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XXXX Midoriya family home XXXX

It had been a week since the entrance exam, and Izuku was thoroughly freaking out over the lack of results. The fact he couldn't get a hold of Allmight did not help his mental state. Izuku had basically been in a daze since returning home from the exam. All he did over the last few days was wake up, eat, work out, and watch hero news. He'd barely respond to his mother when she'd talk to him. Inko had been over the moon when Izuku initially came back from the exam and told her he manifested a quirk. She had started to cry and brought her son into a hug when he said his quirk was telekinetic in nature. However, her joy quickly vanished when she noticed Izuku's mood.

Inko's worry reached a boiling point on the 7th day of Izuku's daze. When they were eating Lunch. She stopped eating halfway through the meal, placing her chopstick and the bowel and putting it to the side.

"Izuku, honey? What's wrong?" asked her concern visible in her entire being.

"Huh? I-I'm fine mom." replied Izuku with what he thought looked like a genuine smile.

Normally Inko would believe her son. She'd normally wait patiently for him to be ready to tell her what was bothering him. But she knew deep down that he'd never tell her. she wasn't going to let it slide. No, this time she was going to be stern.

"Izuku Midoriya! You haven't been yourself since the exam. Please talk to me, tell me what's wrong." pleaded Inko. Izuku was planning on just dismissing his mother's concerns and reiterated that he was fine.

But he made the mistake of looking into his mother's eyes. The overwhelming maternal concern in them caused guilty to take hold of him.

"Please..." spoke Inko tears threatening to spill. Izuku's resistance crumbled, so with a deep breath, Izuku told his mother how the exam went, how he was laughed at and dismissed, how he hadn't gotten a single point, and how all he was able to do was save some people. He did however conveniently leave out how injured he'd gotten. By the end of his retelling, he was crying heavily.

"Izuku, I'm so proud of you!" spoke Inko softly bringing her son into a hug. Her words clearly confused Izuku he looked at her through tear-filled eyes.

"You risked yourself to save people, that's what heroes do. If UA doesn't value that, then that's their loss. You'll be a hero whether you go to UA or not." spoke Inko, as she raised a hand and used her quirk to pull her cellphone from the kitchen counter over to her.

"You really think so mom?" questioned Izuku as he rubbed his eyes whipping away some tears.

"Of course! UA is not the only top hero school in japan," replied Inko quickly brought something up on her phone and then showed her son.

"There's Shiketsu High School, and you're not limited to hero schools in japan, there's Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, Wildcat's Gym, Avengers Academy, Salem Hero Academy, Camelot Castle, Mythikós Academy, Valhalla Hero Academy, and Vulcan School for Heroes. If you don't get into UA, you can just take the test for one of these schools. You will be a hero, I'll help you, however, I can." spoke Inko, a determination in her eyes that mirrored her sons, as she showed her son information on the other hero schools.

Izuku was quiet for a few moments digesting his mother's words and scrolled through the information, a determined look grew on Izuku's face.

"Your right mom! It's not the end of the world if I don't get into UA. I'll just have to work harder and attend a different school! Thanks, mom i-i needed that." spoke Izuku an appreciative smile sent at his mother.

"Your welcome. How about we finish eating. Then I'll help you look up more information." purposed Inko, as she gave him a quick hug and moved to take her seat again.

*Ding dong*

"Now what could that be? You finish up dinner while I go get this." spoke Inko as she quickly made herself presentable and moved toward the door. Izuku continued eating his Lunch quietly.

"IZUKU! A LETTER! THE LETTER FROM UA IS HERE!" yelled his mother as she burst into the room in an adorable manner. Izuku couches on some of his food at her sudden entrance.

"Thanks, mom." spoke Izuku as His mother passed him the letter.

"I'll just give you some privacy." spoke Inko as she moved to leave.

"No, mom lets open it together." spoke Izuku before Inko could leave. With a nod, the Midoriya family sat on the couch. Izuku hesitated for a moment then quickly ripped open the letter and a metal disc dropped onto the coffee table. The Midoriya's' looked curiously at the disk until it lit up and projected an image onto a wall.

"I AM HERE! AS A PROJECTION!" yelled out the recording of Allmight startling the small family.

"What Allmight? But isn't this from UA?" questioned Izuku looking at his equally confused mother.

"NOW I KNOW THAT YOU MAY BE WONDER WHY I'M HERE. WELL, YOUR LOOKING AT THE NEWEST MEMBER OF THE UA FACILITY!" Continued Allmight as the camera zoomed out revealing the symbol of peace wearing a yellow suit.

"That explains why Allmight was here in Musutafu. He was here to teach at UA." commented Inko, Izuku quickly put together why Allmight was really in Musutafu.

'He came here looking for a successor. I have to continue to rise to his expectations.' thought Izuku.

"SO, LET'S MOVE THIS ALONG! YOUNG MIDORIYA, EVEN THOUGH YOU PASSED THE WRITTEN EXAM WITH FLYING COLORS. YOU GOT ZERO COMBAT POINTS IN THE PRACTICAL EXAM.I'M SORRY." Spoke Allmight a sad tone in the massive man's voice. The words felt like a physical blow to Izuku. Inko places a hand on his back trying to comfort her son.

"FORTUNATELY, THERE WERE OTHER FACTORS! BUT BEFORE THAT! LOOK AT THIS SHORT CLIP FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE." continued Allmight as the screen changed. It now shows the three girls that Izuku had met during the exam showing them approach Present-Mic.

"Excuse me MR. Presentmic. Could we have a quick word with you?" asked the orange-haired girl. Izuku was confused as to what was happening. While Inko was thinking in a completely different direction.

'Maybe my baby can finally have a girlfriend! Maybe I'll get grandbabies in the future!' thought Inko excitedly.

"THEY SHOWED UP AFTER THE EXAM TO TALK ABOUT YOU YOUNG MAN." spoke Allmight explaining the situation.

"Of course, I can always spare a moment for my little listeners." replied Present-Mic.

"Do you know that kid with the fluffy green hair? About this height." asked the orange-haired girl using her hand to show how tall she meant.

"He was the one with the cute freckles and the pretty eyes." added the horse girl in English. President-Mic clearly understanding her. Inko was wondering what the girl said given that whatever it was caused Izuku to blush heavily.

"W-We were wondering if we could give him some of our points." stuttered the brown-haired girl.

"Yeah... he... saved me. He should at least get the points for the 2 pointer he saved me from." spoke the horse girl her Japanese rough. she looked up at president mic with determination.

"H-He w-would've had a better score if he hadn't stopped to s-save me. Give him some of my points." pleaded the brown-haired girl.

"While I and everyone else was running away. He charged toward the danger, to face it head-on to save someone. It's not right if he doesn't get in, someone like him deserves to be in UA! I can't just do nothing, give him some of my points!" spoke the orange-haired girl passionately. The three girls bowed toward Presentmic.


"Thanks for showing up at the station with your requests. But there's no reason to give him your points. The kid's, gonna chart well on his own." replied Present-Mic the clip stops. As it shifted to the clips of Izuku's actions during the exam. Inko pulled her son into a death grip when she saw the clips of Izuku's heroically dangerous actions.


"I-I did it, mom... I got into UA." spoke Izuku tears of joy streaming down his cheeks.

"I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!" cried out Inko tears of joy also streaming down her face. The small family hugged as their combined tears started to flood the apartment.

XXXX UA campus main building XXXX

Izuku stood in front of a massive door that read 1-B. He was hesitant to enter for multiple reasons. He was worried he'd open the door and Bakugo would be in there waiting to beat him or that blue-haired kid would be there to humiliate him again. He was worried that nothing would change that he'd be treated the exact same as he has been.

"It's you!" spoke a very happy and familiar voice. Izuku turned to see the horse girl from the exam standing there with a big smile.

"H-hello it's good to see you again." spoke Izuku stuttering as the girl approached him.

"Are you in, Class 1-B?" ask the girl in rough Japanese. She stood close to him clearly eager for a response.

Izuku blushed at the closeness of such a cute girl, and couldn't find his voice. So, he just nodded. Her face broke into a wide grin as she pulled Izuku into a hug.

"Yeah! That means we're classmates!" spoke the girl in English as she jumped up and down in joy, easily carrying Izuku with her. 'Man, she's stronger than she looks. I'm happy to at least have someone I know in class.' thought Izuku, his face bright red at the girl's actions.

"Oh, I haven't introduced myself yet." spoke the girl, as she put Izuku down and took a step back.

"Hello, I'm Pony Tsunotori. Please call me Pony." continued the now named Pony with a big smile and her horsetail moving back and forth.

"I-I'm I-Izuku Midoriya it's nice to meet you P-Pony." responded Izuku with a bow blushing at calling her by her first name.

"Let's go be heroes, Izuku!" spoke Pony as she grabbed Izuku's hand and opened the door to their classroom. Their entrance caught the attention of the whole room. There were only 12 other students in the room and all of them were currently looking at them.

That's when the orange-haired girl from the exam stood and approached them followed by the browned haired girl and her dark-skinned companion.

"Hi, it's good to see you made it in. I was worried about you for a moment. I'm Itsuka Kendo by the way and this is Kinoko Komori and her friend Shuhai Kuroiro.'' spoke kendo bringing Kinoko in front of her.

'He doesn't look like much. The kid looks like a scared rabbit.' thought Shihai trying his best not to voice his thoughts as he sized up Izuku.

"T-T-Thank you for saving me from the zero pointer." stuttered out Kinoko. Her words caused some in the class to suspect Izuku was the one to take down the zero pointer.

"H-Hi I'm Izuku Midoriya. Thank you for offering up your points, I really appreciate the gesture." responded Izuku as he bowed. The three girls blushed clearly embarrassed.

"They told you about that huh?" spoke kendo scratching her cheek.

"How about, we sit near each other?" proposed Pony excited at the prospect of sitting with new friends.

"Sure, we already took some seats near each other." responded Kendo with a kind smile.

The group of 4 grabbed their seats. With Pony on his right Kendo seated in front of him, Kinoko was on Kendo's right and Shihai was on Kinoko's right. The three girls started to talk amongst each other clearly having interacted after they meet at the exam. Izuku only occasionally was asked to add something to the conversion. While Shihai basically did not talk the whole time. He just kept sending Izuku glares every now and then.

As time went on and more students entered the classroom, a young girl with shoulder-length, black bob-shaped hair, cerulean eyes, and wearing a neutral expression on her face, joined them sitting down in the seat to Kendo's left. Kendo had introduced the quiet girl as Yui Kodai a friend from middle school.

"It is nice to meet you please take care of me." spoke Yui her face and tone remaining neutral.

Over the next 10 minutes, most of the seats had been filled only 5 seats were left. Two of which being the seats to Izuku's left and the one behind him. A girl with long pointed teeth and curly dark moss green hair that reached below her shoulders. Plopped down in the seat to his left.

"Hello, names Setsuna Tokage nice ta meetcha." spoke Setsuna the girl giving them a large sharp-toothed grin.

"Hi I'm Kendo, and these are Kodai, Komori, Kuroiro, Pony, and Midoriya." replied Kendo introducing the others. Izuku suddenly felt someone touching his hair. But when he looked there wasn't anyone behind him. When he looked back Setsuna was leaning closer to him.

"You've got curly green hair just like me. But how do you get it to be so soft and fluffy?" asked Setsuna with a large teasing grin.

"T-T-Thank you for the c-compliment T-T-Tokage-chan. B-But I d-don't do anything special to it..." responded Izuku he descended into incoherent mumbling.

"I can already tell, we're gonna get along great! But none of that Tokage stuff, call me Setsuna. ok?" spoke Setsuna leaning even closer to Izuku. She bopped his nose with her disembodied hand before reattaching it. The boy practically had steam coming off him, as his entire face went bright red. Setsuna started laughing at the boy's reaction.

"Setsuna quiet teasing him." spoke Kendo defending the green-haired boy. Setsuna leaned back in her seat.

"Sorry, he's just got such cute reactions, I couldn't help myself." commented Setsuna. Her words caused Izuku to somehow blush harder as he hid his face with his arms. Setsuna simply gestured to Izuku's current state, as if it proved her point. Before Kendo could respond the door to the classroom flew open.

"What up fam! You are ready to be legit heroes!" yelled out a girl as she walked into class.

The girl had straight, fawn-colored hair that reached just below her shoulders and large, dark brown eyes. She stood only a little shorter than Izuku and had noticeably full, plump, and glossy lips as well as a quite curvaceous figure. And she was dressed in the UA female uniform but the top few buttons of her shirt were unbuttoned revealing some of her cleavage.

There were some comments on her entrance but soon the class descended back into their original conversations. She walked toward the last available seat which was the one right behind Izuku.

"Hey, your ties all twisted." spoke the girl stopping by Izuku's desk.

"O-oh y-yeah, i-i've never been able to tie one right. I always m-mess it up." stutter out Izuku stretching the back of his head.

"Want me ta fix it? It'll only take a minute." offered the girl, kindly and in a nonchalant manner. Izuku didn't know how to respond to the offer. The girl, not hearing a no, shrugged and leaned over and began to fix his tie. At her actions, Izuku looks away with a blush as he didn't want to accidentally see down her shirt. It was over in just a few moments but to Izuku it was an anxiety-filled eternity. He could clearly hear Setsuna laughing quietly at his predicament.

"They're all set! Ya gotta look your best on the first day. Names Camie by the way." spoke the girl as she stood straight again throwing out a peace sign.

"T-thank you v-v-very much Camie." spoke Izuku with red-tinted cheeks.

"No probs fam. We halfta get along, we are gonna be together for the next 3 years." spoke Camie waving it off. "But OMG, your freckles are shaped like little diamonds, that's so hella cute." commented Camie quietly in English as she took the seat behind Izuku.

"I know right. But don't let that fool you Izuku is really strong." responded Pony also in English clearly having heard Camie. Izuku hid his face in his arms again, tuning out the conversations around him and tried to regain his composer.

Izuku wasn't used to this kind of treatment. The only time someone interacted with him in his past usually involved his money being taken or insults, or beatings or some form of humiliation, and often a combination of the Four. Such was the reality of his life up to this point.

So, it was strange for him to experience anyone his age being kind to him let alone a bunch of very cute girls it was simply unreal for him. A large part of Izuku was terrified that this happiness would be fleeting, that Bakugo would at any moment take this from him like he always did. Bakugo would convince everyone in the class to turn against him, to beat and berate him.

'No matter what you do or how hard you fucking try! You'll NEVER be anything, but a worthless Deku! Remember that.' thought Izuku, recalling Bakugo's parting words from their middle school graduation. Before Izuku's thoughts could go further down this dark path, the classroom door opened once more.

The class went near completely silent. Izuku pulled out his hero notebook. 'That's the Blood Hero: Vlad King! He's been teaching at UA since shortly after UA was founded, he took down the villainess banshee singlehandedly, and helped dismantled the human trafficking ring the ghoul court! he's so cool!' thought Izuku, going full hero nerd. When Izuku looked up Vlad and the rest of the class were all staring at him. Like many times before Izuku blushed hard at being the center of attention. Vlad let out a deep kind belly laugh.

"Reminds me of my first day of hero school." spoke Vlad before he coughed and straightened up. "As Midoriya said my name is Vlad king, I'll be your homeroom teacher. You will address me as sensei, or Vlad sensei alright?" asked Vlad sternly.

"Yes, Vlad sensei!" replied all the students. Vlad pulls out a clipboard and a pair of reading glasses.

"Great! Now we've got a full day ahead of us. We'll start with introductions, then we have the introduction ceremony. After which you'll all be meeting your other teachers, then will be the interviews with a Hounddog followed by lunch. Lastly, I'll have you all take an assessment so I can get a feel for your capabilities. Then you're all free to go home. For those of you that are moving into the dorms, your stuff should be in the common room. I'll be giving you the tour after school." spoke Vlad glancing at his clipboard.

"Well let's get started when I call, give your name, quirk, and a little fact about yourself if you want." spoke Vlad. Izuku pulled out a brand-new hero notebook and began adding entries for each of his classmates along with his own questions and speculation on possible uses improvements.

_Hero analysis for the future no 14, UA Class 1-B_

Pony Tsunotori Quirk: Horn Cannon. I got a good look at Pony's quirk from the entrance exam. It's a very powerful ranged attack that's difficult to dodge due to pony's ability to control them remotely. But I still have so many questions. How many horns can she control at once? Could she control the horns independently sending them at two different targets? How durable are her horns? She used them to fly briefly, how much weight can they carry? She could potentially pick up and remove multiple civilians from danger. She also appears to have a mutation that gives her horse-like features, I know she has enhanced strength. She probably has enhanced speed, but does she have better senses as well? More information on her quirk is needed. Pony is from Texas which explains her trouble with Japanese. Maybe I should offer to help her?

Camie Utsushimi Quirk: Glamour. So, she can make short-lived visual and auditory illusions, that's so versatile! She could trick villains into thinking they were outnumbered, or make the terrain look different making them crash into things and trip. She could make herself invisible or make illusionary duplicates of herself to confuse her opponents. But what are her limits? How long do the illusions last? How big of an area can she cover? How detailed can she make the illusions? Since her quirk doesn't give her any physical enhancements, she could benefit from support equipment, a weapon perhaps? Some utility items would be very helpful as well. Could she potentially store the gas she breathes out? making gas grenades or maybe some kind of gas mine? If she could, would the illusions be decided beforehand or could she change it at will? Do the illusions affect machines too? If not, then how did she pass the exam? I should ask her. Camie is from California and seems to be fluent in both English and Japanese.

Kosei Tsuburaba Quirk: Solid Air. The ability to create platforms and walls of air when he breathes out. A good defensive quirk, but how strong are they? How long can they last? Can they be moved perhaps thrown as an offensive attack? Can he make different shapes? More data is needed.

Sen Kaibara Quirk: Gyrate. His Quirk allows him to make any part of his body rotate like a drill. Could it be used for digging up debris to save civilians or maybe a useful breaching tool? He could enhance his strikes with it. Could he use his quirk to let him swim at high speed, like a boat propeller?

Juzo Honenuki Quirk: Softening. He can soften any non-living thing he touches. He could safely save civilians buried under rubble, hinder villains' attempts to escape, or even soften someone's landing from a fall. But how much material can he soften at once? How much range does he have with it? He got in through recommendation. So, he must be very skilled.

Hiryu Rin Quirk: Scales. The ability to sprout scales from his skin and be able to shoot them out as projectiles. A relatively simple quirk that allows for good offensive and defense. It's more than enough to be a good hero. Rin is the last foreign student he is from china and is versed in martial arts. I wonder if..."

"Midoriya, your next." spoke Vlad, breaking Izuku's train of thought. All eyes turned to Izuku, immediately making him nervous.

"H-h- hi, I'm Izuku M-Midoriya, my quirk is called t-t-tactile telekinesis, it lets me enhance my own body. Please take care of me!" stuttered out Izuku as he quickly took his seat again. Thankfully Vlad continued to move the introductions along. Izuku returned to his notebook.

Ibara Shiozaki Quirk: Vines. Her Quirk allows her to manipulate her vine-like hair. This is such a good versatile quick! She can attack, defend, restrain opponents and she can use them to rescue trapped civilians. But how could it be improved? Could she improve her striking power by tying the ends of her vines into knots essentially making fails? What about making it into one large braid? Depending on her control she could use her vines to swing around like Kamui woods thus increasing her mobility! She seems to have a kind and gentle demeanor that along with her quirk and she'll be a very popular heroine in the future.

Itsuka Kendo Quirk: Big Fist. Kendo can enlarge her fists to a gigantic size. The increase in size also seems to enhance her strength. This compliments Kendo's martial arts training making her a formidable opponent in hand to hand combat. But what else could she do with her quick? Could she launch herself by striking the ground? Or maybe she could throw a civilian out of harm's way? Maybe she could generate wind? I should ask her if she could give me some pointers for how I should fight? Now that I think of It, do I even know how to throw a punch properly? Allmight's workout plan focused exclusively on getting me in shape and my endurance. Maybe kendo could help me, she did mention her family owns a dojo.

Setsuna Tokage Quirk: Lizard Tail Splitter. She can split up her body into many pieces and all those pieces are able to levitate and move freely through the air. It's an extremely versatile Quirk. It could allow her to spy and gather information easily, and at little risk since she can apparently regenerate any piece that is destroyed. She could use her quirk to support other heroes in a battle harassing and distracting the villains. Although her ability to attack is limited as her quirk doesn't seem to increase her strength or striking power. But she could also be very good at infiltration and other situations that require stealth. But how many pieces can she control at once? How far from her can they go? How small can the pieces be? What are the limits of her regeneration? Setsuna is the second recommended student in our class.

Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu Quirk: steel. His quirk allows him to turn his skin into steel. A good defensive quirk that should let him tank a lot of hits. He can shield civilians and other heroes with his quirk. Depending on his strength he could breach walls and doors with ease. If he learns the right fighting style, he could become a powerful hero.

Shihai Kuroiro Quirk: Black. His quirk allows him to merge with black. That's all he said...more information will be needed before I can properly analyze his quirk. I get the feeling that Shihai doesn't like me much.

Yosetsu Awase Quirk: Weld. Yosetsu's Quirk gives him the ability to fuse objects together at an atomic level. This quirk could be used to weld rubble together making it safer to extract civilians. He could also disable villains by welding them to the floor or walls maybe even weld them to their own bodies effectively restraining them. He'll become a very dangerous melee combatant in the future.

Kinoko Komori Quirk: Mushroom. She can create spores that can turn into different kinds of fungus upon contact with any surface. This quirk could be extremely debilitating, she could blind or deafen an opponent by growing mushrooms over their ears and eyes. She could knock someone out easily by having them breathe in her spores and cause them to asphyxiate. She can also make enough mushrooms to cushion falls as she did in the entrance exam, but the effectiveness of this could be limited. Could she possibly stabilize muddy terrain by using her mushrooms to anchor the dirt? She's the 1st person I meet at UA, she seems to be just as shy as I am. I'm glad she's my classmate and I can't wait to get to know her and the others.

Yui Kodai Quirk: Size. She is able to change the size of any nonliving object she touches. This is incredibly useful. Is there a limit to how big or small she can make an object? How long does the change stay? Could she shrink one object while growing another at the same time? Does she also change the density and weight of the object? Depending on how it works she could carry a large amount of medicine, food, and other supplies into areas that would prove difficult or impossible for a vehicle. She could shrink debris and rubble making rescue work easier and make clearing blocked roads less time consuming during a disaster. She could carry an arsenal of gadgets without having to worry about weight as much. It could also be a great offensive tool as even a pebble could become a boulder.

Kojiro Bondo Quirk: Cemedine. His quirk lets him spray large amounts of a fast-drying glue-like liquid from the holes in his face. A good quirk for area denial and restraining villains. Bondo seems to have a very quiet nature.

Togaru Kamakiri Quirk: Razor Sharp. He is able to produce large blades from any part of his body. The offensive potential of this quirk is obvious. Though I would like to know if he can detach his blades and use them as ranged weapons. Depending on the durability and sharpness he could potentially scale the sides of builds or cliff faces. He could also be good at breaching doors and walls. He is another classmate that has the potential of being a great melee fighter.

Manga Fukidashi Quirk: Comic. He can materialize onomatopoeia which manifests the effects of the word. It's a quirk that is mainly limited by his creativity. Offensive, defense, support, rescue as long as he can talk, he could be effective in the situation.

Reiko Yanagi Quirk: Poltergeist. She has a telekinetic quirk like mom. But Yanagi's quirk allows her to control not just objects but people as well. but she has a weight limit and a maxim range. Could her weight limit be improved? Could her range? How precise is her control? Does she have any limitations in regards to the number of objects that she can control at once? Could she catch projectiles like bullets in midair? Even if the limitations for her quirk are fixed, it is still a versatile quirk that is useful for whatever type of hero she wants to be.

Jurota Shishida Quirk: Beast. Jurota's Quirk allows him to transform into a large, monstrous beast-man which increases his strength, speed, durability, and his senses. However, he becomes more animalistic mentally as well. He can also choose to partially transform certain parts of his body thus gain some of the benefits without the feral mental state. He could track down villains with his augmented senses, making him an asset during a pursuit or manhunt. Depending on his level of control, he could become quite a skilled combat hero.

After introductions were finished Vlad lead the class to the auditorium. Where they took their seats near the front. Class 1-A should've been sitting next to them, but they were nowhere to be seen. Nezu seemed to ignore the fact that an entire class was missing. Nezu simply started his speech, the speech itself was long, boring, and rambling. Some of the students seated behind Izuku fell asleep.

However, Nezu's speech was interrupted twice. Both times by loud and very familiar explosions roughly an hour apart. Izuku flinched horribly at the sound, which some of his classmates did notice. Nezu for his part seemed very annoyed at the interruptions. But he finished his speech and the gen ed students were allowed to go back home, while the support students left with Powerloader to the support department studios.

Class 1-b was led to another room where one by one each student got to talk to their teachers after which they were sent to speak with Hounddog. Izuku had gone full fanboy excitedly asking for autographs from the pro heroes. Everything went smoothly except for when Izuku met Midnight the R rated heroine. The seductive heroine quickly discovered Izuku was easily flustered and began to tease him mercilessly. However, unlike Setsuna Midnight was on another level of teasing. The r rated heroine quickly caused Izuku to faint. She then proceeded to place Izuku's head on her lap and left it there as she continued to talk with the other students as if nothing was amiss. This caused most of the male students to get jealous and caused the male teachers to sigh dramatically.

"Feels like watching a fox mess with a rabbit." added Presentmic his tone full of amusement.

"I almost feel sorry for the kid, it seems Midnight's taken a liking to him. Think he'll be ok Vlad?" asked Snipe looking at the blood hero.

"He'll be fine…" said Vlad looking at midnight nonchalantly speaking with Setsuna as Midnight played with Izuku's hair. The two girls seemed to be hitting it off. "I hope." Finished Vlad.

'Why do I feel like Midoriya is going to be involved in a lot of headaches in the future.' Thought Vlad for a moment. Once all the other students had finished meeting the teachers and were heading to Hounddog.

"Alright, Nemuri you've had your fun. The boy still needs to talk to Ryo before lunch. So, wake him up." Spoke Vlad approaching them as the other teachers filed out of the room.

"Aww, come on Sekijiro he's just so cute, can't I keep him a little longer." Replied Midnight in an overdramatic cute tone trying to sway him. Vlad gave her an unamused look.

"Fine. Not like I won't be able to mess with him later." Spoke Midnight with an almost comical pout, Midnight grabbed a small container of smelling salts from her belt and used it on Izuku. Izuku's eyes snapped open, he was looking right at Midnight's face and he quickly realized where he was.

"Did you have a good nap?" asked Midnight with a sultry grin. Izuku's face turned bright red, at her words. Before Midnight could once again make Izuku faint Vlad interjected.

"Midoriya! you still need to talk with the Guidance Counselor. Come on." Barked out Vlad as he turned to leave the room. Izuku shot to his feet.

"Yes, Vlad-sensei!" responded Izuku as he fell into step behind his teacher. Izuku glances back at midnight before he left the room. The r rated heroine sent him a sexy wink and blew a kiss at him. Izuku let out a quiet squeak and he hurried out of the room to catch up with Vlad sensei.

XXXX Hounddog's office XXXX

Izuku sat in a surprisingly comfy chair in front of Hounddog's desk. The room looked more like a psychologist's office from tv than a school Guidance Counselor. The hero's muzzle was off, revealing his canine features. The Guidance Counselor was pulling up Izuku's file on his computer. Izuku had taken some of the gummy candies the Hounddog had offered him from the bowel on the desk.

"Alright let's start. First, I'd like to once again welcome you to the UA hero course. I'll be your guidance counselor for your time here at UA." spoke Hounddog a polite grin on his face.

"I-I feel honored, H-Hounddog sensei could I get an autograph?" spoke Izuku stuttering out his words. The Hunting Dog Hero quickly wrote his signature in the autograph book.

"So, as you may know, there are broadly 3 categories of heroes' combat, support, and rescue. Combat heroes focus on taking down villains and providing security for events and VIPs.

Rescues heroes focus on dealing with a multitude of different scenarios natural disasters, fires, floods, cats in trees, and much more. Support heroes are the broadest category, healing, tracking of villains, information gathering, performing investigations, counseling, interrogation, and transport of villains to prison, are just some examples. But these categories are loose classifications some heroes fit into more than one category, like me for example I combat villains. but I also take part in manhunts and search and rescue operations. While other heroes like 13 focus purely on rescue work. Do you have an idea of what you'd like to do as a hero? It's fine if you don't have a solid idea." Asked Hounddog. Izuku only took a few moments to respond.

"A-All Might was the 1st hero that really i-inspired me. I w-want to be like h-him, doing all k-kinds of hero work." replied Izuku, determination in his eyes, despite the stutter in his voice.

"A very common statement. A lot of students that come to UA also want to emulate Allmight. Tell me Izuku do you plan on getting an international hero license like Allmight?" asked Hounddog professionally. Izuku took a lot longer to think of his answer. He even began to mutter to himself. Hound-dog did not interrupt the teen's train of thought, the hero simply sat quietly, patiently waiting for Izuku's response.

"I h-haven't really t-thought about that before today. I-I guess I'd like to e-establish m-myself in Japan 1st. Once I have more e-experience I m-might go for an international license. But I'm still not sure" spoke Izuku after he stopped muttering.

"It's fine if you've not sure, less than two hundred heroes in all of Japan have their international licenses." spoke hound-dog as he typed quickly into the computer. Eyes narrowing at the screen. "Now, I have some questions about your middle school. If that's fine with you?" continued Hounddog his tone serious.

"Oh t-that's fine with m-me." responded Izuku nervously as he looked away.

"Your quirk manifested during the exam, so you were considered quirkless till that moment, correct?" asked Hounddog looking right into Izuku's eyes.

"Y-Y-Yes sir." responded Izuku avoiding eye contact. As he starting to worry about where this was going.

"According to your file, you had frequent visits to the nurse's office, for burns, bruises, and lacerations. However, the causes of these injuries are not in any of the reports. Could you tell me about that?" asked Hounddog, who already had his suspicions on the answer.

"I-I-I've just always been c-clumsy and I often l-look for hero fights a-around town." Spoke Izuku lying as best he could, in other words horribly. Hounddog didn't believe a word.

'But I don't have any evidence or probable cause to look more into this matter right now.' thought Hounddog frustrated. The hero let out a long sigh 'It's only the first day, I'll get him to open up later.' thought Hounddog who moved on to a few more questions. Soon they had finished and Izuku stood to leave.

"Alright you're done, enjoy your lunch..." spoke Hounddog. Izuku gave a quick bow and was at the door when hound-dog spoke again causing the teen to turn toward the hero.

"Izuku... this is not your old school. If you need anything or need to talk to someone. Don't hesitate to come to talk to me or the other teachers. You're a student here, please rely on us! We're here to help you kids!" finished Hounddog with passion and conviction.

"T-Thank you Hounddog sensei. I'll b-be sure to k-keep that in m-mind." responded Izuku with another bow and he slipped out of the room. Hounddog let out another sign.

'Kids easier to read than a Dr. Seuss book. Not hard to assume why he acts like that, given how people treat the quirkless. Hopefully, that's all in his past now, and he can grow into a good hero unimpeded… but there might be more kids suffering in that school.' thought Hounddog anger bubbling in his chest. He pulled up another file. 'I'll have to try and convince Aizawa to let me talk to him. He may get me the information I need.' thought Hounddog looking at Bakugo's file. Not knowing he wouldn't have to wait long for his probable cause...

XXXX UA Cafeteria XXXX

Izuku sat at a large cafeteria table that was situated near a bank of large windows that showed off the school's heavily forested property. Izuku had quickly gotten some food from the Cook Hero: Lunch Rush who serves as UA's chief. After acquiring his lunch, helping Pony order her food and a quick autobiography from the hero. He was semi-dragged to a table by Pony and Setsuna. The table had the same group of his classmates that sat around him in class. Izuku was sat between Kendo and Pony, while Camie, Setsuna, Kuroiro, and Kinoko sat on the other side of the table. Jurota and Yanagi were also seated at the table but were further down from Izuku. The teens eagerly dug into the delicious meal.

"Yum this is SOOO good!" spoke Pony as she took another bite of her food with a content smile.

"To be expected from Lunch-rush. he is the number two food-based hero in the world." commented Izuku with a big smile. Pony simply nodded as her mouth was full.

"Hey Izuku, exactly how do you know English?" asked Camie her head tilted the side. The girl's question drew the attention of some of the others at the table.

"I... was... also... curvaceous. About that! How do you know English?" asked Pony as she looked at Izuku.

"Pony, I think you meant curious." spoke kendo correcting the horse girl.

"Oh?! Sorry about that, thank you Kendo!" spoke pony slightly embarrassed as she tapped her fingers against each other.

"They do bring up a good question. So … care to share?" spoke Setsuna, shifting the table's attention back to Izuku.

"I w-wanted to f-follow heroes from a-all over. I s-started to w-watch the hero news from d-different countries. so, I l-learned the L-languages to understand them better." explained Izuku nervously.

"Exactly how many languages can you speak?" asked Kendo. Izuku had to actively prevent himself from squirming under the gazes of his classmates.

"S-Six." replied Izuku quietly, his words imposing those at the table.

"T-That's amazing." spoke Kinoko as she nervously fiddled with her hands.

'So, he's multilingual, it's not that impressive.' thought Kuroiro, keeping himself from rolling his eyes.

"That's like tots sweet. What are the other languages?" asked Camie as she pulled out her phone.

"W-well I can speak German, R-Russian, French, and I-Italian." responded Izuku. His classmate praised his skill. Kendo led the conversion onto the interests and skills of the others as they continued to eat.

"Um, U-U-Utsushimi-Chan can I ask you s-something?" asked Izuku. The girl faced him, a slightly miffed look on her face.

"Sure, Izuku-Kun. But call me Camie. like I told you too, k?" responded Camie. Izuku nodded and then he pulled out his notebook, from out of seemingly nowhere.

"I wanted to know, does your quirk work on robots?" asked Izuku excited curiosity in his tone.

"My quirk only works on people; it works through cameras. But the exam robots worked on their own." explained Camie, using her quirk to make a tiny chibi of herself and Izuku.

"We are here!" spoke the two illusions as they struck a few superheroes poses together before they vanished. Izuku's eyes widened in wonder as he saw the little chibis. He started to rapidly write in his notebook and muttering. Izuku looked back up at Camie.

"So how did you deal with the exam? If your quirk didn't work on the robots?" asked Izuku. Camie along with kendo and Setsuna were amused with Izuku's antics. Camie once again used her quirk to bring forth the tiny chibi Camie and chibi versions of the villain bots.

"E-Z, I just filled in the forms for special gear and brought a metal bat. The rescue points also helped." spoke Camie the tiny chibi Camie proceed to beat the villain bots. The tiny doppelganger stood tall on the beaten foes and blew a kiss with a heart right after the illusion vanished.

"That's really clever! I didn't even consider bringing a weapon!" spoke Izuku as he wrote some more.

"W-What are you W-writing I-Iz-Izuku-Kun?" asked Kinoko nervously.

"Just notes on C-Camie's quirk a-along with some of my i-ideas." replied Izuku stuttering out as he stopped writing.

"Really can I take a peek?" sked Camie, Izuku hesitated a moment but passed the girl the notebook. Camie started to look over the notes. But before Camie could respond, Izuku's blood ran cold as he heard.

"DEKU! YOU BASTARD!" yelled a voice over the sound of multiple explosions. Izuku turned his head just enough to see the explosion that blasted him. Izuku crashed into the table shattering it, causing food to go flying everywhere. Black Smoke covered part of the cafeteria. Izuku's ears were ringing from the point-blank explosion. He had burns, and he was definitely going to bruise. As the ringing in his ears faded, he felt a hand roughly grab his damaged blazer and haul him up. Izuku looked into the hate and anger filled eyes of Bakugo.

"Ka-ka-Kacchan… I" stutter out Izuku devolving into the same mentality he always did, meek and as non-threatening as possible. Before Izuku could continue to speak Bakugo struck him in the gut, knocking the air out of Izuku. The smell of burnt sugar became more pronounced as fist grabbing his clothes started to smoke.

"LISTEN HERE YOU QUIRKLES SACK OF SHIT! YOU TELL ME HOW YOU CHEATED TO GET IN HERE! AND YOU BETTER SAY IT QUICK OR I'LL FUCKIN...OHF!". Yelled out Bakugo until he was hit by an enlarged hand knocking him away from Izuku. Izuku's back flared in pain as he hit the ground again. The smoke cleared and Izuku saw Kendo with, Setsuna and Pony on either side of her. They were standing in between him and Bakugo. The three of them covered in soot, and bits of food. Pony and Kendo's uniforms were also singed and burnt.

"I-I-Izuku are you ok?" asked Kinoko as she and Camie suddenly appeared on either side of him, both in similar disheveled states. They worriedly looked over him and helped him sit up.

"I thought this school was supposed to be top tier, how'd the asshole get in?" asked Camie rhetorically glaring at the blonde.

"Fuck you man hands! I won't kill you worthless extras if you hand over Deku!" threaten Bakugo hands popping with explosions as he insulted Kendo.

"What the hell! Why'd you do that?!" spoke Setsuna anger in her tone, as she detached pieces of herself, in case of a fight.

"Because Ya fucking split bitch, I'm going to be number 1 hero and surpass all might, naturally I was to get the top spot in the exam. So, there's no way that quirkless waste of space could get My number one slot without cheating!" responded Bakugo equal parts arrogant, angry, and irrational.

"But Izuku has a quirk! He took out the..." started Pony clearly wanting to defend her new friend. But Bakugo cut her off with an explosion.

"Shut it cow tits! you, handjob and split bitch get the fuck outta my way!" yelled Bakugo as he charged at them.

"DIE!" yelled out Bakugo throwing out an explosion with both hands at the three girls with no hesitation. The cafeteria went so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

When the smoke cleared all that stood there was some kind of blood-red shield. Confused Bakugo suddenly found himself on the ground his hands restrained against his body his palms the source of his explosions pointed at his own face. The blond bomber looked up to see Vlad king reabsorb his blood shield.

"Now, somebody explain what's going on here." spoke Vlad his tone serious piercing the quiet cafeteria

"That crazy chihuahua attacked Izuku while we were having lunch." answered Setsuna the other students in the cafe all agreeing with her. Bakugo glared angrily at the green-haired girl as she comforted a crying pony.

"What's your name and class?" demanded Vlad looking at Bakugo. The blonde just clicked his tongue at the question instead he chose to just glare at the extras that dared to oppose him.

"Sensei! his name is Katsuki Bakugo. He is part of class 1-A." spoke Lida as he and Uraraka approached. 'of course, he's one of Aizawa's.' thought Vlad.

"Thank you and you are?" spoke Vlad, as he tried to remember what was in Bakugo's file.

"I am Tenya Lida and this is Ochaco Uraraka. Sensei!" responded Lida stiffly as he bowed to the teacher.

"I'm surprised you're still here, normally Aizawa's class is dismissed by now." spoke Vlad, confused and scrutinizing the two students.

"Some of the class stayed behind to speak with the guidance counselor. We just finished in time to get a little lunch before heading home." informed Uraraka, explaining why some of class 1- A was still on campus.

"But Bakugo went to the gym on campus to train." spoke Lida further explaining as his hands moved about.

"Stay out of this glasses! And you too round face!" yelled Bakugo angry glare at the two. Lida just looked disapprovingly at Bakugo. While Uraraka was wondering if he was calling her fat.

"Why would you attack another student?" asked Vlad, his tone very cold and serious.

"To teach that cheating bastard a lesson." answered Bakugo. Looking at Izuku like he wanted to light him on fire.

"Midoriya? he earned his place in the hero course." respond Vlad crossing his arms.

"There's no way the quirkless weakling passed the exam without cheating!" yelled Bakugo violently wiggling on the floor. Vlad and the students that had seen Izuku were confused. Then Vlad remembered what Nezu had said at the meeting.

"Midoriya is a late bloomer; he manifested his quirk during the exam." informed Vlad flatly. This caused most of the students to look at Izuku in surprise. However, someone had a very different reaction.

"Fucking Deku! You've been looking down on me this whole time, haven't you?! Keeping your quirk, a secret this whole time! I'll fucking kill you!" yelled Bakugo trying to free himself. Vlad looked at the kid in front of him, shocked at the level of mental gymnastics and stupidity he had just heard.

"I don't think you understand how much trouble you're in right now." spoke Vlad getting back on subject and trying to impart the seriousness of the situation.

"Yeah, yeah, I get it! I used my quirk in public!" spoke Bakugo clearly not thinking it was a big deal and not even mention his attack on fellow students. Vlad pinched the bridge of his nose.

'I remember this kid had good grades, is he really this dense? Does he really not understand? We'll figure it out later?" thought Vlad with a sigh. The blood hero hosted Bakugo to his feet keeping a firm grasp on the student. The pro hero looked at his students judging the level of harm done.

"All of you should head to recovery girl for treatment. If she okays it, you can go to the training field. I have to deal with Bakugo, and arrange for replacement uniforms for you all alright?" spoke Vlad in a somewhat softer tone.

"Yes sensei!" responded the students. The group covered in food and soot then proceeded out of the cafeteria just as some cleaning robots enter the cafe along with Powerloader.

"Quit the mess on the first day." spoke Powerloader with a whistle, as the robots picked up what was left of the table and started to clean up the food and soot off the floor.

"Higari do you know where Aizawa is?" asked Vlad with a sigh of exasperation.

"Last I saw him; he was under his desk sleeping. I'll go get him for you." offered Powerloader, wanting to prevent any conflict between the two without any mediators.

"Thank you Higari, please tell him to meet me in principle at Nezu's office." spoke Vlad with a small smile. As he removed Bakugo's restaurants now that his targets had left.

"No problem." Spoke Powerloader with a wave as Vlad lead Bakugo out of the room. The teen still does not seem to understand his position.

XXXX UA outdoor track field XXXX

The group of teens didn't have to spend a lot of time in Recoverygirl's office. The old heroine took detailed notes on their injuries. The most server injuries being second-degree burns and a bruised rib, that Izuku suffered. But they were dealt with quickly by Recoverygirl's quirk. The teens were cleared to return to their class, although slightly more tired and with some candy.

The entirety of class 1-B stood outside by the athletic field all dressed in their UA gym uniforms. Vlad was already out on the field waiting for them a tablet in his hand.

"Alright everyone before we start, I want to speak about the incident in the cafeteria. Lunchrush saw the whole thing, the matter has been more or less dealt with at this point. But some of you may still need to talk to principal Nezu later." spoke Vlad in a neutral tone but it was clear he was hiding his displease.

"Did the guy get expelled?" asked Setsuna her distaste for Bakugo clear in her tone. Izuku squished down the urge to defend his childhood friend.

"No, he's been given detention for the next 2 weeks, his parents will be contracted, and if he makes any more trouble, he'd be put in the gen ed course at best and expelled at worst. On top of that, the incident has been noted in his permanent file." spoke Vlad explaining to the students. Those involved seemed to accept this punishment all except one.

"I-I-Is it that a little much?" Squeaked out Izuku. His words caused everyone to look at him. Kendo and Setsuna, in particular, narrowed their eyes in suspicion at the green harried boy.

"He used his quirk outside of training to blast himself from one side of the cafeteria to the other, attacked a student, injured several others, and destroyed school property. He was also about to attack more students when I walked in. On top of that, he seemed not to have any remorse for his action. If he was part of this class, I'd have expelled him on the spot." spoke Vlad with a deadpan voice as he looked at Izuku scrutinizing the teen.

"Why wasn't he? He acted more like some madden fanatic than a student of a venerable hero school." asked Ibara her displease of Bakugo on full display. Several classmates nodding along with her words.

"It's not my call, it's up to his homeroom teacher and the principal…" responded Vlad with a sigh. Before he cleared his throat. "Let's move on and get started with this assessment. It is the same that you'd take in middle school except I want you all to use your quirks. This is so I can get a feel for where all stand individually and as a group. so, I want all of you to give it your all, get it!" spoke Vlad. his words causing most in the class to get excited.

"Yes, Vlad sensei!" replied the whole class with conviction.

The assessment started with a 50-meter sprint. Izuku had run with Kamakiri who used his quirk to create makeshift cleats with his blades. While Izuku just ran normally. However, Pony came out the fastest followed shortly after by Honenuki, who used his quirk to swim through the ground.

The high jump was a tough event, Yanagi used her quirk to Fly herself over the bar but she moved slowly and unstably. Tsuburaba created platforms of solid air to make a staircase for himself. Shishda's legs bulked up slightly and he cleared the bar with ease. Ibara used her vines to fling herself over the bar and somehow gracefully landed on the mat. Manga used his quirk to make the onomatopoeia, which acted as a springboard to improve his jump. However, Setsuna simply broke herself apart and floated her pieces over the bar with ease.

The repeated sidesteps event was more one-sided. Despite Kinoko using a bunch of springy mushrooms and Manga using spring-like onomatopoeia to bounce back and forth. Ibara still outdid everyone by using her hair to pull her back and forth. The grip strength test event went by quick and was thoroughly won by kendo, whose grip strength outdid everyone else by a large margin.

The flexibility tests were easily dominated by Setsuna, who showed how easy it is to touch one's toes when you can detach your midsection. The only one to even come close to competing with Setsuna was Camie. Who showed a surprising level of flexibility that had her classmate questioning if humans are supposed to be able to bend like that. Awase, Tsuburaba, and Kaibara, in particular, did their best to not be caught, as they were staring very intently at Camie's body.

As the tests went by one by one Vlad, diligently recorded his student's results. However, he frowned at Izuku's hesitance to use his quirk. Which he had guessed would be the case so he sent a quick message with his tablet in between events. The class was down to the last two events the ball throw and the endurance run.

One by one the class did the ball throw. Kamakiri grew a large blade in his hand and used it as a makeshift baseball bat. Kendo simply smacked the ball with her enlarged hand. Ibara used her vine as a makeshift sling to throw the ball. Jurota threw the ball after enhancing himself with beastly strength. Pony shot out a pair of horns after she had thrown the ball and then used them to hit the ball mid-flight. Setsuna just detached her arm and had it carry the ball to around the 62-meter mark and the had her disembodied arm throw the ball. Reiko just used her quirk to throw the ball as hard as she could getting a respectable distance. It was Izuku's turn, and the boy nervously walked to the circle but right before he could follow through with his throw.

"Midoriya!" yelled out Vlad sensei causing Izuku's ball to land only a few meters from him.

"Yes sensei?!" replied Izuku. As he notices that Recoverygirl was approaching the class.

"Listen, I understand your apprehension about using your quirk given you only awakened it recently. But you won't improve by not using it! I asked Recoverygirl to be here for when the backlash hits, so I want you to use your quirk, show your classmates what you can do! "spoke Vlad his words motivating Izuku.

"Please at least try not to hurt yourself too badly." comment Recoverygirl sternly.

"Do your best Izuku! /You can do it!" cheered Camie and Pony, trying to motivate Izuku. As he returned to the circle after retrieving the ball.

'Come on Izuku think, there has to be a way too not hurt my body as much.' thought Izuku as he was thought deeply for a solution.

"Come on already!" spoke Kuroiro startling Izuku out of his thoughts.

"You should cover your ears!" spoke Izuku. Izuku took a breath and moved into the best pitcher's stance he could. Izuku clenched his butt cheeks and yelled form the bottom of his heart.

"SMASH!" yelled out Izuku three distinct booms followed in quick succession as wind-blasted outward from him. His classmates that had not seen his quirk before stared in shock. Vlad Kendo, Setsuna, and a few of the others were partially shocked as they knew what those distinctive cones of air meant.

'Did he just throw the ball at Mach 3!' thought Setsuna slack-jawed trying to process how the little bundle of nerves she had been teasing could hold so much power.

"Vlad sensei I did it!" spoke Izuku holding back tears. One of his fingers a dark misshapen purple. A smile split across Vlad's face, roughly 10 seconds later Vlad's tablet dinged.

'This kid.' thought Vlad, his smile widened as he showed the class Izuku's results. While Recoverygirl moved to Izuku to treat his injury.

"10 kilometers! That's insane!" yelled out Tetsutetsu flabbergasted at the result.

"I'd never guess that someone like him could have such a crazy strong quirk." comment Rin his tone flat, and an eyebrow raised.

"But the backlash hurts him check out his finger. Man, that's got to hurt." added Honenuki wincing slightly at the dark purple almost black look of the finger.

"That was awesome Izuku!" cheered Pony fist raised in excitement.

"G-go-good job." stuttered out Kinoko quietly.

"All right everyone, clam down we still have the endurance run to do." spoke Vlad calming down the excited students and had them all line up on the track course.

The endurance run lasted the longest out of all the other events as most of the heroes in training were in decent shape. The first to fall was Yanagi, with Kinoko following not too far after the spooky girl. Manga and Yui were the next to run out of steam. Then fell Honenuki, Ibara, Camie, and Tsuburaba. The next to throw in the towel were Bondo, Kaibara, Awase, and Kuroiro. Jurota, Setsuna, and Kamakiri were the next to tire out and had to stop running. Kendo and Tetsutetsu both collapsed no longer able to push themselves any further. This left Izuku who was covered in sweat, his training with Allmight paying off. Beside him, was Pony who was running on all fours and easily keeping pace with Izuku. They glance at each other both having a competitive glint in their eyes. The two continued to run for another 45 minutes before Izuku had to stop. Pony only took another dozen steps before she too had to stop.

With the final event completed the class gathered around Vlad sensei.

"Well done everyone you all surpassed my expectations! Your all free to get changed back into your uniforms. Be sure to grab a copy of the syllabus in the classroom before you head home. Those that will be dorming please wait for me in the classroom. Alright, your all dismissed!" spoke Vlad with a smile. The class all bowed and scampered toward the changing rooms.

"You can come out now Allmight." stated Vlad. Allmight appeared out from his hiding spot behind a nearby tree.

"Any reason why you were spying on my class?" asked Vlad good naturally to his newest colleague.

"Well, I wanted to see how young Midoriya would fair in your assessment?." replied Allmight with a cough embarrassed at being caught spying. Vlad raised an eyebrow wondering why Allmight had such an interest in Izuku. But he decided to just ask later.

"He did well, placed in the top ten when it comes to the assessment and that's without using his quirk for the most part and being slightly tired from Recoverygirl's earlier treatment. The kid has a lot of potential. Once he has control of that quirk of his he'll give most pros a run for their money." explained Vlad as he showed Allmight the results of the assessment.

"That is if he can stop the backlash from hurting him. The damage done is tremendous." commented Recoverygirl clearly not too pleased with the backlash of Izuku's quirk.

"I'll help him figure it out. I plan on looking through the footage of him tonight and tomorrow after his 1st heroics class to see if I can come up with anything for him. Sorry but I still have to show some students to the dorms. Goodbye and see you tomorrow." spoke Vlad before he politely excused himself and left.

'Izuku certainly got lucky being placed in Vlad's class. Aizawa wouldn't have been fair with his assessment.' thought Allmight as he watches Vlad leave. Glad that Izuku would not be unfairly hindered in his development.

XXXX Boys locker room XXXX

Izuku stood in the boys changing room. Switching into a spare gym uniform given his school uniform was damaged.

"Excuse me sir Midoriya." spoke a voice from the locker to Izuku's left. Izuku looked over to see Jurota

"Y-Yes S- Shishida?" replied Izuku stuttering nervously.

"I wished to inquire about the brute that assaulted you sans provocation. The ruffian seemed to be familiar with you?" asked Jurota adjusting his glasses. Unbeknownst to the boys one of the girls was listening in thanks to her quirk.

"W-Well ka... I mean... Bakugo and I have kn-know each other since we were little, our moms have been friends since high school." explained Izuku. The boys that were listening in to the conversation seemed confused.

"So, he's like your childhood friend?' spoke Tsuburaba making a guess. Izuku just nodded in response.

"He seems more like a childhood bully, to me." spoke Tetsutetsu speaking from his experience of defending weaker kids from bullies ever since he got his quirk. Izuku quickly began to defend Bakugo, by the end of it most of his male classmates seemed to be convinced and drop the subject. However, Setsuna who had been listening in was not.


After changing and grabbing a copy of the syllabus. Izuku said goodbye to most of his classmates as they left to return home. Specifically, he said goodbye to Kendo, Yui, Kinoko, and Jurota as the left. This left him along with Setsuna, Camie, Pony, Kaibara, Yanagi, Tsuburaba, and Rin. This was the group of students that would be testing out the dorm system.

'It makes sense that Rin, Camie, and Pony are here. Their all from out of the country it's probably cheaper for them to stay in the dorms. I'm just here to learn to be more independent.' reasoned Izuku as he went over his notes from the day. A tap on his shoulder made him turn toward Camie.

"Izuku after class finishes could you do me a solid by coming with me to the support department?" asked Camie as she twirled some of her hair with her finger.

"S-sure, b-but why do you need me?" questioned Izuku. Camie tapped on his hero analysis book.

"Cause I wanna see if I can add some of your great ideas for equipment to my costume before they get finished." explained Camie causally.

"A-a-are you sure? I don't know why you'd want to; my ideas aren't that good." spoke Izuku as he looked down, recalling the numerous times he was insulted for the contents of his notebooks.

"Of course! Some of your ideas are things I've never thought of. Your suggestions for equipment are gonna be hella useful." spoke Camie praising Izuku.

"I-I'd be glad to h-h-help." agreed Izuku a small smile on his face and a warm pride spreading in his core.

"Thanks a bunch. I appreciate it." spoke Camie. Izuku spoke to the friends he'd made until Vlad sensei showed up and led the students to the Class 1-b dorms.

The dormitories are large buildings with five floors separated into two wings. The building has Class 1-B posted above a sign that reads "Alliance". The building is circled by low hedge bushes that leave a path open to the entrance. The entrance is comprised of two sets of double doors. Alongside the pathway are two park benches and two towers with lights on them. The first level of the building is white while the upper levels are colored brown on the outside.

"Welcome to Class 1-B's dorms which I call bastion. The first floor is a common area, as you can see it has a kitchen that's stoked at the end of the week. You're responsible for your own breakfast and dinners. You'll also find a laundry room and the communal showers here on the ground floor. Each floor above has eight rooms divided between the two towers. Every dorm room has its own air conditioning, toilet plus sink, bed, mini-fridge, closet, and a balcony. You all will have access to the weight gym in the school's main building. Should any of you wish to leave campus to visit family or anything else you are to inform me or another staff member before you leave and you must carry your student id so you can get back on campus. You are all expected to be back in the dorms by the 10:00 pm curfew. If you plan to stay off-campus overnight you are required to fill out a form. Any questions?" asked Vlad after he gave the student a short tour of the ground floor.

"How are the dorm rooms going to be divided up sensei? Are we going to be separated by gender?" ask Rin politely. As he stood next to the boxes of his things.

"No. Nezu wants to test several different dorm styles. Class 1-A is separated by gender. Nezu assigned your dorm rooms himself. You can find your room assignments on the whiteboard on the wall over there." replied Vlad pointing at one of the walls. Izuku and the other students looked at the room assignments. While he was looking at the board Izuku felt an arm wrap around his shoulders

"Looks like we're neighbors I-zu-ku. I hope we get along very well." spoke Setsuna as she whispered sultry into Izuku's ear. Izuku covered his face with his hand trying to hide the fact that his face was turning hot rod red. Setsuna stepped back from Izuku laughed into her hand.

"Yeah! looks like I'm next to you Setsuna!" spoke Pony as she hugged the green-haired girl.

"Bummer nobody else is on my floor. at least I'm in the room above Izuku." spoke Camie lamenting her room placement.

"You're free to always hang out in my room!" spoke Pony trying to cheer her fellow American up. Yanagi suddenly appeared right beside Izuku startling the boy.

"I'll also be your neighbor. Please take care of me." spoke Yanagi as she bowed respectfully.

"Y-yes, p-please take care of me as well." replied Izuku as he mirrored her bow.

"If you have any other questions. My room is here on the ground floor. Oh, that reminds me." spoke Vlad before sticking 2 fingers in his mouth and *Whistle*

"Woof woof." baked out a dark green bulldog bounded into the room and took a spot beside Vlad a collar with bolts around its neck. Vlad petted his dog much to its joy.

'They look so alike! 'thought the students looking at the similarities between their teacher and his dog.

"I'd like you all to meet my dog frank, and before you ask, he ran into someone with a quirk that changes color. That's everything I needed to say, your all free to start moving in and feel free to explore the campus just make sure to be back by curfew." finished Vlad as he left the room, Frank, right on his heels.

"Cum on, if we help each other, we can all be moved in quicker." spoke Pony not noticing her wrong word course. The students all started to grab their things and followed the enthusiastic American. Setsuna laughed as Izuku tried his best to correct Pony's word choice without dying from embarrassment.


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