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My Attempt to Pokemon Arc 1:

Chapter 4: Eggsperiments

You know, I do think I was prepared for this. I mean yes I was dawn to it. I kept it close, there was just this need to do so. Now that I look into the sparkly eyes of the newborn foal and realise that yes It thinks of me as mom… Why did I feel the need to keep that egg so close again?


Ah right, because there was a little voice calling for a parent and I could not ignore it. So fun fact, Psychic pokemon minds develop a lot faster than other pokemon because they have a better perception of what goes on outside of their egg. Case in point, the cotton candy colored pony in front of me whom I was currently trying to bottle feed. There, finally got them to latch onto the nib, and the bottle is already half empty. Yeesh.

"So Professor, how long does bottle feeding last for Ponyta?" I asked.

"Oh? About four to six months, then they start grazing properly." Oak laughed, he was sitting there taking notes at the moment.

I was not the only lab tech who had been too close to an egg. Jennifer was now the happy mother of Kanto Ponyta. Though she was planned for, being quite familiar with fire types. Me on the other hand, oh who am I kidding, it is my own fault and after a few words Oak didn't stop me. I just know I am in that damn Paper of his as we speak.

Oak wanted a side by side of the two species. The Kanto Ponyta and the Galar Ponyta. Well the moment I came close to the Galar egg I was not able to stay away. Parental instincts are a pain. Hear crying child, soothe crying child. Hear a voice crying from an egg, soothe the egg. The child in the egg needs to touch? Touch minds. It just came all too easily. I carried that egg next to me for an entire month, and this foal is probably gonna be my starter and she may not even be weaned by that time. It is December and the league starts in April.


"Right, right, demanding little thing aren't you." I projected at the little pony, making sure to include my own happiness in the link. I did not want them to think I was frustrated with them. Nope. I was frustrated with Oak though.

"It is fascinating to see the effect a young psychic pokemon has on a psychic trainer. You took to the ole incredibly well. Here I thought you disliked children too." Oak commented as I was grabbing another bottle of Miltank Milk.

"I don't like Bratty children. But I have had nieces and nephews to take care of so this is not my first time doing the caregiving. Granted this is the first time I am the only one there to do it." I told him while stroking the pony's mane. I would need to name her. All my pokemon deserve names, especially the ones I hatch.

"Oh? So you normally carried them around singing to them?" I flushed at that.

"You normally kept them close to you, even when sleeping?" I looked away from the professor.

"No, the moment you had that egg you were focused on it. You carried it around in your psychic grasp for the entire time unless you had to go outside into the cold. It was a rather large departure from the boy I have come to know. Daisy even has the picture to prove it."

"Someone had to pay proper attention, the rest of you were fine letting it have panic attacks from lack of contact." I snapped at him, and watched as he started noting down on his clipboard again.

"So they were having panic attacks? Why was that, the change in environment or something else?" Oak questioned.

"Probably because they are psychic, you took them from their psychic parent and put them in an environment with none. Not onl was her mother gone, but a sense they shared was gone too. I am amazed Alakazam didn't come here to handle it themself." I told him.

"She was crying out, and psychic projection carries more than just a voice, they were too young for words. But emotion curries a lot of information. She was lonely, lost, and yelling for her mother. It would not surprise me in the least if whoever got you this egg soon found themself mauled by an angry rapidash."

Oak paused at that, made a note, then stood up and walked out of the room. I watched as he went at a slightly hurried pace before turning to look at Jennifer who was also finished feeding her own Ponyta.

"Looks like he is going to follow up on what you said. Would not be the first time a poached egg was sold to a lab professor." She commented. "Comon, we need to lead them around the paddock a bit, get them used to walking."

Research Log: Galarian Variant Ponyta.

Researcher: Samual Oak.

November 10, 403 AW

I have been looking forward to this endeavor for a while, a first hand accounting of the differences between these two pokemon. The Ponyta is a well known fire type in Kanto. However I have been given an egg for a Galarian Ponyta.

The Galarian Ponyta not only has a horn like its evolved form Rapidash, a fact that would garner a small amount of interest, it has a completely different typing. Currently I can only note down a few differences in the coloration of their eggs. It will be interesting to cover where else they differ as they grow up next to each other. Seeing how they interact will provide insight into the culture of Pokemon themselves.

November 20, 403 AW

So a new variable has been introduced, one that I likely should have seen coming. A recent addition to my lab staff has a psychic talent. There has the unique consequence of them being attracted to the eggs. They stated that one egg was louder than the other. Pointing to the Galar egg.

I asked if it was trying to communicate. They informed me that it wasn't words but feelings. Said the egg felt clingy. Certainly an interesting observation.

November 25, 403 AW

Well I was not expecting this. I suppose it should have been obvious given that he could here the egg. Currently the Galar Ponyta egg is being carried around by said psychic lab assistant. They continue their claim of the egg being clingy. They have informed me that the egg in question gets panicked without a psychic presence.

This implies that the parents of the Ponyta are in communication with their foals. This is an interesting concept that may not have been considered before. It is known among professors and breeders that pokemon are aware inside their eggs, how aware is up for debate. It would not surprise me if this was something shared among many psychic types and no one thought to ask. I will be asking Professor Magnolia about this.

December 11, 403

The Kanto Ponyta egg hatched, it imprinted on Kate, one of my researchers. It is a healthy weight of 45 lbs and 2'4". It took to the formula for infant pokemon just fine. No deformities or abnormalities.

The Galar Egg shows signs of hatching soon as well.

December 14, 403

The egg hatched, the young foal immediately picking Sol out of the crowd. The young psychic already had a bottle of formula ready for the young horse. The Ponyta stood a little shorter than average at 2' and 35 lbs. Interestingly their mane is white upon being born. I will need to check in on if this is a normal phenomenon.

December 15, 403

Both horses have taken to playing with each other without hesitation. I had to follow up on Sol's theory and called Professor Magnolia to find out more about where she got the egg. Apparently the trainer who turned it had a Rapidash. She would try to get them to contact me at a later date.

December 20, 403

The Trainer did get in contact with me and after some questioning I learned that he feared he made a mistake in his actions as his Rapidash had been hostile towards him lately. After a bit of back and forth I convinced him to send the pokemon to me for a bit, telling him I would return her in a few months time once her foal was fully weaned. They agreed.

January 5, 404

It seems that part of the herd mentality for Galarian Ponyta and Rapidash is controlled via psychic link. The Hostile mother called considerably once they caught sight of their foal. Furthermore, the imprinting most pokemon are known for upon hatching did not prevent the young foal from recognizing their parent.

Sol explained that Ponyta already knew her mother's signature. Furthermore, the Rapidash seems to have adopted the other young foal as well. Always something new to learn about the world and the creatures in it.