Axel and Lioness in The False Hero

Note: Last Alpha Teens fanfic for a while.

The Alpha Teens were battling a recent escaped Spydah when some masked man appeared.

"Your time has past Alpha Teens Turbo is taking your place."

"No one steals the Hawkster's spotlight." called Hawk and the other Alpha Teens as they battled Spydah until Turbo defeated Spydah.

"This is Michelle Moreno new hero Turbo has taken down one of Landmark City's recurring threats."

"Something isn't right." said King.

"Careful King my friend." said Axel. "We must take things slowly."

"I agree." replied Lioness. "Excuse me I need to get to my Capuria Class."

"Go ahead Lioness I'll call you when we need you." replied Axel.

Later Lioness was doing her Capuria when Turbo showed up again battling the Cannonball Bros.

"I best check this out." she whispered to herself.

Then Turbo threw one of the Cannonball Bros on to Lioness.

"Careful some of us still need to be useful." said Lioness.

"Says yesterday's news." said Turbo as he punched the other Cannonball Bro and left but Lioness followed him where she saw him talking to the Architect. "You are the next villain I fight to make the Alpha Teens look bad."

"Lioness is here." said the Architect as he sent some of his robots to attack her.


"Lioness is taking her time." said Axel then he saw the Architect attacking Lioness. "I should have known Greene would show up but I know Lioness will beat him."

And he was right when Lioness kicked the Architect off his feet then Turbo grabbed the Architect.

"I defeated him and Lioness is trying to steal the credit." lied Turbo.

"Really?" asked Shark.

"No this is a game to this Turbo." replied Axel and Lioness showed up.

"Sorry I made us look bad Axel but I can assure you I don't give a heck about the glory." she said.

"I believe you but did you learn something?" asked Axel.

"I did all these villain attacks are Turbo's attempts to make us look bad why I don't know." replied Lioness.

"Then we should plan our next move carefully." noted Axel.

"I agree." replied Lioness then Bogey showed up.

"Bogey's mine." called Hawk.

"I'll go and get him." said King.

Soon Hawk and Bogey were fighting when Turbo showed up and punched Bogey knocking him out which got Hawk into a fight with him which got Mall Cops on to Hawk.

"(Turbo chuckles) I knew Hawk's ego would get the better of him."

And he blasted off.

"Axel have you got a plan?" asked Lioness.

"I believe we need to go Night Ops." replied Axel.

And so they did Night Ops later that evening finding Turbo and found him talking to Guan.

"The plan is going well Guan soon the idiots known as the Alpha Teens will be discredited after every villain I defeat and the stupid city known as Landmark will make me their hero." said Turbo.

"Good work Turbo." said Guan before he vanished.

"I recorded everything." said Lioness.

"Now we need a plan to expose him." said Axel.

"I think I know how." said Lioness and she whispered in Axel's ear.

Next day.

"Turbo is now Landmark City's new hero." said Michelle Moreno. "And Lee Industries have appointed him their new test driver."

"Indeed they have." said Turbo.

"Hey Turbo we aren't here to fight we've come to surrender." said Axel.

"Oh really?" asked Turbo.

"Really." replied Lioness and she winked Axel.

"(Axel and Lioness whisper) Garrett now."

And Garrett got a Jumbotron to show the recording Lioness did.

"The plan is going well Guan soon the idiots known as the Alpha Teens will be discredited after every villain I defeat and the stupid city known as Landmark will make me their hero." said Turbo.

"Good work Turbo." said Guan before he vanished.

"That's false." said Turbo.

"Is it?" asked Axel.

Then Turbo growled and jumped bashing a teenage girl in the face.

"Ouch." she cried.

"Axel, Lioness stop him!" called Garrett.

"And we will." replied Lioness as they chased after Turbo using Hawk's wings to chase after him.

"What did Guan pay you for Turbo?" asked Axel.

"He promised me the destruction of you 5 for ruining my dreams of being a Lee Industries Test Driver." said Turbo. "Money and glory would come with it once you two and your friends are gone."

"I did that test driver thing to find out what happened to my Dad I don't give a heck about glory unlike Hawk." said Axel. "Whoever you are should know fame isn't all it's crack up to be."

"What rubbish Manning." said Turbo as he and Axel did fighting in the air as Lioness recorded it for Landmark City to hear before she joined the battle.

"I agree with Axel fame is bad and I become a test driver to be my own woman and also to help Axel find out what happened to his Dad a more noble reason than fame." said Lioness as she kicked Turbo's helmet off. "Ricardo Kane."

"You know him Lioness?" asked Axel.

"A person who hated my family for trying to save the rain forests isn't that right Kane?" asked Lioness.

"You and your family are dunces Leone as are Landmark City for making me a hero." said Turbo.

"I think people will disagree with you now." said Lioness and she flew and punched Turbo in the face and she and Axel carried him to the cops.

"Hey Miss Leone." said the bruised girl. "I always liked you ever since you saved that baby a year ago before Paine's mad storm plan. And I still do."

"Thanks miss just doing what is best for Landmark City you get better from that bruise." said Lioness kindly.

"I will and my name's Sydney. Good luck beating that Guan."

"We'll need it." said Lioness and she hugged Axel. "Axel I spoke the truth finding your father is a noble quest."

"I'm glad you're my friend Cat." smiled Axel and he and Lioness hug closely as Turbo was taken away.

The End