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XXX Sports Festival XXX

"All right times up! Teams get ready for the start of the cavalry battle! " Spoke Midnight. The students participating all scattered around the arena, moving to their designated start points.

Izuku looked around at some of the other teams as he and his team moved to their designated start point in the center of the arena.

He saw Tetsutetsu, Kendo, and Reiko, who looked to be the horse with a now normal-sized Kinoko appearing to be the rider.

He saw that Momo, Ida, Tokoyami, and Shoto had formed a team, he'd have to watch out for them.

He was confused when he saw, Jurota, and Pony in a team with Ojiro and the purple-haired gen ed student that challenged the class. he noticed that besides the gen ed student, the others were all walking rather robotically. Izuku's eyes narrowed while his analytical mind began to dissect the purple-haired boy.

"That's hella strange. How did that asshole get a team?" mused Camie confusion in her tone. Izuku's attention shifted to his ill-tempered former friend. The temperamental blond seemed to have somehow convinced Mina and Kirishima to be on his team. Izuku knew Bakugo well enough to know that the blonde's pride would not allow him to be the horse, Bakugo would be the rider.

"Huh, I honestly expected him to get disqualified for not having a team. But it looks like his team is already regrating their decision." Commented Setsuna as she pointed out how the blonde's teammates look like they are having second thoughts.

"Alright, riders mount your steeds," ordered Midnight not able to resist the innuendo. Izuku and Camie assumed the position to make the horse.

"You heard her Izuku, it's time for me to mount you. I'm sure it will be a wild ride. " Spoke Setsuna in a suggestive tone and with a teasing smile. Setsuna mounted her 'horse' and strapped on the team's headband.

Izuku reacted in a fashion expected of a teenage boy. His mind immediately went into the gutter. Izukus face went atomic red, as Setsuna placed her hands on his shoulders. while Camie maintained her normal laid-back attitude.

"I call next ride." quipped Camie, joining in the banter. However, Setsuna noted the almost imperceptible blush on the American's face when she glanced at her.

"Ok teams are set, and riders are on the board!" Spoke Midnight, as the jumbotron displayed the top 10 teams with point totals beside them. Of course, the number one position stated 'team Setsuna', with a little crown next to the name.

"Looks like most everyone is going to b line for us. Be careful with my body, Izuku you'll have to take responsibility if you break it," spoke Setsuna in his ear. Izuku looked back at his two teammates his eyes full of determination.

"I won't let anyone lay even a finger on either of you." Spoke Izuku with confidence. After which he turned back to the competition, missing his word's effect on his teammates.

"Start the count down!" Spoke Midnight with a flourish, as a 10-second countdown started.

Izuku's steely gaze met the cold gaze of Shoto, whose team was directly in front of them. Izuku tensed when the count reached zero A horn went off signaling the beginning of the match.

Izuku powered up to 10% and stomped, a cloud of dust exploded into existence around his team as their opponents ran at them. Before it dissipated, a dozen identical copies of their team ran out of the cloud going in different directions. The students that didn't know about Came's quirk were greatly confused at the display. Uncertain as to which was the real one the enemy teams all scrambled to give chase hoping they chose the correct one.

"AND LOOKS LIKE TEAM SETSUNA HAS MADE DECOYS OF THEMSELVES. THEY'VE THROWN THE ARENA INTO CHAOS!" Commented Present mic, as some teams took the confusion to attack other teams.

If Izuku wasn't so focused on avoiding bumping into other teams. He would have been a bit embarrassed at the fact he was carrying Camie in his arms, While Setsuna's headless body was practically floating on his back with her handless arms wrapped around his neck. The former was so Camie could focus on keeping the team invisible and silent, while also maintaining the illusions that distracted their opponents. The latter was so Setsuna's body would move with him as he ran around at 8% full cowling.

Setsuna's hands and her head along with the ten million headbands were floating high above the arena, well out of reach of the majority of their opponents, and barely noticeable to the teams and probably the audience since they were all so focused on what was going on ground level. Setsuna's mouth and one of her ears and eyes were laying on Camie's stomach. Which allowed her to communicate with her team providing information that her bird's eye view granted.

"Team Shoto is hanging back, looks like they are trying to figure out which one is the real us. But they are getting targeted by other teams. Kinoko looks like she ate another mushroom, she's kinda translucent and doesn't look like anyone can touch her, the rest of her team has split up and they're targeting other teams. Team Shinso is sticking to the edges and is targeting anyone whos distracted, and the dumpster fire just jumped off his horse to try and tackle an illusion." Spoke Setsuna, her disembodied lips curling into a smile as she gave her team an update on what she could see.

"Thanks, Setsuna let us know if you see anything else worth noting, and be careful don't want anyone spotting you if possible." Spoke Izuku, as he hopped over a team that was moving fast and would have crashed into him, giving away his team.

One by one the Illsulions were discovered or expired until only 5 were left. The event was nearing the halfway point, and the source board had been shifting as points were lost and gained by other teams with only the top two spots unchanging.

"Izuku! Shoto is on the move it looks like he's.. JUMP NOW!" yelled Setsuna, Izuku trusting her jumped, and barely avoided a sheet of ice that coated half of the whole play space.


"Camie how are you? Are you up for phase two?" Asked Izuku once he was at a safe spot. Camie let out a breath, refreshing the illusion that was keeping them unseen and unheard.

"The halfway point has been reached. Better get a move on my lovelies!" said Midnight, causing the teams to scramble for more points.

"Yeah, I'm good prez. Watch as I make them dance, some more," spoke Camie as she released more of her quirk's multi-colored gas.

To the competition, Team Setsuana appeared as if Came's quirk faded. The illusion of Camie seemingly out of breath in Izukus's arms, and with a panicked-looking Setsuna on Izuku's back.

"Camie!" yelled out the fake Setsuna.

"Sorry, I'm at my limit prez." Apologized fake Camie, tricking the competition into thinking this was the real deal.

"WHAT'S THIS LOOKS LIKE TEAM SETSUNA'S UTSUSHIMI HAS RUN OUT OF STEAM! THEY CAN'T HIDE ANYMORE!" announced Present Mic as Vlad king looked suspiciously at the events.

"Don't worry, I'll take it from here!" reassured the fake Izuku, breaking out in a run to the non-ice-covered part of the arena. Being chased by the most confident teams on the field.

"DEKU! That headband is mine!" Yelled out Bakugo in fury.

"I will show you that Class1-A is superior!" Yelled Monoma as the rider of a team consisting of Asui, Sero, and Sato. Shoto's team also jumped into the fry trying to pin team Setsuna down.

Bakugo and the other teams tried their hardest. Monoma used several different quirks that he had copied from other contestants, including Bakugo's quirk, much to the bomber's displeasure. Bakugo repeatedly abandoned his team using his quirk to fly not caring that he was letting off an explosion right next to his team each time he did so. Bakugo recklessly charged at the fake team Setsuna repeatedly.

To them it must have been like trying to grab a ghost, every attempt at the fake's headband was dodged, or missed entirely. Even dark shadow's attempts at the headband proved fruitless. The fact that the three teams were getting in each other's way did not help their situation. The clock was running down quickly and none were any closer to taking the ten million headband.

"5 minutes remaining!" Announced Midnight, her words cause all but three teams to disregard the ten million and start attacking each other.

Teams Bakugo and Monoma, doubled their efforts to get the ten million to no avail. Team Shoto hung back like a predator waiting for its moment. Which came when the two blonde riders both cornered the fake Izuku's teams.

"Recipro Burst!" Yelled Ida, blue flames coming out of his exhaust as he propelled his team at high speeds, right past the two blondes and the fake Team Setsuna. Both Shoto and Tokoyami's dark shadow made a grab for the ten million headband, only for their hands to pass through Setsuna's heads disrupting the illusion's form. Team Shoto came to a stop and they along with the two other teams were dumbfounded for falling for the same trick twice!

"Sorry, boys you never had a chance." Mocked the fake Setsuna, with a cackle of laughter as the illusion vanished.

"IT LOOKS LIKE TEAM SETSUNA WASN'T THERE AT ALL!" Spoke Present MIc as Bakugo yelled in anger at being made a fool off.

"That's time!" yelled Midnight the cracking of midnight's whip and the sounding of the Air horn carried through the arena signaling the end of the event. After the signal, the real team Setsuna revealed themselves.


Setsuna's disembodied parts reconnected themselves to the rest of her body as Izuku placed Camie on her feet. The team of three stood side by side. Camie and Setsuna each grabbed one of Izuku's hands and raised them like actors on a stage they all bowed as one. Much to the ire of the pair of arrogant blondes. The show of comradery made the spectators cheer louder.

"In addition to Team Setsuna, Teams Kinoko, Shoto, Shinso, and Bakugo will all be moving on to the next event! But first, there will be an hour-long intermission, so get up stretch those legs, and grab something to eat. As for me, I have a lunch date to attend." Announced Midnight, her words, got the attention of some of the reporters in the audience.


The students filed out of the arena to head toward the student/faculty cafeteria so they could eat. Izuku and Pony walked side by side at the back of the pack. Pony still appeared deep in thought.

"Yeah! we made it, I'm so pumped for the final round. Thanks, Kinoko, it would have been a lot harder without you and that ghost mushroom thing. " Spoke Tetsutetsu, slapping the shorter girl on the back, causing her to stumble.

"I didn't do that much," responded Kinoko shyly, and without much confidence.

"Take more credit, we could focus, on offense because you made yourself untouchable for most of the event. Take pride in that you guaranteed our spots in the next event" commented Kendo, praising the mushroom girl like she would a sibling. Kinoko smiled as Kendo's words sunk in. the mushroom girl stood a little straighter.

"Speaking of being untouchable, Setsuna did anyone even come close to your headband?" asked Kinoko looking over at the lizard girl.

" My head was way above the arena since the start, and with Camie hiding us, no one even came anywhere close to the headband the whole time." Answered Setsuna with a toothy grin.

"Am I correct in assuming that your strategy was devised by Izuku?" Questioned Reiko walking next to Kendo but kept glancing back at the strangely quiet pony.

"Yeah, the prez is the one who came up with the plan. I even get to cash in a favor from him for joining his team," answered Camie already knowing what she wanted from the class president.

As his friends and classmates discuses, Izuku looked over at Pony. His cherry and bubbly girlfriend was unusually quiet and distracted.

"Pony are you okay, your kind of quiet?" Asked Izuku in English, concern in his tone. His voice drew the equine girl's attention.

"Izu I don't remember anything about the cavalry battle. I only remember someone asking me to be on their team. Then it's fuzzy and when I came too it was over." Replied Pony, she was distraught over such a gap in her memory. Izuku did not like the look currently on his girlfriend's face, wanting to cheer her up. As the group was passing a staircase Izuku spoke up.

" Hey guys, I'm grabbing food with my family, I'll see you all later." Announced Izuku, causing his friends to turn.

"Very well Sir Midoriya we shall see you after your meal." Spoke Jurota, with a thumbs up.

"That is a great idea Izuku, I should go eat with father." Spoke Ibara, as she pulled out her cell.

When his friends turned away Izuku grabbed Pony's hand and started to lead her toward the stairs. His eyes met Reiko's and he gestured to the stairs with his eyes. His silver-haired girlfriend understood his unsaid message and moved to join them.

"Let's go talk, Pony. I think I know what happened." Spoke Izuku as he met Pony's eyes and gave her hand a comforting squeeze. This proves to be quite effective.

Izuku had a pretty good idea about what happened and who caused it. Izuku knew it was technically allowed in the competition since the teachers didn't disqualify him and that Shinso couldn't be a worse guy than Bakugo. It didn't stop a part of Izuku from wanting to punch the guy's lights out for upsetting one of Izuku's loved ones.

As the trio made their way through one of the secluded hallways, in the stadium. They ran into All Might and Inko as they turned a corner.

"Hi mom." greeted Izuku, Pony and Reiko also greeted the Midorya matriarch.

"Oh, sweetie that was amazing! You got first in both events, and you didn't even get hurt. But you scared me half to death when you ran toward that collapsing robot even if you did it to save your classmates. I almost flooded the teacher's booth with worry!" spoke Inko, fussing over her son checking him over repeatedly for injuries. The display got a cute giggle out of Pony and a small smile from Reiko.

"Sorry mom, once I noticed they wouldn't make it to safety I jumped in without thinking," replied Izuku, happy that his training was producing such good results.

"You kids were amazing out there, the next generation of heroes looks bright with you kids!" SPoke Allmight in his suit with a smile and a laugh.

"All Might why are you here, are you going to eat with us?" Asked Pony her Horse-like ears poked out of her hair and twitched.

"Precisely young lady, Ms. Midorya has made a small feast and was kind enough to invite me. We have a room set aside just down this hall." Explained All MIght pointing at a door behind him with his thumb.

"You girls can go right in and start, we'd like to talk to Izuku in private for a moment." Spoke Inko with kindness.

"Of course Ms, Midoriya and sorry for our unannounced intrusion." Spoke Reiko politely, with a bow, Pony mirrored the action.

"No sense you're more than welcome, and please call me Inko. Oh and I have some of those apple crisps, you seemed to like Pony." Spoke Inko with a Bright smile that nearly caused the symbol of peace to blush like a love-struck high schooler.

The mention of her favorite Dessert brightened Pony's mood considerably. Pony and Reiko thanked Inko and moved toward the room to give them some privacy. With the girls gone All Might placed a large hand on one of Izuku's shoulders.

"I asked you to make a splash and you certainly delivered! You're the talk of the stadium and the internet!" Spoke Allmight, showing the boy a popular hero news website that was covering the festival. He was mentioned several times and some of the highlights from the two events were already being discussed.

"I don't believe it," spoke Izuku not believing that he was the hot topic on one of his favorite hero new websites.

"Believe it and take pride in what you've accomplished so far. Do your best in the last round and remember your mother and I are so proud of what you've accomplished regardless of if you don't win the tournament." Spoke All Might with pride in his eyes. Izuku's eyes began to water, he was touched by his mentor's words.

"Hey! what did I tell you about the waterworks." Spoke Allmight as Inko pulled out a hanky and passed it to her son.

"Sorry," spoke Izuku using the Hanky to wipe his eyes, as Allmight let out a good-natured laugh.

"No problem my boy." Spoke All Might removing his hand from the boy's shoulder.

"Sweetie are you still certain about the announcement? we can always cancel it or postpone it," spoke Inko, clearly still having reservations about the plan.

"Yeah, mom I'm certain. I'm going to win the tournament and we can make the announcement just as we planned." Spoke Izuku conviction in his voice.

"Well said now let's go eat! You'll need plenty of energy for the last event." Advised All Might as the three moved to go eat.

Unnoticed by the adults and teen, someone had been eavesdropping and the duel-haired boy's eyes were wide.

"Midoriya is Allmight's secret love child!" Whispered Shoto, shocked, at the information he obtained. So shocked that he failed to notice a set of floating cloths dart away.

XXX inside the room reserved by Allmight XXX

"Hm your deduction was spot on young Midoriya, young Shinso's quirk does allow him to control those who have to respond verbally. It is impressive you deduced his quirk, its activation requirement, and its weakness with such accuracy. But it's to be expected from one of that can challenge Nezu in a game of wits." Spoke All Might taping on a tablet as Inko plated some food for him.

"That sounds like it could be abused quite a lot." Commented Inko, understandable a little off-put by the quirk.

"Your statement rings true. But it also applies to most quirks. It is quite a useful quirk, for de-escalation, for instance, its ability to end hostage situations is apparent." Spoke Reiko as she used a knife and fork to cut into a portion of her meal.

"Is it fair that I got into the finals? I wasn't able to give my best. But I get to move on while someone else doesn't." Spoke Pony clear uncertain about whether she should withdraw from the tournament. Before Izuku or Reiko could speak words of encouragement, All Might beat them to it.

"Pony, you placed well in the race with your own strength. If given the choice to do the calvary battle over again, I do not doubt that you'd give it you're all. But we sadly can not change the past no matter how much we wish for it all we can do is move forward. You could bow out as you seem to be considering or you could move on to the tournament, and go plus ultra leaving it all on the field! It is ultimately up to you to decide how you wish to move forward!" Advised All Might. Pony mulled over All Might's words before glancing at the others in the room finding supportive looks.

"I'm going to go plus ultra!" Responded Pony meeting Allmight, steely gaze with a determined one of her own.

XXX CLASS 1-B waiting roomXXX

Izuku opened the door to his class's waiting room, he had rescued a text from kendo asking him to come down as soon as he could. Pony and Reiko had gotten their own similar texts. The two girls had gone ahead as Izuku chose to stay behind to help his mother clean up and rushed down once he was done. The room was empty most of the class was probably still in the cafe.

"Hello? Kendo? Girls!" called out Izuku. At his call, the door to the conjoined girl's locker room opened.

The sight of his female classmates all wearing UA cheerleading uniforms caused Izuku's brain to be flooded with so many teenage hormones that it almost caused his brain to crash like a computer. His face was bright red as his brain was searing the sight before him into his memory.

The uniforms showed off a lot, a short skirt showed off their legs, and a short top emphasized the girl's busts while also revealing their stomachs and some cleavage.

Each of the girls seemed to be taking their current outfits differently. Kendo stood with confidence with her fit, muscular form. Yui and Reiko were as unreadable as ever. But Izuku got the inkling that his spooky girlfriend, was enjoying his reaction to her uniform. Kinoko and Ibara both looked embarrassed and did their best to hide their forms from Izuku's view, they were in stark contrast to Camie and Setsuna, who seem to be quite enthusiastic in the uniforms and were pleased with the reaction he was giving. Finally, Pony looked absolutely adorable in her uniform.

"Hey, ladies. I think we broke our class leader, He's getting better at least. I expected him to faint the moment he saw us." teased Setsuna, closing the distance in order to get more teasing at the green-haired boy's expense. She was clearly quite happy about how she looked in the outfit.

"Setsuna, behave," spoke Kendo sternly. Grabbing the lizard grab by the scruff of her uniform.

"What's going on!? Why are you all dressed up like this? And where did you get the uniforms?" Questioned Izuku as he tried his best to focus only on his female classmate's eyes.

"We're going to have a cheer battle," spoke Kinoko using her pompoms to cover up her stomach.

"Cheer battle? I don't remember that being part of the program." Comment Izuku trying to recall mention of such an event, in the student council meetings leading up to the festival.

"Kosei, Sen, and some of the boys in class1-A let us and the class A girls know about it during lunch. It's a last-minute addition by the faculty," explained Kendo her tone conveying that she had doubts.

"As for the origin of the uniforms, Yaoyorozu provided them by use of her quirk. She stated they were ours to keep as a memento of the festival." Added Reiko. Izuku couldn't resist subtly admiring how the uniform emphasized Reiko's wide hips and long legs.

"I even got her to make you a uniform so you can join us prez," spoke Camie her own uniform showed off her killer curves as she held up a male uniform for him. Not wanting to show his shirtless body on national tv, if he didn't need to. Izuku quickly pulled out his phone

" Let me just confirm this with Vlad sensei," spoke Izuku as he sent a text to his teacher.

"Oh come on Izuku I'm certain you'd look great in it," spoke Setsuna, as she and Camie shared a glance at one another and grinned, and then they both started to move closer.

"Yeah prez plus, you still own me that favor right?" Spoke Camie, batting her eyelashes at him in an over-the-top manner.

The chime of his phone was the answer to Izuku's unsaid prayers. The boy read over the text sent by his teacher.

"Vlad says there was no addition, apparently he and the other teachers have no idea about this." Explained Izuku, showing the girls the text.

"You mean there was no need for me to get into this sinful outfit!" complained Ibara, dropping her pompoms as covered her blushing face.

" The outfits aren't sinful, I think they look nice. Izuku what do you think?" asked Pony innocently as she trotted up to him. Izuku was blown away by how adorable Pony was in the uniform, and had to actively resist the urge to pull her close and kiss her. But from the look in her blue eyes, Izuku knew this would not be the last time he saw her in that cheer outfit.

"Yeah prez what do you think about our outfits?" ask Setsuna pressing Izuku for an answer.

"I…I…ithinkyoualllookgrougous!sorrygottogoandletthe1-Agirlsknow. Bye!"Spoked Izuku in a rushed manner. As he turned around and marched toward the door with hurried steps and accidentally slammed the door as he left. Leaving 8 blushing girls in his wake.

XXX Arena floor XXX

After the punishment for the pranksters, and the end of the intermission. The mini-events for everyone who didn't make it to the finals began. Classic festival games such as a three-legged race, relay, scavenger hunt, and more were conducted for the next two hours. Izuku and the other finalists had all decided to not participate, making the wise choice of using the additional time to rest and cheer on, their friends. But that time was over as the time of the tournament had arrived.

"ALRIGHT, IT'S TIME TO SEE WHO'S AGAINST WHO IN THE FINAL EVENT! WE'VE GATHERED ALL THE CONTESTS ON THE FIELD! " Announced Present mic as the students stood in front of the stage.

Ojiro, Ida, Bakugo, Kirishima, Shoto, Tokoyami, Momo, and Mina all stood on their own. While Jurota, Izuku, Setsuna, Kendo, Tetsutetsu, Pony, Camie, Reiko, and Kinoko all stood togheer. While Shinsou stood by himself as the only student not from the hero course in the finals.

"Alright, the first round matches will be decided by lots!" explained midnight pulling out a lot box.

"Um excuse me, but I'm withdrawing," announced Ojiro with his hand raised. Much to the shock of his classmates. " it just wouldn't feel right I barely remember anything from the calvary battle. I think it was that guy's quirk. My pride as a martial artist just won't let me." explained Ojiro. Pony looked like her resolve was waning and was also thinking of withdrawing. But Reiko and Izuku's quiet reassurance reinforces her resolve.

"I too wish to withdraw, for the same reason. I do not wish to move forward in such a dishonorable manner. It would be an insult to those that gave their all." Spoke Jurota adjusting his glasses.

"So manly," spoke Tetsu Tetsu, and Kirishima and the same time.

"That kind of talk is very honorable yet naive my boys, it turns me on. Ojiro, Jurota your withdrawals are accepted!" announced midnight with a snap of her fail and a slight blush on her face.

"Nemuri, we're going to have a talk," stated Andy over the speakers, in an ominous manner that sent a chill through many who heard it. Midnight also seemed to get a chill, but the students were close enough to see that her blush grew more prominent.

"Midnight, let's just get this over with so I can take a nape," complained Eraser Head. Midnight coughed into her hand and snapped her fail again.

"We'll have to adjust the tournament bracket to account for the withdraws. So these are the matchups! " Spoke Midnight motioning to the jumbotron, which now displayed a tournament bracket.

Round one matches.

Bracket 1

Izuku Vs Ida

Setsuna Vs Momo

Bracket 2

Bakugo vs Kendo

Tetsutetsu vs Kirishima

Bracket 3

Shinsou vs pony

Reiko Vs Mina

Bracket 4

Camie Vs Tokoyami

Shoto Vs Kinoko

"Those in the first bracket please wait in the assigned ready rooms, everyone not in the first bracket can spectate from the student booths!" Spoke midnight, causing the students to clear the field.

"We'll be starting the match between Izuku Midoriya and Tenya Ida shorty. But first, to help set the stage we have Cementoss!" continued Midnight as the cement hero moved onto the field with a pair of large robots that looked like walking cement mixers. With the use of his quirk cementoss created a large rectangular platform for the students to battle on.


And the second round of the sports festival is done! Next chapter I 'l try and do the entire tournament and the award ceremony.

Thank you all for reading, following, and commenting. I appreciate it.

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