Son Family Week 2020

Dreams and Fantasies

Prompt: Winter

A Winter Stroll

ChiChi always found snow beautiful on Mount Paouz. It was such a rare event. Goku grew up here and never saw snow but a few times over the years, snow fell. Today, Goku and ChiChi dropped Gohan off at Gyumao's castle for the weekend. Piccolo was staying away, too. With training put off for a couple of days, there was no need to be in Goku and ChiChi's home and having an idea what Goku and ChiChi will be doing, Piccolo retreated to the forest for the weekend.

As they neared Mount Paouz, ChiChi request they land and walk the rest of the way. Nimbus dropped them a mile from their home. Shoving his hands in the pockets of his blue jacket, Goku walked alongside ChiChi. He wore a knowing smile on his face. So, they were starting this again. Well, he never had any problems with it. ChiChi never did either. Most times, it was her instigating it.

Well, Goku decided as he stopped walking, might as well get started.

ChiChi's eyes were on the white world around her. She was in awe of the snow-covered tree branches and the footprints of the forest animals recorded in the snow. Even seeing her breath form in the chilled air left her in awe. The silence of the forests was calming.

"I love these strolls through Mount Paouz but it's even more beautiful when it snows. Don't you think so, Goku?"


ChiChi looked to her left and didn't see Goku beside her. The lack of crunchy steps in the snow told her Goku wasn't moving. She turned to see why her husband didn't answer her.

Goku was only a couple feet behind her. He was on one knee rolling snow together to make a snowball.

Here we go again! I actually just wanted to walk in the snow!

"I know what you're thinking. I'm warning you! If you throw a snowball at me, I'm throwing five at you!"

ChiChi turned and walked off. Sometimes her husband was too much. She makes one suggestion and he thinks of only one thing. Yes, they did it before but do they have to do this every time it snows? Why couldn't they walk home in the snow without it leading to anything?

Behind her, Goku rose with a perfectly round snowball. He could see his wife grumpily retreating from him. Ooo, she was mad. Perhaps this time ChiChi actually meant it. She didn't want to do it this time. He should let the snowball fall on the ground and walk home with her.

Goku grinned wickedly.

Yeah, right!

He threw the snowball and it perfectly hit the center of ChiChi's back.

ChiChi halted. For several seconds, ChiChi stood rooted to the ground like a tree. Goku wondered if he did go too far. Maybe ChiChi actually did want to just walk home. Oh, boy. If he really made ChiChi mad and she didn't want to do this.… Slowly, ChiChi turned her head back at Goku. The anger on her face; the fire in her eyes.

Oh, it was on!

ChiChi dropped to her knees and hurriedly put together snowballs and threw them. ChiChi was an expert in snowballs. She knew how to make them and throw them hard enough to impact him. True to her word, ChiChi threw five at his face and chest.

Forming another snowball at ChiChi, he threw another at ChiChi's face.

Oh, if looks could kill!

Goku turned to run away and escape the aerial assault but five snowballs hit his back! One hit the back of his head and the cold snow slid down his neck into the back of his jacket. Goku shuddered at the cold, wet ball sliding down and melting against his warm skin.

She was gonna pay for that one!

ChiChi ran to escape Goku's next assault. She dived behind a tree just in time as Goku's snowball hit the tree's trunk. Ha! He missed!

"Nyah! You missed me!" ChiChi stuck her tongue at him. Her victory was short-lived as a snowball smashed against her face.

How dare he?!

ChiChi hurriedly created five snowballs. She was spitting mad! The first snowball hit Goku so hard he was knocked into the snow. ChiChi followed that up with four more snowballs that pummeled Goku.

She was getting fierce and showing no mercy. When Goku sat up, he saw ChiChi putting piles of snow together. She was making a fort. She was determined to win this one! If that's how she wanted to play it, Goku decided it was time to stop being easy with her, too.

While ChiChi built her fort and arsenal of snowballs, Goku worked on building his one arsenal. He put together piles of snow. It got so big, he started rolling it and pull more snow together. Goku cackled wickedly. This was it. This was the big one. She will give up after this.

"I'm gonna get you good this time, ChiChi!"

Meanwhile, ChiChi's snow fort was completed and ChiChi hurriedly put together as many snowballs as possible. Goku's silence left her worried he was preparing something BIG for her. ChiChi knew her attack had to be just as powerful against him!

She lost the last time. She won't lose this time! ChiChi refused to allow it. "You will not beat me at this!"

Oh, yes he will.

Goku's completed snowball was over four feet wide and high. He carefully lifted it over his head so it remained intact. Victory was his! No way ChiChi will want to fight after he dump this one on her. Balancing the snowball on one hand, Goku felt ChiChi's Ki, disappeared and appeared behind her.

"Oh!" ChiChi whipped her body around at Goku's arrival. Her eyes went up and over Goku's head at the giant snowball. ChiChi grabbed her biggest snowballs. They were tennis balls size and no way a match for the one Goku held. She couldn't beat him with these!

I can't believe it. He did it again! She was angry. Angry at Goku for creating this giant snowball; angry at herself for not having any preparation for Goku's sneaky teleportation trick and angry her snowballs won't have any effect on him! Her face was flushed with anger at her dilemma. He wore that same sneaky smirk on his face when he knew he won. It was the same one he wore when he's feeling playful with her or when he's above her during times of intimate moments.

Oh, Kami. It's happening again.

Goku saw it on her face. ChiChi knew she lost and he won. The anger on her face at her defeat was amusing. Her face was flushed a cute shade of pink; her eyes full of anger. Oh, she didn't want to give up. She wanted to fight until the bitter end. ChiChi's will to not give up, her desire to keep fighting affected him as always.

He could smell the scent coming from her legs; see the obvious hard tips straining from her dress as her breasts rose and fall mightily. How big and hard they must be to poke through the fabric. Goku's eyes went to her face. If he could only concentrate on her eyes, not her body. Focus on her eyes and not her body he told himself.

But that was a mistake, too.

Staring in each other's eyes, both knew what they other wanted; what the other needed; what they both needed.

Splat went Goku and ChiChi's snowballs onto the ground; arms locked around each other as Goku and ChiChi jumped into each other's arms and kissed.

The fire was large and extremely hot. It was needed to knock out the heavy chill in the air around them. Among the jackets and clothes used to create makeshift bedsheets, Goku and ChiChi snuggled close. ChiChi had the fire and Goku's warm body to keep her naked body heated in the cold winter air. Goku was slightly affected by the weather but not as much as ChiChi. Him having Saiyan blood was a blessing at times like this.

While Goku looked relaxed with his hands behind his head, ChiChi was slightly frazzled. If Goku could choose the correct word to describe ChiChi, he would say ChiChi's embarrassed.

"Every year we do this. We go for a walk in the snow; we get in a snowball fight, we kiss and start tearing our clothes off like horny teenagers." Her face flushed again as she thought of how she begged Goku to hurry up and get inside her; how she begged him to move faster in her; how she praised his size and his thrusting in her. She was like a possessed succubus with her moans and screams. "It's a strange, sick addiction with us. What's wrong with us? Why can't we stop, Goku?"

"Don't know. Don't care." Goku didn't have an answer for it either. The first time happened in the first year of their marriage. An innocent stroll in the snow turned into a playful snowball fight. Luckily, they were in front of their home so Goku rushed them inside. The second incident happened at night. They brought Gohan to her father's kingdom to enjoy the snow there. One night, Goku was insistent they go outside and have a snowball fight like they did before. ChiChi was reluctant but as always couldn't say no. A snowball fight turned into a chase in Gohan's snow fort where Goku and ChiChi engage in such illicit activity she refused to allow Gohan to play in it the next day. At the time, ChiChi and Goku didn't know the affects of the full moon on Goku.

It soon became an unspoken tradition between them. When it snows, they have to go on walks. ChiChi would want to have a snowball fight and it always led to this.

Feeling the mood again, Goku rolled on top of ChiChi. Above her, her leered. Oh, boy. That look again. Her fingers gripped his back. She felt his muscles flex, his hair float above her as it changed to blonde,. She gripped his tough skin as the muscles under her fingers became more defined. "I'm ready to go again." He sniffed. "I can tell you are, too."

He more always aware of her in this state than she. "We're almost home. Let's have the next round there."

Goku was already aligning himself in position. His hand touched her sensitive clit. ChiChi's hips jerked in response as Goku pinched and stroked her. "One more here. I'm ready. You are, too." His teeth nibbled the skin on her neck. "If you're getting cold, you know my body will keep you warm."

ChiChi could feel the awakenings of her inner succubus coming alive. Something about Goku arouse did something to her. It was as if he cast a spell on her. It turned her into a different person. Her body was acting on its own as she opened and aligned herself to his stiff form. With a hand and rise of her hips, ChiChi guided him in.

"Ah, yes!" She wonderfully moaned at the union. She exhaled as her body adjusted at the thickness. As a Super Saiyan, his body expanded in this area, too. "Mmm, I love when you're inside me."

"So, one more," Goku whispered in her ear.

"Maybe one," her head rolled back at Goku moving in and out of her. With Goku's heated body above her, and her back against their warm jackets, ChiChi wasn't sure if they should move. Like this, she wasn't cold but extremely hot and getting more lubricated and adjusting to Goku's size with each thrust. Maybe they should stay like this a little more. "Or two…." Her words broke off as she gripped Goku tighter. His slams were intense! Her screams got louder, echoing in the quiet forest the faster and harder Goku moved in her. There was no shame between them as they alerted all creatures in the forests in what they were doing.

The creatures were numb to the sounds. It didn't bother them except for one; one that heard the activity but remained quiet to not alert detection; one that waited until it was over for this individual thought one romp will allow Goku and ChiChi get this out of their system and continue home. When it was clear this would not happen, the green individual snapped, furious and disgusted as his eyes and ears came upon this display again. He roared so loud Goku and ChiChi's lovemaking came to a complete halt.