Chapter 1 'Australian Visitor'

Oi matez. Yeah, I decided to write yet another story so I can further cement my writer's block and ruin my other stories. I need help. Anyways the cockatoos are 'Blue Cockatoos' (Cacatua hyacinthum), a fictional species from North Queensland, the males are navy blue and the females are cerulean blue (like Jewel, in fact their plumage is almost identical to Jewel's), they have white periopthalmic rings around their eyes and have white crests. They are the size of a smaller sulphur crested cockatoo, about 50cm long. (about the length of a Spix's Macaw) I decided to make a fictional species, because;

1. There aren't any large or largish parrots that are critically endangered or extinct,

2. Paradise Parrots are too small and don't live long enough, if that makes sense.

3. Because why not.

Anyways, I may or may not contact someone on deviantart or something to make a sketch of the Blue cockatoo. (may contact LocoVampire, or blackmail him) Anyways expect Australian jokes. And before you (Fonjavters) ask, we don't ride kangaroos (we ride Emus instead), I hate Vegemite (it smells so pungent and awful, and tastes just as bad), don't ask which way the toilet water flush (down the drain, mate), don't mention our friendly wildlife, and how I survived 15 years (its called not going outside and into the bush, and not riding bikes in parks. Magpies are kamikaze terrorists), and don't you fucking dare mention the Emu war.

Its okay if I make fun of your country, but don't make fun of mine lol. Just kidding, I'll just use my UNO Reverse card on you. Also, ice cream with milo sprinkled on top is divine, please try it. ITS DELICIOUS AND I CAN'T EAT ICE CREAM WITHOUT IT NOW!

Anyways, lets get on with this chapter! Enjoy or suffer.

This story sucks a bit, its kinda cringy so reader discretion is advised.

-29/05/2021 Proffesor Ass Spiders

In the bushland, in Northern Queensland…

A young Blue cockatoo chick sits in his hollow, alone. His parents had gone to forage for food, and left their son in the hollow. It was a nice, relatively cool morning, and it had just rained. There was even a slight mist, and the newly rejuvenated Eucalyptus forest looked absolutely beautiful. Despite what one might think, Australia has many parrots. In fact, Australia has 56 species (or 57, including the Blue Cockatoo) of parrot.

Outside, the parrots were performing their song. It was spectacular, as many lorikeets, parakeets and cockatoos danced around in their many colours. The chick looked at them flying about with sad eyes, as he had yet to learn how to fly. But he was sure one day he would. He stood on the edge and admired the show, and was awestruck. This soon ended…Suddenly, the birds one by one, were trapped and caged. In the middle of the chaos, the chick slipped and fell down. Luckily, a convenient pile of leaves spared him from death.

Scared, he let out a squawk, calling for his mother. The only thing that came, however, was a human who caged him and sent him off for transport. He would spend the next week in the cage, and was shipped overseas.

The chick sat in a box in a truck, and due to the driver being distracted by the radio, he swerved and sent the chick out of the truck. The box landed on the doorstep of a house. Scared, cold, alone, the poor chick thought it was the end…But his saviour, in the form of a red haired girl, who wore glasses, opened up the box. The bird was initially scared of her, but her calming words and friendly nature made him feel safe around her. She took him inside into the warmth, and it was the beginning of a new chapter in his life.

This girl, was named Linda Gunderson, and the chick would be named Tyler 'Blu' Gunderson, and henceforth will be referred as 'Blu'. The town they resided in was Moose Lake, Minnesota, and they would spend the next 15 years of their lives together…

Linda was sleeping in as usual, but not for long…As the device used to help keep schedules and artificial routines, was about to awake her.

The alarm went off, and Linda groggily silenced it, but it still kept going. So she unplugged it, yet it still kept on beeping. The sound transitioned into a car alarm, and Linda looked up, and saw Blu with his crest raised, imitating a car alarm that he must of picked up on at some point. He wore her glasses, and she took them off him, which silenced him. He made a clicking noise, also like a car alarm being disabled.

''Good morning Blu'', she greeted him. She gave him a scratch under his chin, which is where he loved it. His crest stood up, and his face feathers puffed up a bit.

It was time for their morning routine: They went to the bathroom and brushed their teeth, and beak. Blu doesn't have much reason to do so, but he still does anyway. They took a mouthful/beakful of water, and Linda gargled and spat it out, meanwhile Blu gargled and swallowed it.

Next up, was Blu to receive his vitamins, something he loathed doing.

''Tyler Blu Gunderson!'', Linda said his full name firmly, as he was dodging the spoon which contained the vitamins. Linda got an idea,

''Hey! Look at this!'', she said enticingly as she waved a box of tasty cereal. Blu opened his beak, basically saying 'I want that!', but instead he had the spoon shoved in his beak, and he had his daily vitamins, much to his disgust. Neither he, nor Linda, knew why he kept falling for it, but Linda was glad he did.

Linda went off to have a shower, while Blu was left on the counter. Linda owned a book store in her home town. It occupied the first floor, while Blu and Linda slept on the second floor. It was a nice setup, and was very convenient for the two. Blu decided to read a book, which is his favourite activity, along with playing with his toys and attacking his bell. He loved his bell as much as he loved reading, and he loved reading.

After a few minutes, Linda finished her shower, got changed and went downstairs and made them both hot chocolate. It was time to open the store!

Blu sat by his cage and waited for his hot chocolate, in the meantime he played with his bell.

''Haha! Die bell!...That'll teach you for being a bell!'', he said in a weird angry-playful tone, as he knocked it and attacked it with his beak. It chimed and made a lot of noise, much to Blu's delight. He chuckled a lot while doing so, creating a cacophony of noise: Bells ringing, playful squawking and Blu cycling through some of the noises he's picked up on. (My bird does this)

''Blu! You're hot chocolate is ready, and I made it just how you like it!'', Linda told him. She placed it beside the cage on the counter which faced the window. Blu stopped attacking the bell, let out a joyful squawk, and exited his cage and sat next to his drink. Linda walked off, as she was on the phone to her mother. Blu took a sip of his drink, and savoured its sweet, chocolatey taste.

''Ahhh…This is the life!'', he said joyfully, and decided to check his drink, ''The perfect cocoa to marshmallow ratio! One, two, three, four, five, and six! Perfect!'', he said and began to drink more of his hot chocolate before it became a warm chocolate, lukewarm chocolate or cold chocolate, which wasn't ideal exactly…Maybe warm chocolate, but not the others.

His drinking was disturbed when he heard a muffled sound of something hitting the window. It was Alice and Chloe, the two spastic geese that tormented Blu for no reason whatsoever.

''Well if it isn't our favourite nerd bird!'', Alice mocked him.

''Hey pet, where you migrating to? The breakfast nook?'', Chloe mocked him. Blu rolled his eyes, as they continued throwing snowballs at the window.

''Throw all the snowballs you want, but I'm protected by this invisible forcefield known as 'Glass'. It keeps me nice and toasty, while you two are out there freezing your-'', Blu snidely remarked, but was interrupted when he saw them shaking their rumps at him.

''Wow very mature…'', Blu said sarcastically, but the geese didn't hear him. However, a man with tan skin, glasses and a noticeable Australian accent scared them off.

''Oh shit, this is slippery!'', he cried out as he slipped and stumbled on the icy footpath. He smacked against the door, which got the attention of Linda.

''Oh are you okay?'', she asked him as she opened the door.

''Yeah, I'm just not built for this weather.'', he chuckled whilst shivering. He looked around the room, and saw the many books.

''Are you looking for books?'', Linda asked him, ''No, that's a stupid question.'', she said to herself, realising just how dumb that question was. Blu half expected him to respond snidely with a sarcastic remark, 'No, I'm looking to go skydiving!'.

''Books? No, I didn't travel 8 and a half thousand miles for books. I came here for him.'', the man responded and pointed at Blu, and handed Linda his business card.

''Oh he's not for sale…Dr. Frederick King.'', she said, reading his business card.

''You can call me Fred, and I'm not looking to buy him. You see…Uh, what's his name?'', Frederick told her.

''Blu.'', she responded.

''Ah yes, you see, Blu is a very special bird. In fact, he is the last male of his kind as far as we know.'', Fred told her.

''Oh, that's…sad.'', Linda responded in a down voice. Blu also grew sad, and looked down at his talons. His crest went flat, and he let out a very low squawk.

''But not to worry! We have a female Blue Cockatoo!'', Fred announced, the mood shifted to a more positive one.

''Oh, when will she come over?'', Linda asked.

''Oh, she's back at the aviary. You and Blu must come down to Cairns, Australia!'', Fred announced. Blu looked at the globe which sat on the counter, and located Cairns…It was very far from Moose Lake.

''You want me to go all the way to Cairns…'', Linda questioned him, but did not expect to receive an answer.

''Yes…Look, we have to do this, otherwise their whole species will be gone! Please, all flight costs will be paid for you!'', Fred begged her.

''Okay…I'll think about it.'', Linda told him.

''Keep the business card, and ring me when you've decided.'', Fred told her, as he walked away.

Blu was very nervous, and so was Linda. She walked away to consider her decision, leaving Blu alone to his thoughts. While the idea of meeting a girl was…interesting, for him, it also worried him. What if she doesn't like me? What if she rejects me? What if she's horrible? Blu thought of many things that made him anxious, but he thought it may be worth a try.

A few minutes later Linda came over to Blu, and signalled him to hop on her arm. He did so, and she carried him away. She sat down with Blu perched on her arm.

''Blu…Look, I know you're scared, and I'm scared too…You know I'd do anything for you, right Blu?'', Linda began her pep talk, and Blu sadly looked over, ''I promise you, you'll be fine, and we'll be back home before you know it…Now, have I ever broken a promise?'', she said, building up her tone from soft, to a more cheerful one. Blu looked at her, his crest raised up a bit, and a smile started forming on his beak.

''And besides, you get to meet a girl!'', Linda said playfully and winked. Blu blushed a bit, but found it to be funny. The two did their signature fist bump, and Linda decided to call Fred.

''Hello,'', Fred answered.

''Hey, yeah, I made my decision…We're going.'', Linda told him.

''Excellent! Meet me at the airport tomorrow.'', Fred jumped for joy.

''Okay, we'll see you there.'', Linda said to him. They ended their short phone call, and Linda started packing their bags, and told her friends and family of the news.

That concludes chapter 1, I hope you enjoyed it. Anyways, I know that I create way too many stories without finishing them, and I can't help it.

The photo used in the cover is Purlingbrook Falls. It is apart of the UNESCO world heritage site, 'Gondwana Rainforests of Australia', which is actually a string of national parks from North Queensland to New South Wales. It includes the most extensive areas of sub-tropical rainforest in the world, as well as plenty of tropical and temperate rainforests. The forests feature incredible biodiversity, and many species which have changed little from their ancestors in the fossil record. I have been to a few of the places included in the heritage site, and it is absolutely beautiful. I'd recommend looking up 'Gondwana Rainforest' on Google. Some of the images look like they're from Brazil, and some images look similar to the Tijuca Forest in Rio de Janeiro.

I made a scientific name for the Blue Cockatoo, Cacatua hyacinthum. Cacatua being the genus which all white cockatoos, corellas and sometimes Major Mitchell's. [are included] Hyacinthum being Latin for blue, as an adjective or something. Caeruleum is the singular word for blue. I know the second name is similar to the Hyacinth Macaw's scientific name. (Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus) I imagine the Blue Cockatoo belonging to a sub-genus, as their features and anatomy are identical to Cacatua members, only that they are Blue, instead of white. Corella's are apart of a sub-genus as well, and as such aren't called 'Licmetis x'.

Anyways, enough of my nerdy blabbering. Next chapter should be out shortly, working on chapter 6 for 'Two Blues'. The name of this story is derived from the Aussie slang 'True Blue', which describes a patriot or ideal Aussie or something.

UPDATED on 14/05/2020, at 11:42pm to change the line Blu says when counting his marshmallows. (ideal cocoa coefficient)

Until next time, goodbye.