June 27th -Pallas' Reaction

Another night, another party.

Some Belcourt designer was throwing a party launching her new line. Oh, how Pallas wanted to be home right now, working. But sadly her façade needed to be one least anyone suspect anything.

She hears her name called from in the crowd. It was faint, but sparked her interest. She heard it again. Abbey, definitely Abbey. She followed her voice, pulling her further in the crowd. Finally she finds her, frizzy curly frizzy hair sticking everywhere, phone in her hand. Pallas doesn't know how she could deal with her hair. The thought of managing it made her shutter.

Abbey spoke, bringing her out of her thoughts. "Illéa Weekly just posted the list of girls that are in the selection, want to see if we know anyone?"

"Sure, nothing better to do."

Abbey started scrolling, muttering little things about each girl. Before she stopped. She didn't get very far before she stopped. She must of found some she knows. She did a double take, bringing her phone closer.

"Found someone you know, Abs?" Now my curiosity has peaked.

"Yeah, You," Me? I was actually chosen. I start to think of the future I could have, before she continues, " I know weird. You didn't enter, you don't even like the princes." She states matter of factually.

Of course I like the princes, they are hot and rich. One even likes Star Wars, I want to say, but I learned long ago, my feelings should be voiced.

"Actually, I did, mom thinks it would do good for our family's image." I definitely don't tell her I'm looking for love or that I sent the form in before my mom mentioned the idea to me.

"Ahh, that sounds like your mom." She leaves it be and continues scrolling. But I'm still shocked. So many feeling are in my head.

I made it.