?" asked Inko not wanting the boy in the same school as her son. But she could see Katsuki becoming a villain, as far as Inko was concerned he already was one. She did not doubt that he would cause even more suffering if he was left to his own devices.

"Precisely as a hero and an educator, I must at least attempt to help this young man before it's too late. Even if we only prevent him from taking the wrong path when he leaves this school. I would consider that a victory." Spoke Nezu honestly. The Principal even lowered his head to the Midoriya matriarch.

"I still think Katsuki should be expelled. I do not like your decision but I understand your reasoning. To be honest, If I wasn't going to be working here I would have transferred Izuku to another Hero school the moment I could no matter his wishes. Katsuki will not get anywhere near my Izuku." spoke Inko. She was not happy with the outcome. But had a slightly easier time accepting it since she would be able to watch the blonde boy like a hawk.

The revelation that Inko would be working at UA surprised Mitsuki. But she knew better than to comment on it at the moment.

"That is an understandable demand it may not be possible for the festival. But baring that it should be a simple task to keep them apart. Vlad king has already has been attending lunch with the students ever since the cafeteria incident. Everyone on the staff will be informed of the situation and, once you join the staff I will personally keep you up to date." Replied Nezu. Inko sighed some of her cold fury leaving her.

" I don't like that Katsuki may use the festival as an opportunity to hurt my baby. But since my baby will be able to fight back and the teachers will stop anything from going too far I'll accept it. I'd like Izuku to also have regular sessions with Hound Dog to help him work through the damage Katsuki caused. I'd also like to talk with Katsuki's homeroom teacher if that's alright." Said Inko knowing that having Izuku see the registered psychologist regularly would be a good idea.

"I thank you for accepting my decision on this matter despite your reservations. Arranging sessions with Hound Dog is a simple matter and I'll call Eraser Head to the office right away he should be informed on this situation first anyway," replied Nezu sincerely as he sent a quick message to the sleep-deprived Pro hero who he knew was at his desk napping. A reply came quickly from the Pro hero saying he was on his way.

"Mrs. Bakugo, I don't believe I have to say it. But your son is on very thin ice. Make sure he understands the gravity of the situation he is in. I shall be sending you a list of the conditions shortly. you may go." Spoke Nezu, Mitsuki stood from her seat.

"I understand, thank you Principle Nezu." Said Mitsuki with a bow, before she turned to Inko.

"Ink.. for what it's worth, I am sorry for what my Katsuki has done to your son." Commented Mitusuki catching herself from using Midoriya matriarch's first name.

Inko did not reply she simply sent another cold glare at the blonde woman before looking away. At the silent dismissal, Mitsuki left the office and closed the door after her.

"Inko I do want to ask where you obtained this video. If I am not mistaken that was young Tokage in the video correct?" Asked Nezu as he hit a button on his desk releasing a robot that began serving the two some tea.

"Yes, you are correct she and some of the other girls in Izuku's class were the ones to give it to me. They were worried about him, and couldn't stand by doing nothing." Answer Inko accepting the offered tea.

"A commendable act, your boy has good friends." Commented Nezu pride for those students swelling in his chest.

"Yes, He does." Spoke Inko a smile forming on her face for the first time since the whole debacle began.

"Now until he arrives tell me more about Bakugo's homeroom teacher," asked Inko her demeanor returning to a neutral tone.

XXX Training Gym Gamma 1:00 pm XXX

After Gran Torino had finished escorting Inko back to campus, the elderly pro hero went to Gym gamma to observe Izuku's training. The gym had been altered by Cementoss before they started training. The concrete floor had been sunken down, creating a pit with several free-standing walls and obstacles strewn throughout.

Gran stood beside a deflated Yagi as he observed Izuku. The current bearer of OFA was bouncing around the pit, battling against dummies that were under influence of Andy's quirk. The dummies were made of differing materials from ballistic gel to stone, to metal, to plastic, and more. All of them had sensors in them feeding data to the vice principles tablet.

The vice-principal stood in the middle of a 6ft circle drawn on the floor of the pit. Izuku was tasked with preventing the dummies from entering the circle without using too much force.

"How's he doing?" asked Gran. All Might glanced at his old teacher.

"He's been having some trouble. He's not putting enough force to take them down, so he has to work harder to keep them away from the circle. We've had to restart a few times already. I think doing that psyched him out." respond All Might gesturing to a headless dummy made of gel that was in the corner of the pit fake blood seeped out of the dummy.

"That'll do it, it's only the first day I don't expect him to get it right away. How did his strength training go?" Asked Gran as the boy delivered a half-hearted kick to the gut of a dummy. The crash test dummy was stunned and knocked to the ground only for it to stand and continue its mission.

"Young Midoriya exceeded my expectations. It appears he has been training to increase his percent OFA every day. He has even been doing isometric exercises during class! His dedication is inspirational." Commented All Might pride for his successor was clear in his voice.

"Speaking of the boy something happened today related to him." Spoke Gran Torino, All Might's head snapped to his former teacher, his face voicing his desire for an explanation. The old man sighed, before informing the symbol of peace about what he had overheard less than an hour earlier.

XXX Two Hours Later XXX


The sound of the air horn in Andy's hand caused Izuku to stop. The Hero in training panted trying to catch his breath as he looked to see two dummies had entered the circle, meaning the 'villains' had gotten to the civilian. Izuku looked sad about failing at the task for the sixth time in a row.

"How about a quick break Midoriya. Then we can run this one more time, before switching to Gran Torino's training." Spoke Andy a reassuring hand on the boy's shoulder.

"Yes Sensei," replied Izuku as he and the vice principal both exited the pit.

The teen grabbed a water bottle he'd brought and took a big gulp, the cold liquid was quenched the thirst he had grown during his training. His mind moved at a rapid pace thinking about how he could improve. The doors to the gym opened and his mother stepped in.

"Mom?" spoke Izuku confused at why his mother was here.

"Izuku!" called out Inko, as she ran to her son, pulling him into a tight hug burning her face in his chest. Izuku returned the hug especially when he noticed that she started crying.

"Mom, what's wrong? Are you okay?" questioned Izuku his confusion turning to concern.

"I'm sorry Izuku. I'm so sorry for not doing more, for not…" Spoke Inko meeting her son's concerned eyes with her teary ones.

"What mom what are you talking about?" Asked Izuku trying to calm his mother down.

" I know Izuku. I know what happened in Aldera. I know what Bakugo and the other kids did." answered Inko. Izuku was in shock, not expecting this.

"What, how do you know?" whispered Izuku his heart threatening to break out of his chest. His mother whipped some of her tears.

"I learned about it from your friends. Sweetie, I'm sorry you had to go through all that." Said Inko genuinely remorseful.

"No mom! I should be the one apologizing, I'm the one that was hiding it from you!"Spoke Izuku feeling years of guilt for lying to his mother pile in his gut.

"No, I knew something was going on. I should have pressed you for the truth. But Why baby? why did you hide it from me? I could have done something, anything to fix it. I could have switched you to a new school or we could have moved." stated Inko getting teary-eyed.

" I...I didn't want to worry you more than I already did. I was quirkless mom. I saw how stressed and worried about me you were, how much you started to stress eat. I didn't want to add more worry, more weight to your burden." Confessed Izuku.

"Izuku…You don't think of yourself as a burden do you?" questioned Inko shock, realization, and dread swirling within her.

Izuku looked away and stayed silent. Inko made it so her son would look at her.

"Izuku, you have never been a burden. Please don't think of yourself like that. Sweetie, you are my son, you are the only family I have left. You are the most precious thing in my life." Spoke Inko as she met her son's eyes.

"Mom!/Izuku!" yelled both the Midoryias at the same time. Before they embraced once more and proceeded to burst into tears. A truly astonishing amount of tears was released.

'At this rate, the school may get a new pool.' thought Andy watching a stream of tears flow into the pit.

The pro heroes allowed the small family a moment. Eventually, All Might approached the small family first and got their attention.

"Young Midoriya would you like to skip the rest of your training for the day?" Asked AllMight thinking the boy could use some time with his mother.

"No, All Might, I'd like to keep training. Is that okay?" Spoke Izuku rubbing the tears out of his eyes.

" Very well. Ms. Midoriya will you be observing?" asked All Might politely.

'Seeing her all teary-eyed makes me want to comfort her.' thought All Might, doing his best not to blush.

"You can call me Inko, and I'd like to help if I can." Answered Inko with a smile. Before All Might could become tongue-tied, by the women's smile, Andy spoke up.

"That can be arranged, you will motivate Izuku better than us." Commented Andy leading the woman into the pit placing her in the circle drawn on the floor. Izuku also followed them standing in the start position.

"Same rules as before Izuku neutralize the 'villains' while preventing them from entering the circle and harming the civilian." Stated Andy as he stood between All Might and Torino. The Dummies that had been idly standing against the walls of the pit all took a step forward.

"Ah help me." Called Inko in the same way she did when playing with Izuku all those years ago.

"Don't worry cause I am here!" yelled Izuku powering up full cowl and jumping toward the foes.

XXX Sport's Festival Arena Days Later XXX

Izuku was rushing back to class 1-B's waiting room he had been talking with All Might and his mother, the two adults were wishing him luck and trying to reassure him about the upcoming events. He entered the waiting room and surveyed his classmates. Nervous energy permeated the room, most were broken up into their normal friend groups. A smile spread on his face as he made his way to his friend group.

Izuku's mind wandered to the progress his week of intense training had made. He was particularly happy with his progress with float. He was honestly excited to show off what he could do with it now. But he planed on keeping Float an ace up his sleeve till the 1 on 1 matches later in the festival same goes for his new application of thunderbird's quirk. Izuku did not doubt that if he gets to the tournament section that he might have to face Bakugo. He was a little scared, but on some level he wanted it to happen.

'I have to face him, I have to stand up to him, I have to beat him. I can do it I'm not weak like before.' thought Izuku knowing that he'd have to confront his….fromer friend at some point.

Izukus looked at his friends they were all trying to psych each other up. They had all hung out on campus during the rest day before the festival. Most of his friends were quite happy to say that some of the suggestions he had given them worked, but they kept the specifics a secret saying they were saving them for the festival.

The girls had also come clean about what they did regarding Bakugo. Izuku had mixed feelings about the situation at first. But after Hound Dog, All Might, his mother, and his friends had all told Izuku that this was Bakugo facing the consequences of his actions, and Izuku had eventually come to agree somewhat. The girls had also been happy when Izuku had relayed the punishment that the Blonde Bomber was facing.

Setsuna in particular had started a bet among his friends to see how long it would take the Blonde to slip and get kicked from the hero course. The losers would pay for a dinner celebrating the occasion. Ibara had warned of the evils of gambling but eventually joined in thanks to Setsunsa's silver tongue. The vine-haired girl ended up betting that Bakugo would slip during the festival. Izuku was also roped imto the bet. The rest day ended with Izuku cuddling up with his girlfriends and relaxing.

" Izuku where were you the festival is about to start!?" Asked Kendo as she stood and approached Izuku

"My mom just wanted to give me a last-minute pep talk." Answered Izuku rubbing the back of his head.

The light above the exit switched to green, which garnered the attention of all the students.

"That's our cue, get ready, remember your places." Spoke Kendo as the class stepped into the Hallway all standing in neat columns with Kendo and Izuku leading them. Izuku looked at his classmates, some were nervous like Kinoko who stood right behind him, others like Togaru were confident, and some like Yui were impossible to read.

"Let's do our best everyone, give it your all!" stated Izuku fist raised.

"Yeah!" cheered the majority of the class also raising their fists. As they followed their class reps to the main tunnel getting in line behind Class 1-A. The crowd was roaring with so much power some of the students could feel the crowd's cheers.

"All right everyone here in the stand and at home watching. It's time for the UA sports festival to begin are you READY?!" yelled Present Mic over the PA system. The coward roared louder in response.

"Yeah! I'm Present Mic and I'll be the main announcer. Alongside me to provide commentary are my colleges in charge of the Hero classes, Eraser Head and Vlad King!" announced Present Mic, from his position between his two friends.

"Why did I agree to this?" complained Eraser Head, clearly wanting to be taking a nap right now.

" I look forward to seeing the student's efforts." Spoke Vlad genuinely looking forward to seeing the students in action.

"Yeah! With that said, let's introduce our participants! Up fist is Class 1-A of the hero course make some noise!" Spoke Present Mic as Class A walked out of the tunneled by Ida and Momo.

"Next up they've already had a run-in with villains it's Class 1-B!" Yelled Present Mic. Izuku and Kendo lead their class out of the tunnel the crowd somehow got louder and more excited.

"Wow, there are so many pros here." Commented TetsuTetsu from his position behind Kendo.

"Behind the Hero course is our very own equipment extraordinaires the Support Department classes C through J! Following them are the ones that keep any good agency or business running smoothly we have the Department of Bussiness and management Classes K through R!" Introduced Present Mic as the two departments marched out of the tunnel, many of the support students were wearing support items of there own design.

"Last up we have the General education department Classes S through Z. Make some noise for our competitors!" Called Present Mic, getting a big reaction he was asking for.

"Now I'll turn it over to our master of ceremonies, the R-rated Hero Midnight!" Spoke Present Mic as Midnight in her hero costume struts onto a small stage on the field. The Pro-heroine swung the fail in her hand. The resounding snap it made was picked up by her microphone. The crowd grew quiet after the action.

"All right we'll be starting with the sportsman's pledge, which will be given by hero course students that scored the highest on the entrance exam's practical! Izuku Midoriya rep of Class 1-B Please step forward!" Announced Midknight pointing her fail at the green-haired student.

All eyes shifted to Izuku, the boy was anticipating this but he was still nervous.

"You can do it Izuku." Whisper Kinoko from behind him.

The boy glances back at her and the rest of his class. His friends sent him supportive smiles and thumbs up, Reiko in particular simply sent him a nod.

He face the stage and did his best not to show his discomfort at the attention. He walked onto the stage and stood in front of the provided microphone. Kendo seemed to signal that he should take a deep breath. Izuku took her unspoken advice and after letting the breath out he looked at the crowd. His eyes eventually settled on the student as he began.

"It was when I first understood what the word meant…that I knew I wanted to be a hero, I watched them in whatever manner I could manage. I learned about them, not just their quirks or how they fight, but all the different ways they went out of their way to help people. My friends say I'm a big hero fanboy." Izuku prattled on, receiving an occasional chuckle from his audience.

"I wanted to be like them–not for the wealth or fame–but for the simple desire to help people, and to strive to save them with a reassuring smile. To give them hope! Now I stand here at UA, the hero school that I've lived in the shadow of for my entire life. I'm one step closer to stepping out of that shadow, and I'm surrounded by others working toward the same goal." Continued Izuku as he shifted his gaze to the crowd in the stands.

"To the people in the stands and those watching at home, I promise to give it my best today and I ask that all my classmates, regardless of their course, follow suit. l want all of us here to show our skill, our dedication, and our strength. Prove to everyone watching that we can be the heroes of the future! To show all of Japan and the world at large that…" Spoke Izuku the passion in his voice was clear.

"WE ARE HERE! TO BE HEROES!"Yelled Izuku with all his heart.


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