I was trapped and alone in the big city of London. This was a bad place for me to be. I'm a spirit fox, full of magic.

I am a spirit fox, called Kitsune in most circles. I have six tails personally. I'm not the most powerful, but I do alright.

I was quite startled, as you might imagine, when the strange red clad human—no! Exorcist!—stepped on my tail.

"Nyah!" I cried and leapt into the nearest light pole.

The exorcist caught me in his strong hands (one of them was large, clawed) and swept me into his arms.

"Are you hurt?" Rhetorical question. He must assume I was a regular fox, as I had glamoured quickly and looked normal. "Don't worry. I saved you. I won't let anything happen to you.

He clutched me close. "You'll be alright."

He bandaged my tail. "Don't worry. I'll take care of you."

I do not understand humans.

He put me in a very soft satchel to rest.

I clutched my hoshi to my chest. I had been captured!


Allen was a little afraid the fox would eat Timcampy. So when he got back to the Order he let her out and pointed to Tim.

"That's my golem, little fox." Allen said. "Don't eat him"

She launched herself at Tim, took a playful bite, and then landed, fox-grinning at him.

Allen laughed and petted her.

"Alright now. Get along."

He took off his uniform and was in only his pants. He paused. The fox was gaping at him.

"What?" He asked.

Was the little fox checking him out?

He pet her on the head. "You must be hungry."

Allen dug in his bag and took out some candy. "You like Konpeito? I love it."

He put the bag of candy in front of her and she ate happily.

Allen began to exercise and was surprised when the fox stared at him the whole time, entranced.

Was she...could she be...an actual woman?

He stared at her intently.

She ran off to her den of pillows, smiling cleverly.