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Cue Selfrontier by ASCA

Tsunade was anxious. It's been some time since she sent team 7 out on their mission. And ever since, the Hokage has had a sense of foreboding. Her first sign was when Danzo volunteered Sai as a replacement on team 7. Her second sign was when Hinata threatened to go rouge if she wasn't put on the mission. Soon after the team left, Tsunade had Shizune purchase a few lottery tickets. That's when she began to feel like something major was going to happen. All of Tsunade's tickets...were winners.

Tsunade knew that there was a chance that Naruko would confront Sasuke. Hence why Hinata was so adamant on joining the team. But she also knew that Sai would try to pull something on Danzo's orders. As a precaution, Tsunade had informed Yamato of her suspicions and gave the captain orders to arrest Sai should the situation arise. But that didn't stop her from feeling uneasy as she fiddled with her necklace.

"...Something's happened." Tsunade says. "I just wish I knew what it was."

Tsunade is taken from her thoughts when Shizune burst into her office. Her face clearly depicting worry.

"Tsunade-sama!" Shizune says frantically.

"What is it, Shizune?" Tsunade asks.

"An unidentified object is fast approaching the village from the sky!" Shizune says.

"Are we being attacked?" Tsunade asks.

"I don't know." Shizune says. "But our sensors have identified multiple chakra signatures. Some of which belong to team 7."

"They're back?" Tsunade asks. "So what's the problem?"

Shizune takes a deep breath. "A few of the signatures...have the Kyubi's chakra!"

Tsunade abruptly gets out of her chair. "You mean..?!"

"...Naruko Uzumaki...has returned to Konoha." Shizune says.

At the village gate, the duo of Kotetsu Hagane and Izumo Kamizuki are currently lazing about. As usual.

"Hey." Kotetsu says.

"Huh?" Izumo asks.

"You ever wondered why we're here?" Kotetsu asks.

"...On guard duty or just in general?" Izumo asks while raising an eyebrow.

"...Yes." Kotetsu says after a pause.

Kotetsu and Izumo's conversation is put on hold by the sound of something approaching from the sky. The two look up to see what looks like a golden aircraft zooming towards the village.

"What the heck is that?" Kotetsu asks.

The aircraft dives down towards the two gatekeepers. Just before it can hit them, the aircraft pulls up and stops. Eleven figures then jump from the aircraft and land on the ground. Revealing Naruko, her Servants and newly discovered family and team 7. One thing to note is the fact that Sai was bound with a Wood Clone of Yamato holding on to him. Another was that Naruko's eyes are shadowed by her hair.

"Hey, isn't that team 7?" Kotetsu asks.

"Yeah." Izumo says. "But who are the others?" Izumo then focuses on Naruko. More specifically, her whisker marks. "Hey, that the Uzumaki kid!"

"Seriously?" Kotetsu asks. He then examines Naruko. But struggles to keep his eyes off the blondes chest while he blushes. "L-looks like someone's been drinking their milk."

Naruko and her group approach the village gates with the leaf ninja trailing behind them. Vimana then vanishes into gold particles. Kotetsu and Izumo then realize that one of their own is incarcerated.

"Yamato, what's going on?" Izumo asks.

"Sorry, no time." Yamato says while passing the two gatekeepers.

Naruko and the other enter the village. Leaving Kotetsu and Izumo confused.

As the large group enters the village, the villagers take note of them. More specifically, Naruko. The villagers whisper amongst themselves, but with her heightened hearing, Naruko is able to hear their conversations.

"Those marks on that girl face..."

"Isn't that the Kyuubi?!"

"It's returned!"

"What business does that THING have here?"

"Didn't Danzo-sama banish that demon?"

"Damn thing would've been better off dead."

"Look, it even brought it's demon whores with it."

Naruko ignores the villagers idiotic whispers in favor of focusing on her objective. However, that doesn't mean that the blondes Servants aren't ignorant of the villagers comments. Gilgamesh and Mordred openly scowl while Artoria keeps a blank expression. Though that doesn't mean that she isn't affected by the villagers comments towards her daughter. As seen by her armor covered hands clenching enough that you can hear the metal straining.

The ninja of the group are aware of the villagers hatred towards Naruko as well. Team 7 can't help but frown while Hinata is in a similar position as Artoria. It's taking all of the Hyuga heiresses willpower not to lash out at the villagers.

"Gezz." Karin whispers. "Not a lot of love for our cousin huh?"

"These shitheads can't tell the difference between a scroll and a kunai." Tayuya whispers not too quietly.

"...By the way, I've been meaning to ask." Karin says. "Why are you so buddy-buddy with with are newly discovered family?"

Tayuya glances at Karin for a second before turning her attention to Naruko. "Let's just say Big Boobs over there wasn't the only one that mummified fuck screwed over."

Watching the new comers a few feet away from the large crowd is a young boy with short spiky brown hair and blue eyes. He wears long grey pants, a pale green jacket with a dark green stripe down the middle and a long blue scarf. He is Konohamaru Sarutobi. Leader of the Konohamaru Ninja Squad and Naruko's unofficial little brother.

"Boss!" Konohamaru says. "She's back!" Konohamaru then runs off.

Also watching from the sidelines are the other rookie teams and their sensei's.

"THAT'S Naruko?!" Ino exclaims. "What did she do to get a body like that?"

"I heard milk is suppose to be good for you." Choji says.

"I'm more concerned about WHY Naruko's here in the first place." Shikamaru says while narrowing his eyes.

"Looks like Hinata's intuition was right after all." Shino says with Kiba nodding with a blush.

"The kid's grown." Asuma says.

"I'll say." Kurenai says. "She's got the eyes of a seasoned warrior."

"And the body to match." Anko says with a grin. "I can see why our little princess likes her so much."

As Naruko and her group march forward, they are suddenly stopped by a crowd of civilians as well as shinobi's. Each of them carrying a weapon of some kind.

"You've got a lot of nerve showing your face here demon!" A ninja says.

"You were banished!" A civilian exclaims. "You're not welcome here!"

"You should've stayed in whatever hole you crawled out of!" Another ninja sneers. "Looks like we'll just have to pick up where Danzo-sama left off and get rid of this THING ourselves!

"...You know, whose to say we can't have a little "fun" with her first?" A civilian says lecherously. "You know, show it it's place before we kill it."

"Yeah." A ninja says with a sick grin. "Show the demon a taste of heaven before we send it back to hell." The civilian looks at Naruko's Servants, Tayuya and Karin. "And it's little demon spawns as well."

The mob shouts in agreement, while the Servants look at the villagers in contempt.

Hinata grits her teeth in anger. "Bastards."

The ninja present who didn't hate Naruko look at the civilians and ninja's in disgust. Mordred goes to draw her sword, but stops when Naruko starts moving forward.

The civilians and ninja's sneer at Naruko, who in their minds think the blonde is excepting her fate. But to their confusion and outrage, Naruko continues to move forward without even acknowledging the crowd around her. One civilian carrying a pitchfork roughly grabs Naruko's shoulder.

"Hey!" The civilian exclaims. "Where do you think you're-"

Naruko turns around and glares at the civilian and his possey with red slitted eyes. "You all have ten seconds to get the hell out of my way before I make what the Kyubi did sixteen years ago look like a kid throwing a temper tantrum!"

The civilian let's go of Naruko and backs up in fear. The other like-minded individuals have the decency to flinch and back away.

"That's enough!" A female voice exclaims.

The mob parts to reveal Tsunade, Shizune and a few Anbu making their way through the crowd.

"Thank goodness!" A ninja exclaims. "Hokage-sama's gonna get rid of the demon!"

Tsunade glares at the ninja. "Anbu, arrest him and every other member of this mob. Take them to Ibiki."

"Hai, Hokage-sama!" The Anbu exclaim.

As the Anbu follow Tsunade's orders, with many complaining in outrage, Tsunade looks at her goddaughter, who stares back stoically as her eyes change back to their normal blue.

"...Naruko." Tsunade says.

"...Hokage-sama." Naruko replies.

Tsunade inwardly winces at Naruko's tone. "It's...nice to see you again. Though I wish it wasn't under these circumstances. We have much to-"

"I'm not staying." Naruko interrupts.

Tsunade looks at the blonde in confusion. She then notices Yamato's clone holding onto Sai. Tsunade narrows her eyes as she looks to Yamato.

"What happened?" Tsunade asks,

"Just as you thought Tsunade-sama." Yamato says. "Sai was acting on Danzo's orders."

"And those order were...?" Tsunade asks.

"To assassinate Sasuke Uchiha and capture Naruko Uzumaki." Yamato says. "We even have a sealing tag designed to control a jinchuriki." Yamato glances at Naruko. "...Among other things."

"Explain." Tsunade says.

"Your elder, Danzo Shimura, is more dangerous then you were led to believe." Artoria says.

Tsunade turns her attention to Artoria. Her eyes widen for a moment before resuming her normal look. "Nice to meet you face to face, King of Knights."

Artoria nods. "Likewise, Tsunade Senju."

"You were saying about Danzo?" Tsunade asks.

Gilgamesh opens one of her gates and pulls out a folder. The gate dissipates as the blonde Caster hands the folder to Tsunade.

"That folder contains a number of incriminating evidence on that mongrel." Gilgamesh says. "Hanzo The Salamander, the Uchiha Massacre, deals with Orochimaru and that's all just for starters."

"Sai was to deliver this information to Orochimaru on Danzo's behalf in the hopes of gaining his trust." Yamato says as Tsunade begins to read the contents of the folder. "However, he was stopped thanks to Naruko-san and Hinata."

As Tsunade reads the contents of the folder, her eyes narrow. But when she starts reading the section containing the Uzumaki's symbol, she gasp with wide eyes.

"T-this is..." Tsunade struggles to say.

"Tsunade-sama?" Shizune asks in confusion and worry.

Tsunade suddenly snaps the folder close. "Anbu!" A few more Anbu suddenly appear in response to Tsunade's call. "I want this village on lockdown! Elder Danzo Shimura is NOT to leave the village! I want him brought to me for crimes against Konoha!"

"Hai, Hokage-sama!" The Anbu exclaim.

Suddenly, two members of the Anbu are impaled in the head by two glowing chains. Everyone present is shocked at the sudden death of two Anbu members. Their attention then shifts to Naruko, who was producing the chains from her right hand.

"The Uzumaki's Adamantine Sealing Chains!" Tsunade thinks. "Naruko! What are you doing?!"

Naruko stares impassively at Tsunade as she retracts her chains. The two Anbu's body lifelessly fall to the ground.

"They were working for Danzo." Naruko says. "Kyubi said he couldn't sense any emotions in those two."

"Looks like we were correct in assuming that Danzo had replace some of your Anbu with his." Artoria says.

Tsunade growls. "When I find that old mummy...!"

"I've already found him." Naruko says.

Tsunade looks at Naruko in surprise. Many copying the notion. Sai included.

"How?" Tsunade asks.

Naruko says nothing as she turns to the direction of the Hokage Monument. She then narrows her eyes before glancing at her Servants. "He's mine. Make sure no one interferes."

Naruko then dashes toward the Hokage Monument via Mana Burst.

"Naru-chan!" Hinata exclaims.

"Naruko!" Tsunade and Sakura exclaim.

Naruko races onward. With one thing on her mind. "I'm coming, kaa-chan!"

Meanwhile in ROOT's secret lair, one of Danzo's Anbu was telling his master about Naruko's arrival. Apparently, some operatives were hidden in the crowd before Naruko had the chance to find them.

"The Kyubi is here?" Danzo asks with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes." The ROOT Anbu says. "Along with a few others. Including the Uzumaki we capture three years ago. Sai was also being detained by Tsunade's ninja."

Danzo furrows his eyebrows in thought. After a moment, his uncovered eye opens wide in alarm.

"She knows we have her!" Danzo thinks. The warhawk is taken out of his thoughts as his base suddenly shakes violently. Causing Danzo and his Anbu to stumble. Alarms begin to blare as the old warhawk regains his balance. He then narrows his eye. "She's here."

Naruko was indeed in ROOT's base. Having made a hole in the Hokage Monument. Under the thirds face ironically. Dozens of ROOT agent's had gathered in the hopes of repelling the blonde haired Uzumaki who was casually walking towards them.

"Halt!" A female ROOT Anbu says as her fellow agents began to weave hand signs.

Naruko stares at her incoming opposition in annoyance. "I don't have time to deal with you mindless drones." A red pattern begins to appear all over Naruko's body. *Illya Einzbern's Command Seals* "By my Command Seal, appear before me now, Berserker!

A large red orb appears in front of Naruko. The sight of it causes the ROOT agents to pause. The orb dissipates to reveal a large man with short red hair with red feathers on top of his head and white blank plain eyes. He wears a red Chinese general uniform including large armor and thick fur trimming at the collar and gloves. He is Lu Bu Fengxian. The General of Repetition.

The sight of the Servant causes the ROOT agents to quickly weave hand signs.

"Lu Bu-san, exterminate them." Naruko says.

Lu Bu gives a bellowing roar as he materializes his spear. He then charges forward. Dozens of jutsu's hit Lu Bu head on, but the juggernaut-like general shakes them off like big bites. Following his Master's orders, the general begins his massacre of the ROOT Anbu. Clearing a path for Naruko to continue.

Back with Danzo, the man was inwardly panicking. The sounds of the alarms, explosions and screams of his agents only adding to his growing worry.

"What is happening out there?" Danzo asks.

"Reports say that the Kyubi jinchuriki summoned a behemoth that is massacring our agent's." A ROOT Anbu replies.

At the sound of another roar from Lu Bu, Danzo narrows his uncovered eye. "The Kyubi will make it's way to the laboratory." Danzo turns to the Anbu in front of him. "The Kyubi is NOT to make it to the laboratory. Have all other agent's defend it. Should the Kyubi breach our defenses, kill the subject we have there."

"Yes sir." The Anbu says before vanishing.

Danzo then makes his way into a hidden corridor. Never noticing a shift in the shadows of the wall next to the hidden passage. An ethereal figure steps out of the shadows before taking off in the direction the ROOT agent went.

Moments later, a few ROOT Anbu make their way to the entrance of the laboratory.

"The Kyubi jinchuriki is attacking the base." A female ROOT says.

"Our orders are to defend the laboratory." A male ROOT says. "If the jinchuriki makes it here, the subject inside is to be terminated."

At that moment, another explosion is heard. One ROOT member looks like he's about to speak before he is suddenly impaled through the heart by a dagger. Before the other members could defend themselves, the soon meet the same fate as their fallen comrade. Once all the ROOT agents collapse, an ethereal figure steps forward. The figure deactivates whatever cloaking method they used to reveal a young gray skinned girl with violet colored hair wearing a black, form-fitting outfit and a skull mask. Her name is Hassan of Serenity.

Many of the Servants of New Uzushio had decided to leave Uzu to gain information throughout the Elemental Nations. Serenity was chosen to observe her Master's former home. Or more specifically, Danzo himself. It is because of her that Uzu was able to prepare for Danzo's attack on New Uzushio.

Now you may be thinking "Why Naruko didn't have the Assassin kill Danzo when he'd least expect it?" The answer was out of respect for the Sandaime Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi. The man who was like a grandfather to Naruko growing up. Danzo and Hiruzen were old teammates in their youth and it was that very reason why Naruko had told Serenity to observe and report. A decision that's proven to come back and bite Naruko in the ass.

Serenity puts a hand to her ear as she walks into the lab. "Master. I am inside the laboratory."

"Thank you Serenity." Naruko telepathically says through her Servant bond. "And the guards?"

"They are dead." Serenity says.

"Good." Naruko says. "What about Danzo?"

"He escaped through a hidden corridor." Serenity says. "I believe it leads to the top floor of the base." Serenity opens a door and walks in. Inside she sees her target. A redhead lying in a bed wearing a hospital gown with tubes and wires in her. "I've found the target."

"...Is she okay?" Naruko asks after a pause.

Serenity looks at the monitors surrounding Kushina. "It appears she's in a medically induced coma. There are notes stating that Danzo was planning on harvesting her cells in the hopes of discovering the Uzumaki's techniques. ...Perhaps even create his own army of Uzumaki's."

There is a long pause between Naruko and Serenity. As if the Assassin's Master was gathering her thoughts. Though, the reality is that Naruko was reining in her anger. A moment later, Naruko speaks again. "I'm sending Lu Bu-san for pick up. Once he has her, destroy the lab and regroup with Mordred and the others."

"What about the prisoners Danzo has captured?" Serenity asks.

"Let the Hokage deal with them." Naruko says. "My Kaa-chan takes top priority."

"Understood." Serenity says with a nod. She then cuts her telepathic link with her Master as before removing her mask. She then gazes at Kushina.

Back with Danzo, the elder had made it to the top floor of his base. Deep down, Danzo knew that Naruko would rescue her mother before coming to him for revenge. Which is why he needed to escape and plan his next move.

"This is but a minor setback." Danzo thinks. "But no matter the cost, Konoha WILL be the most powerful village in the Elemental Nations. Once Tsunade has been removed as Hokage and I assume command, I will refocus my efforts in gaining the Kyubi jinchuriki and her allies."

Danzo is taken from his thoughts as a tri pronged kunai flies past him and into a pillar. He examines the kunai before his eye widens in recognition. Danzo quickly dodges to the right as Naruko appears in the above the spot Danzo once stood in white flash and with a axe kick prepped. Naruko's kick instead makes a small crater in the ground.

"So, you've come, Kyubi." Danzo says with a leveled gaze.

Naruko says nothing as she stands up and stares at Danzo.

"Very well then." Danzo says as he removes the bandages of his right arm. Two gold bracers are removed as well.

As Naruko observes, she becomes disgusted as Danzo reveals a pale right arm with a face on his shoulder. But more importantly, the Sharingans that cover the arm.

"I'll just have to subdue you myself." Danzo says.

"Disgusting." Kurama sneers. "I may despise the Uchiha, but harvesting another clans eyes?"

"I've got one question for you." Naruko says. Her eyes then begin to glow slightly. "Why did you take my mother?"

As soon as Danzo's uncovered eye makes contact with Naruko's, a blue hue covers his eye.

"It was necessary." Danzo says in a trance-like tone. "With the Uzumaki's jutsu and abilities, Konoha would reign supreme amongst the other shinobi villages." The blue hue over Danzo's eye then vanishes. Danzo then blinks in surprise. "Why did I say all of that?"

"Looks like even my B rank Charisma skill works on someone like him to an extent." Naruko thinks. She then frowns. "You'd deny a child her own family just for that? Do you realize all the pain you've caused? Naruko points at Danzo's right arm. "You turned yourself into a monster just for power."

"...By that reasoning, that would apply to YOU as well." Danzo says with a frown.

Naruko clenches her fists at Danzo's comment. After a minute, she takes a breath and exhales. Naruko then narrows her eyes. "At least I'm the type that helps others."

Danzo says nothing as he charges towards Naruko with a kunai in hand. Naruko does nothing as the elder approaches her. Just before Danzo can reach the blonde Master...

"On your knees!" Naruko shouts with magic infused in her voice.

Danzo is suddenly forced to the ground by an overwhelming pressure. "W-what is this?!"

"Do not resist!" Naruko commands.

Any resistance Danzo felt suddenly vanishes. "What...kind of this?! How am I being forced to obey her commands?"

Command Mantra. A skill the Caster Servant Medea possess. With it, Medea can command weak minded humans to follow her will like puppets while also affecting their senses. Medea was adamant on Naruko learning the skill in the event the blonde was rendered defenseless. A skill that Naruko herself hates using. Given the situation and mood she's in, Naruko was willing to use it.

Naruko walks up to Danzo. She then stares at him for a moment. "You may raise your head!"

Feeling his head no longer bound, Danzo lifts his head and glares at Naruko. The blonde then reaches for Danzo's covered eye. As she removes the bandages, she isn't surprised to see another Sharingan. It's thanks to her earlier command that Danzo is unable to use it. Naruko sneers at the elder as she draws her sword.

"I was going to let you face judgment from the Hokage out of respect for old man Sandaime." Naruko says. "But you made it personal by taking my mother. You are free to speak!"

Now free to speak, Danzo takes a breath. "You think this will absolve you of anything? All I've done was for the good of the leaf. The people will condemn you, while I will be seen as a hero!"

Naruko stares at Danzo in silence. After a few seconds she raises her sword to Danzo's neck.

"I know what it means to be a hero Danzo." Naruko says coldly. "And trust aren't one. ...Repent for your sins in hell."

Time seems to move slowly as Naruko moves to behead Danzo. The elders life flashes before his eyes.

"In the end, I never got to be Hokage." Danzo thinks. "I could never catch up to you... You...were a tree leaf upon which light shone. While I was the foundation...hidden in the shadows. Eh, Hiruzen?"

With his thoughts unheard, Naruko severs Danzo's head from his body. Elder of Konoha, Danzo Shimura, is now dead. Naruko stares at Danzo's corpse as her arm begins to tremble. The adrenalin fading as the fact she just took a life settles in. Naruko manages to regain enough of her composure to flick Danzo's blood of her sword and sheaths it.

"...It's done." Naruko says as she closes her eyes.

At that moment, Tsunade appears. She observers the surrounding area before her eyes move to Danzo's headless body. Her eyes then move to Naruko's shaking arm. Naruko then grabs her arm before turning to Tsunade. Her expression unreadable.

"You killed him." Tsunade syas rather than asks.

"...Yes." Naruko says.

"You realize what this means, don't you?" Tsunade asks. "Danzo's crimes may work in your favor, but this village will never welcome you again."

Naruko closes her eyes. "...I know."

Tsunade surprises Naruko by suddenly hugging her.

"I'm sorry." Tsunade says with her voice trembling. "I'm sorry I couldn't do more for you."

Naruko's stoic mask cracks as she frowns in sadness. She then gently untangles herself from Tsunade while putting a Hiraishin kunai in the Hokage's hand. Tsunade looks at the kunai before looking back at Naruko. The blonde Master takes a few steps back as she forces a smile on her face.

"Take care of yourself, Baa-chan." Naruko says as a tear falls down her face. She then vanishes in a flash of white. Just when the Anbu show up.

Tsunade smiles sadly as she looks ahead. "You too brat. You too."

Naruko appears on the outskirts of Konoha. Where her Servants, Kushina, Karin and Tayuya were waiting. In Artoria's hands is a Hirashin kunai.

Since Naruko's Hiraishin isn't complete, Naruko had asked at least one Servant she travels with to always have a Hiraishin kunai.

Artoria puts the kunai away as she approaches her adoptive daughter. She then hugs Naruko while gently rubbing the girls back.

"It'll be okay." Artoria says softly. She then let's go of Naruko.

"...Yeah." Naruko says. She then gives a small smile as she looks at everyone gathered with her. "Thank you. All of you." Naruko turns her attention to Kushina who is still unconscious in Lu Bu's arms. "How is she?"

"She's still unconscious." Gilgamesh says. "We'd best get her back to Uzu for treatment." Gilgamesh looks in the distance to see Konoha. "You're sure you don't won't the village reduced to rubble?"

"I'm sure." Naruko says. She then looks around. "Where's Hinata?

"She went to say goodbye to her friends and family." Mordred says. "Now that she's a rouge, there's no telling if she'll see them again."

Naruko looks down in sadness. At that moment, Hinata appears with a bag in her hand.

"Everything go well?" Naruko asks.

"Everyone was sad to see me go." Hinata says. "Especially Hinabi." Hinata smiles gently. "Neji said he'd look after her and father understood why I was leaving."

"Can't imagine the Hyuga elders are happy about this." Mordred says with a smirk.

Hinata frowns. "The elders can go screw themselves."

Naruko blinks in surprise. "Yep. That crazy snake lady definitely had an affect on her." Naruko then notices the bag in Hinata's hand. "What's the bag for?"

"Just some scrolls with my clothes and other things." Hinata says. "You know, basics. Also, father has a message for you Naru-chan."

"What is it?" Naruko asks.

"Take care of my daughter, Namikaze." Hinata says.

"So, Hiashi Hyuga knew." Gilgamesh says.

Naruko grabs Hinata's hand and holds it. Causing the former Hyuga heiress to blush.

"He's got no nothing to worry about then." Naruko says. "Let's go home."

"We're not flying again, are we?" Karin asks with a sick look on her face.

A few hours later, Naruko and the other had returned to New Uzushio. Karin and Hinata were taken by the scenery and the Servants of the island. After quickly putting Kushina in the medical wing, Nightingale had immediately gotten to work on helping her Master's birth mother. After an extensive analysis of Kushina's condition, the Berserker Servant had managed to bring the readhead back to good health.

During Kushina's treatment, the group had gone their separate ways. Karin had decided to room with Tayuya while Hinata moved her things to Naruko's room. She then decided to wait outside the emergency room with Mordred and Artoria while Naruko sat down next to her mother. Never leaving the readhead's side.

Naruko is taken from her thoughts as a groan escapes Kushina's mouth. Naruko immediately moves to her mothers side as Kushina slowly opens her eyes. The first thing she see's is a blonde haired girl looking at her in worry. Kushina blinks once before truly looking at the girl in front her. She then notices the whisker marks on the blondes face, but matters not as Kushina instinctively knows who the person in front of her is.

"Musume-chan?" Kushina asks with tears running down her face.

"Hello, Kaa-chan." Naruko says as she tearfully holds her mother hand.

Naruko then embraces her mother with Kushina copying the action.

"You've gotten so big." Kushina says with a smile. "And very beautiful too."

Naruko smiles. "I've wanted to meet you...for the longest time."

The two Uzumaki's let go of each other before staring at one another. Mother and daughter, reunited at last. Unknown to the two Uzumaki's, Kurama grins before going back to sleep. Letting his container and former container have their moment.

Kushina frowns. "How long was I out?"

Naruko frowns. "Too long."

Kushina looks down. "I thought I died when the Kyubi attacked. But when I woke up, Danzo...!"

"It's okay Kaa-chan." Naruko says as she holds her mother's hand and gently squeezes it. "He's gone. He won't hurt us ever again."

Kushina looks at her daughter in confusion. Before she can ask Naruko a question...

"[Excuse me]!"

Naruko and Kushina look to see a monitor with a person on it. The person is a beautiful woman with long brown hair and blue eyes. Her oufit suggest she's a Caster. Overall, she looks like something out of a painting. Her name is Leonardo DaVinci.

"DaVinci-chan?" Naruko asks while Kushina looks at the monitor with shock and confusion.

"...I must still be out of it." Kushina says in disbelief. "How is that woman in that TV talking to us?"

Naruko sweatdrops. "Right. The technology here is more advanced than most of the Elemental Nations."

"[I'm sorry to interrupt your reunion Naru-chan, but I thought you'd like to know that another Servant is being summoned.]" DaVinci says.

"Really?" Naruko says in surprise.

"Servant?" Kushina asks with an eyebrow raised. "Or we talking about servants in the general term or Servants as in the old stories Mito-Baachan use to tell me about?"

"I'll fill you in later Kaa-chan." Naruko says. "I'm on my way, DaVinci-chan."

"[See you soon~]" DaVinci says with a wave. The monitor then turns itself off.

"I gotta go Kaa-chan." Naruko says with a small smile. "Get some rest, okay? There's so much I wanna tell you when I get back,"

Kushina smiles. "I'll be waiting."

Naruko gives Kushina's hand one last squeeze before letting go and leaving the room. Hinata, Artoria and Mordred are there to greet her.

"How is she?" Hinata asks.

"Better." Naruko says. "She's still getting her strength back, but it won't be long until she's back on her feet." Naruko then turns to Artoria and Mordred. "DaVinci-chan said that a Servant's crossing over."

"Then we'd better get going." Artoria says. She then turns to Hinata. "Would you like to come, Hinata-san?"

"Really?" Hinata asks. "Artoria-san and Mordred-san gave me a quick summary of Uzushio's legend. Isn't this process a more like a family thing?"

"Baka." Mordred says with a grin. "You ARE family. Naru's told us all a lot about you. In my opinion, you're as much family to us as she is."

Hinata gasp with wide eyes as she looks at Mordred. She then looks to Artoria who gives her a nod. Hinata looks back to Naruko to see her blonde lover holding out her hand with a smile. Hinata then smiles before grabbing Naruko's hand.

The journey to the Uzukage Tower wasn't long. Out of all the things that changed during the reconstruction of the village, the tower stayed the same for personal reasons. Naruko did have an elevator built in to avoid the long walk to the Summoning Room though.

After taking the elevator down, Naruko and the others reached the Summoning Room. There waiting for them was DaVinci sitting in a chair and Mashu who was wearing a black shirt with a red tie, black pants, a white jacket and glasses.

The Summoning Room now looks much different than the cave-like room when Naruko first arrived on Uzu. The room looks more modern but still has the glowing symbols for the different Servant classes littered around the walls. There's also a computer with a large monitor and tons of notes and computer instruments lying around. On the left is a door that leads to DaVinci's workshop/room.

"Welcome!" DaVinci cheerfully says.

"Hello Sempai." Mashu says with a bow. She then notices Hinata. "You must be Hinata-san. It's very nice to meet you. My name is Mashu Kyrielight."

"Nice to meet you too." Hinata says with a bow.

Naruko walks over to the center of the room. "Any info on what Servant is being summoned DaVinci-chan?"

DaVinci spins around in her chair before typing on her keyboard. "It says our new Servant hails from the Arthurian Legend."

Artoria and Mordred perk up at DaVinci's information.

"Perhaps another of the Knight's of the Round Table." Artoria says.

"Lancelot and Gawain are already here." Mordred says. "Wonder who it is this time?"

DaVinci's computer beeps as the Caster does a few keystrokes. "Here they come!"

At the center of the room, just a few feet away from where Naruko is standing, blue whisp of air begin to gather. Naruko flares her Command Seals to establish a link with the Servant being summoned. As she feels a tug on her mana, the air starts to take a human form. A bright light shines that forces everyone to close their eyes. They then open their eyes as the light dies down before focusing on the new Servant. However, upon seeing the new Servant, Artoria and Mordred's faces pale considerably.

The new Servant in question could at best be described as someone who is so beautiful, that those who would gaze upon her shall forget any animosity they may have at the time. She has long white hair and looks like a Caster wearing a white robe with a hood covering her face and holding a staff.

DaVinci's computer beeps again as the new Servants data is displayed on the monitor.

"Looks like we've got another Caster." DaVinci says. She then closely examines the data before gasping. "This is...!"

Mashu looks at the new Servant with wide eyes. "...It can't be."

Naruko looks at the Servant in awe as said Servant lowers her hood. Revealing her purple eyes that seem to be filled with mirth. The Servant looks around the room before her gaze moves to the Pendragons and Hinata, to DaVinci and Mashu and finally her new Master. The Servant then smiles. But for Artoria and Mordred, the two can see that the Servants smile is full of mischief.

"Oh shit!" Mordred exclaims in a panic.

"Merlin, don't!" Artoria exclaims.

"You get a dick!" Merlin exclaims as she fire a spell at Naruko who is too surprised to dodge.

The blonde Master looks at herself in confusion before her eyes widen in horror as she feels a new...addition between her legs.

"What in the HEEEEEEEELL?!" Naruko hysterically exclaims.

Merlin turns her attention to Artoria. "You get a dick!" Merlin fires the same spell at Artoria who quickly avoids it. Merlin then sets her sights on Hinata. "You get a dick!" Again, Merlin fires the spell. Luckily, Mordred pulls the Hyuga down to avoid the blast.

"THE HELL MERLIN?!" Mordred yells.

"Everybody get a dick!" Merlin exclaims.

Merlin is then knocked out of her tirade as a small white squirrel-like creature suddenly kicks her in the face. Knocking out the Caster.

"Fou!" The creature exclaims.

"Fou-san!" Mashu says as she runs up to the creature, picks it up and hugs it. With the animal giving a noise of bliss.

"...How was Primate Murder summoned along with Merlin?" DaVinci asks.

"Can we focus on the fact that there's SOMETHING INBETWEEN MY LEGS NOW?!" Naruko screams.

And done! So, what did you think? Recap time! So, Naruko and the gang show up in Konoha where the blonde is not welcomed by the idiotic villagers. Naruko storms ROOT's base with the help of Lu Bu and Serenity and rescues Kushina. Naruko then makes quick work of Danzo before leaving while entrusting Tsunade with a Hiraishin kunai. Hinata says her goodbyes before leaving with the group for New Uzu. Kushina and Naruko have their tender reunion before DaVinci informs her Master of a new Servant being summoned. Said Servant being the dick wizard herself, Merlin who has fortunately or unfortunately hit Naruko. With everyone's favorite cute disaster Fou punishing the Caster for her actions. I'm going to say it now, don't expect any lemons in this fic. I'm not confident that I can do them. So, at the most, you will just see those moments mentioned.

Next chapter will be covering the aftermath of Naruko's visit to Konoha along with Orochimaru and Sasuke's reactions to the new an improved Naruko. Then we'll be heading to the Land of Demons for the first Shippuden movie! Now, I have a question for you all. Which Servants do you think Hinata, Karin, Tayuya and Kushina will have?

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