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Based on the Anime

Summary: Hinata being adorable and making friends :) everyone loves him. Pls request prompts for future chapters.

It was quiet. Too quiet. Sure, it was early in the morning, and practice hadn't even started yet, but the lack of presence and energy in the gym was overwhelming. It was peaceful. Kageyama listened for a moment before he narrowed his eyes. Something was off.

"Hinata! Hey dumbass, you here?" The only reply he received was the chirping of the birds outside, no doubt enjoying the morning before all of the students flooded the campus. Kageyama cocked an eyebrow suggestively. "Is he late?" He mused to himself. That wasn't like Hinata at all. They had a practice match against Nekoma today, and they'd made a deal to meet up before to synch up and maybe practice a few receives.

Kageyama bit his lip and let his eyes scan the empty gym once more. "Seriously?" He muttered, raising an eyebrow. The setter clicked his tongue in annoyance before carefully setting down his volleyball bag against the wall of the gym to start rifling through it. He pulled out his barely used cell phone and sat up against the wall himself to scroll through his few contacts. Finding the one he desired, he tapped on it and quickly typed out a message.

To: Dumbass Tangerine

From: Me

Where the hell are you, idiot? I beat you here by like 10 minutes.


Kageyama's finger hovered over the off button on his phone, but he decided against it at the last moment and typed out one more text.

To: Dumbass Tangerine

From: Me

This makes us 58-57 dumbass. I'm winning.


Kageyama smirked in self-satisfaction and turned his phone off for real this time. He put it back into his bag and stood up from his sitting position at the wall. Hinata had probably just overslept or something for once, he reasoned with himself. It wasn't his fault if his partner was too much of a lazy ass to get out of bed today. The young setter shrugged mentally before heading to the equipment room to retrieve the volleyball and set up the net. Might as well do what he came here to do.

Daichi, Suga, and Asahi all arrived together about an hour later. Just like Kageyama, they too were momentarily stopped in their tracks by the resounding silence that filled the usually noisy gym. Often, when the three third years would enter the gym, they would be greeted by the sound of powerful spikes, heated bickering, shoes squeaking viciously against the floor, or even bright laughter, all of these things courtesy of the first year freak duo. To be met with the sight of Kageyama setting the ball to himself with almost no sound? It was unnerving.

Suga cleared his throat. "Hey, Kageyama."

The setter in question glanced over his shoulder to see his teammate's confused faces, catching the ball and twisting around so he could face them. "Yeah?"

Daichi looked around the gym quizzically, as if waiting for something or someone to pop up and surprise them. When no such surprise came, the captain locked eyes with Kageyama. "Where's Hinata?"

Kageyama shrugged with a bored expression on his face. "No idea. That dumbass was supposed to meet me here an hour ago to get some extra practice in before Nekoma. Never showed up."

"Did you trying messaging him?" Asahi piped up, gesturing to the first-year setter.

Kageyama nodded and wordlessly walked to his duffle. After a few seconds of rummaging around, he pulled out his device once again. The third years watched quietly as Kageyama tapped on the screen a few times before thrusting it into their faces, making all of them blink in surprise at the sudden action. "See? Nothing. The idiot hasn't even read it yet." Suga shot him a confused look. "He has read receipts on." Kageyama clarified, pulling his arm with his phone in hand away from his teammates and tucking it back into his bag for the second time.

"Dumbass Tangerine?" Daichi questioned with a raise of his eyebrows.

Kageyama nodded solemnly. "Obviously."

"Isn't anyone else a tiny bit worried?" All eyes turned to Asahi. "I mean, this isn't like him at all. He's usually here earlier than all of us!"

"He's probably sick or something." Suga reasoned. "Nothing to worry about."

Kageyama shook his head at that speculation. "Nah, I don't think so. When the idiot's sick, he's on his phone all the time. He would've texted me back by now. Plus," Kageyama scoffed, "You know how much Hinata loves playing volleyball, especially against other teams. He would come whether he was sick or not."

The third years responded to Kageyama's inference with murmurs of agreement and nods of heads.

"Maybe he overslept," Daichi offered. "It can happen, even to someone with as much energy as Hinata."

Suga wrinkled his nose. "I doubt that. Remember Hinata at training camp?" All four boys cringed at the memory. Every single one of the seven days Karasuno had been at the facility, Hinata had been up with the sun, which had prompted everyone else also to have to wake up at the unreasonable hour as well because of the hyperactive ginger's inability to keep still or quiet.

A chorus of "Oh yeah" and "I remember that" rang through the gym softly. Suga hesitated for a moment before smiling brightly at his teammates. "I won't worry about it, guys! Actual practice hasn't even started yet. He's sure to be here by then!"

Kageyama grumbled and turned away from the group at this, heading toward his abandoned volleyball to get back to his setting. Asahi and Daichi shrugged at each other at Suga's words before heading off the volleyball cart as well to start their practicing. Suga followed closely behind the other two. He wasn't worried per se, but he was curious. Where exactly was Hinata Shouyou?

Time went on, and all of the other members of the Karasuno volleyball club slowly started arriving and trickling into the gym for a little morning practice. Soon, the building filled with talking, shouting, the squeaking of shoes, and the sound of volleyballs forcibly connecting with arms over and over. However, the energy wasn't the same. The gym lacked a bit of vibrance to it, a bit of activity and enthusiasm, and everyone was painfully aware of it.

"Hey, Kageyama!" Nishinoya bounced up to his underclassman, his usual toothy grin in place. "Where's Shouyou?"

"How the hell should I know," Kageyama grumbled, averting his eyes from the libero's all too-bright smile.

"Did Hinata not practice with you this mornin' or something?" It was Tanaka this time, dramatically strutting up to his two teammates in true Tanaka fashion. "I thought you two lovebirds always practiced together, like, wayyyy early in the morning before all of us."

Kageyama rolled his eyes in annoyance. He was used to Tanaka's teasing, but that didn't make it any less tolerable. "We do, but today he never showed up. Tried texting him too, but he didn't answer."

"Maybe that's just because it's you." Nishinoya threw his hands above his head in a gesture of peace as Kageyama whirled around on him. "See!" He exclaimed, turning to look at Tanaka and pointing a finger in Kageyama's face. "He's freaking terrifying! I wouldn't want to respond to a text from you if I were Shouyou."

Kageyama glared and crossed his arms at the two upperclassmen in front of him. "For the last time, I am not scary! This," He pointed vigorously. "Is just my face!"

"Stop, all of you." Daichi jogged over to the trio to join in their little conversation with Takeda in tow. "Takeda, did you ask the school if a reason for Hinata's absence has been given by either his parents?"

Takeda nodded, eyes wide as the practice around them grounded to a halt as everyone gathered close to hear was Takeda was saying. It felt weird, practicing without the ginger's happy smiles, bright eyes, and hyperactive attitude. Even Tsukishima had to admit he didn't feel as motivated as usual, despite his various claims that he wanted nothing to do with the smaller middle blocker.

"I asked the super intendant about it." Takeda wrung his hands out. "She said no, but she'll be sure to contact us if anything comes up."

The gym was silent for a few moments as everyone took this information in. This was extremely unlike Hinata. This was a fact that everyone was aware of. His streak of getting up early paired with his undying love for volleyball was a dangerous combination in an already stubborn child. For him to miss a practice for the game he loved so much, not to mention a chance to play against Nekoma of all people, something had to be wrong.

"...What if he was hit by a car?"


Tanaka winced at the sound of 13 voices yelling his name. "Geez, sorry." He paused, his brow furrowing into a line of concern and lips pursing. "It's possible, though, right?"

"Tanaka, Hinata did not get hit by a car!" Suga crossed his arms. He couldn't believe he even had to say this right now. "Why the hell would you even suggest that!"

Tanaka threw his hands up defensively. "Hey, don't get me wrong. If Hinata ever did get hit by a car, I would beat the driver to a bloody pulp, but" The second-year bit his lip. "It's a possibility, right?" His voice was uncharacteristically quiet. "He does ride his bike like a bajillion miles to school every day. It's not impossible."

Daichi clapped his hands together loudly, effectively slicing through the suffocating silence that had filled the gym after Tanaka's worrisome prediction and making all of his teammates (except Tsukishima, of course. He wasn't even sure the kid had any emotions,) jump out of their skins. "Look." Daichi put on his best captain's voice. "We don't know why Hinata's not here, but we shouldn't worry so much. If he doesn't show, it's probably for a good reason. We all care about the kid and understandably are a little freaked at the prospect of him getting hit by a car," He cast a glare at Tanaka. "But the chances that that happens are astronomically low. It's still pretty early, and there are barely any cars on the road at this time. So everyone stop your whining and load up. We need to get to Nekoma."

Daichi's efforts to excite his team were rewarded by enthusiastic cheers and choruses of agreement at the mention of their practice match with Nekoma. Daichi smiled warmly at his club. "If Hinata doesn't arrive at the practice match and we still don't have any word from the super intendant by then, that's when we can assume that the worst has happened. But for now, everyone just relax yourselves and get ready."

Karasuno nodded their heads sharply in agreement before exiting the gym to the parking lot, where the bus was already waiting to take them to Nekoma. Nishinoya led the pack, sprinting as fast as he could, all the while laughing like a maniac. The rest of the team just looked on in amusement at the overly excited libero, Hinata's absence weighing in the back of everyone's minds.

"Uh, Tanaka?"

Tanaka casually looked over his shoulder to see Yamaguchi staring back at him with wide eyes. "Yeah?"

"Do you really think that Hinata got in a car crash?" Yamaguchi asked tentatively. Tsukishima was posed right behind Yamaguchi with his eyebrow raised and arms crossed. He didn't say anything, but Tanaka knew that he too was awaiting his response.

Tanaka let out a puff of air and scratched his head. "I SERIOUSLY hope not Tadashi, but if he did, I would PUNCH THAT CAR UNTIL IT BREEEAAAKS!" Tanaka yelled the last part, throwing his head back and vigorously pumping his arms.

"You can't beat up a car." Tsukishima deadpanned, his cocked eyebrow gone, and his regular passive expression now plastered on his face.

"OH? IS THAT A CHAAALLENGE TSUKISHIMAAA?!" Tanaka narrowed his eyes at the blond and leaned forward with his hands on his hips.

"It's a simple fact, Tanaka." Tsukishima sneered, smirking slightly at his outburst before gliding away from the seething second year to the bus awaiting them. Tanaka huffed and crossed his arms.


Karasuno arrived at Nekom Highschool in what seemed like no time. The bus was quickly cleared of all team members while Suga checked to make sure they had everyone, save their resident ginger, accounted for. The team had put this precaution in place because they had once forgotten Narita in the back of the bus and hadn't noticed he was gone until the match was over when the same vehicle had come to transport them back to Karasuno. They had found their sleeping team member inside, not having moved a muscle. They had apologized profusely, but Narita had just waved them off, stating that he was used to being a "side character." No one had been quite sure what he meant, but they let it drop after that.

Daichi led the way, as usual, weaving his team expertly through the buildings and around the students milling about to the humongous gymnasium that they had become so familiar with over the past few months. Practice matches with Nekoma weren't rare, but they were still cherished and enjoyed for all they were worth. They were a good team with good players, and they had fun playing against each other.

"Hey, isn't their team smaller than usual?"

All members of Karasuno turned to look at Yamaguchi, who was staring at the Nekoma team intently. They had arrived at the gymnasium a few moments prior and were now in the middle of setting down their bags and getting situated so they could start practicing a little before the match began.

"Kuroo's missing," Tuskishima said smoothly after a moment. "And so's his little setter friend."

"Kozume?" Kageyama asked, turning his head again so he could survey their opponents. Tuskishima was right. Neither Kuroo nor Kenma were anywhere to be seen. Kageyama could see that the Nekoma players whispering to each other instead of practicing like usual before a match, as well as glancing nervously to the door from time to time.

"Hey! Yaku!" Nishinoya called over his fellow libero, who complied after one more quick gaze toward the doors to the gymnasium and started jogging toward the opposing volleyball team.

"Hello, Nishinoya. Everybody." Yaku nodded in greeting, earning a few equally respectful nods back.

Nishinoya grinned enthusiastically. "Good to see ya, Yaku! We couldn't help but notice that you seem down a few players." Noya waggled his eyebrows. "Care to explain?"

"We could ask you the same thing." Lev walked up to Yaku and put one hand on his shoulder, earning himself a swat from the libero. Laughing lightly, he raised an eyebrow at the Karasuno team. "Where's the shorty?"

Asahi nudged Kageyama, who, in turn, looked at him with an incredulous expression. "What? Why me?" He asked out loud, looking at the ace with a fusion of confusion and annoyance.

"Just do it."

"Fine." Kageyama made eye contact with Lev. "Hinata never showed up this morning. Which is weird because he never sleeps in. Ever. And the dumbass hasn't been answering his phone either. We haven't gotten any word from the school super intendant about why he's missing, and he would never miss a practice match with you guys, so we don't know what's going on or where he is. There. Happy now?" Kageyama muttered this last part to Asahi, who gave him a gentle smile before turning his attention to the two Nekoma players before him.

Lev thought for a moment. "That's pretty similar to our situation. No one's heard from either Kuroo or Kenma all day. We tried reaching both of them, but we got nothing."

Yaku nodded. "We thought nothing of it when Kuroo didn't respond. After all, he rarely uses his phone." Yaku ignored the glare he was receiving from Lev for taking over his story, but the libero waved him off and continued. "But when we texted Kenma and he didn't reply, that's when we started worrying a little."

"Isn't Kozume always on his phone though?" Suga asked. He had seen the young setter multiple times outside of games, and each time Kenma had been doing something or other with his small device in his hand.

Lev nodded, eager to take back his story. "Exactly. He had read receipts on too, so we know he's not ghosting us. He hasn't even seen the message yet."

"Weird." Kageyama mused out loud. "That's exactly what happened with Hinata."

Yaku scrunched his face up and scratched his nose. "I wonder if-"

"KUROO THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!" A familiar voice could be heard beyond the gym doors. "WE'RE LATE BECAUSE OF YOU!" Karasuno exchanged wide-eyed glances with each other. They knew that voice all too well.



"Was not." Kenma's monotone voice could barely be heard through the thin gym doors, but it was still there. Both teams started incredulously at one another. What in the world was going on?

"YOU WERE!" Hinata's and Kuroo's voiced blended into one.

"It's not my fault you guys suck."

"WE DO NOT SUCK." Kuroo sputtered. "YOU CHEATED!"

"Did not."

"DID TOO!" Hinata's voice was getting louder now, signaling that the trio was getting closer to the gym. "YOU GOT TWO BLUE SHELLS. IN A ROW. IN 3RD PLACE. WHEN IT JUST SO HAPPENED THAT I WAS IN FIRST AND KUROO WAS IN SECOND."

"It's just luck." Kenma had a hint of a smile on his face looking at his two red-faced friends. He pushed open the gym doors and immediately froze. "Oh." He said. "Hi."

Hinata and Kuroo stopped in their tracks as well, taking in the sight of their two teams staring at them with expressions of utter confusion. Kuroo, who had been walking in between Hinata and Kenma, slung one arm around both of their shoulders best he could with their short statures. "Ayo Karasuno! Wassup?"

Daichi narrowed his eyes at this. "Kuroo." His voice was cold. "What exactly are you doing with our first year?"

Hinata glances nervously up at Kuroo, but the Nekoma team captain returned Daichi's gaze with an easy grin. It was no secret how protective Karasuno was of their tiny number ten, and Kuroo could see now that the rumors floating between the other teams hadn't been exaggerating. The entire team's eyes were practically boring into him, glaring at the sight of Kuroo's arm around their small middle blocker.

"Kenma, would you do the honors?" Kuroo's eyes shifted from Daichi to his smaller friend. "I believe you are best suited to answer this question."

"Oh. Um." Kenma licked his lips. "I invited Shouyou for a sleepover last night."

At this, the mouths of every single Nekoma team member dropped.


"A sleepover?"

"Kenma never has sleepovers!"

"He's never even showed up to any of the team ones!"

"Kenma you hate sleepovers!"

"And social interactions that last more than two hours!"

"And sleep!"

"I don't think he's ever invited a single one of us besides Kuroo to a sleepover before!"

"Nope," Kuroo interjected. "He's never invited me to one either." This earned more wildly confused stares directed at the trio.

"Kuroo, you've slept over plenty of times." Kenma deadpanned, clearly uncomfortable with all the attention being brought to them

"Well yeah, but you've never invited me over! I've always had to break in or something!"

"So last night was NORMAL FOR YOU TWO?!" Hinata's eyes switched back and forth between Kenma and Kuroo rapidly.

"Yep," Kenma replied, shoving his hands in the pockets of his volleyball jacket. "Can we just play now?"

Hinata ignored him and began speaking with his usual vigor and excitement. "SERIOUSLY? HOW DO YOU EVEN FUNCTION! I would be SO paranoid all of the time. I wouldn't be able even to FOCUS!"

"You can't focus anyway, small fry." Kuroo interrupted, smirking.

"I can focus rooster head! At least I'm not a clutz like you!"

"Hmm, after the events of last night, I beg to differ."


Kenma offered a small, affectionate smile, causing the members of Nekoma once again to let their jaws drop to the floor. They had never seen Kenma smile before. "If we're talking about what I think we're talking about, that was all you Kuroo."

Karasuno surveyed the scene in front of them, all of them either confused, surprised, amazed, or a combination of all three. The trio standing in the doorway was acting like they had known each other for years, playfully teasing and talking about inside secrets that their teammates were clueless about. To be fair, Kuroo and Kenma had known each other since childhood, but Hinata was pretty much entirely new for their friendship. And yet, this was happening.

"Hey! Dumbass!" The banter stopped as all three heads turned Kageyama's way in unison. He shuttered. Creepy. "Would you mind explaining to us what the heck's going on?! Why are you at a sleepover with people you've barely just met! Why are you three interacting like it's the easiest thing in the world, why'd you show up so late, and why didn't you at least text us what the hell was going on?!"

"Hey! Yeah! That's right!" Yaku turned his attention accusingly to Kenma and Kuroo, both of which were still looking at Kageyama. "Why weren't either of you answering your phones! Especially you, Kenma!"

Kenma shrugged lightly and twisted his shoulders out of Kuroo's arm to stand on the other side of Hinata. "I invited Shouyou to a sleepover because he's my friend." Kenma stated, answering Kageyama's first question. "It's simple, really. I like hanging out with him for longer lengths of time than other people." The pudding haired boy waved apologetically to his team, the members question looking slightly hurt by that comment. "Plus, we had a videogame we wanted to play together. Kuroo just happened to drop by."

Hinata snorted. "Yeah. Emphasize on dropped. HEY!" That last remark was aimed at Kuroo himself, who had poked the ginger's cheek at Hinata's statement. Hinata glared at the taller boy with no real heat before flashing Kageyama one of his sunshine smiles. "What are you talking about, Bakayama? Why wouldn't we interact this way? We're friends!"

Kageyama glowered. "But...it's so casual and flowy." He grumbled to himself.

"Awww, is the king socially awkward?" Tsukishima cooed.

Kageyama whipped around to glare at the blond. ''I AM NOT." He turned back to face Hinata. "But that still doesn't explain why you were so late."

"Or why none of you responded to everyone's messages," Tanaka said, still glaring daggers at Kuroo. He was still a bit to close to his underclassman for his liking, but Hinata seemed fine with it, so there was nothing he could do but listen to what they had to say and watch the scene unfold in front of him.

Hinata laughed brightly. "Oh yeah, that's a really funny story." He glanced and Kenma, who nodded for him to continue. "So Kenma invited me over to a sleepover because we've been dying to play Mario Kart together since, like, the day we first met, right? So we get to Kenma's house, but it's pretty late when we do so we eat first before playing. We leave our phones out on the couch because that's where the Wii and everything is set up, and next thing you know, we hear a crash coming from the living room. So, me being the brave soul that I am, I went in there to check it out. But-"

"Shouyou was terrified." Kenma interrupted. He shrugged at the suspicious gazes of his teammates, who had never heard him interrupt anyone ever. "Just making sure everyone gets the full story."

Hinata stuck his tongue out at Kenma. "Shush, you. So anyway, I go into the living room and I find Kuroo had been climbing through the ventilation system to get to Kenma's house and had literally fallen straight through the ceiling." Hinata burst into a fit of giggles, making everyone around him smile before he composed himself again and continued.

"The only problem was, he fell straight on our phones and crushed them in the landing. He broke his phone also because it was in his back pocket. Anyway, Kenma didn't seem fazed at all, so I just kinda went with it. So then Kuroo stayed over and joined our sleepover! Then we played Mario Kart and Kenma totally cheated because me or Kuroo didn't win ONCE, so we kept replaying until one of us beat Kenma, but that never happened because we stayed up until like five in the morning trying to do it, which is the time I usually get up. Hence, I was SUPER tired, and none of us set the alarm. So we literally just woke up like 10 minutes ago and Kuroo drove us here, which is SO COOL, by the way, and now we're all best friends and having another sleepover next weekend!"

Hinata beamed at the shocked faces around them while Kuroo nodded solemnly. "Yep. That's the gist of it."

After a few beats of silence, Kageyama muttered something unintelligible and got up from his position on the floor beside his team's bench. He stalked over to where the trio was standing and yanked Hinata away from Kenma and Kuroo, dragging him to the bathroom despite his cries of protest. No one made a move to stop him as they watched them go. No one in the gym would admit it, but Kageyama scared them all to some degree.

"That's insane." Asahi finally said. "You guys and Hinata were nothing more than acquaintances last week!"

Kuroo shrugged. "I don't know what to tell ya. That kid's easy to make friends with. I couldn't stop myself. It was like I was being sucked in." Kuroo gestured to Kenma. "Not to mention he's the only one Kenma can stand for more than a few hours. Not even I can do that, and I've known him for years!"

Kenma shrugged sheepishly. "I like Shouyou. He's fun."

Tsukishima sighed. "Yeah, that idiot's charisma is off the charts. Even I don't dislike him as much as I pretend to." He wrinkled his nose. "I think it's impossible to hate him, honestly. He could probably become friends with anyone he wanted to."

Suga nodded thoughtfully. "Mmhm...yeah."

"Kageyama wha-what are you doing! Kageyama!" Hinata tried to no avail to break the iron grip Kageyama had on his arm. He couldn't do anything other than accept his fate as his setter ripped open the bathroom door and practically chucked him in. Hinata had never been fond of bathrooms. Bad things always seemed to happen to him in them. This was no exception.

"Kageyama wha-"

"You DUMBASS!" Kageyama yelled, throwing his hands up in the air as he stalked toward the shorter boy. "A SLEEPOVER? YOU GOT US WORKED UP OVER A STUPID SLEEPOVER? ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW?!"

"Kageyama, I have no idea what you're so mad about." Usually, Hinata would throw in an insulting nickname here or there, but Kageyama was mad, madder than he'd ever seen him before, and Hinata was very fond of living; thank you very much, so he refrained from namecalling just this once. "It's just a sleepover with my friends. No need to get worked up."




Translation: I was worried about you. I'm glad you're okay. I don't know what I would've done with myself if you'd gotten hurt.

Hinata bit back a smile, knowing it would only set Kageyama off more. He wasn't an idiot, and he'd spent enough time with his emotionally constipated friend to be well versed in the language of Kageyama. Still, Hinata was Hinata, and he couldn't resist teasing the setter a little. He cocked his head to the side and pretended to be confused. "Wow, Kageyama. I didn't know you cared."


Hinata held up his hands defensively. "Okay, okay. Geez. I get your point." He glanced up at the still seething teen through his orange bangs. He offered a mischievous smile. "But my phone was broken, you idiot. I couldn't let you know if I tried."

"I KNOW! JUST-AGH!" Kageyama's glare deflated, and he crossed his arms. I hate you. You know that?"

Hinata stuck his tongue out at the setter. "Yeah. I hate you more, though."

"Not possible dumbass."









You're my friend.

I know.

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