Chapter 1: The buff boy.

It was a bright sunny morning in Metroville, a teenage boy named Kace was just stepping out the back door of his house in the forest to go for a little nature jog.

Kace was a slim teenage boy with short platinum blonde hair in a combover, and had clear white skin. He also had a dark grey T-shirt under a slim black leather jacket, dark grey jeans, and black sneakers.

As he steadily jogged along his own dirt-path through the forest, he admired the beauty of his surroundings.

Kace: "Ahh, what a lovely morning. The thick trees letting the cracks of sun go through, the birds tweeting, and the sme-

The moment Kace came out of the edge of the forest, he spotted something amazing and stopped immediately. He just so happened to have stopped at the back edge of the enormous backyard of the Incredible's house, and he saw Violet Parr sitting on a rock while looking at her phone.

Violet was wearing the clothes she wore during the time she and tony, which was a pink turtleneck shirt, a light pink hairband, blue-grey skinny jeans, and pale purple slip-on shoes.

Kace: "Hubba-Hubba, what a good-looking sweetheart you are."

With that, Kace pulled out a can of mouth-freshening spray and sprayed the inside of his mouth. After he readjusted his jeans, he triumphantly marched over towards Violet.

Meanwhile back in the forest, Jack Jack (in just his diaper) was nose-rocketing himself up towards a long-hanging vine. As he grabbed it, he swung a distance on it while laughing happily. After he swung across another vine, he jumped up onto a large tree branch and held onto the side of the tree's trunk like a monkey and looked back as if he was calling to someone.

Jack Jack:(toning down his laughter) "Hey Alex, can you try to keep up a little more!?"

At that second, an Alexornis bird named Alex flew out from between the trees. Then, he landed on a tree branch that was about 2 ½ feet away from the one that Jack Jack was on.

Alex: "Look Jackito, I'm not as quick as you are at some points. My plumage isn't given to me for speed and good looks ya know."

Jack Jack: "Sorry, I'm just having so much fun."

Alex:(rolls his eyes) "Herman, where are you at!?"

Herman: "I'm coming, I'm coming!"

Scurrying along the ground catching up to them was a brown-grey mouse named Herman. He can be a bit grumpy at certain times, but he still sometimes liked hanging out with Jack Jack and Alex.

Herman: "Okay, what's with you guys and going so far ahead!?"

Alex: "Quit complaining you lousy squatter, it's not our fault you're not as fast as we are."

Alex then flew down to the ground, then he shook the dust out of his feathers.

Alex: "So Jack Jack, what's so special about you having so many powers?"

Jack Jack: "Come on guys…..

Jack Jack jumped down from the tree branch while doing a front flip, then he levitated himself just a couple inches off the ground. After he put himself on the ground, he started walking along with Alex and Herman.

…..everyone knows that hardly any superhero has 17 different powers."

Herman: "Yeah, but a lot of people say that you hardly have any control of them."

Jack Jack: "I've been controlling my eye lasers fine."

Just then, a quale named Maria showed up. She had blue-grey feathers, and a red-pink stomach.

Quale: "Hey Jack Jack, I'm ready for my next flying lesson!"

Jack Jack: "Okay Maria, right on time!"

With that, Jack Jack started moving a rock the size of a cantaloupe a bit closer. After that, he grabbed a flat log that was about 2 feet long and levitated it on top of the rock to make it look like a seesaw. After that, Maria stood up on the end of the log that was touching the ground while Jack Jack levitated himself onto the tree branch above the other end of the log.

Alex: "Wait, flying lesson?"

Jack Jack: "Launch!"

Suddenly, Jack Jack jumped down on his end of the log which caused Maria to shoot like a rocket into the sky and out of sight.

Jack Jack, Alex, and Herman looked up into the sky, but they couldn't see Maria.

Jack Jack: "Maria? oh no, Maria!?

Herman:(crosses his arms) "Well congratulations, you shot Maria into the sun."

Just then, Maria came steadily down from the sky flapping her wings like mad. After that, she landed on the ground right next to Jack Jack.

Jack Jack:(chuckles) "Good job Maria, see ya later."

With that, Maria quickly walked away as Jack Jack, Alex, and Herman continued their walk home. As they walked on, Alex flew up and sat on Jack Jack's head.

Jack:(Chuckles while looking up at Alex) "Who says quale's can't fly?"

Alex: "Uhh the laws of nature say it, we say it."

Herman: "Yeah, birds are birds….

Jack Jack and Alex: "Here we go."

Herman: "...mice are mice, and-

Jack Jack: "Supers are supers, we get it.

Herman: "Yeah, so can't you start considering yourself as a normal superhero?"

Jack Jack: "If I was a normal superhero, I wouldn't have all these different powers."

Alex: "I guess that's true."

Jack Jack: "Thanks Alex, now, how abou-

Jack Jack cut himself off when he stopped at the end of the forest and spotted something shocking, and this caused Alex and Herman to feel very confused.

Herman: "What, what is it!?"

Jack Jack pointed towards what he saw, and Alex and Herman were also surprised at what Jack Jack saw. There, marching towards Violet who was still sitting on that rock was Kace with a triumphant look on his face.

Alex: "Wow, who's the hunk with the blonde main?"

(Even though Kace is wearing a shirt, you can still see his handsome abs.)

Jack Jack: "I don't know, but I don't like it."

Herman: "Maybe he wants to become her boyfriend."

Jack Jack: "Oh no, not on my watch he doesn't."

Herman: "Shall we go and deal with him?"

Jack Jack: "Let me handle this one?"

With that, Jack Jack angrily marched towards Kace to deal with him. Alex and Herman gave each other a worried look, then they watched Jack Jack take care of whatever he had to do.

Violet was still looking through her phone, but she didn't notice Kace marching towards her.

Kace: "Beautiful and scrumptious, come to Kacey."

Before he knew it, Kace was already about a yard away from Violet. But just as he was about to really reach her, Jack Jack teleported himself in between them. Violet heard the teleporting noise, and she turned around to see what it was. Right before she did, Jack Jack shoved Kace away so Violet wouldn't see him. As Violet saw only Jack Jack, he waved at her while babbling.

Jack Jack:(slightly waves) "Vi-Vi."

After Violet warmly smiled and turned back around, Jack Jack angrily dragged Kace back into the forest. After Jack Jack and Kace were gone, Violet saw that the battery to her phone was almost dead. So after she got up from the rock, she walked back up to the house.

Meanwhile, Jack Jack had gotten Kace back in the forest with Alex and Herman watching from a slight distance.

After Kace got back on his feet, Jack Jack levitated himself until he was as high as Kace's head. As Jack Jack revealed the muscles in his right arm, on the side of his elbow was a tattoo of Violet and Jack Jack cuddling with each other in front of a yellow heart with a pink outlining.

Kace:(whistles in impression)

Just then, Kace pulled out a tasing stick from his pocket.(The same kind the screen slaver had) Before Jack Jack could react, Kace tased him causing a few red electric bolts to cover his body. After Jack Jack collapsed to the ground unconscious, a bit of steam urged from his body as he laid where he landed. Alex and Herman had seen the whole thing, and they were completely shocked.

After Kace snapped his fingers in the air, 2 walking Orca's came up beside him. Each Orca was wearing a neon purple bellhop uniform with yellow outlining, they also had purple bellhop caps with a gold stripe going around the bottom half of it.

Kace: "You guys take this kid to the brig in my backyard, I've got a date with destiny."

With that, the 2 orca's grabbed Jack Jack's body and carried him away. After the 2 orca's left, Kace went back to see Violet.

Herman: "Oh no, those big whale butlers got Jack Jack!"

Alex: "Actually, they looked more like bellhops."

Herman: "I don't care what they really are, we gotta do something!"

Believe it or not, Kace was a rather rich teenager. In fact he was so rich, he even bought his own prison cell just in case. As the 2 orca's reached the cell, 1 of them opened it and the other threw Jack Jack's unconscious body inside. After the first orca closed up the cell again and locked it, they stood guard in front of it.

Orca #1: "Ya know Larry, this might be the easiest prisoner we've captured yet."

Orca: #2: "Yeah, I guess I can agree with you on that."

But between you and me, these 2 sacks of blubber have no idea what they're dealing with.

To be continued.