Wow, new story! This is something I've been excited to write, so I hope you guys like it. I haven't written an angel/demon fanfic, so this is a first for me. I do, however, have a pretty thought out timeline for this story.

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Benny could not wait for the week to be over. School was already stressful enough this time around with quizzes, presentations, and homework. It was too much for his brain to handle. He just wanted to head back home and think about less anxiety-inducing tasks, like killing demons.

His grandmother thought he was crazy when Benny said this, but he found that slaying demons was satisfying. And today, Benny just wanted to get back to work and do just that. Being a hunting angel was tough, especially as a teenage angel, but Benny had chosen this job for a reason. It excited him. It was his purpose – he just knew it.

Ring. Finally, class was over and everyone was free to go. Benny could not wait to go back home and destress. After that, he'd probably hang out somewhere, mostly to have fun since the next day was Saturday, but also to see if any careless demons were around. As he headed outside the main gate of school, he reached for his phone and immediately smiled in amusement.

Erica, who used to attend this school and was now in college, had sent him a bunch of text messages detailing how much she hated her professor's grading. Of course, he felt a little bad for her, but he knew she just wanted to rant. He walked slowly, afraid to bump into anyone or anything as he texted her.

Lol want me to threaten anyone?

She immediately read his message and replied with: You wouldn't do it well. You're a pussy.

He lifted his eyes off his phone, deciding to text her later. He should probably focus on getting home first.

A little further away, Benny saw Ethan, one of his casual friends. This time, Rory wasn't around, which was a little unusual but not too strange. Benny wanted to lift his hand to wave at his friend, but he noticed that, one, Ethan wasn't looking, and two, he was on the phone, a frown on his face. Benny didn't mean to eavesdrop, but he couldn't help his extended hearing abilities. He could hear Ethan even from this distance. Plus, he could hear whoever was talking on the phone. If he could shut off this ability, he would.

"Oh, you're not coming today? What about this weekend?"

"No, sorry." It was a man. Was it his dad? Uncle? Family friend? "I'm a little busy with work. I'll come next week, but … maybe I can make it next year."

A sigh escaped Ethan's lips. "Okay. See you next week, I guess."

"Love you," said the man.

"Love you, too, Dad." Oh, so it was his father. He removed the phone from near his ear and seemed to end the call. Whatever was happening seemed to really put a damper on Ethan's mood. Maybe he needed some distraction, even if momentarily.

Benny was still walking at this point, but this time, it was his goal to reach Ethan, who was still a little far away. Maybe if he quickened his pace, he could reach him fast.

But then Ethan closed his eyes, and for a second, Benny could see a red-black hue around him that almost looked like fiery smoke. But it was for such a small period of time that he probably wouldn't have caught it if he wasn't paying attention.

Demon, Benny's thoughts repeated. He couldn't believe it. Ethan – nerdy, awkward, nice Ethan – was a demon. That changed things. Benny knew that if he was a human, he'd probably feel sad to think about killing a friend, but as an angel, who didn't have as intense emotions as humans did, he only felt a little sad. The rest of his mind focused on his task. It might suck to have a good friend gone, but this is a demon. Demons were good at manipulation. He probably manipulated his way through school, making people think he was nice when he was truly bad. If Benny had to kill him, which he did have to, he was determined to do it. No friendship, no bond, would stop him from doing his duties.

Ethan opened his eyes, looking around with worry. Of course he was worried. He'd let his true colors show. Then his eyes met Benny's, which were squinted at Ethan. He knew. Ethan knew that Benny saw what happened.

"Fuck," he whispered, then started walking. Benny followed, not willing to let him get out of sight.

If Ethan was a demon who had been walking this earth around seventeen years, possibly more, who knew what kind of evil he'd brought? Who knew what kind of evil he'd spread? And he was smart. In fact, he was one of the smartest guys in school. That scared Benny. Evil and smart should not be paired together.

They'd both reached the street that led to their houses. Ethan's pace quickened. Benny took the time to look around. There was no one else in this street yet. Good. He looked back and found that Ethan was gone. He'd either made a very quick turn so he could hide by the houses or he'd teleported. Seeing how it would be impossible, even for a demon, to hide anywhere that quickly from where he previous was, Benny guessed he'd teleported. Benny cursed a little at the fact that it wasn't night time now. If it was, and Ethan had teleported, depending on which light flickered, Benny would be easily able to tell where Ethan approximately was. That was not the case. Luckily, his angel blade could give him an idea on where Ethan might be.

He held it in his hand, its light dancing around the blade in response to Benny holding it. Thank goodness no one was around. This way, Benny could also teleport, just not as quick as demons did. Demons could disappear in the blink of an eye while angels had to fade into a bright light. It was highly inconvenient if they wanted to be unnoticed. He teleported a little further ahead, thankful that his teleporting light wasn't so bright in the presence of sunlight. The light on the blade was dancing around even more wildly now. He must be getting close. He teleported again. Even closer. He must be somewhere very near. Near enough, at least. He teleported, and this time, he found himself in a path with very little sunlight illuminating it. And sure enough, Ethan was hiding there.

"Okay, you found me. Can you leave me alone now?" Ethan asked, lifting his hands up as if in surrender.

"Are you kidding me?" he asked, lifting his blade up, which Ethan's eyes fixed on. "You want me to chase a demon and not get the honor of killing it?" His blade was very close to Ethan's neck, but not quite there.

Ethan lowered his arms. "You wouldn't wanna kill me. Trust me."

"Why would I trust you, demon?"

"Because if you kill me, you'll be in trouble."

Benny scoffed. "Yeah? Last time I checked, you weren't an official demon." It was just a different way of saying that Ethan wasn't a demon who was officially assigned a task in Hell, just as Benny had been in Heaven. Not all demons were bad. Those who had tasks were literally created to serve and take part in bringing balance to Earth. But Ethan never appeared on any official list. He was either a rogue demon, as most were, or he was simply born from demon parents who never bothered to register him, which was less probable since it was hard to get away with.

"That's because I can't be tasked."

"What?" Benny asked. Of course he could be tasked. If he was a demon, he could be assigned whatever he wanted as long as he did want to comply.

"I can't be tasked if I'm not fully demon, you idiot," he said. Oh. So he was a half-demon? Well, if his aura was purely demonic, then that meant he didn't have angel blood in him.

"You're half-human," Benny concluded.

"Ding, ding, ding! And you got it."

Now he felt guilt creeping in. Of course, demons could lie, but as an angel, Benny could tell most lies. Most. There were specific angels that could tell each and every lie, but Benny was only a hunter. Still, he believed Ethan. And now, worst of all, he almost killed someone who had humanity within him. Hunters were forbidden from killing anyone who was human or angel, even if part of them was demon. Benny only knew that he couldn't kill half-demons because he'd asked. He was told it was against their rules because if a demon is half angel or human, they had the capability of doing good. No matter if they chose a bad path or not, they still had good within them. Benny guessed he was surprised by this revelation because half demons weren't common. Demons barely felt empathy and they didn't care for humans. In fact, they saw them as inferior. Some, mostly demons of lust or even rogue ones, might lure female humans, but that didn't always result in babies. There was also the other option – a demon forming an attraction towards a human.

Either way, Ethan's existence as a half-demon wasn't usual. But that didn't stop the guilt. The angel blade disappeared. He didn't want to hold it anymore. He felt a little ashamed. "I'm sorry. If I knew, I wouldn't have gone after you."

"If I had a way of showing you that I'm also human instead of my very unfair aura that makes you think I'm only a demon, I would gladly do that. Unluckily for me, the universe hates me." Right. Humans didn't have auras as strong as demons or angels. Even if Ethan's natural aura wanted to show its human-ness, it wouldn't be able to because the demon would overpower the human. It kind of felt awful seeing Ethan say what he did with a straight, unbothered face. The smile that he was displaying at the end was the cherry on top. "Now, excuse me while I go celebrate my very depressing birthday."

"Oh, it's your birthday?" Benny asked. Could Benny's attack have come at a worse time?

"Yep." He might have been saying that with his purposefully fake smile, but Benny could see the defeat in his eyes.

Benny gritted his teeth. "Sorry. Maybe I can make it up to you? We're still friends, right?" he asked, hopeful that Ethan could see Benny's attempt at trying to make the situation better.

"You're a hunter, right?" Ethan asked, to which Benny nodded. Where was this going? "Figured." He adjusted his backpack strap slightly. "If you get me cake, I can easily be bribed into being your friend again."

He must have been feeling a little better because he smiled. Benny chuckled in response. "Fine. I'll get you a cake. Guessing you like chocolate."

"Ah, you know me."

Benny smiled, glad that Ethan's demeanor changed now. "Well, let's get out of here. It's a little depressing. And dark."

"Right," Ethan said.

The next day, Benny decided to text Ethan. They didn't typically text each other, but Benny was glad they had each other's numbers. That way, he could send him the picture of a small chocolate cake. Actually, he sent a picture of two chocolate cakes.

He wrote to Ethan:

Wasn't kidding when I said I'll buy cake.

Also got hungry and bought one for myself.


Within a few minutes, Ethan texted back.

Yuuuuum! I want nooooooow!

Was Ethan free now so that Benny could bring him the cake? So, he asked him. Sure enough, Ethan said that Benny could come over. Before he'd forget, he put Ethan's cake in a bag and headed downstairs. He almost made it to the door when his grandmother called after him.

"Benny? Where are you going?"

"To a friend's house?" he said, a little fearful of her. Nothing about her was particularly scary, but she could get pretty angry or disappointed in Benny.

"Which friend?" This time, it wasn't his grandmother who asked, but his dad. He was coming from upstairs, though he didn't seem as worried as his mother was. He just seemed curious.

"You wouldn't know him," he said. His grandmother crossed her arms, still looking suspiciously at him. To be fair to her, Benny didn't typically go to friends' houses these days. "It was his birthday yesterday, so I'm bringing him cake."

"Okay, you can go. But be safe."

"Grandma, I can defend myself. I'm, like, the most person who can defend himself."

"I wouldn't say most," she said.

"Mom, don't do this to him. He's a teenager. He's only a little bit bad at making decisions."

"I'm going," Benny said, not in the mood for this conversation. "Bye!" After his grandmother and dad said their goodbye, he left to Ethan's. It was a little close to his house, so Benny walked.

On his way to Ethan's, he heard noise. It sounded like a bunch of people shouting wildly and laughing while at the same time having their voices muffled by extremely loud music. There was also the sound of wheels of a car on the street. Benny turned his head around and almost rolled his eyes. Of course it was Jesse Black and his friends. They were probably the most annoying people who ever stepped into their high school. Jesse and most of his friends were high school graduates, but some friends still remained at the school. They were the "edgy" group which Benny thought was lame but most people found cool.

He turned his head so he was looking in front of him again. He didn't care for them and he didn't want to get tangled with them. They passed Benny with the car that Jesse was driving, and they were gone in a few seconds from Benny's sight just as they were gone from his mind. Benny had more important things in mind now, like giving his half-demon friend a cake.

Once he reached Ethan's house, he rang the doorbell and waited for someone to open it. He expected Ethan to answer the door and instead got a blond woman in front of him. "Oh, hi. You must be Ethan's friend, right?" she asked.

"Yeah, I'm Benny," he said.

"Nice to meet you, Benny. Please come in," she said.

And so he stepped in. The door behind him closed and Ethan came from up the stairs. What surprised Benny, but really shouldn't have, was the fact that Ethan's aura was not hidden in this house. He did not bother to hide anything here, which made sense given that this was his house – his safe space. Benny also did the same in his own house. Still, Benny thought that maybe Ethan would've hidden it in front of him. He guessed he was wrong.

"Hey, Benny," Ethan said.

"Hey," he replied, giving a polite smile.

"Wanna come upstairs to my room?" he asked, to which Benny nodded.

After he followed Ethan to his room and the door was closed behind them, Benny gave Ethan the cake, and it was received with a smile. "Thanks," he said. "You know, I wasn't serious yesterday when I said I wanted a cake. My mom already bought one so that we could celebrate at home."

"Who says no to double cake?" Benny asked.

"Well, I never said no," he replied.

"True," Benny said. Ethan went to put down the cake onto his desk and sat down with Benny on the bed. "How old are you now?"

"Seventeen," he said. "Now I can lie to my dad and tell him I fought my way to survival when I turned seventeen when in reality all I did yesterday was talk my way out."

"About that, I'm really sorry," he said.

"You've said that yesterday. I know you're sorry. You're an angel. You wouldn't lie about an apology, of all things," he said. "And, by the way, weird. I didn't expect you to be an angel out of all people."

"What's that supposed to mean?" he asked, not sure if that was offensive or not.

"I mean you seem … normal. I always think of angels as extremely nice and always wearing white, and I know that's wrong, but I mean … you act so much like an average human."

He chuckled. "Well, I have to. Plus, I've spent all my life around humans. This is just my personality. Speaking of which, you? Part demon? That's even weirder."

"Why? Cause I'm a decent person?" he asked.

"Yeah, you're pretty nice. If I was told you were half-human, I would have thought the other half was angel."

"Thanks?" he asked, seeming confused. "But I guess you might think that cause I've been raised by my mom, who's a very nice human. And my dad's official, so he's not really a bad influence."

"Interesting," Benny said. "And even though they can't task you, you still have a specialty, right?"

Ethan nodded. "I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours. I know you're a hunter, but what's your special thing?"

"I guess I have a special skill, not a special thing. My hits are pretty deadly."

"Wow, really?" Ethan asked.

"Yeah. If I throw a weapon at someone with the intention to kill, then … they're dead."

"I would've thought that would be a demon specialty."

Benny shook his head. "You might not know this, but demons, official demons, aren't allowed to kill. Just hunter angels are. And we're only allowed to kill demons. Of course, only full, rogue demons."

Ethan nodded. "Cool. Now I know not to annoy you too much," Ethan said. Benny knew it was a joke and couldn't help but laugh a little. "As for me, my specialty comes from my dad. He's a demon of misfortune. He brings bad luck to people he's ordered to … bring bad luck to. I don't bring misfortune, but I can both predict it and tell if you've experienced horrible things before."

"That's pretty cool. And horrible, too. I don't think I'd want that specialty."

Ethan smiled. "Luckily, I don't use it that much. I don't hate myself."

"Well, can you use it whenever you want?" Benny asked. Ethan nodded at the question. "Can you use it with me?"

"Are you sure? I'm scared you won't like what you hear," he said.

Benny nodded. "I'm sure. Not much scares me."

"Fine. But don't tell me I didn't warn you," Ethan said. "give me your hands." He extended his own hands in front of him a little, palms up. "I don't have to do everything I'm about to do, but it helps immensely. Typically, I just need physical contact." Benny put his hands on top of Ethan's. With his fingers curled around Benny's hand, Ethan closed his eyes. "Only want me to look at the future?" Ethan asked.

"Well, nothing really bad happened to me in the past, so I don't mind whatever you wanna do."

He nodded, his eyes still closed. After a few seconds, he said, "Wow, you're right. Nothing extremely bad happened in your past. Shame. Would've loved to tease you. Now, let's see the future." A little while passed before Ethan's eyebrows furrowed, shaking his head. His mouth opened a little, exposing his gritted teeth for a bit. "You're … you're crying. In the near future, I see you crying. But that's…"

"That's not possible," Benny continued. "Well, it's not impossible, but … it's not probable." Angels didn't cry unless they experienced something horribly sad in their life. Due to their less intense emotions than that of a human's, it wasn't common for them to experience any strong emotion that leads to crying. What would cause Benny to feel such a horrible thing? He hated the thought of feeling extreme sadness over something.

"I can't tell what's happening. I think your thoughts and life are going to be very jumbled. I can't make sense of things. But it's tragic. I can tell it's tragic. I see years of suffering, as if it's always at the back of your head. Wait! You're talking to someone else. You look angry. Blame. I don't know if you're blaming yourself or someone else." He shook his head again. "It's too much. The situation's too messy for me to read properly." He let go of Benny's hand and opened his eyes. "Sorry. I'm not really good at this, apparently."

"It's fine. You did your best," Benny said. It was bugging him how he was going to experience something so tragic that he'd end up crying. And blame? Why was there blame? What was going to happen? And why would this extend for years? He had no clue what the future had in store for him, but he knew he couldn't dwell on it too much. If the time came, he'd allow himself to feel sad. But now? He barely felt anything except confusion.

"I have a question," Benny said. "It's not related to what you just told me, but does you mom know?"

"About my dad? Me and my sister?" Oh, he had a sister? He didn't know. But that didn't matter. He nodded. "Yeah, she knows everything. I didn't tell her that you're an angel, though. First, she'd freak out that I'm friends with an angel cause she's scared for my life, and rightfully so. Second, it's not my secret to tell."

"Ah, I get it," Benny said. "My grandma would also freak out if I told her one of my friends from high school is also a demon. I mean, she'd understand if I explain things to her, but she'll one-hundred-percent be angry at me at first."

"At least we can relate," Ethan said.

"We can relate on many things, dude." He motioned generally to the room. He had so many action figures, comics, and posters. "You're such a nerd. I'm also a huge nerd."

Anyone would think that the two were regular, human teenagers as they continued talking. Somehow, they managed to not talk about their identities but their interests, hobbies, and school.

After a while, Benny realized that he was getting distracted with Ethan a little too much. A lot of time had passed with them just being fanboys and having fun. Benny's grandmother, and also his dad but less so, would be worried. He'd said goodbye to Ethan, thankful to find a new friend in him. After having Erica go to college, he felt the slightest bit lonely, but maybe things were a little different now. Of course, Ethan's best friend was Rory, no doubt about it, but Benny knew that their shared secret was something different.

He went back home, happy. Though a part of him worried. Not just for what Ethan had told Benny, but also for Ethan himself. If Benny, a friend of his, stopped having nice thoughts about him just from seeing his aura in his moment of vulnerability, then others would be less understanding, less empathetic. He hoped no other hunter would go after Ethan, then. Not everyone knew everything about being a hunter, including Benny, but he liked to think he asked enough questions to understand the rules. He knew half-demons deserved to live, and Ethan was living proof of that as far as Benny knew.

Problem was … there were a lot of hunters in Whitechapel because of the rogue demons here. He just hoped Ethan wouldn't be mistaken for one.

I know there was something happening from the first scene, but I felt like it establishes a lot about the world and also about Ethan and Benny. I hope you guys like the premise of the story, and hopefully, I won't disappoint you guys with the following chapters cause I got a lot of badass-ness, sadness, and Bethan goodness coming.

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