Son Family Week 2020

Dreams and Fantasies

Day: Goten


"Are you sure about this?"

"It's the perfect plan and the perfect time to do this."

Goten wasn't completely convinced. "Wouldn't a party make more sense at your house? It's huge!"

"Yeah," Trunks didn't deny that. His home would be better, but it wasn't possible. "But my grandparents, my parents and lots of animals and robots are there. There's always someone home!" Trunks saw doubt on Goten's face. He didn't need his friend to back out of this. Trunks put too much planning in for this to not work.

"Come on, Goten. It's the perfect time. Gohan has that conference to go to. This is the first time he's taking Videl and Pan instead of leaving Pan with your parents. That's three days. All we need to do is get your parents out of the house for one night." He pulled out the answer from his pocket and waved it at Goten. "And your parents deserve this. When do they ever go out? Do you really want to keep this from them?"

Goten looked at the white envelope waving before him. Trunks told him it was a trip to an exclusive island resort. It had nightly parties, fireworks and most importantly, food. Lots and lots of food and it was all free.

"Mom, gets this stuff all the time. These places always give this to rich or famous people for free."

"Why free?" Goten asked. "They can afford it."

Trunks shook his head chuckling at Goten's naivete. He had no clue how the real world worked. "Because if they are seen there or talk about it, it brings more people to the resort. You know how rich and famous obsessed this world is. Mr. Satan can promote a sports drink that's more junk than healthy but millions would buy because of him."

That was true. Even Goten didn't understand why people still believed Mr. Satan beat Cell.

"All we have to do is convince your Mom. Your Dad will go along with anything your Mom wants to do."

That was true, but it didn't mean Trunks' plan will work. "Even so, Mom won't let me be in the house by myself. She'll send me to Grandpa for the night."

"Don't worry," Trunks smirked. He thought of that, too. "Leave that to me."

"Are you looking forward to the conference, Gohan?"

"It's no different from the other ones," Gohan commented as he finished his lunch. He meant to talk to his parents about his trip but couldn't say no when his mother insist he stay for lunch. "The good thing is Pan gets to come with Videl and me. Videl's already planning places we can all go when my conferences end for each day."

"Well, it's sad Goku and I won't watch Pan this time but I'm glad Pan gets to go with you."

"Food!" Goten cheered as he and Trunks came downstairs.

"Do you want to stay for lunch, Trunks?" ChiChi asked the young man.

"No. I gotta get home. Before I go, I have to give you this." Trunks handed ChiChi an envelope. "Mom wants you to have this."

ChiChi opened the envelope. She read the contents. "Wow!"

Goku looked up from his food. "What is it?"

"It's a free trip to those fancy island resorts Bulma talks about. All you can eat, lots of shopping and games. Oooo," ChiChi pulled out a card. "According to this, there's over 100,000 zeni on it. She's giving me spending money? But we have money now."

The money card was something Trunks added. Mr. Satan gave the Son Family enough money to live on. Trunks thought it was extra incentive if he gave them that card. "That's a gift from the escort. Sometimes they give it to Mom to ensure she comes. She rather spend someone else's money instead of her own."

ChiChi frowned as she read more information. "We can only use this on the 17th and it's only for two."

"It's for you and Goku," Trunks explained.

ChiChi placed the contents back in the envelope and handed it back to Trunks. "We can't use it."

"Why not? My Mom wanted you to have it."

"Gohan will be gone for the conference on the 16th-18th. This resort is a one-day pass on the 17th." ChiChi growled irritated. "Why did Bulma give this to you when it's going to expire in two days? If we had more time, perhaps we could've changed the date."

Trunks saw ChiChi reaching for her cell phone. If she calls his Mom, his plan will blow up in his face. "It's my fault!" Trunks blurted. "Mom gave this to me to give you a month ago but I forgot." Not true. Trunks has been planning this months and always intercepted mail for his mother looking for free things like this. "Please," he begged ChiChi. "Don't tell her. She'll get mad at me."

ChiChi pulled back from her phone. "I won't but Goku and I can't use this unless we send Goten to spend the night with Grandpa and he's getting older. It'll be more like Goten watching him."

"Why can't I stay home by myself?" asked Goten. "I'm sixteen. I'm old enough to stay home alone for a night."

"Goten," ChiChi said kindly, "you're sixteen but you're not ready."

"Why not?" Goten's voice raised at the rejection. "I'm not a baby. I can be home by myself for one night. Gohan did it."

"No one's calling you a baby, Goten and it's not fair to compare yourself to Gohan. Things were different then. You never had to be by yourself."

"I know but I feel like you don't trust me or you think I'm a baby. You and Dad have this great trip from Bulma and you won't go because you think you have to take care of me."

"Oh, Goten," ChiChi put a hand on her chest. Was her decision so hurtful to Goten that he thought she didn't trust him? "It's not like that all. I never thought to make you think-"

"I know I never went through all the things Gohan did. Some of the stuff you still won't tell me about but I can do this," Goten insisted. "I can stay at home for one day. I can hunt fish. I know how to handle those salesmen calls and not answer the door to anyone."

"All right," ChiChi gave in. Maybe she was being too judgmental. "You're right. You're sixteen. You should do this. Your brother was playing superhero at your age. If I let him do that, I should be able to let you stay alone for one day." ChiChi ruffled Goten's shaggy hair. "Sometimes I see you as my sweet little baby but you're growing up into a young man. I have to start letting you go." ChiChi hugged Goten. "Can you forgive me for wanting to keep you as my baby a little longer?"

Goten wrapped his arms around ChiChi. Trunks grinned at him. It worked! "Sure, Mom." Goten assured her but felt a lot of guilt for what he just did.

Gohan and his family left for his conference and Goku and ChiChi left for their trip as scheduled. Goten received calls from ChiChi and his Grandpa checking on him but Goten assured them everything was under control.

For a while, it was. Trunks had everything planned out and brought everything they needed. He brought a capsule jacuzzi, sound systems that will have music blaring for miles, games set up outside and lots of food. Trunks thought twenty of his friends from school will be enough but he shut down Goten's idea of inviting his friends. Most of Goten's friends came from Gyumao's village and their parents knew Goku and ChiChi. It was that issue that prevented Trunks from letting Goten invite them.

"But they're my friends," Goten argued.

"Yeah, and their parents know yours and your Grandpa. It's a good chance one will let it slip about the party and your family will find out. No," Trunks shook his head adamant. "Only my friends can come."

"But it's my house," Goten argued again. "And I don't know your friends."

"So, this can work, we need to invite people who have no ties to your family," Trunks explained again. "I'll introduce you to them. Trust me. They're cool and the girls I have coming are hot and experience."

Some of Trunks' friends were cool and the girls he brought were beautiful. It was fun being around them that Goten thought Trunks was right about not inviting his friends. He was still having fun but after an hour, things went to great to spiraling out of control. More people showed up. Trunks' friends invited friends of their own and brought amenities to liven up the party more: alcohol and drugs . What started as a group of twenty expanded to a group of nearly one hundred and they were all partying in or outside Goten's home.

"I'm in so much trouble," Goten murmured. Outside boys and girls were soaking or making out in the jacuzzi. Naked girls were being chased by half naked boys. There were groups of people drinking excessively. One drunken teen vomited in ChiChi's garden.

And this was outside!

Inside was worse. The house was filled with teens dancing, eating and making out. There were a few broken glasses and dishes. Two end tables were broken because teens danced on it. The coffee table was broken because two muscle bound jocks broke it while celebrating an arm-wrestling victory. Upstairs was off limits but of course being teens, they didn't listen. They broke through the locked doors for their own entertainment.

Goten was horrified to see groups of people in his parent's bedroom have a blow job party. He told these strangers to stay downstairs but instead of listening, they broke in his parents' bedroom and did things only his parents should do in here. Add on to the trust his mother had in him and knowing he broke and the party not turning out how he wanted, it angered Goten to the point he flared into Super Saiyan as he screamed.


Goten was angry. He was angry at these people for disrespecting him in his home. He was angry he couldn't invite his friends and he was angry at his best friend Trunk using him.

Girls sucking on their boyfriends pulled away stunned and frightened at the golden hair teen screaming. Boys pulled up their pants and girls scrambled to their feet as they rushed out to escape the gold menace.

Somewhere in the sea of people was Trunks. Goten promised to find him and tell his friend the party was over. Shockingly, Goten felt Trunks' Ki in his bedroom. He pushed open the door and found Trunks kissing a girl besides his bed.

"Trunks, what are you doing in here?! You have a girl in my room before I got a girl in my room!"

Trunks broke away from the girl startled. "Goten! What the hell are you doing? Why did you turn into a Super Saiyan?"


"What's a Super Saiyan?"

Trunks and Goten looked at the confused pink haired girl that had her tongue down Trunks' throat moments ago. "Give us a minute." The girl fixed her clothes, gave Trunks a kiss and flipped off Goten as she brushed past him. "I know it's wrong to bring her in here but I'm your friend, so I thought it was cool." Goten's Ki spiked higher at the explanation. "Goten, could you calm down? I know there's a lot of people and maybe it's getting out of hand but we can fix this."

The music that blared in and outside of the house since the party started. immediately stopped. It was followed by an angry voice that rocked Goten and Trunks to their core.


"Oh, shit," Trunks cursed.

Trunks and Goten could hear the sounds of multiple footsteps leaving his home and the sounds of capsules popping. From his window, Goten and Trunks saw many airships leaving at a frantic pace.


"Oh, shit," Trunks cursed again.

Goten could feel sick to his stomach at that voice. It was over for him. He will die tonight. Why couldn't evil Majin Boo come back or some other bad person willing to destroy the planet?

"Don't make me come up there and get you, Goten! Get….down…. here… NOW!"

Trunks wiped his forehead. He wasn't called. He was spared.

"I know you're up there, Trunks! Get down here, too, and don't you even think of escaping!"

"Dammit," Trunks cursed again.

Goten and Trunks left the room. They slowly walked downstairs ready to die. With the house empty of people, it looked even worse. The sofa had stains of food, alcohol and cigarette marks. Trash littered the floor. There was a stench of smoke and weed in the room. The kitchen was a mess as it was stained with food. In the center stood Gohan, dressed casually, without his glasses, arms crossed and furious!

Goten witnessed anger from his brother a few times but he had never seen him this angry before. "Big brother, what are you doing here? How did you know?"

Gohan glared at Trunks. He knew he was the mastermind behind this. "You are definitely Bulma's kid, Trunks. Your con job on Mom was so bad even Dad noticed."

Goku? Trunks couldn't believe that. "That's impossible! Your Dad's—"

"A lot smarter than you think and he's known your Mom a lot longer than you. He's seen this con job before and maybe if Goten didn't display that temper tantrum he's old enough to be in the house by himself, Mom would've noticed that, too."

"If you knew about this, why didn't you stop us?" Trunks asked. Instead of being scared, he was upset. "Did you set us up?"

Gohan wanted to laugh. Was Trunks trying to turn this on him? "I understand the need to have parties. I went to a few in college but I didn't say anything because I thought you two would have it under control. My mistake in trusting you."

Goten lowered his head ashamed. He never thought he would lose his brother's trust.

Trunks admired Gohan but he didn't like this scolding from him. "So, what are you gonna do?" he challenged, "Snitch on us?"

Gohan shook his head. Trunks didn't behave like the Trunks he knew as a child. It was unfortunate. "I won't. Mom deserves this break and I won't have her crush to think she can't trust her child. We're gonna fix this."

Gohan stepped away from them. He opened a drawer and pulled out ChiChi's notepad and pen she used when making the grocery list. Goten and Trunks looked curious as Gohan wrote down what was broken in the kitchen. He went to the living room and made list there. Then he traveled to every room in the house writing more things down.

When he returned, Gohan had a list of two pages. He dug in his pocket and pulled out a capsule. He gave the list to Goten and the capsule to Trunks.

Trunks read the capsule model number. "This is one of our large airship capsules."

"What do you want us to do?" Goten asked as he read the list. He was ready to do anything to earn his brother's trust again. "You want us to go shopping for all this? What if they don't have it?"

"There's a storage warehouse in Satan City at 510 Western Ave. It has everything we need. There are duplicates of everything in our house. Every utensil, glass, dinnerplates. Even furniture. It's all bought and paid for. Don't worry about the sofa and futons. I broke that in so it doesn't have a new furniture feel to it. Mom won't know it's been replaced. Just get it and get back here as soon as possible."

"Hold on." There's a story behind this and Trunks wanted to know. "Why do you have duplicates of everything in a warehouse?"

"Dad still breaks stuff around the house. With all that money Mr. Satan gave us, Dad thought we should get duplicates of everything so Mom would stop getting angry every time he broke something."

Goten did remember his Mom being a little frustrated at his Dad for breaking things but that hasn't happened for….. "You mean this has been-"

"Going on for years," Gohan finished. "Yes. You two need to get going. I'm gonna start cleaning up what I can."

"Okay but Mom and Dad don't need a new bed." Goten pointed to the list. "It's not broken."

"I don't know all of what went on in Mom and Dad's room and my nose isn't as strong as Dad's but I know something went on in there that shouldn't have. Dad's nose will pick it up. You're getting a new bed and futon."

Goten agreed with his brother. He saw what went on and he will take that to his grave. "Dad suspects something but he doesn't know about the party right, Gohan? You don't have to tell him."

Gohan wished that were true. "I don't want to but I have to. Mom will want to leave first thing in the morning and I don't think we'll be finished covering this mess by then. Dad needs to know so he can stall Mom."

Goten accepted that. As long as Mom didn't know.

Gohan pointed to the door. "Get going. Mom and Dad will be back tomorrow. We don't have a lot of time and I have to get back, too. Videl doesn't know about this." Gohan squeezed the bridge of his nose as he thought of how to resolve this. "When you two come back, you need to get rid of everything broken and clean this house top to bottom. Make sure the outside is taken care of, too. I'm not needed at tomorrow's conference but I'll let Videl think I'm going and come back here and make sure everything is in correct order."

"I want to help," Trunks started, "but I can't. I have curfew in three hours. I broke it twice and Mom will ground me for the next month if I'm late again."

"Then you better get as much done as you can before curfew," Gohan warned as he approached Trunks. No way will this instigator get out of the mess he help create. "Tomorrow, you're gonna come back here and help me and Goten clean this mess because if my Mom finds out, after my Mom and your Mom deals with you, you're gonna have to deal with me. Understand?"

Trunks swallowed. When Gohan got mad, really mad, he was scary.

Goten and Trunks went to the warehouse and brought back everything on Gohan's list. Trunks went home to meet curfew. This left Goten to spend the rest of the night tossing out the broken furniture and cleaning the house from top to bottom. Trunks returned early the next morning to help. Gohan arrived an hour after Trunks. He inspected in and outside the house for anything Goten (mostly) and Trunks missed in before giving his approval and leaving.

Trunks and Goten were in the kitchen eating when Goku and ChiChi teleported two hours later. Both were carrying bags of items from the resort. Goten could see stuffed toys for Pan in one bag. There was another bag filled with clothes and games that looked to be for him.

"Look at that, ChiChi. The house is in one piece." Goku squeezed ChiChi lightly. "And you were worried."

"I gladly admit to being wrong." ChiChi looked around her kitchen inspecting everything with a sharp eye. She opened and closed the refrigerator, eyed Goten suspicious before stepping in the living where a lot of damage was done. ChiChi walked around before staring at the sofa, the end tables and coffee table that were replaced. Goten and Trunks exchanged nervous glances. Did they miss a spot? Did ChiChi notice something.


Goten jumped! Did his mother know the furniture were replaced? Gohan inspected everything! He said everything was good.

ChiChi ran to Goten and threw her arms around him. "Oh, sweetheart. You cleaned the house and shopped for food."

Goten laughed nervously. She didn't notice. He wasn't going to die today. "I wanted to surprise you. I felt bad about my temper tantrum and-"

"Ohh!" ChiChi kissed his cheek. "Oh, you're such a sweet child."

"He's a good kid," Goku ruffled Goten's hair. "With a lot of energy. Gohan's getting so much busier now with his work and family he can't spar with me as much anymore." He lightly jabbed Goten's face. "You're getting older and slacking off a bit. I think we need to increase our training." Goku grinned at Goten. "First thing in the morning and after your school lessons are done, we're gonna train and we're going to train harder than before." He jabbed Goten's face again. "And don't think I will go easy on you because you're my son. I know you don't want that."

More training and even harder? They already train four days out of the week. Goten loved it when he was kid but getting older and discovering girls, Goten wasn't interested in fighting like he used to be. He looked at his mother to bail him out. "Mom?"

"Oh, I know you can handle it, Goten. You don't have to ask for my permission. You've balanced school and training with your father and you haven't fallen behind." ChiChi grabbed a couple bags. "I'm gonna unpack and wrap these gifts for Pan. I can't wait to show these to her."

This left Goku, Goten and Trunks in the room. Trunks looked at father and son. Goten looked frightened at his Dad's scary smile. He didn't know what will happen but Trunks knew he should leave. This was Goten's problem. Not his. "Well, I'm gonna go home. Nice to see you again, Goku."

"Bye, Trunks," Goku kept his eyes on Goten. "Say hey to Vegeta. I haven't seen him in while but I talked to him this morning. He's waiting for you."

"Shit," Trunks banged his head against the door. He was a dead man. If Goten's father was going to increase their training, he could only imagine what his Dad will do to him.

And then there were two. Goten kept his head bowed. He knew his father wasn't the yelling type but he felt something was coming.

"Shall we go?" Goku asked. "Might as well get started."

Goten saw his father walking towards the door. Was this it? Was his Dad not going to acknowledge what he did? He knew Mom handles the punishment but this time with Mom not knowing, Goten expected something from his Dad. "Dad, aren't you mad?"

"The house is still here and your Mom's happy. So, no." He opened the door. "Let's go."

Goten followed his Dad outside. He didn't understand. The house was a wreck because of his party. He should be punished. "Didn't Gohan tell you what happened?"

"He did."

And he still wasn't mad?

"Listen, Goten. You know I'm not the yelling parent. I trust my kids to do the right thing and when they do wrong, I trust them to fix it. Gohan told me how ashamed you were last night. When he came by this morning, everything was spotless. The house was cleaner than it was when we left." He put an arm around Goten. "You really felt bad for that party and what happened to the house."

"Yeah," Goten nodded. "I didn't want to do it but Trunks convinced me and…." He shoved his hands in his pockets. "Trunks is my best friend but I shouldn't listen to him all the time."

"That's true," Goku agreed. It was something he and ChiChi knew for a while. Goku was glad Goten was starting to see that.

"I'm really sorry, Dad." Goten never wanted last night to happen again. "I let you and Mom down."

"Nah. You didn't let us down. You proved to us we did pretty good as parents. You saw you made a mistake and tried to correct it. You didn't try to get away with it. So, I'm happy." He winked at Goten. "It'll be our little secret from Mom."

Goten hugged his father. "Thanks, Dad." His mother's love and father's approval meant a lot to Goten. He had that, risked losing it last night and vowed to never let that happen again.

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