Chapter 9 'Flying Lessons'

I'd like to clarify a few things: 1. Little Corella is the name of the species. 2. Travis will become less vulgar in the coming chapters 3. I am well aware that being able to open a window from the outside so easily is retarded. Ignore it please. 4. Jewel didn't say ''drongo/bozo here can't fly'' or something, due to the fact that it seems that Blu is quite insecure about the fact he can't fly. I also want to have that as an ongoing inside joke throughout the story. 5. The birds have already been transported out to their holding place somewhere. Hunter's room is just getting refurnished. 6. The Kookaburra jokes come from an Australian children's nursery rhyme:

''Kookaburra sits in an old gum tree,

Merry, merry king of the bush is he,

Laugh, Kookaburra laugh,

Kookaburra, gay your life must be.''

Anyways, the characters do have a varying degree of slang use. Jewel rarely uses slang, and it ranges up to the smugglers and Nico and Pedro 2.0, whom use them the most. Also Kookaburras have a peculiar laughing sound, which sounds precisely like hysteric laughter. If you time things right, you can say a shitty joke, and Kookaburras will laugh hysterically. I remember hearing them almost every morning, now I don't, as I don't live near the bush.

Additionally, due to the change in landscape, some elements of Rio will be modified, but pretend it makes sense. Takes place shortly after chapter 8.

Anyways, lets get on with it! Enjoy or suffer.

At a small clearing, a large group of magpies admired their loot. These birds, famous for swooping anyone within 100 metres of their nest, and despising cyclists, (like pretty much every Australian) are an icon of spring, or 'swooping season'. They're a species of songbird, and have a variety of vocalisations, including some squawks that they do before swooping anyone below. These ones in particular have a thing for stealing jewellery and other valuables. Why? Who the fuck knows.

They were dancing and celebrating their catch, when two birds disturbed them.

''Hello boys, it looks like you had a busy day.'', Nigel greeted them.

''Oh this? This is just stuff we found today…Right boys?'', the leader Paulo, remarked, and him and the group laughed.

''I'm not interested in your fancy knickknacks and your burble bores me. There are two blue cockatoos that I want you to help me find.'', Nigel told them.

''Oh yeah, and what's in it for us?'', Paulo laughed. He was grabbed by Ivan, who held him tight in his grasp, and squeezed him like a constrictor.

''You get to stay in one piece. Come to think of it, I'm a wee bit peckish. I think I might have a little light snack.'', Ivan threatened him, and brought his beak closer and opened it as Paulo shrieked in fear.

''NO! Please don't, we'll do what you say!'', Paulo yelped in fear. Ivan smirked and loosened his grip,

''Good, now go and find them…Before I get hungry.'', Ivan threatened. The magpies flew off to find them.

''Advantage of being one of the largest bird of prey: everyone is terrified of you. I think if I held him for any longer, the bastard would've soiled himself.'', Ivan remarked. He did take pride in being a large bird, although he was always secretly jealous of the Haast's Eagle, which double his size. But it was extinct.

''Lets hope the kamikaze birds find them.'', Nigel said.

''Oh, I'll have a nice feast if they don't. I reckon I could eat 4 of them.'', Ivan reckoned.


Blu peers over the small rocky cliff face. Although it is 'only' a 30m drop or so, the hill is quite steep, and it effectively means the drop may be some 250m, including tumbling down.

''That looks like a nice, fatal drop. I like it!'', Travis joked.

''Nope. I'm out of here!'', Blu bailed.

''Sorry mate, this is the only way to get to Lucas fast. I want to help you, but on foot, it's just too far.'', Ray said.

''Can't we just find a bus schedule or hitchhike?'', Blu suggested.

''No, sorry kiddo, but it can't be done. This is the only way.'', Ray told him.

''I'm 15, I'm not a kid.'', Blu said.

''Whatever you say, kiddo. Anyway, if you're not going to do this, I can't help you.'', Ray remarked.

''Hey, Blu, its okay. Besides, this is the only way you're gonna see Linda.'', Jewel comforted Blu. He took a deep breath,

''I don't know if I can do it…'', he sighed.

''Of course, you can! You're a bird, flight is in your DNA.'', Ray said.

''Tell that to emus, ostriches, penguins, dodos, and all the 46 species of flightless birds.'', Blu responded.

''But you're none of those things. You're a cockatoo, and they can fly. Come on Blu, it's in your DNA.'', Ray countered.

''I guess it is in my Deoxyribonucleic Acid, but so is having teeth, big scary claws and other remnants from our dinosaur ancestors.'', Blu remarked.

''Oh, just stand closer.'', Ray ignored his statement. Blu and Jewel shuffled closer, and blushed.

''Closer.'', Ray said, and gestured. They moved closer, and their crests started to rise a bit, and they also blushed more.

''Closer…'', Ray said in a high voice. Blu and Jewel were even closer.

''How close do you want us to be?'', Blu asked.

''About that much. Now, put your wings over each other.'', Ray told them.

''What?!'', they exclaimed.

''Oh, don't worry Blu, she won't bite…Will you?'', Ray joked.

''We'll see…'', Jewel muttered. They put their wings over each other,

''Looks like the two lovebirds are uncomfortable.'', Travis muttered to his mate, Roy, and they both chuckled.

''Okay, so spread your outer wings out, and flap them in unison. This gives the effect of one large wing, and you should be able to fly.'', Ray told them.

''But this doesn't look aerodynamically possible.'', Blu protested.

''Oh flying isn't about what you think up here,'', Ray said pointing to his head, ''Its what you feel down here.'', he finished, pointing to his heart.

''But the laws of physics don't care about how good you feel in your heart…'', Blu countered.

''Look, you'll be fine.'', Ray assured him.

''Yeah, besides, this is the only way you're going to see Linda again.'', Jewel said.

''You're right…'', Blu sighed.

''Yup.'', Jewel replied.

''Easy,'', Blu said.

''Easy peasy.'', Jewel added.

''Easy like a Sunday morning.'', Ray added.

''Okay, thrust, weight, lift-'', Blu started.

''Oh come on!'', Jewel exclaimed. They started running and Blu felt a mix of intense fear and excitement, like anticipation before riding a rollercoaster (or going up the lift/before the drop) or going skydiving.

''Come on Blu, you can do it!'', Jewel encouraged him. Blu just kept repeating 'thrust, weight, lift, drag'. But at the last second Blu chickened out and froze on the edge.

''Wait!'', Blu exclaimed, but Jewel already went off the edge, and Blu was dragged off. Jewel desperately tried to fly, but Blu's weight dragged them down. However, luck was on their side, as a Deus Ex Machina paraglider spared them from death.

''Oh, thank god you're okay!'', Ray exclaimed as he saw them on the paraglider. Travis and Roy also saw them.

''We're alive!'', Blu and Jewel exclaimed. They were still shaken by their near-death experience, and so they just sighed in relief and lied down for a bit, and enjoyed the view.

''Wow, this is incredible!'', Blu exclaimed, as he looked out and saw the city and the rainforests.

''Hey, you're flying!'', Ray exclaimed.

''They're technically not.'', Roy pointed out.

''Yeah, but do you feel it?'', Ray asked Blu. Blu looked to his side and saw Jewel embracing the wind. She had her eyes closed, and enjoyed the wind blowing through her feathers.

''Yeah…Yeah, I do feel it!'', Blu exclaimed with joy. The sensation of wind passing through his feathers was amazing. He felt free…like a bird… ''I do feel it…'', Blu realised, and said softly to himself.

''So…Is this what flying feels like?'', Blu asked softly, but still loud enough to be heard.

''Yeah, pretty much.'', Jewel answered. Blu smiled, and just wanted to spread his wings…So he stood up, and felt the wind, and it felt amazing. Now, he opened his wings a little, but knew not to open them too wide, or else the drag created would send them off. But he opened them enough to feel the wind touch and tickle his nerve receptors in his underwing.

''See what I told you about flying? Do you feel free, and liberated from it all?'', Jewel asked.

''Yeah…I feel free…for once…'', Blu sighed. Blu suddenly felt down, despite being so high in the sky. Not even the view, the wind, or being next to Jewel could stop him from feeling sad.

''Hey, what's wrong?'', Jewel asked.

''I just want to fly…'', Blu sighed.

''You will one day, I promise…'', Jewel assured him.

Blu was comforted by her words, but still felt down. All of this just made him want to fly more, and it would make the wait feel even longer…

It would take 20 minutes to land, and Blu was glad he got to experience that, but also sad.

''How was that, Blu?'', Jewel asked.

''Exhilarating, and fun…I guess.'', Blu answered.

''Lucas's place is near here; we just need to hitch a ride on a car. Take that ute (pick up truck) for example. Let's go!'', Ray said. They rushed over to it, and Blu and Jewel climbed aboard.

''Let's hope it takes us near Lucas…'', Blu said.


That wraps up chapter 9 of this epic story, hope you enjoyed it! Anyways, I can't say precisely how many more chapters this story will have, but its probably around 7 or so. When this story comes to a close, don't despair. I plan on writing 2 more stories following them: A midquel (True Blues One and a Half), and a sequel (True Blues 2 [Electric Boogaloo])

The song used in the line is 'Chop Suey!'. Its where the table meme comes from, and I may include a table meme. Banana Phone.

Next chapter should be out soon.

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