My Attempt to Pokemon:

CHAPTER 1: Is this a dream?

I look around the space I am flying through. Unknown, the pokemon, filled the space with massive chains. It was a surreal feeling. I smiled at it. I had not had a dream like this in years.

"Well, if I am in a dream, I should look the part right?" I ask out loud. To my joy, I was soon surrounded by Unknown. Their chanting brought a laugh out of me.

"Right then. So trainers start at ten right? I would need to be younger." I watched as my body glowed, shrinking in size. My clothes shifted, apparently not shrinking with me.

"Let's see, and if I wanted to pick my starting location… Kanto! Just drop me right in Professor Oak's lab." And that is how my wake up call came about, falling through a portal and crashing into a table in a laboratory.

Groaning I was greeted by a few shouts of surprise. I felt hands grab me and lift me into a sitting position, then a light was being flashed in my eyes.

It would not be until a day later that I started getting proper answers as I apparently had a concussion So I was sitting in a bed speaking with both Professor Oak and a visiting doctor.

"I will be honest, I am still trying to believe that this isn't a dream." I said holding my shrunken hand in front of me. "I remember going to sleep as a thirty-year-old man."

"Well young man, that is currently not the case. I would be inclined to call it a tall tale if not for the fact that you fell out of a hole in space in my lab. Is there any info you can provide us that might prove it?" Oak questioned.

"Was floating in what looked like an artist's depiction of a nebula surrounded by Unknown. I was either dreaming or having an acid trip. Since I was surrounded by mythical pokemon, I jokingly asked to be ten again to start my own journey. When I started shrinking, well that just put more points in the whole dream theory. So I asked to be dropped into the most iconic place related to pokemon. Your lab. And drop me they did, like a sack of potatoes."

Oak had a fairly impressive poker face all things considered. He really wasn't giving much away. A tearing sound got both our attention as the doctor finished taking my blood pressure. "100/70, 98.6 temperature. Eyes are steady and pupils are dilating properly. I say you got off with just a nasty bump to the head son. Nothing to cause any memory issues either."

"Thank you, sir." I answered politely.

"Heh, polite lad too, better than most kids I get called to handle." The doctor said before turning to go out the door. "I will leave you with your fan Oak. Let me know if he has any dizzy spells over the next few days."

"So, while I am not against people coming to visit, normally they are polite enough to use the front door." Oak said with amusement after the doctor left.

"Most of them are probably not from another dimension where Pokemon is just a wildly popular game and tv show." I snarked back.

"You would be surprised," Oak responded with a straight face. I could only stare at him. After a minute with no change in expression, I began to panic.

"You are joking, right? Please tell me you are joking?" I was honestly dreading the answer.

"It is a bit of a secret between us professors, but we are often the ones sought out the most. These travelers arrive, some with changes like yourself and others as is. I must say, it has been an interesting couple of years. Even with a slew of information that has had to be slowly investigated and verified, we have managed to head off quite a few threats." Oak mused. He had a smirk that matched his grandson's and was enjoying rocking my world.

I fell back onto the guest bed with a fwump. I did not have words for this nonsense. Oh who am I kidding, if half the things listed about a few of the legendaries was true I would not be surprised. Ultra Wormholes, Hoopa, The Time Space Trio. "Well, this is FUBAR."

"Speaking of which," Oak handed over a Laptop, an open webpage showed a forum. "They tend to frequent this site. So I recommend you use this time to get acquainted. I am going to get started on some paperwork to handle your sudden arrival. On that note, I will need a name for the forms."

"Huh, oh right. Let's go with Sol for my name." I suggested.

I watched as the old professor left the room before turning my attention back to the laptop. The Forum was called "PokeBattlers" and looked like a normal PHP forum. I went through registration but paused when I came to a section on the country of origin. While it listed several countries I had never heard of it also listed ones from Earth. Putting in the United States, my birth date following our calendar system and not the one used by the laptop I was taken to the forums. Everything looked normal until I got to the bottom where there was a subforum listed as World Hopper. A couple of clicks later and I was versed on the basic rules. I opened a new thread in the Introductions, snapped a pic of myself with the webcam, and posted it.


Welcome to PokeBattler's message boards.

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⸎Thread: This is a dream right?

In: World Hoppers ➤ Introductions

➤SoralTheSol: Original Poster: Unverified.

Hi all. So I am new here as in… Well, I think you get it. So I am trying to come to terms with my new twerp status along with a mild concussion because the Unknown is a little too literal.

Okay so I am still really confused about all this and I am not 100% certain that this isn't a coma dream. So anyone here from the good ole' US of A, or anywhere of that world and can you help me confirm I am not crazy.


I would come back to the post later. I started browsing around and came across a thread labeled "Plot is FUBAR." Upon clicking it I realized that yes, the actual storyline I may associate with Pokemon is gone. Team rocket? Infiltrated. Team Magma? Gone. Team Aqua, being hunted. Hunter J? Missing an arm and using more psychic pokemon to defend herself. Apparently, a few of the people who came here were Military snipers. The other teams were actively being searched for but there was minimal info about them so far. It was assumed that they either did not exist yet or have not become very overt yet.

There was also a list of other organizations and groups that just did not exist in the show. They were given brief descriptions and regions they operated in and links to their threads. It was honestly a bit overwhelming. I… I was not in the pokemon I knew. It was a mix of games and anime. I am happy that Adventures was not tossed in because I did not wish to deal with the Elite Evil Four.

Looking up at the top I notice that I have a PM.


Private message with 2Mew

Title: Verification


SoralTheSol welcome to the world, and I apologize that you arrived via Unknown. It is one of the rougher landings. Click [HERE] to confirm Identity.


I clicked the link, and then a massive pink xenomorph cat teleported into the room. With a shriek, I threw myself to the side to escape from the intruder only to find myself suspended in the air. I was looking into the eyes of MewTwo, one of the most powerful psychic type pokemon in existence. His eyes filled with a glow and I felt a surge of pressure inside my head.

"Geh- GET OUT!" I yelled, shoving as hard as I could against the pressure. It was like pushing a minivan uphill by myself.

"You are psychic. Interesting. However, the secrecy of the group must be maintained." With that, the pressure increased and any defense I had was gone. When I was aware again I was laying in bed and shivering. The adrenaline from before leaving my body slowly.

Sitting up, I looked around and saw that the room was empty once more. With no sign of my attacker, I turned to look back at the laptop. The page had been changed back to my introduction post.


⸎Thread: This is a dream right?

In: World Hoppers ➤ Introductions

➤SoralTheSol: Original Poster: Verified.

Hi all. So I am new here as in… Well, I think you get it. So I am trying to come to terms with my new twerp status along with a mild concussion because the Unknown is a little too literal.

Okay so I am still really confused about all this and I am not 100% certain that this isn't a coma dream. So anyone here from the good ole' US of A, or anywhere of that world and can you help me confirm I am not crazy.


SoralTheSol is confirmed as a world Hopper. He is also psychic. He managed to hold off my initial probe. I regret to say I had to be more forceful.


I felt something wet fall down my cheek. A test… That was a test. I just had my skull screwed for a test. The door burst open and Oak entered with a Pokeball in hand looking ready for battle. "Sol, what is wrong?"

"A test… It was… He ripped into my head." Everything was getting blurry. I just curled into a ball and cried.

AN: Wow that took a turn. So this is gonna have some rough elements instead of being all happy go lucky because of Superpowers and those who abuse them. Okay, this is my pledge. I am going to try to do multiple chapters a week but I make no promises. But I need to get into writing more. This is to serve as stress relief and a bit of wish fulfillment. I will try to keep my chapters above 1000 words though. That is a personal pledge because I hate super short chapters.

On PokeBattler, that is both a joke and an offer. For FFN users, PM me a story snippet for your character, a name for the character of course, and a forum handle. For those on Space Battles, PM me if you want to join and post what you have in the thread. This is an open offer to add some flavor and write your own one-shots, two shots, or side stories.