Ok so here's the sitrep, ever since I played star ocean on ps4 I've grown to love the series, except 5. Star ocean 5 was a disgrace. Star ocean 2 hit a chord within me in particular. I've never played second evolution (hopefully I can if square decides to actually localize it for ps4), but I've seen a lot of clips about it and I watched the EX anime and for me it deserves it's place as one of the best.

So here's the meat and potatoes of this fanfic I'll be doing a multitude of one shots featuring Claude C. Kenny and all the girls of star ocean second evolution, with a hint of star ocean EX sprinkled in.

And you guys must know me by now I'm a lewd boi so if course there's lemons in this. It wouldn't be me without any here.

This is how the fanfic is structured in the game if you have a high affection level between Claude or Rena (whichever character your playing through) between any of your party members before the final battle in phynal you'll get a beach scene between Claude or Rena and the party member with the highest affection level.

In this fanfic I'll be incorporating the beach scenes from the game with a lil twist. These scenes include for claude; Claude x Rena. Claude x Celine. Claude x Precis. Claude x Opera. Claude x Chisato. And Claude x Welch. And maybe a few original harem routes just for this fanfic but I'll have to see first.

I'll put up a poll and see who goes first and so on. But if it takes too long I'll take things into my own hands. Anywho I hope you enjoy this brand new work of mine, and yes I'm broadening my horizons if I stay stuck on the same thing I can't exactly grow.

So yeah I'll check back in a few days to see, check u later!