The Story begins with a little girl named Lola who is Lilo's Daughter who is sad and wished for a friend because her mom and dad don't spare much time with her because Lilo is now a worldwide hula dancer and her father is a worldwide fire dancer named Lenny and she has an older sister named Sam.

Jumba: Where is experiment 629 and 630 Plankley

Plankley: I don't know

Jumba: oh my gosh snitch jr and angel jr followed snitch to New York City

Plankley: Oh no that's not good i sure hope a group of mobbers don't see them

The son of the galaxy federation: You guys messed up yet again seriously i don't know my mother dealt with you two.

(Meanwhile in New York City Lola sees Stitch and notices he is all alone)

Lola: Hello there my name is Lola what is your name

Snitch: my name is Snitch

Lola: it's very nice to meet you

Snitch: I'm here to see Lilo

Lola: Oh Lilo that is my mother

Snitch: you are Lilo's Daughter

Lola: Yeah you want to come home with me

Snitch: yeah let's go

Lola: so what do you like to eat Snitch

Snitch: Coconut Cake

(Snitch runs for Coconut Cake and eats it and drinks the coffee)

Sam: i'm home eww what is that thing

Lola: Sam this is Snitch

Snitch: Sam you must be Lola's big sister you remind me of Nana Lilo's sister

(Sam hits him with a broom)

Snitch: Ow why do people always hit me with a broom

Lola: hey stop it you will hurt him

Snitch: Yeah you will hurt me

Sam: Fine why is Snitch here

Snitch: I want to see Lilo

Lola: Yeah he just wants to reunion with an old friend

Sam: aww man he ate the coconut cake i was going to give to Daniel

Lola: yeah so what you can make another one right

Sam: Yeah but that thing eat my cake

Lola: so what he isn't right for you anyways

Sam: you are just jealous because you don't know what love is

Lola: Yeah that's because i'm an 11 year old girl who doesn't get rescept from her sister and mom and dad are too busy working

Sam: Maybe if you stop acting like a kid we would stop treating you like one

Lola: I wish I was an alone child

(Lola slams the door and screams in a pillow and so does Sam)

Snitch: Ah memories

(Jumba calls snitch)

Snitch: Jumba is there a problem

Jumba: yes there is 626 your son and daughter have escaped and is heading your way

Snitch: Oh my that is no good

Jumba: me and Plankley will be coming too just so we can control them

Snitch: Yes Sir Jumba

Jumba: Oh and don't let any mobber or cia person see them

Snitch: Yes sir

(Snitch hangs up)

Lola: Hey Snitch who were you talking to

Snitch: Oh nobody

Lola: Oh I see I should take you on a tour of the city

Snitch: sure let's go

(Sam calls a mob member)

Sam: Hey Daniel I found an alien we should give him to the boss

Daniel: Cool thanks for the information sweetie

Sam: Just make sure you don't hurt my sister

Daniel: there is not promises there

Sam: I have to go and make a new coconut cake

Daniel: that's great bye

(Sam hangs up the phone)

(Lola shows Snitch around New york city)

Lola: This is Time square here is madison garden here is the broadway shows here is the studio my mom and dad work at here is the island here is the statue of liberty and here is the best place in new york city to get a pizza.

(Snitch sees his kids)

Snitch: ugh i will be right back

(A mob member sees Snitch and his kids)

Monte: Hey boss we found the alien that Daniel was telling about

Kai: Perfect now we get lilo just where we want here

(Later that day at school)

Milo: eww what is that thing it's ugly

Milo's boys: yeah

Lola: Snitch this is my friend Milo the son of Lilo's rival

Milo: yeah and i will kick your butt in the musical

Lola: yeah yeah yeah whatever i'm a great dancer

Milo: oh my gosh look who it is it's johnny he is so hot and mine

Lola: no way he is mine

Milo: yeah right he is so not your type

Johnny: hey lola

Lola: Hey Johnny come here to watch me dance

Johnny: yeah girl

Lola: cool and i like you

Johnny: I like you too

Lola: Cool meet my uh pet dog Snitch

Johnny: very nice to meet you friend

Lola: hey Snitch come and say hello

(Snitch barks like a dog)

Johnny: good luck out there

Lola: ah thanks

(Lola blushes and then dances and notices his mom and dad are in the audience)

Lilo: Hey Sweetie you did great and Snitch oh my gosh long time no see

(Lilo bends down and gives him a hug)

Lenny: So your the alien dog my wife has been talking about

Snitch: hi

Lilo: So why are you here

Snitch: I was here for a visit but Jumba told me my kids escaped

Lilo: oh no that's not great

Nana: Hey Snitch long time no see

David: Yeah man

Snitch: Nana and David

(He gives them a hug)

Lilo: great to see you but me and your dad have to get to work

Lola: I understand

Lenny: we will be home tonight

Nana: yeah and Sam will be taking care of you

David: Of course she will

Lola: Yay

Lilo: and be careful Lola there are bad people who know snitch is here

Lola: I will mom

(Monte notices Snitch and Lola)

Monte: Hello Little girl we have Johnny in the van

Lola: Ugh I don't talk to strangers

Monte: Fine boys grab her

(The rest of the mob members grab Lola and Snitch bites Monte and escapes then goes to Lola's home)

Sam: Snitch where is Lola

Snitch: a mob member named Monte kidnapped her

Sam: Oh no Daniel my boyfriend warned me about this

Snitch: you told them i was here

(Snitch is angry)

Sam: Yeah but i don't know he was going to use my sister to get to you

Stitch: Yeah well you should never trust bad guys

Sam: I can tell now

Jumba: Hello 626 have you found your kids

Snitch: yes and they are asleep right now

Plankley: perfect we are going to take them home

Snitch: no they need to meet lilo

Angel: Hey Snitch

Snitch: Angel

(He kisses her)

Jumba: we thought we could have your wife here too

(Meanwhile at Monte and Milo's hideout)

Monte: did i do good boss

Milo: yes you did Monte and we have our bait for Snitch

Monte: exactly with her out of the way and snitch master hamsterevil will be happy to see

Hamsterevil: ugh good job boys

Milo: thanks my wife and i are very happy with you

Merall: oh my little hamster

(She kisses him on the cheek)

Monte: yeah let's go

Lola; ah your hamsterevil you will never get away with this my sister and snitch and mother and father will do whatever it takes to save me from you too.

Hamsterevil: ha ha ha ha ha ha oh Daniel care to shut her up

Daniel: I'm so sorry Lola

(Daniel ties up Lola on a chair and puts a gag over her mouth)

(Later that night)

Snitch: Lilo Lola has been kidnapped by monte

Lenny: oh no that's not good

Lilo: oh no who would want to kidnap her

Nana: I don't know but let's call cobra bubbles to find out

David: agreed

(They call Cobra bubbles and he is boarding a plane and we see Lola struggling to break free but she can't because she is tied up tight and she can't scream for help)

(End of Chapter 1)