In the Great Barrier Reef, Nemo, the young clownfish finally had a great time with Marlin and Dory. The two fish take Nemo to school, and have fun. Meanwhile in the fish tank, there are less fish in the gang named Jacques, Bubbles, Gurgle, Bloat, Deb, also known as Flo, Peach, and finally, a scarred fish named Gill. They decided to get out of the fish tank and go back to the reef, And so they did.

As Nemo, Marlin and Dory saw the Tank Gang, Nemo felt joy in his eyes wen he saw a same fish, who was his friend.

"Gill!" Nemo cried with joy. He swam over to Gill and hugged him, nuzzling his side.

"Wow, I remember you too, Sharkbait," Gill said with a smile. The rest of the gang, cheered and hugged Nemo. Marlin and Dory decided to thank them for taking care of Nemo.


Nemo, Marlin, Dory and the Tank Gang went far from the sea, which was dangerous, and they stopped dead in their tracks. They saw a shadow out of nowhere.

"Daddy, I'm scared..." Nemo whimpered.

"We are, too. But everything is gonna be okay," Marlin said softly. Just then, a gigantic barracuda appeared out of nowhere and roared our loud. Nemo, Marlin, Dory and the Tank Gang screamed in fear. But then, they decided to track down the barracuda.

They hit the barracuda on the body, but then it rammed them to the ground with a snarl. Meanwhile, the three sharks, Bruce, Chum and Anchor heard a noise, and swam quickly and found the giant barracuda attacking a lot of fish.

"They need help!" Chum said.

"But the barracuda is huge! what if we could get rammed too?!" Bruce cried.

"Just forget it, Bruce! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Come on!" Anchor pleaded.

Then the three sharks swam above the fish to attack the giant barracuda.

"It's the sharks! They are gonna save us!" Marlin shouted with a smile.

Nemo, Dory and the Tank Gang shot their smiles from their face. The sharks hit the giant barracuda hard with their tails ,in order to stop the barracuda, but they got hit to the ground.

"We have to help them, guys! Let's have a plan!" Dory called out with fear. Then Marlin, Dory and the sharks swam in action to face off against the monstrous fish. But they were knocked to the ground.

"Guys!" Nemo cried. Then he ran to get the barracuda. The Tank Gang gasped in surprise.

"Sharkbait, no!" Gill yelled, running after him, but stopped in his tracks. The monstrous barracuda snarled at the sharks, the gang, Nemo, Marlin and Dory.

"Well, we are dead," Bubbles said with fear.

"I lived my last day! Peach cried, hiding her face on Bloat's back. Deb whimpered, as if to save herself like her twin Flo. Jacques hid behind her, in fear.

"I am done with my life! Goodbye, world!" Gurgle cried out.

Gill, who is not trapped, stared in surprise, so he frowned, in order to save his friends. Maybe I can send him to the explosive spike balls using the rocket from the sunken ship! He thought, but a tear fell from his eye, with sorrow. But if I do this, the explosion will kill me. And thanks to my beloved sharkbait friend Nemo, for showing me how friendship works.

"HEY, YOU!" Gill shouted to the monstrous barracuda. It turned to Gill with a snarl.

"Come and get me!" Gill yelled. The barracuda roared as it darted at the Moorish Idol. Gill swam down to the sunken ship, and the rocket automatically popped from the ship.

The Tank Gang, sharks, Marlin, Nemo and Dory stared at the rocket in surprise.

"Not this one again, Bruce," Chum whispered. Bruce gasped, as of to find a hiding spot.

"Swim away, swim away!" Bruce shouted and the rest of the fish swam to the hiding spot.

Gill and the barracuda kept swimming faster, but stopped in their tracks, after Gill yelled, "ROCKET!"

It stared at the rocket in surprise. The rocket landed softly on the spiked ball with a ding, and then it exploded along with the other spike balls.


As the whole place got exploded, all the fish and sharks coughed in the dust. The monstrous barracuda was exploded to death. All the fish swam slowly and stopped in their tracks to see what happened far away.
Suddenly, there lies Gill, in the dust, on the ground. His scars were bleeding from the explosion. Nemo swam over to the motionless Moorish Idol in surprise. He shook him.

"Gill? Can you hear me?" Nemo called, but there was no response. Marlin, Dory, the rest of the Tank Gang and the sharks swam a little closer. But they were a few spaces from Nemo and Gill.

"Say something to me!" The young clownfish cried. I can't let Gill be gone... he thought. Gill didn't face Nemo. His eyes stayed closed as his grin was not showing up. His body was limp. "Please, don't do this to me!" Nemo called again. He nuzzled Gill's face. "Open your eyes! Wake up!" Nemo cried again. But then, he laid his head on the Moorish Idol's left side, as if to hear a heartbeat. It was not showing up. Nemo gasped with tears blurring from his eyes.

"I CAN'T HEAR HIS HEARTBEAT!" Nemo screamed with sadness. The sharks, Marlin, Dory and the Tank Gang gasped in sadness. Oh, no... they thought.

Suddenly, as tears flowed down Nemo's face, he broke down into Gill's head of his lifeless body and cried.

"Oh, Gill...! I am so sorry, I wasn't with you when you needed me the most," Nemo sobbed. It is my fault, Nemo thought.

"Please, don't leave me... You are the only friend I ever had in my whole life. You made a promise that everything is gonna be fine. I always thank you so much to help me find my daddy. I love you with all my heart..." he said. Nemo choked in sadness, trying to hold back tears.

"You're my hero, and I'm so happy for you..." He said softly. Then Nemo sobbed silently. Gill was gone. Exploded by the spiky balls near a sunken ship, along with the barracuda. Nemo's sobs aren't heard by Gill, except the rest of the fish and the sharks.

The sharks stared sadly at the young weeping clownfish who was near the dead Moorish Idol. Marlin held Dory's body close with tears from his eyes. He truly felt horrible for his son. Dory pouted as tears seeped through her eyelids. The Tank Gang felt very saddened. Jacques stared at their leader sadly. Peach sobbed as she covered her face on a rock, as if to mourn the death of Gill. Bubbles held Deb, who sobbed for their leader, in his fins, trying to comfort her. Bloat closed his eyes with sadness. His head was facing to the ground. Gurgle pouted with sadness. What was worse? Listening to Nemo cry about the loss of his beloved friend, Gill, was so much worse among their levels.

Still sobbing, Nemo hugged Gill, nuzzling his face. There was no way Gill could come back to life because of his sacrifice.

As Marlin sighed heavily, he swam from the sharks, Dory, and the Tank Gang to comfort Nemo.

"I'm so sorry, Nemo," he said sadly.

"Oh, how come are you sorry?!" Nemo asked with a less angry tone.

"You never trusted me. You think I ain't a good swimmer in my first day of school so that I could get lost?!" he asked again. "And besides, daddy, you all don't have a right to mourn my best friend Gill like you did to my mom!"

"Oh, Nemo, I never wished he would be dead like Coral and all your siblings..." Marlin said.

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" Nemo screamed between sobs. He covered his face on Gill's lifeless body.

"All of you, leave me alone!" he cried. Dory sighed deeply and swam slowly next to Marlin sadly.

"No, Nemo, you can't be alone. Gill was also our friend like yours. We are very sorry, too," she said.

"Well, Dory, you have no idea how I feel! Besides the Tank Gang, you don't know what it's like for me to lose a loved friend of mine!" Nemo sobbed angrily. He rested his muzzle in Gill's cheek.

"I will never look into his eyes again and hear his laughter again... Never," he cried. The memories about him and his best friend Gill in the fish tank seemed to be exciting, but for now it became tragic.

"And besides, he was my great friend, not a bad one. And I will give everything I have if he could come back to me," Nemo said softly as his teary eyes were staring at Gill's unconscious face.

Bruce sighed deeply, and then swam from Chum, Anchor and the Tank Gang.

"Maybe I can't hear his single breath, too, but we can save him from his death." he said. "We will take him to our lair to treat him. Sound good?"

"Yes, I guess so. Now let's go!" Nemo said back to everyone.

"Good," Bruce said with a little smile.

"Fish are friends, not food," all the fish said together.

Meanwhile, inside Bruce, Chum and Anchor's lair, all the fish were cleaning their injuries from their bodies. The sharks left Marlin, Dory and the Tank Gang outside the lair so that they could treat Gill to make Nemo happy. And so, waiting for the sharks' actions to work or fail, a day has passed. Nemo's friends waited outside the lair for Gill to wake up, and to see how Nemo was doing. Nemo's head was on Gill's side of his chest.

"Guys, it's been a day since you gave him the antidote," Nemo said.

"Oh, kid, please don't cry and stay calm. There's still less hope. Just give your friend time," Chum replied.

"No, he won't wake up anymore, right? This time even your abilities failed," Nemo said softly back. Then he sobbed silently, and laid his head on Gill.

"Gill, I'm so sorry..." he cried quietly.

Just then, Marlin, Dory and the Tank Gang came back.

"Hey, Elmo!" Dory said cheerfully.

"This is my fault, I'm so sorry Gill..." Nemo sobbed.

"Bruce, why won't he wake up?" Marlin asked.

"Your treatment has worked, right?" Bloat asked.

"Well, guys, me, Chum and Anchor tried our best, but our treatment on the kid's friend has failed. We all don't know what else to say... I'm sorry..." Bruce said sadly.

"No, it can't be..." Deb sobbed softly.

"How can this happen...?" Peach asked sadly.

"Is Gill... Is Gill really gone?" Bubbles asked, tears forming in the corners of his eyes.


On the way back to the Great Barrier Reef, all the fish carried Gill home. All of their friends gasped in surprise, seeing Gill laying lifeless on Bruce's right fin. Chum and Anchor felt sorrow inside, as if to know that was a hard lesson for all of Nemo and his friends to follow. His school friends, Sheldon, Tad and Pearl stared sadly with tears from their eyes. They were sniffling. Their parents comforted their children.
The baby sea turtle, Squirt cried into his father, Crush's fin. Crush hugged Squirt sadly. Next to them were Dory's friends, Destiny, Bailey and Hank, including her parents, Jenny and Charlie. They felt sorrow inside. The funeral was held that evening and night.

In his funeral, the moorish idol was surrounded by the seashells his friends gave to him. Nemo was softly crying as he gazed at Gill's lifeless body. Marlin and Dory felt inconsolable for the young clownfish and his beloved, dead friend.
The Tank Gang was devastated to see that their leader had passed away. They remembered that Chuckles, their goldfish friend, was dead right before their leader met them.

First Chuckles, now Gill... was all the Tank Gang could think.

Nobody like the sharks, the sea turtles, Nemo's school friends with their parents, Dory's friends, Destiny, Bailey, Hank and her parents, Jenny and Charlie, was as heartbroken as Nemo.
His memories about Gill appeared in his, which was one that Gill sacrificed himself to save Nemo and his friends from a giant barracuda somewhere.

It has been a long time since Gill's passing. Marlin saw his son sobbing in his home, as if to tell Gill in his heart that he missed him. Marlin sighed sadly as he swam away from him.
But then, all of a sudden, he came up with an idea after his misery about Nemo's friend Gill, knowing how to let his son and friends see Gill again. So, he led his son, Dory and the Tank Gang to the drop-off, as if to wait for him to come. So Nemo began to call on Gill. Suddenly, Gill's soul appeared by magic. Nemo felt joy and sadness in his heart.

"Gill!" Nemo cried, swimming over to his friend. Gill hugged Nemo hard. His soul felt like a spiritual warm breeze.

"I miss you, I really miss you!" The young clownfish sobbed to his souled moorish idol friend whom he hugged first.

"Oh, hush, Sharkbait, I missed you too," Gill whispered. "I am sorry I never told you my promise. I was such a coward."

"Oh, it doesn't matter for now! You're my hero, and I'm so happy for you, Gill!" Nemo cried desperately, hugging his friend in his small embrace.

"I... I don't know if I can... do this without you," the young clownfish said softly between sobs, nuzzling the moorish idol's chest of his soul.

Gill gently rubbed Nemo's cheeks with his fins as he said, "I believe in you, Nemo. You are stronger than you think."

"Oh, Gill, please no! I really want to be with you. Please take me with you!" Nemo cried.

"Sharkbait, I can't. Your dad and friends are still here for you. I have to go a bit," Gill said softly.

"Gill, I wanted to thank you for saving my son. You are our hero," Marlin said, sniffling. Dory sniffled loudly.

"I won't cry..." she sobbed.

"You're the best leader we ever had," Bubbles said between his stifling sobs. Deb sobbed silently.

"Oh, Gill, me and my twin sister Flo were very sorry for all of this!" she cried. Gurgle covered his face as he cried.

"Yeah, Gill, you'll always be my great friend," Peach sobbed. Jacques comforted her as he wiped his tears, trying not to cry.

"So, who is gonna be our leader now?" Bloat asked as he wiped his tears from his eyes.

"Nemo will be," Gill said with a sad smile. The Tank Gang nodded their heads at Gill. Marlin and Dory wiped their eyes, nodding their heads at him.

"And Nemo, trust me, I will be back one day, I promise. I don't know when in one day, but I will. Be the gang's leader, and stay strong for me," Gill said, rubbing Nemo's back. Nemo nodded his head, feeling better.

"Oh, I promise, Gill. I won't let you down," Nemo said with a smile on his face. Then Gill sets Nemo's body down, and Nemo ran to Marlin and hugged him. His dad hugged him back as they, Dory and the Tank Gang all faced Gill with smiles on their faces. Gill smiled as he waved his left fin, as if to say goodbye. Then the magic sparkled around Gill's soul and he disappeared.

"I hope you will stay with my beloved Coral," Marlin said, smiling.

"Hope you will come back to us one day," Dory said softly, wiping tears away. The Tank Gang smiled. Nemo lets out big grin on his face.

"See you soon, Gill," Nemo said with a smile.