NOTE: I really enjoyed Hobbs & Shaw and especially liked Hattie as a love interest for Hobbs. They are very different people from different backgrounds which makes their story fun to tell. I also like that the focus of the movie was on her as a badass agent and not a mere love interest, but I wanted to tell the story after the movie and explore what Luke and Hattie could become. I'm making this up as I go! Feedback appreciated!


"Come on, ma," Deckard Shaw shouted over his shoulder toward the 71-year-old woman who still managed to be fashionable in a red prison jumpsuit.

The prison that Magdalene Shaw lived part of her golden years locked inside of now had broken glass, a door off of its hinges, and a slew of passed out guards who had attempted to arrest the Shaws. Magdalene stood in the doorway introducing her foot to a guard's face and stomach.

"Ma—come on! Hat's got the car," Deck shouted as he continued to walk away, a furtive look in his eyes.

"Alright, alright. Hate this bastard, always such an arsehole," she said brushing the hair out of her face and immediately fixing her posture. Her prison demeanor diminished and out came the sophisticated British mum. She stood perfectly straight showing off years of etiquette training.

"Well let's go." Deck urged again, still a few feet ahead of her.

He slowed down so she could catch up and hustled with her the last few feet to the car. Hattie was already in the driver's seat of Deck's Ashton Martin Rapide AMR when Deck opened the passenger side door to hop in.

"Deckard, where are your manners?"

Deck stopped in bewilderment and looked over at his mother's intense green eyes – as stark as her white bob haircut.

"Wha—what're you—" he rambled.

"You're supposed to help your old mum into the car. Have I taught you nothing?"

"Mum. I got it," Hattie said as she began to open her door.

"No, no you stay inside. I'll hop in," Magdalene said with a huff as she seated herself in the back of the Ashton Martin.

"All good?" Hattie asked their mother. "Got your seatbelt?"

"Oh bugger off," Magdalene spat back. "And yes, I'll be fine once we're out of this godforsaken place...though there were some surprisingly interesting aspects of life behind bars. "

Hattie glanced at Deck with reluctant intrigue who was shaking his head. She smiled at her mother in the rearview mirror before shifting the car into gear and flying out of the prison parking lot.

The engine hum calmed Hattie as the criminal family trio sped off. It wasn't like her to involve herself in any sort of criminal activity. In fact, as an MI-6 agent, she did everything she could to eliminate criminal elements. All of that changed about a month ago when she was accused of killing her entire team and stealing a biowarfare virus that could kill every person on the planet.

She'd been abandoned by the agency that she'd dedicated every ounce of her flesh and bone. It still sent a pang of disappointment through her when she thought about it.

She'd known that waiting for them to capture her wasn't an option. Explaining herself would have been off the table. The truth wasn't being sought after—only a scapegoat.

The incredibly difficult predicament she'd found herself in—that very well could have taken her life brought her a new one, one that reconnected her with her family, and allowed new people into her life. One, in particular, left the biggest impression, Luke Hobbs.

She scanned the dense London streets remembering how she fought Luke in a dank alleyway hoping that he'd disappear and she could continue with her plan, whatever it had been at the time. Really, she'd been making it up as she went along and very much planned to go at it alone. Never did she think she'd partner up with a bald, burly American Diplomatic Security Service agent on a mission to save not only her but the entire human race.

It'd only been a few months since their mission was complete but it felt like ages ago. Thinking about Luke, standing like an oak, firm and grounded next to her on that cliff, made her grin. His deep-set brown eyes stared down at her with a sincerity she'd never seen in a man, especially one as intense and brooding as Luke.

Even as he lifted her off her feet in the alley and interrogated her in the CIA headquarters, she could see the softness in his heart, his kind spirit that she now missed. She especially remembered that kiss – the one they shared on the mountaintop of his home, Samoa. The island felt like a planet of its own. For a moment, she could breathe.

But the fairytale had long ended. Part of her felt that maybe the spark they'd shared for that short moment was just a combination of fear, uncertainty, and looming death. They were safe now, home.

Hattie parked in front of a seemingly run-of-the-mill pub called Carpenters Arms. The three of them luckily made it all the way back without seeing any sirens in the rearview.

Hattie hopped out of the car along with Deck only to hear Magdalene's huffy disapproval once again.

"Can't believe it Deck, again," said Magdalene as Hattie quickly rounded the car to close the door behind their mother.

"I was just about to open the door. You didn't even give me a chance. I don't get it. Why does she get away with it and I don't?"

"You're a man. You're supposed to be a gentleman. Maybe if you knew these things I'd have some grandbabies."

Hattie covered her mouth with her hand, failing to stifle her laugh.

"Grandbabies? Since when do you want those?" said Deck as he unlocked the doors of the pub, Magdalene and Hattie following.

"You know Deck, sitting in jail gives you a lot of time to think. I've got three children and none of 'em gave me grandbabies."

"That's what happens when you train them all to be killers," he argued.

"Oh bugger off. You do it because you like it. I think my last chance is with Hattie. Out the MI-6 now...what do you think Hat? Career change, find a nice young man?"

Hattie scoffed as her cheeks grew warm with embarrassment. Deck led them to the back of house which had a small kitchen, employee bathroom, and many closets and rooms. They walked into one of the closets which held cleaning supplies. Deck moved a broken outlet on the wall unveiling a facial recognition device. The machine flashed green lights and suddenly, the concrete wall opened to stairs leading underground. Another locked door at the bottom of the stairs revealed Deckard's covert, immaculate base.

"Mum can we at least get some whiskey or two in before we talk about homemaking? Makes me...itch just thinking about it," said Hattie. She hastened her stride towards Deck's liquor table largely consumed by whiskey and bourbon.

"Want a drink, anybody?" Hattie asked as a sly attempt to change the subject.

"My god I raised a bunch of...misanthropes," said Magdalene.

"I think it's hereditary," Deck mumbled.

"What was that? I'll come over there right now-"

"Mum, drink," Hattie said handing her mother two fingers of bourbon. After a sip, Magdalene smiled and squeezed Hattie as if remembering that she'd missed her.

"We'll think about it, okay? Look, Deck and I came back here together. Who knows what can happen," Hattie continued.

Magdalene wiped tears from her eyes, still dressed in her red jumper.

"I just missed you family. You know you both mean the world to me."

Magdalene pulled Deck into a hug.

"We missed you too," said Deck.

With a sigh, Magdelene took another sip of her drink "Alright, I'd love to get into some other clothes, preferably nothing blood red. My plan is to get drunk this evening. It's been too long."

Hattie poured her mother a whiskey neat and grabbed the empty one from her. She poured one for Deck and for herself.

"I'll grab you something from the room," Hattie said to Magdelene.

She'd packed a bag for her mother and kept it in the back room of the basement facility. The room that once served as Deck's secure lodging for numerous missions would now be for Magdalene.

She pulled the olive green duffel bag sitting on the California king bed towards her and unzipped it. She found a pair of silk notch collar pajamas in the bag and laid them on the bed when her phone vibrated in her pocket.

Being an MI-6 agent didn't give her much time to make friends and now that she was no longer an agent it couldn't be a new mission. The only other person who would call her would be Owen, her second older brother. She pulled the phone from her back pocket and looked at the caller ID. The call was from Luke Hobbs.

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