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Chapter Six:What Happened Back When

Liam's POV

I run the water as warm as it'll go as I begin to wash off my face flinching slightly.

"Liam," Jack says. "Here," He takes a rag and wets it pumping soap.

"I said I don't need help," I turn further away, wincing as I felt my hand go hot, still under the tap pulling it back fast. "Augh…"

"Clearly," Jack sighs. "Go on then," He hands me the rag.

I take it, surprised, but carefully begin to clean my face, wincing only slightly less. "What, no riot act?"

"Oh no, you're still hearing that," Jack raises his eyebrows. "Just not yet."

I was sure. Not only from Jack, but from Mike, Gina and Tracy as well. "Ugh, just get it over with already."

Jack shakes his head. "I think your mates were getting you an ice pack,"

We head out of the bathroom and to the living room, and I see Mike with Harry and Elektra seated nearby.

"There you are Harry," Mike says. I see him take something dabbing it with a napkin and then placing it in a sandwich bag and giving it to Harry.

"Liam! Are you okay?" Harry notices us.

"Yeah," I reply.

"Good," Harry smiles and I notice a small hole in his mouth. "I lost a tooth!" He holds up the baggie showing us the offending baby tooth. I feel as though I'm going to be ill.

"Wicked," I give a half smile, but feeling both Jack and Mike watching, it feels even more fake. "Make sure you save what you get yeah?"


"Say Harry, why don't you put that in your room so you don't forget to put it under your pillow tonight?" Mike urges. I feel his gaze move from him to me as my knee begins bouncing.

Harry nods and runs upstairs.

"Here's the ice!" Tee comes in followed by Johnny, Frank and Tracy.

"Thanks," I took the ice from Tee and placed it against the spot.

"No problem,"

" And we found the tooth. Tracy put it in milk." Frank says.

"Well, your face looks less smashed in now that the junk's gone doesn't it?" Johnny studies me. "Well, aside from that." He looks to where the bruise is.

I nod.

"It's an improvement if you ask me." Elektra walks past. "Don't even need to borrow Carmen's makeup."

"Oi, that's enough." Tracy frowns looking to Elektra. "Go on,"

"No one asked you!" I snap.

"Yeah but I wouldn't want to lie. You've gone soft haven't you?"

I make a go at her but before I can actually do anything, I feel someone grab me.

"Liam! It's not worth it." I glare back to see Jack and wretch out of his grip sitting on the arm of the sofa.

"Elektra, go upstairs." Tracy demands.

"It's not that bad," Tee says as Elektra skulks off her wind up job properly done.

"It'll be gone in a few days." Frank adds

"Yeah…" I sigh as I adjust the ice against my cheek. But there's only one thing they can do for the horrible pain and it's what I'd been trying to avoid in the first place. Excellent five star irony right there.

"Let's move this somewhere a bit more private shall we?" Mike says.

"Brilliant idea," Tracy says. "Come on," Tracy and Mike lead the way to the office. Jack and I follow.

When we get to Mike's office, Mike closes the door, and I sit in one of the chairs. Jack sits next to me and Tracy's on the phone as Mike sits nearby.

"They've got an opening in about fifteen minutes." Tracy says. I blanch. I'd forgotten this was an emergency.

"Liam, what's going on?" Mike asks. "You know you're always welcome here, but why would you run off?"

I shrug, still not keen to admit anything. If they knew I'd done this because of a dentist appointment and some hurt like a little kid, well I'd lose everything, I'd be out on my own for real this time, no DG to come back too, and not because of a protest or someone falling off the roof, because of me mucking up like usual. Even if they offered I couldn't. The council wouldn't allow it Other than this, things had been, well they'd been better than they'd ever gone for me. I glance over to Jack and have to look away. I couldn't see that look, more disappointment. It was bad enough from Mike and Tracy.

"Liam, come on," I feel Jack place a hand on my shoulder. "You can tell me."

"Go on," Tracy says. "We just want to help…"

I clench my hands together tightly. "Fine, I'm scared," I snap. "When you said you made the appointments I freaked out cause my tooth hurts." I say looking at Jack finally.

"Liam…" Jack sighs. "There's nothing wrong with that. I don't much care for it either, it's scary but we'll get it taken care of. All of it."

"No…" I shake my head. "It's not...that simple…I…" I feel my breath picking up and I close my eyes tightly.


"Just leave it! Just leave me alone, alright? It'd go better if you did." My voice cracks.

"I can't do that." Jack says. "I won't do that."

"Why not? The others did…" I whisper, and I don't even realize I said anything, didn't even realize it was loud enough until I hear Tracy.

"What does that mean?"

"The month before we met…" I look to Tracy then to Mike.

Tracy's POV

I can tell Mike knows something by the look on his face, and I can tell by the way Liam goes quiet for a bit that it's going to be a difficult next part of the conversation. "The foster home, the parents only went back with the little kids, one of them was younger than Harry, their biological kids." Liam says. "The older one liked to wind me up, and…. I always got in trouble for what I didn't do so when they made the dentist appointment, I was already in a foul mood because he'd made his football get stuck in a tree, and his dad had a go at me. But then I had a cavity." He blinks hard. Jack grabs his hand and squeezes.

"And they didn't want to take just the care kid back for a follow up." Liam says. His voice speeds up. It's obvious he's barrelling through. "Their kids had clean bills and they worked long hours, so they thought it would be best to get it finished don't you agree?" His voice went mocking. "Well, the dentist was obviously tired or something or just didn't care either because I felt everything."

"Oh Liam…" I frown. "I'm sorry." I remember that I had some real winners before I'd met Cam, but nothing like that.

"I don't want to go…" He says softly. He then looks at me and Mike then finally Jack. "Don't make me go."

"Liam…" I sigh. "You've got to. You have to get this fixed." I look at Mike. "Isn't there something we can do? Can you go with them? Gina and I we can…"

"No," Liam says. "Not Mike," He looks at Jack. "Can Tracy come?"

"Is that alright by you?" Jack asks.

I'm surprised by the request. I honestly was expecting that if he would ask anyone it would be Mike being that Mike's probably been through it with him before. It makes me nervous, what if I mess it up for him and make it worse? But we have to get Liam to go. This is an emergency. "Yeah, if they can spare me." I say breezily with a glance over to Mike.

Mike nods.

I see Liam visibly relax.

Before we go, Mike tells me and Jack a bit about Liam's previous experience. "It helps if you talk to him. A few stories should do the trick. I know you've got plenty of those." Mike grins slightly.

"I do," I say. I have a whole book full and some that didn't even make it in.

"Alright," Jack says. I'm sure he has his fair share too.

Mike goes with us outside where Liam was waiting. "Good luck,"

"Thanks Mike," Liam says.

A/N: So Liam had a bad experience in a foster home when it came to the dentist making what already stinks in general, dentist appointments, several times worse since. And Tracy was surprised when he asked that she come along.

Next chapter is the appointment. Can Jack and Tracy help Liam through it?