(Previously on Lola and Stitch Sam get a job from Danny to be a fashion model but things want from bad to worst when we find out that the job was a trap for Sam and Stitch Now it's up to Jumba Lola and Cobra as well as Lola's friend Johnny to rescue them)

(At the airport)

Lola: Hello four tickets to Russia for Cobra and my ah uncle and friend.

Clerk: Perfect may we see your id.

Cobra: I get this.

Clerk: Thank you.

Johnny: Wow that was easy.

(They board the plane)

Johnny: ah guys don't look but we are being followed.

Lola: By who.

Johnny: I don't know but it looks like friends of milo's

Lola: Oh the boys who agree with him.

Johnny: Yeah.

Lola: Wow that's just great.

Johnny: What is it.

Lola: We fall for a trap.

Johnny: What means you say that.

Lola: Oh I don't know the two guys following us.

Johnny: Oh right.

Lola: You're still cute though.

(She blushes and looks away)

Lola: Let's focus on the mission.

Johnny: Oh right totally.

Cobra: Hey kids we are here.

Jumba: Wow that was quick.

(They get off the plane and the two guys are still following them)

Lola: those guys are still following us.

Cobra: I get this freeze.

Guy 1: a cop.

Guy 2: ahh a cop.

Cobra: That's right, stop following us.

Guy 1: Alright we will stop following you.

Guy 2: Yes sir.

Cobra: Thank you.

(The guys walk away and head to the hideout)

Guy 1: boss we have a problem the little brat is here with jumba and the boy and the cia man.

Hamsterevil .jr: Excellent we have them right where we want them.

Guy 2: Oh boy this is a trap.

Hamsterevil. jr : Yep.

(The villains smile and wait for the group to arrive)

Lola: Man that was strange.

Johnny: I know.

Lola: Let's hope we aren't falling for a trap.

Johnny: We are fine.

Lola: Really you sure.

Johnny: Yeah.

Cobra: You guys go ahead I will be with you guys in a second.

Lola: Wow so Jumba how did Lilo and Stitch met again.

Jumba: That is a good story they met at a pet store but he escaped from the space prison me and plankley had him in of course and the rest is history.

Lola: Who is Hamsterevil?

Jumba: That was an old partner of mine before Plankley.

Lola: What is the Galactic Federation?

Jumba: It's a Federation where we find and fight bad aliens.

Lola: Huh cool.

Jumba: Yeah it's very cool.

Lola: I want to be like Cobra when i grow up.

Jumba: A Cia agent.

Lola: Yeah.

Jumba: Cool I guess.

Lola: Yeah or a secret agent like my favorite teen idol Jim possible.

Jumba: huh.

Lola: Yeah and he is super cute and hot.

Cobra: I'm back.

Johnny: Hey you know what's even cooler is a skateboard.

Lola: What is a skateboarder?

Johnny: It's a person who rides on a skateboard.

Lola: Cool.

Johnny: Yeah it's totally cool and you get to compete in skateboarding competitions.

Lola: Cool.

Johnny: Yeah it's extremely cool.

Lola: So how long is it until we get to the hideout.

Johnny: It's going to take awhile.

Lola: Let's go inside this store and find warm clothing.

Johnny: Yeah let's do that.

Lola: Let's get something for my sister too.

Johnny: Yeah of course.

(Lola Johnny Jumba and Cobra enter the store)

Cashier: Why hello there what can i help you with.

Lola: We are looking for warm clothing.

Johnny: Yeah for me Lola and Cobra plus her uncle Jumba.

Cashier: Why of course we have alot of winter clothing here feel free to look around.

Lola: Thanks.

Cashier: Your very welcome dear.

Lola: Oh and I need to find warm clothing for my sister too.

Cashier: Oh where is she.

Lola: Ah home.

Cashier: Oh I see.

Lola: Yeah.

(Lola looks at all the winter clothing and grabs a 2 pairs of gloves for herself and a pair for her sister and 2 scarfs 2 hats 2 pair of boots as well as jackets Jumba Johnny and Cobra do the same)

Lola: Here you go.

Cashier: Wow that is alot of stuff.

(The cashier rings it up)

Lola: how much is all the stuff.

Cashier: 23,000 dollars.

Cobra: Wow.

Lola: You have money right.

Cobra: Yes.

(Cobra hands her his credit card)

Cashier: What is this.

Cobra: A Credit Card.

Cashier: Oh right.

Cobra: Wow.

(The Cashier swipes the card and gives them their clothing)

Cobra: Thank you.

Cashier: Come again.

(Cobra Lola Johnny and Jumba put on their outfits and Lola leaves Sam's outfits in the bag)

Lola: much better.

Johnny: You said it.

Lola: Now let's keep looking.

Johnny: Agreed.

Jumba: Agreed.

Cobra: Agreed.

(Meanwhile at the hideout)

Stitch: Yeah Gantu please let me go.

Gantu: Yeah no.

Stitch: Aww worth a shot.

Guy 1: Huh so this is Sam.

Guy 2: She is kinda hot.

(Milo's friend takes her face but she couldn't say anything because she is gagged)

Sam: Mmmph Mmmph mmmph.

Milo: Ha ha ha this is too good.

Guy 1: Yeah.

Guy 2: Yeah.

: Yeah now we wait for the other girl.

(Meanwhile somewhere outside of the location)

Lola: Hey guys look this must be it.

Cobra: Yeah this screams bad guy hideout.

Jumba: What are you going to do.

Lola: They want me.

Cobra: Wait I have an idea.

Jumba: What is it.

Johnny: Yeah tell us.

(Cobra whispers her his plan and she whispers back)

Lola: I will distract them while you guys free them.

Cobra: Yeah i'm good with this.

Johnny: yeah i'm good with this.

Jumba: She is a strong girl.

Lola: You guys go around the back.

Cobra: Oh yeah.

(Lola knocks on the door)

Lola: Hello i'm a fbi agent i'm looking for a missing girl.

Guy 1: Aren't you a little young to be agent.

Guy 2: Yeah really.

Lola: No i'm not take that back.

: Hey that's the girl get her.

Lola: Yikes get to go.

(Lola runs away and the guys chase her and slip and fall hurting themselves)

Guy 1: Ow.

Guy 2: Ah.

Lola: Ha ha ha you guys can't catch me.

Milo: Hmmm I get this boss.

(Milo grabs Lola but she throws a snowball in his face and runs away while Cobra and Jumba turn off the machine and untie Sam and removes the gag from her mouth)

Johnny: Hey Hamster you want a sunflower seed.

Hamsterevil. Jr: Yes please.

Johnny: come outside.

(Hamsterevil. Jr comes outside and the others throw him in a bag Gantu gets knocked out by Stitch and the Galactic Federation come in and take them away)

Sam: Oh thank you thank thank you sister for rescuing me.

Lola: No problem you're my sister and I was mad.

Johnny: let's go home guys.

(Lola and the group goes home)

Lilo: oh my gosh your safe.

Lenny: You did great Lola.

Plankley: Stitch your safe.

Angel: Stitch.

Stitch: Angel kids.

Kids: Daddy.

Danny: Oh my gosh I'm so happy you're safe.

Sam: Thanks.

Lola: Where is Myrtle.

Lilo: She is in jail.

Lola: Oh good.

Sam: Let's get me ready for the fashion show.

Lola: Who is the other two judges.

(Nana and Dave come out)

Nana: We are.

Dave: Yeah.

Stitch: Nana Dave.

(Stitch gives them a hug)

Nana: Hey Stitch.

Dave: What up little dude.

Danny: We are going to the fashion show here and then around the world.

Sam: Sounds good.

(The group watches Sam model and Nana Dave and Lilo love her)

Lilo: Sam you will be a great model.

Dave: Yeah I agree.

Nana: You get the job.

Danny: I believe she did good too you have the job.

(End of Chapter 3)

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