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Ahem so after a few days of thinking I've decided the first should be Welch Vineyard. Let's face it (ironically) she's one of the best characters in the game, (speaking from personal experience from when I played first departure and recruited get during my Phia play through). And probably the best video game waifu around, next to lightning from final fantasy 13 or Dagger from final fantasy 9. And remember if you simp for Welch you are a king. So yes it's time for Claude x Welch!

Takes place near the end of the game on L'aqua beach. Warning lemon.

Disclaimer: I own nothing

On the beach of L'aqua Claude C. Kenny was standing by shore simply watching as the stars reflected from the water. It was peaceful considering tomorrow would be the biggest life or death struggle yet. But tonight he didn't wanna think about it, he just wanted to be alone and enjoy the last few hours of what may be his last night ever.

However that was not to be the case as Welch Vineyard was running from the distance towards Claude. "Claaauuuuuudeeeee" was what Welch had shouted as she had reached her destination. In surprise Claude turned to her, "Welch? What are you doing here so late at night?" He asked.

" Me? Oh nothing special at all. What are YOU doing here? " She asked. "Just staring at the ocean, this might be the last chance I get after all." Claude said as he faced the ocean once more. "Hmm... Hey let's play 'I Spy'." Welch said pointing her trusty handy stick to the air. "What?" Was all Claude to ask to the other blondes' request. "Come on, just play along ok, ready?" She said lifting her handy stick high into the air. Claude nodded at her gesture, as far as he was concerned this might be the last he could be this playful.

"I spy with my little eye, something... Cute." Welch said as she did her best not to look at the one she meant it for. "Is it... You?" Claude answered back. Welch began to feel her cheeks heat up as she denied the answer. "W-w-wha? N-no I can't see myself! I meant you Claude! Geez!". Claude couldn't help but laugh, seeing Welch getting flustered like this was fun for him. "And what's so funny? Want me to slap you silly huh?" Welch said feeling a little ticked off from being laughed. "No I just think that seeing you get embarrassed Is just the thing I needed." Claude said grinning at Welch.

"Wait so you LIKE seeing me embarrassed?" Welch asked as she turned her back towards Claude. "What if I am saying that?" He asked smiling at Welch. She turned around and faced Claude not even attempting to hide the blush on her face. "If you think I can't make you blush then you're mistaken Claude." She said putting her handy stick into the sand. "Yeah yeah I'm hearing you loud and clear." He responded.

"Claude close your eyes and use your minds eye to play 'I Spy'." Welch her suggested. "I don't think that's how eye spy works Welch." Claude said, he knew Welch was plotting something and knowing her it could lead to insanity. "It'll be fun so just do it pleaaaasssssseeee." Welch had begged. "Sigh... Ok ok I got the memo." Claude said as he closed his eyes. "I spy-".

Claude's words are cut off as his lips were captured by Welch's. Immediately his face began to turn red in embarrassment, he knew Welch was plotting something but he never expected her to do anything this bold. After a few seconds Claude returned the kiss with the same fervor. Welch's lips felt so soft against his, it was a mix of slow a slow burn; starts off innocent but with each kiss it became more passionate. After a few more moments of kissing back the need to breath became apparent and the two pulled away both red in the face and gasping for air.

" W-w-welch, Y-you, I didn't" Claude was simply at a loss for words, he never expected Welch to kiss him like that. "Hehe at a loss for words right? And see your red just like I am." Welch said laughing at her "victory". "Welch I didn't think you something like that" Claude said, his embarrassment clearly on his face. "This... This might be the last time we can ever be together.." Welch said in a saddened tone. Much to Claude's surprise seeing Welch get disheartened when she's the most optimistic person in the party means only one thing, she was being deadly serious. "Even if I died tomorrow that's fine, but for once I want to feel like I exist. Like I'm living in a romcom and I'm the main heroine being loved by the man I love" She said as tears began to well in her eyes.

"Just once is good enough for me, even if I die in the battle with the ten Wiseman, if I feel like I actually exist then that means I was actually here." Welch quickly began to dry her tears, she didn't want to seem like she was a crybaby or worse. "Welch, it's ok if you can't tell me what's eating you. I know how it feels to have demons inside you trust me." Claude said thinking about how he always felt like he was inferior compared to his father, and how he felt that his best didn't matter. "Claude, I want to be loved. Just once is enough for me. Under the starry skies with the full moon. That's the perfect romantic setting I could ever ask for" Welch said looking at Claude. "I want to experience it, with you Claude." She said reaching to hold his hand but pulling back fearful of rejection at this stage.

Just then Claude grabbed Welch's hand. "So you're saying you want to do it outside? I never knew how perverted you were Welch." Claude said to her with a smile on his face. "It may be perverted to the untrained eye but to me it's like re-enacting a love story." Welch said returning the smile with one of her own. "What kind of stories do you read anyways?." Claude asked, knowing Welch it must be a really incredible read. "I would explain it to you but it wouldn't make much sense, instead let's use our bodies to convey the words. I-it'll make sense, somehow." Welch said feeling her face turning red.

Words aren't the only way to feel loved. Claude and Welch both realized that. Even if tomorrow were to be their very last one, at least for tonight they could be with each other with no regrets. Claude was the one who closed the distance between them, Welch had closed her eyes and leaned towards Claude. Then for the second time tonight they kisses once more. They were both giving it their all from the very start, slowly working they're way as the two blondes began touching one another, wanting more contact between the two. Claude had opened his mouth for a split second giving Welch ample time to sneak her tongue in making the kiss all the more passionate.

The two were clumsy yes, but they wanted even more of each other and they both knew it. Tongues coiling around one another, their saliva swishing around in each others mouth, the young boys "Sword" beginning to unsheathe, Welch feeling a dampness in her nether regions. All of this combined was pushing them beyond their breaking point.

Welch broke the kiss, much to both their dismay, then Welch took her hand and began to rub at the bulge in Claude's pants. Claude began to moan softly while Welch was in awe at how he felt, he was getting hard over her, which made her become more daring. She began unbuttoning her blue overcoat and her white shirt in the process and took it off showing Welch in her Blue colored bra. Her boobs was a good c cup at best, Not huge but not small either. "C'mon Claude don't keep a girl waiting" Welch said becoming more embarrassed as the was exposing herself.

Getting the memo Claude began to take off his jacket and black t-shirt as well, while he did that Welch began to unzip her skirt until she was in her nothing but her black leggings. Claude began to stare daggers into Welch, he didn't mean any harm but from his perspective Welch was doing things to him he didn't even fathom was even possible. Seeing him shirtless Welch began to make her move; Welch scooted over towards Claude kissing him once, she then began to rub the bulging area as her tongue traced over his lips, then his neck, and began a trail of light kisses until she stopped all together. Claude was nearing his limit, being teased like this wasn't making his situation any better, he wanted to be freed and to release.

Welch quickly pulled Claude's pants down and saw the "Item" she was so looking forward to seeing. Wasting no time at all she unhooked her bra and tossed it behind her. Before Claude knew it he felt a soft warmth envelope his dick, Welch began to move her mounds up and down. To give it more lube Welch drooled on her boobs and Claude's cock and began to press her boobs against his cock moving then up and down at a fast pace. Claude was already moaning, he didn't expect a paizuri from Welch he thought it couldn't get any better than what was already happening. Welch seeing her handiwork taking affect decided to push things even further; she ceased her movements for a second and slid her mouth on Claude's erection and then she continued to rub her boobs against his cock while bobbing her head back and forth slowly.

Claude was on cloud 9 right now, his cock was being pleasured so much that it was a miracle he didn't blow his load inside Welch's mouth yet. But he had to persevere, he wanted to enjoy this moment for as long as he possibly could. The longer he held back, the faster Welch went; Hell she was already deepthroating him at that point. Claude felt the need of release upon him, he was so close that he began to buck his hips in response to Welch's bobbing. Before he could even cum, Welch pulled herself from Claude's cock taking it out of her mouth.

"Wait Claude, I know you wanna cum but wouldn't it be way better if we did it together?" Welch asked as he began to rub at her pussy through her leggings. Claude knew what she wanted and he was more than happy to oblige. Welch pulled her leggings off first, then she moved her panties to the side, she was already soaking wet. "I want to take the lead if you don't mind~" she asked as she climbed on top of Claude rubbing her wet folds against his member.

Welch then slowly began to descend downwards. The tip was pressed against her moist folds, then slowly the tip pushed into her. And she continued to descend until she reached a stopping point. Claude felt it, he was at her hymen. To make it easier for Welch Claude kissed Welch to take her mind off it. Welch knowing his attentions returned the kiss as she continued to go down until the barrier coming between them was gone.

She screamed in Claude's mouth, her eyes tearing up up in pain. Claude's tongue wrapped around her own, it was all he could do to make the pain subside. As they continued to make out Welch slowly began to feel the pain dissipate, letting out a sigh of relief in Claude's mouth. Claude realizing she had stabilized broke the kiss as his hands reaches upwards groping her boobs that were before him.

Welch's arms were wrapped around Claude's neck as she rose up taking his length out of her soaking snatch, before dropping herself down on it again. She would go at a slow pace at first but after a while she found a good tempo and went with it. Claude sneaked his hands to Welch's ass and held on to it, marveling at how it completely fitted in his hands and the softness it had. Welch gave Claude a deep kiss all the while bouncing herself up and down on his dick. Claude proceeded to kiss her back; tongues entangled, hands roaming across each others bodies, the amount of pleasure the two were feeling, Including their love making under the stars, all of it was in Welch's mind: "Romantic".

Claude broke the kiss and groped Welch's boobs fondling them as his breath became more rigid. "W-welch I'm-", he tried to moan out but was silenced once more as Welch kissed him for the final time, wrapping her legs around his back. She knew what he

was going to say, and she felt it coming. Welch broke the kiss and slammed her hips down taking all of Claude's erection into her until the tip was at her womb. Claude and Welch both came at the same time: Claude was firing off multiple shots of his cum, while Welch climaxed all over his cock. As the two continued to drown themselves in pleasure Welch fell into Claude's chest completely out tired after they're love making.

" Damn Claude that felt amazing~" Welch said trying to catch her breath. "Y-yeah, say was I really the right one to give your first time to?" Claude asked as he just lied in the sand. "Of course if you weren't I would have had never planned this" Welch said with a smirk.

Claude simply smiled at her, "Right you had this all planned". "Hey Claude, we better survive this battle together or else you know I'm gonna be pissed off at you!" Welch exclaimed. "Yeah I know, we'll survive. And once this battle is over I want the two of us to go out into the stars" Claude said. "Mhm! And next time your gonna be playing 'I Spy' next" Welch said with a smile. "Yeah and next time I'll be spying you Welch" Claude thought to himself.

END! Wow... This is the longest lemon I've ever wrote. I tried to keep Welch's personality intact as much as possible. But considering her character there's a chance she would say things about romance and stuff. Ps I'm NOT doing the iseria queen in this story. As tempting as it is I think I'll make a separate story Maybe. Also one character down five more to go. Next character is gonna be... Sike your gonna have to wait until next time. Until then!