I Own Nothing

AN: Just wanted something for Mother's Day and this is first one I wrote for the day. I am not including Melanie because Jenny isn't Brian's daughter. The ones included have ties to him with either bilogical, adoptive, mother of child, mother in-law, and mother of child again.

Summary: Brian thinks about the five different mothers in his life. Joan, Debbie, Lindsay, Jennifer, and Daphne.

Title: Five Mothers

The other kids at school made Mother's day cards for their mom's every year. Brian was no different for a few years. He'd made them and gave them to his mom. She smiled some times at them before telling him to go else where. After his sister was born she barely even looked at the two cards he made before he stopped altogether. He never saw the cards again like Claire's hers got hung up for his mom's friends to see. His never got that kind of attention though. It was like they fell into some black hole disappearing.

It was why he just stopped making them in school. Instead he'd done other things even when the teacher asked he'd just say he already made one. It was a lie, but it got him out of having to make one. There was no point in making a Mother's day card after his sister was old enough to make them. It became clear she was the favorite of them. Except when he was being beaten on or screamed at he didn't exist. He wished he hadn't existed at those times either.

He thought his mom would have helped him so many times against his dad. She never had though which sucked. When she was just as cruel with her words it felt like a kick to the gut then too. It was always there that she didn't want him to be near her. Then there was times when he got older she always wanted him to do something because he'd washed his hands of her. He had gotten sick of her ways like she'd gotten sick of him being alive. The last time he'd seen her was the same night he finally got hard again. At least, the last time she was alive.

He hadn't even been in the state or the country when she'd died. He'd been with Justin in Paris and by the time he did get the message she was already buried. It might seem harsh, but he hadn't cared he'd missed it. He had been once again on the outs with Michael so it wasn't like he would be forced to go anyway. He had finally gone to the grave site with Justin, but he'd felt nothing along the lines of grief for the woman. He'd felt it for his self the boy that never had known what a mom was until he got older. At least the ones that love you no matter what you do. He hadn't even found that kind of love when he'd been with Debbie sadly. Conditions had been on that love. He realized that after he saw how wonderful of a mom Jennifer was.


Happy Mother's day to all out there hope it's a good one.