Disclaimer: Cinderella, all characters, places, and related terms belong to Charles Perrault and Walt Disney Pictures.

We Were Meant to Be

Entr'acte (Sight)

The stranger's appearance, calming the girl's frightened horse, and being seemingly instantly smitten could have been straight out of a fairy story; Ella was far too concerned about the hunt and then flustered by the gentleman's questions for the thought to occur to her.

Lavender's Blue (Touch)

The blue dress eyed the handsome young man critically, then melted a little when he wrapped his arm around the waist of its mistress; by the dance's end as he spun his partner in a dazzling lift the dress was positively swooning, urging, Marry that one!

Shall I Tell You What I Think of You (Hear)

Kit had first called her Miss...then Your Highness...and finally Ella, unmistakable respect and affection in his voice during each encounter, and she had blushed.

A Little Bit of Earth (Smell)

Her hands were rough, dirty, but without hesitation Kit brought them up to his mouth, inhaling deeply the scent of soil and smoke.

Spinnin' Around (Taste)

A giggle escaped Ella as Kit kissed her fingertips, and when she glanced down at him, head cradled in her lap, his eyes sparkled with mischief before he drew her into an upside-down kiss that was sweet as honey.