For Zim and Dib, nothing has changed. Well, the latter has one thing changed for him: his father, Professor Membrane, got his approval. Sure he hadn't proven to him that aliens such as Zim existed and even though he is convinced that it was just a dream the first time he had seen him, but having his approval is the best thing that has happened to Dib.

Once again, the two archenemies are having a fight, and it took place on the rooftop of the Skool.

"You can't win this time, Dib," Zim taunted. "Once Phase 3 is complete, I'll rule this planet once again!"

"Wait a minute, Zim! Time out!" Dib puts his hands to a time out gesture.

"Why do you ask for a time out? Is this a trick?"

"It's not a trick, Zim. I wanted to ask you a question."

"You have a question for me?"

Dib took a deep breath as he is ready to ask Zim the question. For once, he is using his brain instead of his brawn.

"Why do you want to rule the Earth?" Dib started.

"What kind of question is that? I wanted to rule this planet, so that I can be acknowledged by the Almighty Tallest," Zim replied.

"If you did this just to seek their approval, then why were they aiming a laser gun on us?"

Upon hearing the question, Zim looks stunned. Deep down, he knew Dib is telling the truth on what he asked him about. In fact, he did saw that happened during their last fight. Nevertheless, he tries to deny it.

"That's impossible! They were just trying to get me to notice them," Zim said in denial.

"You want proof, Zim? Then here's the proof," Dib declared.

In fact, they were in Zim's house now as Dib showed the alien the footage of what happened before the Earth has been teleported out of the Florpus. No doubt about it, the Almighty Tallest were trying to obliterate them through an energy beam from their ship.

Upon seeing footage, Zim is broken, unable to handle the truth that is revealed to him.

"All this time they were..." he said.

"They never wanted your approval, and they never will," Dib finished his statement.

GIR attempted to comfort Zim by giving him a pat on his head.

"Sorry Zim, but that's the truth," Dib stated.

"Can you give me a hug?" the alien asked with his arms extended.

The human sighed before agreeing to his request by wrapping him in his arms, giving him the comfort he deserves. Perhaps today is not the day to prove to his dad that Zim is an alien.