A/N: Well, here with my first story for Tracy Beaker Returns. This idea came about after watching the series three episode where Liam gets fostered. If memory serves, it is 3x04. I actually had an idea to write something with Liam from the start but didn't hit upon an idea that was any good till after seeing that episode and combining some ideas I had. I'm going to be structuring it as close to an episode as I can so it will unfold slowly over about five maybe six chapters give or take. I don't own Tracy Beaker Returns or the Dumping Ground, both belong to CBBC.

Chapter One: Monster Check

Tracy's POV

I go in for my shift earlier than usual as Gina told Mike she would be running a bit late.

"Tracy," Harry runs over. "Jeff heard a monster last night."

"A monster?" I raise my eyebrows as I crouch down. "Did anyone else hear the monster?"

"I don't know. He was too scared to check." Harry replies.

"Well, why don't we ask over breakfast yeah?" I look between Harry and his toy giraffe.

Harry puts Jeff up to his ear. He then looks at me. "We're okay with that."

I go with Harry to the kitchen to see everyone around the table. "Morning,"

"You're early," Gus comments.

"Yeah, well today's special."

"Today's Saturday."

"That too," I smile.

"Good morning Tracy," Mike says as he is working on preparing beans on toast for everyone. "Thanks for doing this."

"Course Mike." I reply. I go in and begin to help him get everything ready.

"Jeff and I heard a monster last night." Harry announces to the table.

"A monster?" Mike begins placing the plates around the table serving Harry first."Why didn't you wake us?"

"It was loud first, CLACK BOOM BOOM then there was nothing." Harry says.

"A monster, don't be stupid It was storming last night." Johnny began to tuck in. "Probably the thunder."

"Johnny!" Tee sighs. "It's not stupid Harry."

"No it wasn't," Gus adds. "There was a seven count between thunder not one."

"And how would you know? We were asleep." Johnny asks.

"Speaking of asleep," I look around as I set Tee and Tyler's food in their places. "Where's Frank, sleeping in himself?"

"Thought I saw him head in the toilet," Elektra shrugs. "Probably fallen in."

"I'll go check," I nod.

"But what about the monster?" Harry whimpers clutching Jeff tighter.

"We'll check for him too," I say. "You want to come Harry?"

Harry frowns.

"I'll go too," Carmen says. "We can check together Harry, I'm sure it'll be scared if we're all searching it out."

"Monster hunting, count me in." Tyler looks to Carmen then back to Harry.

"Well alright then, anyone else want to join the monster hunting party?" I look around the table.

"I'll go too," Tee nods.

"I guess," Johnny sighs looking to his sister in disbelief. If there really was a monster, Johnny would want to protect Tee of course.

"Fine," Elektra says. "But only cause I need the toilet."

"Mike?" I look at Mike.

The office phone rings suddenly.

"Wish I could, but I have to get that." Mike says. "Good luck everyone." He goes to the office to get the phone.

Frank's POV

I came out of the bathroom only to see everyone standing at the door. I slid the bottle out of view.

"Hello Frank, everything alright?"

"Everything's fine." I reply. "Bye," I attempt to go past.

"Frank, hold on," Tracy stops me. "What's the rush, Mike's set your breakfast aside downstairs."

"Not hungry." I say.

Elektra goes into the bathroom when I'm away from the door and slams it.

"Are you feeling well?" Tracy asks.

I nod. "Gotta go."

"Frank! Come on!" Johnny calls.


I ignore them and go to my room, closing the door.

"Did you get it?"

I nod pulling the bottle of aspirin I'd taken from the medicine cabinet and handing it to Liam.

"Brilliant, thanks mate." I watch as he shakes out two pills and places the bottle down swallowing them dry.

"What happened?" I ask. "Thought you were with Jack."

"What, is it a crime to wanna visit my mates?"

"No, but why did you ask for medicine?" I ask.

"Bad landing, bit rusty with the window is all, didn't hurt last night." Liam says. He claps me on the shoulder. "Don't worry."

"But why didn't you use the door?" I ask. I couldn't help it. I was worried. Mike and Gina hadn't mentioned anything about a visit.

"It's boring." Liam scoffed. "Now are you gonna interrogate me all day or are we gonna head down and say hi to the others?"

"Okay." I nod. "Let's go." I go with Liam to the door, grabbing the bottle back up on the way, and open it only to see everyone standing in the hallway.


A/N: So, Tracy came in early and decided to help Harry search out the monster with his friends. But instead they found Liam.

Next chapter: Tracy gets suspicious as Liam's visit carries on.