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Summary: Son Gohan never imagined what adventures he would embark on after defeating Cell, but as e all know, Fate is a cruel mistress. See how our sixteen-year-old hero deals with Sith, politics, and an adventure in the galaxy forever.


It had been a pleasant couple of years for the Earth, as many had moved on from the horrifying acts just a few short years ago. Earth had a mass panic as a murder spree occurred across the world. Cities had gone dark and all that was left of those that resided were their empty clothing. Missing was the bodies of the innocent denizens and no one knew why. That is until a being of their worst nightmares showed itself to the world. Cell, a monstrous bio-android created for perfection, had comprised a tournament of the strongest fighters. But all was not lost as their hero had saved the day. had defeated the monster and had somehow brought back the lives of those that had perished.

Or so the world was made to believe. The true heroes of the day did not seek to claim responsibility and had moved on with their lives. Living in the peace they had all fought so had to obtain. And the true conqueror of the nightmare known as Cell had gone back to his mother, intent on continuing his studies under her guidance. All while he knew that his father, who had yet again sacrificed his life, watched over them all.

Gohan had spent the first few months after that fateful battle in happiness. He had a good home life, the news of his mother's pregnancy, and the books and homework assigned to keep his young mind from going stir crazy. But it got dull.

Sure he was ecstatic to find out that he was to be a big brother, but all he did in those months was learn from his textbooks and not be able to apply them in his day-to-day life. He is not the kind of person to just sit and do nothing but read, read, and read some more. Not since Mr. Piccolo came into his life and started him on the path of a warrior. No, he needed to get out and achieve something for himself. Make a groundbreaking discovery, find the cure to some life-threatening disease. Something to tell the world 'Hey, I'm here, this is what I can do' and people would listen. He wasn't asking for much, not at all, but he wanted to make his mark on the world... no, not the world, the universe. So he did the only thing he could think of. Call his Godmother (1) and get a job with the biggest and richest woman in the world. (2)

His mother may not be happy with his decision but Gohan could honestly see no downside. When he got the job, Bulma promised that he could have his hours to tinker with whatever he wanted. When his mother had called and said that her water had broken, he stopped everything and took her straight to his grandfather. The healers in the castle got to work quickly to deliver the baby and in no time at all, Son Goten was born.

While the birth of his little brother was a happy occasion, Gohan kept at his work. He had made many things for the police and other hard-working heroes. He made better armor and weapons for the SWAT and the military, better medical equipment and medicins for hospitals, better and more updated books and exercise equipment for schools, and much more. Everyone knew the name of the scientist who had created these marvels, but no one knew his face. And honestly, Gohan was just fine with that.

On his thirteenth birthday, Gohan had gotten an unexpected but not unwanted visitor, the Supreme Kai. The Kai, who wanted to be called Shin, said he would take them all to his home and help in training them even further than they were. At first, Gohan was hesitant. He had just been given a semi-normal life, he didn't want to get stronger, he could leave the fighting and the world-saving to Piccolo and Vegeta.

But then his mother, of all people, had a damn good argument.

While Piccolo and Vegeta were both powerful in their regard, they walked the proverbial grey line while Gohan himself walked a much lighter line himself. That was it, that was all she said. He mulled over this for a few days before accepting the kai's assistance. The three strongest warriors on Earth now had split their time between Earth and the Sacred World of the Kais. The strength they gained was extraordinary and had helped them greatly in their battle against Babidi from unleashing his father's creation, Buu, upon the Earth. It had been Gohan and Vegeta's combined Elder Kai Release strength to defeat Babidi and his henchmen. Afterward, Vegeta had thrown Buu's egg into the sun, just in case.

And life went on. Gohan had made a new metal with the help of Shin and the Elder Kai using a dying star to strengthen Kachin. He names it Fumetsu no Hoshi or Immortal Star. He crafted a set of armor (3) for the military, but only one.

He never knew he'd be using it for himself.

Realm of the Force

The viewing globe slowly faded as silence deafened the small room. Three figures stood in complete awe at the spectacle they had just beheld. The shortest of the occupancy turned to look at his companions.

"Sure are you, the green one will help?" he asked in a scraggly voice. The next occupant nodded her head.

"Yes Yoda," she said. "But it is not the Namekian we want in our universe. He needs to stay and guide their planet's guardian."

"Come 'Dark Woman'," a younger woman's voice rang. "Tell me it is not the man with that god awful widow's peak? He ould kill first before listening." a throaty chuckle came from the elder woman. The younger girl was an impressing Jedi in her day and an even more impressive Sith, but one thing was for sure to An'ya Kuro: Lord Revan could still have fears of her own. It was too bad indeed that the Jedi had not found her true resting place before her spirit became one with the Force.

"Indeed it is not," said An'ya as they left the small room. The hall was filled with laughing children and wise elders who had become one with the Force either far too early or right as they needed to be called home. "It shall be the boy. While the other two are powerful and useful in their way, they do not possess the sheer presence in the Force that the boy does. Son Gohan strives to follow in his father's footsteps of greatness in his own right. He is powerful in not only the mind and the body but his heart as well. The Force calls to him, begging him to feal what wounded it. And while he may not feel it yet, he will when he is here." The Dark Woman turned to Yoda who looked at her in surprise.

"The Chosen One, is he?" he asked. It had been thought for years that Anakin Skywalker, and then his son Luke, like the one the prophecy spoke of.

"A Chosen One, right An'ya? He has the potential to become one, as did Anakin and Luke. It was the actions and inactions of the Jedi and Sith that was the deciding factor of their status." Revan replied. The Dark Woman nodded to her younger compatriot.

"You are correct Kyleen, (4) Yoda, speak to Piccolo, he will help in convincing Gohan for this mission. We have much to do in so little time."

wasteland, Earth

Piccolo liked the calm. The sound of only the wind blowing and the occasional animal scurrying about. But his senses were screaming at him. Something was coming, something powerful. What it was he didn't know. But whatever or WHOever this was radiated nothing but tranquility. His eyes slowly opened as he felt the power in front of him.

His eyes widened at the small puppet-looking ghost in front of him.

"Greetings Piccolo," it said, "Much to discuss, we do."


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1: I know that Bulma isn't his godmother in canon, but fuck it, I like the concept.

2: I know that Bulma isn't the owner or CEO, I just like to think that Dr. Breifs would like to retire one day so I made it sooner before later.

3: If you'd like to see a visual of this armor, I'd like you to look at the art that gave me this inspiration and give the creator some props. Or I would if I knew who made it. I don't know the artist or if it's from some genre of media, so if you DO know where it's from, let me know.

4: I know that Revan doesn't have a name and that the character is male, but fuck off. My story is my rules.

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