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CN: This Chapter is dedicated to Daphne

Title: Five Mothers

Brian hadn't thought he'd want any more children, but he'd been wrong. He wanted not only to make Justin happy, but his self too. Daphne was the reason that they got to have more children. She wasn't just the mother of Justin and his unborn children either. She was a wonderful friend that he didn't have to fix all the problems for. She had been the one that asked Justin and him if she could help. She'd said she would be Aunt Daphne to the kids instead of their mom. That had been taken care of right off. He knew from knowing her for seven years that she wouldn't be like Lindsay or Melanie had been. She wasn't going to take the child from Justin and him. Laws changed and she was able to put her name there legally right beside Justin and his name.

He had asked what she wanted for Mother's day, but she'd said she already had her gift. The babies growing inside of her was gift enough. He hadn't thought it was though because what she was doing meant so much to not only Justin, but him. He'd wanted to do something for her that showed how happy he was for her to be in their lives. It wasn't just about the kids even if they were the reason she was going to be a mother.

Brian hadn't known if anything they had at the spa could mess with the babies so he'd gone with a different gift for Daphne. He'd started with making breakfast that morning for her. She'd been staying with them so they could be there through out the pregnancy. He had gotten her a card even though Justin had given her one from both of them already. He had wanted to say something in this one that he wanted to keep between them. Justin knew, but there were others that might see the card if it had been the one Justin gave. He had made it by hand and was beautiful.

Daphne was sitting outside on the back deck taking in the warmth of the spring day when Brian found her. Justin was somewhere on the property working on another drawing for the up coming show. He'd finally found a moment to be alone with Daphne. He gave her a smile which he got back.

"Hey gorgeous." Brian grinned handing the card over.

Daphne laughed taking the card. Brian never changed which she was happy about. "We have to think of a good one for you. Justin said Daddy Stud or Dad Stud. I think it's more like Super dad." She commented.

"He's got more names than that for me." Brian replied glad that not everyone knew all that Justin called him.

Daphne knew that was the truth and she probably knew more than most did about Brian and Justin's names for each other. She opened the card up reading what Brian had put inside. She was one of the handful of people that saw the real Brian. The Brian that was under all the walls he'd had up for years until her best friend knocked them down. Justin had wiped them out bringing the Brian they knew and loved to the surface.

'Daph, I know the twins aren't here yet, but you're already a mom in our eyes. I just wanted to thank you for offering yourself to carry them. They probably won't understand for a few years what the holiday is. It doesn't matter though because we'll know it's the best day out there. Even if the laws weren't changed you'd never be just their aunt. You're their mom always in our eyes and they will love you like we do. I can already tell you'll be a better mom than either yours or mine were to us. Happy Mother's day, love Brian.'


Daphne closed the card looking at Brian. "I am going to get you for making me cry." She said after a moment getting up so she was sitting next to him. "Thanks, I couldn't think of two better dads to help have their kids." She put her arm around him glad that Justin hadn't given up his quest for Brian.

"You're the only one I'd let into their lives for a full time mom." Brian said putting his arm around Daphne too. "You're the only one I know won't run off with the kids." He added.

"You're stuck with me for life, Super dad." Daphne replied. "Let's go find Justin and we can do something fun. I'm thinking dancing or a movie, maybe both." She said.

"Sounds good to me." Brian said before he stood up taking hold of her hand and pulling her with him. "Last I saw him he was somewhere at the edge of the property with his horse."

"We can call him, I'm saving my feet for dancing." Daphne laughed knowing that Justin would pick the farthest part of the land to draw at. She saw Brian pull his phone out knowing he agreed with her idea.

Out of all the mom's that Brian had in his life with a personal connection he had to say that Jennifer and Daphne were his favorite ones. He didn't mind that he shared them with Justin because it was his husband that had given him the best idea of what a mom was supposed to be. The way that Daphne loved he had no doubt she would be anything, but a great mom like he'd said.