After recovering her strength, Reiko was finally able to transform. She was in her human form, nosing about the room, looking for her hoshi.

She was naked, as she had to transform without clothes.

She found the hoshi protected by talismans, and she began to decode and break them using her magical power.

Reiko swiftly maneuvered through the talismans. They were clearly molded by someone with great magical talent; this Allen person was a formidable foe.

So engrossed was she with her task that she did not notice that Allen was behind her.

"Who are you? What are you doing? Where are your clothes?" Allen said all of this very quickly, then put his exorcist jacket on her body.

"I am Reiko, the great and powerful Fox of Fortune." Reiko said. "I seek the hoshi you possess. I am no pet, Allen-san and I abhor your treatment as such; though...I did enjoy the star candies."

Allen was taken aback; he hadn't expected her to have a human form, and for it to be so beautiful.

He took the hoshi from around his neck and placed it in her hands. "I'm so sorry. You are free. I'd never keep you captive.

Allen really liked the Fox Girl and wanted her to stay.

"You are forgiven; I think I shall stay and aid you."